15 Incredibly Easy Ways To Boost Your Mobile Coverage

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It is undeniable that we are reliant on our mobile phones for our everyday life. That means that a weak or slow network signal can slow us down across many aspects of our lives. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you improve or boost your mobile coverage, providing faster data speeds and seamless phone calls. Here are 15 steps that you can take to help boost your mobile coverage


Make sure your phone is always in optimum working condition

1) Keep your battery charged at all times

Most mobile phones these days possess data optimization capabilities regardless of their brand and model. If your phone is low on battery, then it may automatically try to conserve its battery by decreasing its performance in some aspects. Indeed, some smartphones may lower their signaling range and reduce their mobile coverage when they are low on battery. Making sure your mobile phone is constantly charged to its full capacity will allow it to work at its peak capacity and to boost mobile coverage to its maximum limit as possible. 


2) Turn off mobile services that you are not using

Some mobile services like Bluetooth and Wifi may not always be required by mobile phone users, but are constantly kept on regardless. It is important to note that even when not in use, these mobile services may be consuming battery, data and bandwidth while continuing to run in the background. As a result, they can cause some issues with your mobile coverage. To boost mobile coverage, you have to ensures that you are able to access the best possible mobile coverage available to you, make sure to disable mobile services that are running in the background when they are not in use.


3) Change the data settings on your phone

Although there are a considerable number of mobile service providers in every country, each with their own network, many people are nonetheless using the same networks at the same time. When too many people are using the same network in close proximity, mobile coverage may slow down to accommodate the workload. If you are subscribed to a mobile coverage plan that provides you with access to the provider’s 4G network on your phone, check if it provides access to a 3G network as well. Although the 4G network provides better mobile coverage most of the time, switching to the 3G network could actually provide you with quicker data speeds when you are using your mobile phone in crowded areas. Most of the time, disabling the 4G network option in the data settings on your mobile phone will suffice if your mobile coverage plan includes access to your provider’s 3G network.


4) Reset network settings

If mobile phones around you that use the same service carrier are working fine and you have already tried the earlier steps with little success, you can also try to reset your network service. Resetting your network settings will force your mobile phone to reboot to its default network settings and should alleviate any issues and help boost mobile coverage if there are no problems on the service carrier’s end.


How to reset your iPhone’s network settings?

reset your iPhone’s network settings
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  • In the first step, select the Settings app
  • Second, select ‘General’.
  • Then, scroll down and select ‘Reset’.
  • Finally, for the last step, select ‘Reset Network Settings’ and confirm your action.


How to reset your Android’s network settings?

reset your Android’s network settings
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  • In the first step, select the Settings app.
  • Second, select ‘Backup and reset.
  • Third, scroll down and select ‘Reset network settings’.
  • Lastly, for the fourth step, select ‘Reset settings.


Change your Location

The objective behind the steps involved in changing your location is to clear obstructions in order to achieve a stronger signal. The strategy to boost mobile coverage possible is by working with the physical constraints of your current location. Clearing obstruction and difficulties related to your location in order to attain better mobile coverage is the best move to make before resorting to more difficult or costly measures.

This is because the most common cause of weak cell signal is due to the presence of physical obstructions. Signals operate based on line-of-sight, so a large physical obstruction between you and the cell tower will interfere and prevent radio waves from reaching you and your cell phone. 


5) Move up to a higher floor

If circumstances require you to be in a building, one of the simplest ways to reduce obstructions is to move up to a higher floor. This is especially true if you are in a basement or car park as any signal tends to be much weaker or nonexistent in such places. 


6) Open or roll down windows

Another way to boost mobile coverage while in a building is to open the windows and stand near the windows. Areas near windows commonly receive better signals.  As there is less obstruction by large furniture, doors, and the building’s thick construction materials. Similarly, if you are in a car and having a bad signal, do remember that your car is a huge metal obstruction. Roll down the windows to receive better mobile coverage. 


7) Go outside of an unblocked area

It is based, on the same theory that construction materials of a building blocks cell signals.  It would help to go outside in order to receive better mobile coverage. 


8) Use the OpenSignal app to find the strongest signal spot

It is advantageous to know which towers are available in your area. Also to discover what signal strengths your phone receives from them respectively. You can obtain this information by downloading the OpenSignal App, which is available on all iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to check your network coverage. By doing so you can determine the best tower in your area. Also, it will allow you to compare your connection and signal strength of all the major network providers. Signal bars shown on your phone are not accurate indicators for the actual strength of your signal as there is no industry set standard for such a display. Thus, the OpenSignal app will allow you to check your actual signal strength using the accurate decibel measurement. 


How to find signal strength (decibels) on your Mobile Phone? — [Android]

 find signal strength (decibels) on your Android
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  • The First step is to select the Settings app.
  • Second, select ‘Wi-Fi’.
  • Third, select ‘SIM status’.
  • And finally, scroll down to view ‘Signal strength’.


How to find signal strength (decibels) on your Mobile Phone? — [iPhone]

boost mobile coverage and find signal strength (decibels) on your iPhone
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  • The first step is to select the Settings app.
  • Second, select ‘Cellular’.
  • Third, select ‘Cellular Data Options’.
  • Fourth, turn on ‘Enable LTE’.
  • Fifth, select the calls app.
  • Then, key in and call “*3001#12345#*” to activate Field Test.
  • Finally, activate the field Test, you will be able to view your signal strength on the top right-hand corner of your screen.


After you have reached the step at which you are able to view your signal strength, you should attempt to move around in your location to hit the measurement of -50 decibels. The location that hits -50 decibels is the point at which you will get the best signal strength possible. Another useful technique to carry out is to record the decibel strength everywhere in your home and office. Through this method, you will get to know where the weakest and strongest signal spots are. 


9) Connect to the best tower available

With your recently attained decibel readings, you can now direct your connection to the tower that you are located closest to. But you have to make sure that your location is located in an area that has multiple towers.  

Simply go onto the setting and enable airplane mode on your device. Wait for about 5 seconds, then disable airplane mode. When you do that, then it will reset your phone signal and push your phone to reconnect to the closest tower. This will give you the strongest signal strength out of anyone else in your area. 

By using this method, it will give you a greater chance of having a better connection to an available tower during heavy cellular traffic periods. For example, during rush hour traffic in the mornings, it is common for people that are heading to work to text or call using their phones. This means that everyone is fighting for the signal from the nearest cell phone tower. Due to this, it will then cause signal strength to become weaker unless you reconnect your signal. Sometimes, if the tower is already full but your phone is attempting to connect to it, your call may be dropped. Thus, this trick is useful for making the best out in terms of connecting to the closest most available tower. 


Switch Your Mobile Phone Carriers

10) Switch carriers

Review coverage maps for each carrier in your region.  First, you have to find out from others what is the carrier they currently using. After that, switch to the better carrier based on your research. It may cost a fair bit to switch to another carrier, but it would be worth it to put an end to your mobile coverage issues. 


11) Try out Sprint mobile 

Sprint is a cellular service provider in the US that offers a different, unique form of mobile and data coverage compared to other cellular service providers. Sprint will use off-network roaming to fill in gaps and deficiencies in terms of mobile coverage in certain locations. This is done through the partnership with off-roaming partners. This means that if you are a traveler or someone who finds weak coverage in certain locations, then it would be good to give Sprint a try. 


Get a Technician to Check Your Mobile Phone

12) Get your phone checked for damage

If you have tried many ways to fix your mobile coverage issues to no avail, while others are having good service with ease, it may be a sign that your phone is damaged or compromised. Sometimes the internal antenna is damaged, causing service issues. It would be wise to get your phone checked at a store before moving on to the next options, which is to purchase tools or gadgets. By doing so, it will help you fix the service issues and will cost you some money. This is because if your phone is the problem, then it is tough to fix unless you get a new phone.


13) Get a network extender

If your phone has been checked and vetted to be in good working condition, your next option could be to purchase a network extender. Network extenders are devices that create a signal in your house and then direct all of your calls and data over your broadband internet. If you do not have a reliable signal outside your home, this is a good option to consider. 


14) Get a cell phone signal booster

If you are looking to boost your signal indoors or in a vehicle such as your car, you can consider buying a cell phone signal booster.  This signal booster is sometimes it is called an antenna amplifier. These devices take and boost cell signals from the outside. It will then also re-distributes as a stronger signal in your house, office or car. This is a great one-time payment option, as there are no recurring costs. 


15) Wifi calling

There is always a chance where you could be in an area where you simply don’t have a tower within range. In such a situation, you might have to use wifi calling as a last resort. Most new smartphones will have this feature and most carriers will offer this service as well. 


How to turn on WiFi calling on your iPhone?

boost mobile coverage and turn on wifi calling on your iPhone
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  • The first step is to select the Settings app.
  • Second, select ‘Phone’.
  • Then third, select ‘Wifi Calling’.
  • Finally, turn on ‘Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone’.


How to turn on WiFi calling on your Android?

boost mobile coverage by turning on wifi calling
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  • The first step is to select the Settings app.
  • Second, select ‘More…’.
  • Finally, turn on ‘Wi-Fi Calling’.



You’ll know you need to buckle up for your mobile network coverage when you’re experiencing slow download and upload speed. Whether or not it’s to upgrade your internet speed, it’s always best to get what you paid for. These methods above are meant to help you figure out how to increase internet speed effortlessly. If you’ve tried and it worked, please share it with your friends and family.