13 Best Idle Games for Mobile to Download Right Now

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These days, not all of us have the time to play games. Most of the time, the game ends up being abandoned because of its demands or simply because we’ve grown tired of playing it. Idle games, however, remove everything tedious about a regular game but still provide the same satisfaction of progressing through it. 

We want to give you an idea of what idle games are and what are the best idle games you can download right into your Android and iOS devices. Thus, in this article, we have compiled the best game titles under this category.

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What Are Idle Games?

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An idle or incremental game is a genre that allows you to progress through the game without having to spend too much time on your phones. You can play these games actively or you can leave them running in the background — either way, both methods will help you progress through the game. These are games that don’t require the player’s full attention but will still reward the player when they open the game. 

Most idle games only require players to do simple actions such as clicking or tapping on the screen to earn their rewards. But in other games, player actions become unnecessary the longer you play them and then the game will play by itself. 

Idle games are usually set on a farm or in a building. The player’s goal is to develop establishments to earn rewards, in-game currency, and level up. These games are slightly similar to city-building games as upgrading the establishments is essential to the game because this is where the rewards will come from. The higher the tier of your building is, the more rewards you’ll get. 


13 Best Idle Games for Mobile

Ready to punch your screens as you get an immersive mobile video game experience with these 13 best idle games you can download today!

Penguin Isle Idle Fish Aquarium
Bee Factory Cash, Inc.
My Oasis Idle Construction 3D
Terrarium: Garden Idle Idle Heroes
Adorable Home Tap Tycoon
Neko Atsume AFK Arena
Abyssrium Pole


1. Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle is an idle game that allows you to collect different species of penguins on an iceberg nestled in the Arctic. You can expand your iceberg by building a variety of habitats that the penguins can freely frolic in. Apart from that, you’ll also find other animals such as bears that will help you collect more rewards in the game. 

Ideally, you can leave the game in the background for hours and just come back to collect your rewards every now and then. However, your idle time may vary depending on your level. New players might need to frequently check on the game. If your time away from the game exceeds the allowed amount, it will stop collecting coins and rewards.

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2. Bee Factory

bee factory idle
© Photo by Bee Factory from the Play Store

Bee Factory takes players into a beehive-like factory where they will act as the manager with the goal to become the richest man alive. In this game, you’ll be collecting different types of bees and machines that you’ll have to continuously upgrade in order to produce more honey. 

Like other idle games, Bee Factory will get more difficult as you level up, so it’s important to be patient with the game if you intend to actively play it. Otherwise, you’ll still be able to enjoy steady progress and have fun with your growing bee collection.

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3. My Oasis

If you’re looking for an idle game that provides a bit of stress relief, My Oasis is a game that you should check out. The game is made for players who need to take a quick break from life as it provides a very relaxing environment that’s easy to play.

Accompanied by calming music that is guaranteed to bring you into your zen mode, you’ll be building an island with creatures that you can interact with. Your island will gradually expand as you continuously interact with the environment. You’ll be encountering different animals and growing a variety of plants as you go. My Oasis is the ideal game to play after a long day at work or if you just want to clear your head.

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4. Terrarium: Garden Idle

garden idle game
© Photo by Terrarium: Garden Idle from the Play Store

Terrarium: Garden Idle is a no-frills idle game that allows you to grow a variety of plants and create your garden. Here, you’ll be able to discover, collect, and raise different types of plants that you’ll need to increase your in-game rewards. 

The game is very straightforward. You’ll just need to log in every now and then to collect oxygen from your plants. In turn, the oxygen will serve as the in-game currency that you can spend to purchase more plants and garden slots. 

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5. Adorable Home

Idle Game: Adorable Home
Photo by HyperBeard from Google Play Store

Adorable Home is a widely popular idle game that captured the hearts of many players across the internet. The game is a great example of an active idle game where players must also do a certain number of tasks, such as preparing meals and feeding the cats, to help them breeze through the game. 

The game allows players to be as expressive and creative as they can be with how they customize their own adorable home. Despite its active elements, the game is still widely idle. You’ll have to check the game every now and then to collect rewards, take photos, and expand your home.

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6. Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is another widely popular idle game. The game has been out for a couple of years now and still provides its players with a passive gaming experience that’s cute and enjoyable. 

This kitty collector game requires players to leave a certain amount of food and toys so that cats will come to spend time in their humble abode. This game will require a bit of patience as it will take some time for the cats to come and visit you. 

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7. Abyssrium Pole

Set in a beautiful Arctic World, Abyssrium Pole allows players to build their own Polar environment with just a couple of taps. 

Your main base will be an iceberg in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. There, you’ll be able to raise a variety of animals and plants. What’s great about the game is that you can raise animals on land, air, and even in the deep sea. Each plant and animal on the island will greatly contribute to your growth in the game so don’t forget to raise them well. Note that progress may be slow in this game, but the results are worth the wait. 

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8. Idle Fish Aquarium

Idle Fish Aquarium allows you to build your own aquarium and fill it with colorful fish species that will surely give your business a boost! 

In this game, you’ll need to efficiently manage your aquarium in order to get better equipment and expand your aquarium. Apart from your aquarium, you’ll also need to make sure that your factory is adequately upgraded to help speed up the process of collecting rewards. 

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9. Cash, Inc.

For those interested in business, Cash, Inc. might just be the idle game for you. The game puts players in the shoes of a rising business tycoon whose business game grows with every click! 

With this game, you’ll go on a business adventure that’s decorated with wealth and more as you passively let your businesses grow. Don’t forget that you’ll still need to check the game from time to time so you can collect your riches and upgrade your enterprises to make more money. 

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10. Idle Construction 3D

construction idle game
© Photo by Idle Construction 3D from the Play Store

Idle Construction 3D is a challenging building idle game that puts players in the shoes of a construction manager. You are tasked to construct houses, skyscrapers, and some of the world’s most famous buildings. 

You’ll have to prove that you’re the best construction manager by hiring an efficient team, collecting rewards, and upgrading your buildings to make them more appealing. In this game, you’ll be tackling projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, and the Eiffel Tower. 

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11. Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes allows players to journey in a fictional world where they must lead their band of heroes to win against dark forces. The game gets harder as you play, but the good thing is that the rewards get better and better. This game is another great example of an active idle game that incorporates both passive and active playing styles. 

The Idle System takes effect when you leave the game. This puts your heroes into training mode, and the longer that you’re away, the stronger they get. The game becomes active when you have to battle against other players and continuously forge materials to make your heroes stronger. It’s a mixture of a mobile role-playing game and an idle game that will surely suit fans of both genres.

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12. Tap Tycoon

Here’s another idle game that will test just how business-savvy you are, the Tap Tycoon. In this game, you’ll be a business magnate who has to invest in businesses and shape your conglomerate by continuously building and upgrading your businesses. 

What’s great about this game is that it puts you against players from another country. You and other players from your country will have to work together to defeat players from another country in order to become the best in the world. 

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13. AFK Arena

Idle Game: AFK Arena
Photo from AFK Arena Facebook Page

Many players view AFK Arena as one of the best RPG games for mobile and it checks a major box to be considered as such. Players get a steady stream of progress regardless of whether they spend more time in or out of the game. The game elements are also well-rounded — from hero stories, gameplay, and compelling game narrative. In addition, players do come out of the game satisfied with their progress which is aided by how accessible the controls are. While there are areas where the game could still improve, with updates rolled out regularly, we might just see major improvements in the game and user experience overall in succeeding versions.

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Why Are Idle Games Popular?

Idle games have become increasingly popular in the past years. This is due to the fact that it gives players a sense of accomplishment without necessarily doing anything. Even if the game is left on standby, players will still earn points and level up, which is very appealing, especially for those who are looking for low-maintenance games. Further, progress is quick with games like this. You can unlock more and more rewards as you continue to play the game. 

These games are also fairly easy to play and you don’t need to do much even if you’re actively playing the game. These games are basically designed to play themselves, which allows players to progress at a steady pace. Most idle games will only require a player to log in to collect their rewards and perform a few tasks but after that, they can leave the game alone and they’ll still progress through it. 

Simply put, these games are popular because of the sense of achievement that they give to players without having to spend too much time on the game.


How to Play Idle Games?

An appeal that idle games have compared with other games is that you’re only usually required to perform a simple action in the game. Most idle games will only require you to tap or click on a button so you can earn rewards. Some games will even remove the tap function after a certain amount of time, and you’ll be able to get your rewards without doing anything. 

To progress through the game and level up, you will have to purchase certain items and upgrades that will allow you to earn rewards faster. In most games, your source of income will be a farm or a building. The production rate increases as you upgrade your building, but you will have to spend time collecting resources.

Higher-tier resources will usually have a higher maintenance cost to upgrade. It will take time for players to earn the amount before they can upgrade again. But the good news is, with idle games, you can still accumulate rewards even if you leave the game playing in the background. 

Idle games provide players with a casual game to play whenever they are bored. If you’re looking for more games that will cure your boredom, check out our list of the best mobile games to play when bored.


Idle Games Wrap-Up

In all, idle games are a great way to kill time. They provide players with a relaxing gaming environment where they can relieve their stress without having to do much. They provide a great way to progress through a game without having to stress over it. Idle games are great games to play for those looking to have a game on their phones without having to invest too much time in playing.