15 Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps for Android and iOS

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As digital citizens, we like to picture and present ourselves in different ways. And whenever there are new technologies available to help us do this, we like to try them all. The latest fad in this department is avatars. In this article, we would be looking into full-body avatar creator apps and how to make them help you join the bandwagon — no pun intended.


What Are Avatars?

Photo of computer avatars
Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik

Avatars are computer-generated images that represent an actual person on the Internet. While a user can choose to vividly create an avatar that best represents him/her — every feature accounted for — some like to leave out details that might give their full identity away. 

It might seem a new fad but avatars have been around for well over two decades now. Those who have been around when Yahoo! Messenger was first introduced, might just get a little sense of familiarity with using avatars. Avatars are Internet characters that represent actual real-life people in spaces like forums, video games, and chat rooms.

Let’s get something out of the way as early as now. Avatars are different from emojis. Emojis do convey emotions digitally in a way a real person would convey emotions in real life. Avatars are more realistic in graphics in the way they convey emotions.

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Avatars provide full anonymity and a blanket of security to anyone on the Internet. Well, they still do protect people from the unwanted advances of identity theft but there are better ways to do just this. Still, using avatars hold benefits on this front.

The use of avatars has become prominent these days with Facebook in late 2020 introducing the use of these characters as profile photos.


15 Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps

With using avatars rising to prominence now comes the rise of full-body avatar creator apps and services that will help anyone kill time, teach styling, and create such images. They are fun to make and quite easy to use. The following up will do just the job — scroll through and see which app might just suit your needs.


1. The Sims Mobile

Photo of an avatar in The Sims Mobile
Screenshot from ea.com

The Sims Mobile is an application that uses avatars to represent any player in the Sims world. Anyone who plays this addictive EA game would first have to create and customize a Sim before starting the game. Customizing includes choosing the right body built, complexion, clothes to wear, eye color, shoes that fit, etc. This feature, along with the ability to customize how a player wishes to build a house where his/her Sim would live, makes this application a top-tier full-body avatar creator.

Create your avatar and start playing this addictive and fun game by EA.

Download The Sims Mobile for iOS

Download The Sims Mobile for Android


2. Anime Avatar Creator: Make Your Avatar

Photo showing how to create avatars using full-body avatar creator
Photo by Beauty Mania Apps and Games from Google Play Store

Anime Avatar Creator is a fun app that has a wide array of options to create a full-body avatar. As the name of the app suggests, it creates an anime avatar. Moreover, it is a fun app to use as it allows users full control to customize the look of their avatars. What’s more, users can customize the emotion of their avatar and background options to complete the look.

This app, including the other full-body avatar creator apps listed here, can create avatars with few taps on the screen. The finished avatar can also be used as the main photo on social media. Anime yourself by using this avatar creator and surprise your friends just how cool you might look.

Download Anime Avatar Creator for iOS

Download Anime Avatar Creator for Android


3. Bitmoji

Photo of a full body avatar creator
Photo by Bitstrips from Google Play Store

Bitmoji allows anyone to create avatars fast and easy. With a quick snap of a full-body selfie, the app processes the photo and converts it to an avatar. This full-body avatar creator boasts a wide array of editing options ranging from hair color, facial features, and even outfits among others. You can also add stickers with your avatar and send it to your friends and share just how you want to convey yourself, moods and all.

The app has been downloaded 100 million times and remains to be one of the popular apps in creating avatars.

Download Bitmoji for iOS

Download Bitmoji for Android


4. VIVE Sync Avatar Creator

Photo of full body avatar creator, VIVE Sync
Photo by Vive Studios from Google Play Store

If you are looking for a different take on Bitmoji to instantly create your avatars but want to customize a little bit, this full-body avatar creator app might be just for you. It works similarly to Bitmoji; you take a selfie using the app’s camera and it will process the photo to create your avatar. You can then customize the generated avatar by editing or adding emotions. Other prospects in editing and customizing are also allowed, including eye color and face parts.

VIVE Sync Avatar Creator has mixed reviews on Google Play though, with some people reporting that it’s not working. However, its 4.2-star ratings on the App Store tells a different story. We’ve tried the app on a mid-ranger Android phone with 4GB memory and we find it perfectly working. It even got to capture some blemishes!

Chill and enjoy creating avatars that you can use in chat rooms and video games with friends using VIVE Sync Avatar Creator.

Download VIVE Sync Avatar Creator for iOS

Download VIVE Sync Avatar Creator for Android


5. Avatar Maker: Anime Boys

Full body avatar creator app
Photo by Avatars Makers Factory from Google Play Store

Now, here’s a different take on avatars and anime. With those skinny bodies, big round eyes, and perfect facial structure, anyone would fall head-over-heels for an anime. So, why not create one yourself? This app offers full customization control for anyone who wishes to create an anime avatar boyfriend — from casual to street style outfit, hair color, facial features, and emotions among others.

Moreover, this app boasts amazing manga graphics. You can even create the perfect atmosphere as a background to go with your avatar before posting it on social media. However, its availability is limited to only available to Android devices.

Download Avatar Maker for Android


6. Facebook

Facebook, in 2020, launched the feature allowing any user of the platform to create avatars. This is a complete departure from the generic emojis that anyone can use as a way to express emotions on the platform and even as profile pictures. These avatars are used in various ways including expressing emotions on messages and as a profile picture. It is similar to Sims Mobile as a full-body avatar creator but, dare we say, less robust than Sims. This is probably because Facebook wants to give users an easy character creator feature that would represent users on the platform with few taps and few steps.

Download Facebook for iOS

Download Facebook for Android


7. 3D Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker & Keyboard | Bemoji

3D Avatar Creator has a good catalog of outfits to match with your avatar. This is one of those apps that have too many cute offerings embedded in its codes. By using its AR camera, you would be able to record movements for your avatar to repeat after you. With its library of stickers and emojis, communicating your message on social media will not get lost in translation. Additionally, it comes with a keyboard, which you can configure in your device’s settings.

However good this character creator app is, sadly, it’s availability is limited to Android devices only. Nonetheless, get yourself a cute-looking avatar and get your engagements to the roof with an avatar that looks like you!

Download 3D Avatar Creator for Android


8. Alchemia Story

Full body avatar creator through Alchemia Story app
Photo by Asobimo, Inc. from Google Play Store

Despite being a mobile turn-based RPG game, this app is one of those with great character customization features to give any player complete representation on its platform. Like any other mobile games, this one starts with character creation wherein players have full control of how he/she wants his/her avatar would look like. However, we like this full-body avatar creator app because of its age selection feature that allows players to adjust the age of the character.

Download Alchemia Story for iOS

Download Alchemia Story for Android


9. Pose Maker Pro – 3D Art Poser App

It takes a village to make fun of things. At least, that’s what we think. Why settle for a standing full-body avatar when you can create many others and actually pose them the way they should? Pose Maker Pro is a character creator that allows users to not just customize how an avatar would look like but how it could pose for a final photo. All other boxes that make up a full-body avatar creator are checked, including customizing outfits, features, emotions, and eye color among others. What’s more, is that you can also create characters for animals and take everything home with impressive background selection.


10. IMVU: Avatar Virtual Life Game 3D

Here’s an app that resembles The Sims Mobile in almost every way. This app gives anyone a full avatar-based social experience. That is because apart from customizing how your avatar would look like, you can also do roleplays, dress up, go to a party, go on virtual dates, host an event, and join other uses in a virtual world. That said, IMVU is more than just a full-body avatar creator and a life-simulation app.

Go and socialize with others behind a veil of computer-generated graphic characters and take everything to the next level with this character creator app now!

Download IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator for iOS

Download IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator for Android


11. Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker

Photo of full body avatar creator app
Photo by Me2 Creative from Google Play Store

We have given you social media purpose-fit full-body avatar creator apps so far. But if you are looking for something to make your avatar look personal, this app might just be the one to go for. Transform yourself into a cartoon character using the Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker app. This app comes with a variety of avatar customization options including nose, eyes, eyebrows, face shape, hairstyle, and hair color. You can also play with the library of stickers to come with your finished full-body avatar. What’s more, any app would recognize stickers used in this app.

Unfortunately, this app’s availability is limited to Android devices only. Nonetheless, you can give it a try.

Download Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker for Android


12. My Avatar – Filmize

Photo of My Avatar app
Photo by Filmize 3D Studio on Google Play Store

Here’s a fun character creator app to try. My Avatar — Filmize allows any user to create a 3D realistic animated avatar with just one tap. As if that’s not enough, you can also be creative by recording a video of your avatar to share on various social media platforms. You can also design your 3D avatar to play games, dance, perform stunts, run, and many other things. Way to go for expressing what needs to be expressed in a fun and cute way.

Download My Avatar — Filmize for Android


13. Avatoon

Full-body avatar creator app, Avatoon
Photo by IdeaLabs. from Google Play Store

Avatoon may come as a typical full-body avatar creator and might not stand out among the other apps we have listed in this article. But it does come with edges that make it as powerful and fun as the other ones we have here.

Additionally, this app comes with a facial recognition ability that can detect facial features to make your avatar look like you. Apart from that, it also comes with powerful editing tools (not to be confused with customization tools) to give users the ability to make their avatars look and present them. Speaking of customization, it does come with full avatar customization tools and options that allow anyone to play with hairstyle, clothes, nose shape, etc.

Download Avatoon for iOS

Download Avatoon for Android


14.Insta3D – Create Your 3D Avatar

Photo of Insta3D-generated avatars
Photo by Speed 3D Inc. from Apple App Store

Selfies are powerful. This app proves that thesis; with just one tap, you would be able to create an impressive 3D avatar and even transform yourself into a cartoon. Insta3D app is equipped with modern facial recognition technology that allows it to map your feature and create a realistic avatar that looks just like you. Of course, it comes with the usual suspects like customizing your avatar, animate it, put in fun effects and stickers before sharing the finished avatar look to your friends on social media.

One selfie is all it takes. Try it now!

Download Insta3D for iOS


15. Pinscreen: Instant 3D Avatars

Photo of Pinscreen-generated avatars
Photo by Pinscreen on Apple App Store

Wrapping up our list is Pinscreen. This full-body avatar creator allows anyone to create a full-body character by uploading a photo which the app processes. Once an image is generated from the photo, you can then proceed to customize it to your liking and make it look like yourself. From creating to customizing, all it takes is just a few simple taps. But a word of caution, the app tends to take up space on your device so it would be nice to check your storage capacity first before installing this app.

Download Pinscreen: Instant 3D Avatars for iOS


Are Full-Body Avatar Creator Apps Safe?

The majority of applications these days tend to harvest data from users using the platforms. But there is a veil of transparency in doing so, as you would be prompted whether you agree to share minute details to the system before proceeding to use the app. Any smart and cautious user would use such apps using a fake email address with fake data to digress anyone from harvesting his/her real information. And oftentimes this is proven helpful to avoid phishing and identity theft.

Nonetheless, full-body avatar creator apps are safe when one knows how to use them and the extent of information to be shared on the platform.


Final Thought

There are lots of things that anyone can do when on one of those platforms like playing games, video chatting, dancing to synchronized sounds and movements, and others. But still, social media tends to get generic and boring from time to time. It is a good thing developers come up with new inventive ways to spice our social media experience. Avatars are great Internet tools to give someone a sense of mystery without being too cryptic and serious. Making an avatar is fun and creative and often just takes simple few taps to make one. Try making one for yourself now!