Maximizing Your Cellular Data Plan: Tips and Tricks for Saving Data and Boosting Speeds

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Did you know that over 63% of mobile users access the internet using their phones? With the rise of inexpensive smartphones and data plans, mobile data usage continues to skyrocket. Don’t let your data run dry, check out these hacks to extend your mobile data and improve your overall cellular experience.


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How Can I Maximize My Mobile Data Usage?

Accessibility comes at a cost, as mobile data pricing depends on many factors, including country of origin. In a study of mobile data rates in 230 countries, it was discovered that India’s mobile data plans are the cheapest globally, with a cost of just $0.26 per 1GB of data. Conversely, Zimbabwe has the most expensive plans, with users paying $75.20 for the same amount of data. If you’re an avid mobile user, you’ll want to learn a few tips and tricks to save on your data charges and optimize your mobile experience.

1. Always Switch to Wi-Fi

When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, your phone or device uses data. Want to save on data usage? Try spending more time on Wi-Fi and adjusting your habits when you’re away from it.

Streaming video eats up more data than music, so keep this in mind. With Netflix, you can control data usage in your settings. In standard definition, Netflix uses about 1 GB per hour; in HD it’s closer to 3 GB per hour.

Music uses less data overall but streaming quality affects usage. Lower streaming rates mean less data usage but lower quality. At 320 kilobytes per second (KBps), the highest quality for most streaming sites, you’ll consume 1 GB of data every 8 hours. So it’s all about finding a balance!

2. Disable Video Auto-play

The rise in active social media users has resulted in many falling victim to auto-play functions, using up mobile data without realizing it. Even if you’re just scrolling through your feed, videos and ads automatically play and drain your data. It’s the best idea to turn off the autoplay feature when you are in mobile data mode to avoid the surcharge. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps have this feature under settings.

3. Disable Automatic Updates

Are you tired of your phone using up all your mobile data without your permission? One major culprit is the automatic app update function. It’s always on by default, which means your apps will update whether you’re using Wi-Fi or mobile data. But don’t worry, there’s a solution! Take control of your data usage by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Turn off the switch next to “Update apps automatically”.
  5. Instead, turn on “Only get updates over Wi-Fi” to avoid unnecessary data charges.

4. Monitor Data Usage

Discover how much data each of your apps use in the Settings app on your phone. Thirsty for data, streaming apps like Facebook and YouTube can take a hefty toll, but location-based apps such as Google Maps can also do their part. Remove apps you seldom use or check if they’re still running in the background.


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How to Make Cellular Data Faster?

1. Restrict Background Processes

Did you know that running apps in the background can drain your battery and use up precious mobile data? To prevent this from happening, consider removing apps that consistently do this, or for those with Android devices, utilize the advanced options in Developer Mode to limit background processes. By taking these steps, you can ensure your phone stays fully charged and your data stays abundant.

2. Use a VPN

If VPN is on, your traffic consumption will be reduced. All this is made possible by compressing the data before sending it. Using USA VPN, you can significantly reduce traffic waste, as well as increase data speed. If you are looking to increase your cellular data speed, then this is your option. VPN to the USA will also protect your data from interception and keep your privacy online. The easiest way to change VPN to USA is to use VeePN. You can download VPN free and start using it in a few seconds. Thanks to the free trial version of the VPN, you won’t have to spend a single penny to improve your mobile surfing experience.

3. Use a Browser With Traffic Savings

Another way how to make cellular data faster and less traffic consumption is to use a more economical browser. Are you tired of slow webpage loading times and excessive data usage on your phone? The culprit may be the ads and hidden trackers embedded in the pages you visit. But fear not, Brave browser offers a solution with its unique Shields feature. By blocking these unwanted elements, Brave can save you tons of data and protect your privacy while browsing. With every tracker prevented from downloading, Brave loads pages up to three times faster than Chrome and uses 30-50% less data. You’ll also enjoy longer battery life on every charge. Ready for a faster, more efficient browsing experience? Download Brave now.

4. Clear Your Cache

Did you know that saved documents, images, and other files on your phone are considered cached data? While they can make opening apps and webpages faster, having too much can slow down your phone. The solution? Regularly clear your cache. For iPhone users, it’s as simple as opening the Settings app, finding Safari, tapping Clear History and Website Data, and confirming the prompt. Keep your phone running smoothly with this easy trick.



Finding ways to make cellular data faster is an easy task. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your mobile internet runs at peak performance. Limit background processes, use a browser with traffic savings features, utilize a VPN for compressing data and reducing consumption traffic, and clear your cache regularly. You’ll be enjoying fast-as-lightning internet without overpaying for data overruns.