Review: Best Place For Hiring A College Essay Writer


Students who have issues with their written tasks and cannot meet deadlines on time often look for additional abilities to get help with their papers. This article contains a review that will be useful for students who are considering turning to a writing service. You can go through this article to find out the aspects of using a reputable site that creates papers for students. You will find out the information from the first hand provided by a person who already used this service and was impressed by the quality and the outcome. So, read on to learn more about this option of hiring a college essay writer. We included the most significant information to ease the process of choosing the service for you.


Main Information

EssayShark is a writing service that helps students with various types of college papers, offering a bidding system of ordering. The system allows customers to choose an author by themselves and lifts the customer experience to the highest level because of the ability to do direct communication. Also, EssayShark utilizes a specific approach to payments allowing approving papers by parts because each completed part deposits the money after confirmation from the customer side. So, the service reduces the level of negative user experience and simultaneously lifts the quality of papers. EssayShark offers customer service managers’ help 24/7, and it is very easy to contact a person who can answer any of your questions, even if you are situated in another part of the Globe. The website looks very user-friendly, well-designed and has native navigation.


The Process of Ordering

The process of ordering help from the EssayShark writing service consists of two main stages.

At the first stage, you need to visit the main page of the website and find a short ordering form. You need to fill in some introduction information that will let you proceed by stepping to stage two.

On the second stage of ordering, you will be transited to a detailed ordering form. So, you need to proceed by providing information about your forthcoming paper. The form will contain some spaces to fill in with the details about your work. It would be best if you chose such preferences as the level of an author, which are the following: Don’t apply, High School, Undergraduate, and Master’s. Suppose you already have used the EssayShark writing service and want to proceed with collaboration with a specialist you already know. In that case, you can write down the nickname of a certain writer in a specific field of the form.

Your order must also contain information about the type of paper. It could be an essay, a capstone project, a term paper, a dissertation, etc. You need to provide the size of a paper and the discipline you are requesting, and if you already have a topic for your paper, you need to provide it as well. You also need to choose a type of service, which could be editing/rewriting or writing a paper from scratch.

You should set a specific deadline to let your potential helpers know how urgently you need your order to be completed. You can also use a writer finder tool to help you skip the process of choosing an author and let the system select the best-fitting specialist for you. It is risk-free because you get a 100% matching specialist for your needs after filling in the order form. This feature is free to use, and it sufficiently saves you time.

After you provide all the information and fill in all the form fields, you must push the confirmation button to make your order visible to your potential helpers.


Bidding System and Payments

EssayShark is a writing service that exploits a bidding system. After you provide the information about your order, press the confirmation button and get offers from available authors who can write your paper.

After agreeing to all the details with your writer, you should provide the money deposit on your account on the website, and an author will immediately start creating a paper for you. While choosing your potential helper, you will need to review their profile, find out their rating, read the reviews of other customers, and see the examples of works completed by this author. You also can get in direct touch with your potential helper to get answers to any questions you might have. Usually, authors do not hang online 24/7, but once they are logged into the system, they will answer your questions.

When it comes to payments, you do not have to worry that your money isn’t safe. You deposit a certain amount on your account and release payment after agreeing to your helper within the EssayShark website. The payment system allows the service team to guarantee customers that they can easily request a refund in several situations. You can be sure that you will get your money back in a situation where an author will not complete the paper. According to the money-back policies of EssayShark, customers can ask for a refund of 20% to 100% of the paid amount.


Qualified Authors

EssayShark is a service that puts a lot of effort into choosing and estimating the skills of authors who work with this service. There is a team of managers who provide testing of writers and professionally evaluate the level of qualifications of all specialists involved in working within the service. Each author must get approval of their knowledge from the managers of the quality team to start and proceed to work with EssayShark.

At the start, authors pass tests to let the service estimate their specific level of knowledge in particular disciplines common to college and university. After passing the test, the quality control team requests from potential authors specific documents that can approve their specialization. For example, diplomas that confirm getting a degree from a certain educational establishment.

One of the significant peculiarities of EssayShark authors’ qualification estimation concept is the rating system. Thanks to this feature, customers choosing a potential author on this service can see the rating based on testimonials from other clients of this site. The rating is subject to change according to the achievements of an author and according to the number of orders completed by this writer.


Level of Security

It is very easy to feel relaxed when using EssayShark writing service because it is one of the most confidential websites to get help with your papers. If you are considering getting help, it is normal to worry about the potential issues that may appear during the ordering. However, ordering from EssayShark means not cheating but getting quality samples customized and written for your needs according to your order.

The level of confidentiality is high because of several levels of security that are exploited on this website. The first thing to consider is that they do not collect much information about their customers. All they need to know is an e-mail and some details to provide payment. You can hide your name and replace it with a nickname. And, of course, you do not have to provide the details about your college, university, teacher, etc.

Communication with authors and customer service managers (in case of need) is completely secure and provided within the website on the ordering page using the built-in chat. You can send messages and get direct answers without leaving the ordering page. Another crucial feature that relates to the safety of ordering help from EssayShark is the methods of payment. You will use only world-recognized and reliable systems such as Apple Pay, Visa, etc. Any operations with payments at EssayShark involve cash.

One of the main worries of students who are considering getting help from EssayShark is being afraid of plagiarism. All authors of EssayShark know that plagiarism is forbidden, and anyone who will be detected in plagiarizing the papers will stop working with this service. You can use any plagiarism checker to ensure that the paper you get from EssayShark is unique. You can be sure that your paper will be written from scratch and result from sourcing explicitly provided for your case. The service stands strongly against plagiarism.



Students who require qualified and fast help with their papers can order different types of written assignments on various disciplines. The main disciplines are listed on the EssayShark website, but the list is not limited, and you can request a specific paper on a rare or complicated discipline and count on an ability to find the specialist. Students often request assistance in such disciplines as law, finance, English and literature, computer science, business, nursing, philosophy, history, marketing, public relations, psychology, sociology, business, and more disciplines. To get help with the paper on a specific discipline, you need to provide your request within the ordering form on the stage of requesting assistance online.


Extra Features

EssayShark provides some extra features for their customers, offering free tools that are easy to use and help you boost the quality of your papers. Here are some of them:

  • The AI detecting tool allows you to easily detect which parts of the text could be potentially generated by artificial intelligence and reduce/change the parts that are marked by the tool.
  • The word counter tool is irreplaceable if you have word limits assigned for your paper. You can count the number of words in your essay or other paper in several minutes.
  • The GPA calculator is a tool for students whose college use different systems of counting GPA. It has different options for converting the numbers and will let you track your GPA easily.



EssayShark is a writing service that has been on the market for more than ten years in a row and has a good reputation among students. There are many benefits offered by this team. Many customers appreciate the guarantees provided by the service. You can count on the ability of money back, free revisions, and many free features that ease the life of students. The process of ordering is straightforward. The website is well-designed and user-friendly. The bidding system allows you to stay in touch with your helper and ask any questions to writers. The payments are provided safely, and the overall level of security is very high. Using EssayShark is a great way to reduce problems with your college written assignments.