All Google 3D Animals You Can View In Your Space and How to Do It


Modern technology has been evolving quite fast, and Google has been at the forefront of that evolution. They’ve innovated a lot in the past 20 years; there’s Google Assistant, Google Voice, Google Fi, and now there’s Google AR. Part of the tech giant’s ever-growing AR system is Google 3D Animals. Not only does this new feature help parents entertain their kids while they’re stuck at home, but it can also help kids learn about different kinds of animals in a fun and interactive way. In this guide, we’ll show you all you need to know about them including the full list of Google 3D animals, and walk you through how to summon them into your very own space. Let’s get started!


What Are Google 3D Animals?

Screengrab from Google Developers YouTube

Google 3D animals are among Google’s lineup of 3D objects that you can view through the search function. They’re 3D animations of various animals that can appear wherever you point your phone at. What’s great about these animations is that they’re fairly photo-realistic, and they have sounds that accompany them. Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), they can fit right into your space as if they’re actually there.


How to View Google 3D Animals in Your Space

Not only are Google 3D animals easy to view in your space, but the function is also widely available to smartphone users. But before you get started, let’s go over the basics first: what would you need for you to view these 3D critters in your own home and how can you find and interact with them?


What Devices Are Google AR Supported?

To view and interact with Google 3D animals, you’ll need an Android phone with Android 7 or higher. If you own an iPhone, it has to have iOS 11 or later.

Then, make sure that your phone supports ARCore, the Google-developed program that allows you to experience AR through your device; without support for ARCore, you won’t be able to view Google 3D animals in your space. If your phone has at least Android 7 or iOS11, then it’s likely compatible with ARCore. You can also check out Google’s full list of ARCore-supported devices if you want to make sure that it is.

Lastly, you’ll need access to the Internet, of course. Either mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection will do.


How to View and Interact with Google 3D Animals?

Now, we’re on to the fun part! Finding and viewing 3D animals in your space is just as easy as doing a Google search and only involves these steps:

  1. On your mobile device, head over to or launch the Google app.
  2. Think of an animal you want to view in 3D (e.g. corgi), and type it in the search bar.
  3. Next, scroll down until you see an information card that has the “View in 3D” button. Tap on the button.
  4. Afterward, the animal will then appear in 3D on your screen. To interact with the animal in AR, tap on the “View in your space” button.
  5. If you’re using the AR function for the first time, grant Google access to your camera, microphone, and device storage.
  6. Then, simply follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

And there you have it! You now have a Google 3D animal in your own room. Simply pinch to zoom in or out if you want to adjust its size.


Google 3D Animals: The Full List

There isn’t a Google 3D version of every animal you can think of. However, the number of Google 3D animals at the moment is already pretty extensive. Plus, the tech giant still has plans of expanding its list. Currently, there are seven categories of animals you can view in 3D. There are land animals, underwater and wetland animals, birds, house pets, insects, dinosaurs, and the very recently added Australian wildlife animals. So, without further ado, here are all of the Google 3D animals you can view in your own space at the moment.


Google 3D Land Animals

Some of the Google 3D land animals: goat, easter bunny, red panda, brown bear, pig, cheetag, ball python, tiger, horse, and lion
3D models taken from Google
  1. African leopard
  2. African lion
  3. Alpine goat
  4. Arabian horse
  5. Ball python
  6. Brown Bear
  7. Bengal tiger
  8. Brown box crab
  9. Brown crab
  10. Cow
  11. Coyote
  12. Cheetah
  13. Donkey
  14. Easter bunny
  15. European hedgehog
  16. Fennec fox
  17. Giant panda
  18. Giraffe
  19. Hippopotamus
  20. Leopard
  21. Ox
  22. Pangolin
  23. Pig
  24. Raccoon
  25. Rabbit
  26. Red panda
  27. Shetland pony
  28. Timber wolf
  29. White-tailed deer
  30. Zebra


Google 3D Underwater and Wetland Animals

Some Google 3D Wetland and Underwater Animals: octopus, mallard duck, and green sea turtle
3D models taken from Google
  1. American alligator
  2. Anglerfish
  3. Great white shark
  4. Green sea turtle
  5. Mallard duck
  6. Octopus


Google 3D Birds

Google 3D Birds: eagle, macaw, emperor penguin
3D models taken from Google
  1. Emperor penguin
  2. Golden eagle
  3. Scarlet macaw


Google 3D House Pets

Some Google 3D house pets: Siamese cat, guinea pig, and French bulldog
3D models taken from Google
  1. Akita Inu
  2. American shorthair
  3. Australian shepherd
  4. Beagle
  5. Bengal cat
  6. Border collie
  7. Bulldog
  8. Bull terrier
  9. Cane corso
  10. Cat
  11. Chihuahua
  12. Chipmunk
  13. Chow chow
  14. Cocker spaniel
  15. Dachshund
  16. Doberman
  17. French bulldog
  18. German shepherd
  19. Great Dane
  20. Guinea pig
  21. Hamster
  22. Kitten
  23. Korean Jindo
  24. Labrador retriever
  25. Maine coon
  26. Maltese
  27. Norwegian forest cat
  28. Pembroke Welsh corgi
  29. Persian cat
  30. Pit bull
  31. Pomeranian
  32. Poodle
  33. Pug
  34. Puppy
  35. Ragdoll
  36. Rottweiler
  37. Russian blue
  38. Scottish fold
  39. Shiba Inu
  40. Shih Tzu
  41. Siamese cat
  42. Siberian husky
  43. Sphynx cat
  44. Welsh corgi
  45. Yorkshire terrier


Google 3D Australian Wildlife Animals

  1. Echidna
  2. Emu
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Koala
  5. Kookaburra
  6. Platypus
  7. Quokka
  8. Wombat


Google 3D Dinosaurs

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Velociraptor
  3. Triceratops
  4. Spinosaurus
  5. Stegosaurus
  6. Brachiosaurus
  7. Ankylosaurus
  8. Dilophosaurus
  9. Pteranodon
  10. Parasaurolophus


Google 3D Insects

Some Google 3D insects: beetle, swallowtail butterfly, and firefly
3D models taken from Google
  1. Rhinoceros beetle
  2. Hercules beetle
  3. Asian Giant Hornet
  4. Atlas beetle
  5. Stag beetle
  6. Giant stag
  7. Miyama stag beetle
  8. Shining ball scarab beetle
  9. Jewel beetle
  10. Lady bug
  11. Firefly
  12. Rosalia batesi
  13. Swallowtail butterfly
  14. Morpho butterfly
  15. Atlas moth
  16. Mantis
  17. Grasshopper
  18. Dragonfly
  19. Robust cicada
  20. Brown cicada
  21. Periodical cicada
  22. Evening cicada
  23. Walker’s cicada


Beyond 3D Animals

It’s not only animals that you can view in 3D through the Google search function. Google has a bunch of other 3D objects that you can interact with and explore in your space as well. These objects range from Japanese pop culture characters to cultural heritage sites. They even have science models, which can be quite handy when reviewing for exams. Let’s take a look at some of the other Google 3D objects you can view in your space.


Cellular Structures

Some Google 3D structures
3D models taken from Google
  1. Animal cell
  2. Bacterial capsule
  3. Bacterium
  4. Cell membrane
  5. Cell wall
  6. Chromatin
  7. Cisternae
  8. Cristae
  9. Endoplasmic reticulum
  10. Eukaryote
  11. Fimbria
  12. Flagellum
  13. Golgi apparatus
  14. Mitochondrion
  15. Nuclear membrane
  16. Nucleolus
  17. Plant cell
  18. Plasma membrane
  19. Plasmids
  20. Prokaryote
  21. Ribosomes
  22. Rough endoplasmic reticulum
  23. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum


Human Body

Some Google 3D models of the systems of the human body
3D models taken from Google


  1. Circulatory system
  2. Endocrine system
  3. Excretory system
  4. Female reproductive system
  5. Human digestive system
  6. Integumentary system
  7. Lymphatic system
  8. Male reproductive system
  9. Muscular system
  10. Nervous system
  11. Peripheral nervous system
  12. Respiratory system
  13. Skeletal system
  14. Urinary system
  15. Appendix
  16. Brain
  17. Coccyx
  18. Cranial Nerve
  19. Ear
  20. Eye
  21. Foot
  22. Hair
  23. Hand
  24. Heart
  25. Lung
  26. Mouth
  27. Neck
  28. Nose
  29. Ovary
  30. Pelvis
  31. Rib
  32. Shoulder
  33. Small intestine
  34. Big intestine
  35. Stomach
  36. Testicle
  37. Thoracic diaphragm
  38. Tongue
  39. Trachea
  40. Vertebra


Other Biological Models

Some Google biology models: basophil, eukaryotic chromosome structure, dicotyledon
3D models taken from Google
  1. Basophil
  2. Eosinophil
  3. Neutrophil
  4. Lymphocyte
  5. Monocyte
  6. Muscle flexion
  7. Platelet
  8. Red blood cell
  9. Monocotyledon
  10. Dicotyledon
  11. Photosynthesis
  12. Eukaryotic chromosome structure
  13. Prokaryotic chromosome structure


Chemistry Models

Some 3D chemistry models
3D models taken from Google
  1. Functional group
  2. Organic chemistry
  3. Methyl acetate
  4. Propanol
  5. Salicylic acid
  6. 1-Bromobutane
  7. 4-Bromo-1-butene
  8. Hydrocarbon
  9. Alkane
  10. Electrolyte
  11. Ionic bonding
  12. Covalent bond
  13. Chemical bond
  14. Metallic bonding
  15. Chemical compound
  16. Ethene
  17. Orbital hybridisation
  18. Quantum mechanical model


Physics Models

Some Google 3D physics models: solenoid, series circuits, transformer
3D models taken from Google
  1. Solenoid
  2. Series circuits
  3. Transformer
  4. Electromagnetic induction
  5. Circular motion


Space and Planets

  1. Sun
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Earth
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Uranus
  9. Neptune
  10. Pluto
  11. Haumea (dwarf planet)
  12. Namaka (Haumea’s inner moon)
  13. Earth’s Moon
  14. Phobos (Mars’ moon)
  15. Deimos (Mars’ moon)
  16. Europa (Jupiter’s moon)
  17. Callisto (Jupiter’s moon)
  18. Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon)
  19. Titan (Saturn’s Moon)
  20. Mimas (Saturn’s Moon)
  21. Tethys (Saturn’s Moon)
  22. Iapetus (Saturn’s Moon)
  23. Hyperion (Saturn’s Moon)
  24. Umbriel (Uranus’ Moon)
  25. Titania (Uranus’ Moon)
  26. Oberon (Uranus’ Moon)
  27. Ariel (Uranus’ Moon)
  28. Triton (Neptune’s Moon)



  1. Audi R8
  2. Chevrolet Corvette
  3. Ford Explorer
  4. Kia Telluride
  5. Nissan Murano
  6. Porsche Taycan
  7. Toyota Supra
  8. Volvo models (including Volvo XC90, Volvo S60, and Volvo XC40 Recharge)


Japanese Pop Culture Characters

All Google 3D Japanese pop culture characters, including Hello Kitty, Pac-Man, and Little Twin Stars
Photo from
  1. Cogimyun
  2. Evangelion
  3. Hello Kitty
  4. Gomora
  5. Little Twin Stars
  6. Odysseus Gundam
  7. Xi Gundam
  8. Penelope
  9. Pac-Man
  10. Taiko no Tatsujin
  11. Pompompurin
  12. Ultraman (including Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Belial)


Cultural Heritage Sites

Some Google 3D models of cultural heritage sites
Google 3D models from CyArk
  1. Ahu Ature Huki, Moai
  2. Ahu Nau Nau, Moai
  3. Altar of the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral
  4. Brandenburg Gate
  5. Buddha Statues at Jaulian
  6. Chacmool Statue, Templo Mayor
  7. Chauvet Cave
  8. Chunakhola Masjid
  9. Church of Saint Sofia, Ohrid
  10. Edinburgh Castle
  11. Eim ya kyaung Temple, Bagan
  12. El Caracol
  13. El Castillo, Chichén Itzá
  14. Flanders Field Chapel
  15. Fort York National Historic Site
  16. Gateway of India
  17. Great Mosque, Kilwa Kisiwani
  18. House of Saint Ananias
  19. Lanzón Stela at Chavín de Huantar
  20. Lukang Longshan Temple
  21. Mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc
  22. The Meeting House, Waitangi Treaty Grounds
  23. Mesa Verde
  24. NASA Apollo 1 Mission Memorial
  25. Nine Dome Mosque
  26. Normandy American Cemetery
  27. Pirene Fountain, Corinth
  28. Palacio de Bellas Artes
  29. Palacio Tschudi, Chan Chan
  30. Ritual Rooms in Palacio Tschudi, Chan Chan
  31. Rano Rarako, Moai
  32. Shait Gombuj Masjid
  33. Temple of Apollo, Naxos
  34. Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  35. Throne Room of Eshmun Temple
  36. Wat Phra Si Sanphet



3D models of Neil Armstrong's space suit, the Perseverance Mars Rover, and the Apollo 11 command module
Google 3D models from and
  1. Apollo 11 Command Module
  2. Neil Armstrong’s lunar spacesuit suit
  3. Perseverance Mars Rover
  4. Mars Ingenuity Helicopter
  5. New Balance FuelCell Echo Shoes
  6. Santa Claus



Having Google 3D animals in your own space is a fun new way to kill time while learning. And when you’ve gone through all of them already, you can view other 3D objects as well. Maybe you want to hang out with Santa Claus in your living room or look at Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit up close? Whatever it is, Google’s AR function is there to indulge you.