How to Block Text Messages on Android Devices


Text messages have revolutionized the way that people communicate with one another. This technology provides us with an easier and more enjoyable form of communication. No matter the distance or time of the day, everyone seems like a text message away from you. While this is helpful in so many forms, it also has its downsides. In some unforeseen circumstances, things may start getting rough. When you receive anonymous creepy texts, spams, or unwanted messages, you better get away from them quickly.

iOS software is simpler as you can block messages through the phone’s settings. Android, unfortunately, does not work the same as it powers different mobile carriers. That’s why, in this article, we will guide you on how to block text messages on Android.

Blocking messages prevents your phone from receiving texts from unfamiliar or unwanted contacts. There are a lot of reasons why you should block certain text messages. Either you are fed up with receiving spam or you want to cut ties with someone. When you block a text message, it means blocking the contact number generally. Through this, you block texts and calls at a time. But, there are available third-party call blocker apps. These apps can differentiate between what you need and want to block. This way, you can block either only texts and not calls, or vice versa.


Reasons to Block Text Messages

Before asking how to block text messages on Android, let’s find out why you should block messages on Android.

Normal text message
Screenshot taken from an Android phone



These are usually text messages with links from questionable contacts. These links trick you into sharing personal details with them. It tells you that you either won at some kind of a contest or qualified for a free consultation. Or, that you scored a flexible part-time work. These are only some of the robotext samples that people receive daily. It is best to block text messages like these so you don’t have to risk your phone’s security. Relatively, robocalls are also as rampant as robotexts. It uses a dialer and a fake recorded message or one generated by a program. You can also block spams and robocalls as you can with robotexts.

If you want to block Robocalls, check out our article on Robokiller.


Creepy Texts

People often receive creepy texts from strangers. Either they got your contact number through a mutual friend, or from some public documents with your info. Creepy messages can be any sweet or stalking kind of stuff. When you receive the same message consistently but in different words, that is creepy. There is no way to stop them from sending you chilling messages, not even if you answer back. It will just make them feel acknowledged, and later on continue in sending creepy stuff. Stop worrying about the creepy texters and block them right away.


Personal Reasons

It is reasonable to block messages from people you have bad blood with. May it be an enemy, relative, ex, or anybody that you have a grudge against. When you are not just comfortable to receive any texts from them, block them. It is the best way to cut ties and stop getting updates or anything.


Phishing Texts

Every year, thousands of consumers are affected by phishing scams. It is a new security attack wherein users are tricked into downloading a piece of malware or any virus. It is difficult to detect because these types of fake messages are almost the same as the real ones. Some of the most rampant phishing samples are gift cards and ID verifications. There are also texts on locked accounts and free app coins. Do not follow any of the given instructions or click on unfamiliar hyperlinks. It is good that you delete messages like these when you receive some. But it is best to fight against it by blocking them.


Death Threat

The most justifiable reason to block someone is when they start sending death threats. You usually receive these anonymously but it still depends on the case. These are too personal, insensitive, and offensive. The majority of people who receive threats are politicians, artists, businessmen, and others. It could have rooted from unpaid debts or clash on politics. It can also be on advocacy campaigns or simple jealousy. People often block these kinds of messages when they know they have not wronged anyone.


How to Block Text Messages on Android Devices

So how to block text messages on Android devices?

Blocking text messages on Android devices depends on which messaging app you use. You can block numbers from your contact list or the default messaging app. But you can also learn how to block them using third-party message-blocking apps for Android.


Normal and Spam Text Messages

  1. Go to your device’s messaging app. Tap and hold the contact name or number of the message you want to block.
  2. Tap on the icon on the upper right screen of the app. It is a circle that has a line through it.
  3. A piece of information will appear giving you an option to mark the message as spam.
  4. Tap on OK. The selected conversation will be moved to “Spam and Blocked.”



Screenshot taken from an Android phone


Another way to block text messages is through the contacts list app. This is mostly useful if you are familiar with the number or the person you want to block. All future calls and texts are blocked automatically.

  1. Open the Contacts app and search for the name you want to block. If you are blocking a new number, add it to the Contacts list first.
  2. Tap on the three dots found at the lower left part of the interface. On some Android devices, the three-dotted menu is located on the upper right instead.
  3. Select “Block Contact.”
  4. The contact number you selected is now blocked from sending calls and messages.
  5. If you wish to unblock them some time, just go back to the number on the Contacts list. Select “Unblock contact.”


Group Texts

Group texts
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  1. Blocking group messages is the same with normal text messages. Go to your messaging app.
  2. Select and hold the group conversation that you want to block.
  3. Tap the circle icon that has a line through it, at the upper right part of the screen.
  4. Select “Report spam.” By doing this, the group conversation will be moved directly to “Spam and Blocked.”
  5. Only the messages on the group are blocked. You will still receive messages from the individual contacts in the group. Block them separately if you do not want to receive calls and texts.


Through Carrier

Certain mobile carriers provide additional settings and services. These are to help their users in blocking unwanted messages. They have some international number-blocking tools and methods for individual devices. These carriers are TMobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Go to their respective websites. From there, you will find certain tabs that will let you block messages. You can call the carrier’s customer service if you can’t navigate the site easily.


How to Block Text Messages on Different Android-Bearing Devices

Here’s how to block text messages on Android using the phone or carrier’s settings.


Google Phone

Google phone
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There are two methods in which you can block messages. The first one is by opening the default messaging app of your phone. Then, tap and hold on the certain conversation you want to block. Tap on the Block icon to proceed.

The other way is a bit longer. First, open a text message on your phone. Tap on the three-dotted “More” icon, select “Details,” and tap on “Block & Report Spam.”

To reverse the procedure, simply open your messages and go to “Spam and Blocked” then look for “Blocked Contacts.” Look for the contact in the list and unblock it by tapping on the “x” or Remove icon. Note that some of these only work on versions 7.0 and up.


LG Phones

The blocking process on an LG phone is pretty quick and simple. Open the messaging app and tap on the SMS or MMS that you wish to block. In the upper-right corner, select the three-dotted icon or the Menu. Tap on “Block Number.” You can also delete all the messages you received from the sender. Select “delete all messages from this number circle” before you proceed to block the contact.

To unblock, select the Menu icon on the messaging app. Select Settings > Message Blocking > Blocked Numbers. Tap on “Delete” and select the desired numbers you want to remove. LG phones have an added feature that lets you block unknown numbers.



Block messages on your T-Mobile by blocking the contact number. Go to the Contacts list and tap Menu > Blocked Numbers > Add A Number. Manually type the number and tap “Block.” You can also block messages by going to the Messaging app. Tap on Menu > Spam > Settings. Look for the blacklist and enter the number you want to block.


HTC Phones

Remove spam messages and block unknown numbers on your HTC phone with these simple steps. Open your Message feature, then press and hold the contact name or phone number you wish to Block. Next, tap on “Block Contact.” You can block multiple contacts at a time by tapping on the three-dotted vertical icon. Select “Block Contacts” and choose the contacts you want to block. After this, you will not receive message notifications anymore. The texts will transfer directly to the “Block Box.” To remove messages from any contacts that you’ve blocked, just clear the “Save block message” options in the settings.



Photo from Samsung


You can block text messages either in the settings or conversation on a Samsung phone. Go to Messages and tap on the conversation with the number you want to block. Tap on the icon at the upper right of the screen and select “Block Number.”

Alternatively, in the settings, go to Messages and tap on the icon at the upper right. Go to “Settings,” then direct to the “Block numbers and messages” section. Tap on “Block Numbers” and manually enter the number you want to block. You can easily unblock and remove the number from the list by tapping on the red horizontal line beside it.


How to Block Text Messages in Apps on Your Android Device

There are a lot of Android messaging apps that allow you to stop receiving SMS. Here are some of the most popular ones and how you can block unwanted messages.


Google Voice

On the Messages tab, go to Conversation and press the menu button. Select “People & Options,” then select “Block” + the contact number.



Open the app and the conversation. Tap on the person’s contact name at the top of the screen. Just go to the end of the menu and select “Block contact.”



Open the app and select the conversation you want to block. Tap on the contact’s name and select “Block User” on the drop-down menu.



Open the app and tap on “More Options.” Select Settings then go to Account. Next, go to Privacy and then Blocked contacts. When you tap on “Add,” you can start searching and blocking for certain contacts. The selected contact is automatically added to your blocked list.


Helpful Message Blocking Apps


Blacklist is a complete SMS and call-blocking Android app that is a very useful program for any modern person. It focuses on blocking uninformative SMS that you receive when you have a new SIM card. All you need to do is go to the “Filter words” section and type the necessary words you wish to block.

If filtering words is not enough, you can create a blacklist. You can manage all unwanted contacts and spammers. Include contact numbers and permanently get rid of their obsessive calls and messages. The app is simply-designed and uncomplicated. You can unblock people anytime you want.

The blacklist you made still exists even after you have deleted the application.


Key Messages

Key Messages
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Yet another SMS blocking Android app is Key Messages. It has machine-learning and Al-based technology. This automatically blocks spam messages from registered or unknown numbers. You can block texts whether it is based on the contact, sender title, or content keyword. Moreover, you can organize SMS based on the varying sender title on separate tabs. It has a technology that avoids duplication of messages, whether you try to restore back-up on an existing or new phone. It is unique from all the other blocking apps because it supports certain MMS features. With its in-app messenger, you can easily send and receive multimedia files.


Postman – Spam Blocker

Postman lets you create a “trust list.” From then, you can block messages from certain numbers that are not included in it. It also allows you set your preferred SMS protection level. You can select the lowest possible setting and it will still protect your messages. However, if you select a high level, Postman will block messages from all unknown numbers. Although random advertisements cannot be avoided, the app continuously updates with improvements. It also allows you to disable all spam alerts. The most satisfying part is that it offers an automatic removal of spams from the app after 45 days.

Postman has recently upgraded to a premium version. If you subscribe to it, you get to unlock all restricted features. Some of these are statistics, the Smart Spam Notification tone, and several others.


SMS Blocker

This focuses on blocking spam messages. It provides selection criteria for the users. You can block individual or group numbers, sender names, and words and phrases contained in a text. SMS Blocker has a separate folder for all the blocked messages. You can read, restore, or delete them anytime. Moreover, users can export locked messages and view them as a separate document.


Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

This program for Android smartphones automatically blocks undesirable texts and calls. Not only that, but it also lets users create and restore copies of the contacts. The blacklist settings allow you to block calls from numbers you haven’t registered on your phone. You have two options when creating a backup list. It can either be created on the device’s memory or the internet server.



Pros & Cons of Blocking Text Messages on Android Devices

Pros and Cons
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  • Some apps allow you to create a blacklist of numbers. You can customize the list and manually input each contact.
  • You can block a normal text, a group conversation, and even spam messages.
  • It is easy to do on your phone.
  • There are several ways to block messages on Android devices. It could be through message-blocking apps, contacts apps, or through the phone carrier.
  • Android devices have different operating system versions. They offer you several ways and options in blocking text messages.



  • Some message blocking apps are only compatible with specific Android versions.
  • Some apps provide a built-in messenger. It is confusing to go back and forth from your mobile’s original message app.
  • In some Android devices, if you block a number, you are blocking calls and messages. If you only want the messages blocked, you have to download an app for it.
  • It constantly needs system updates.