Best Apple Watch Faces: How to Download and Use Them?

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Having an Apple Watch is great for many aspects like fitness, easy access to various apps, and much more. However, we can’t deny that aesthetics play a big part in user satisfaction. That’s why Apple made sure to include tons of Apple Watch faces in their library for the users to choose from. Here’s a run-down on how to download and use them, and our top picks for the best Apple Watch faces available in the market.


How To Download Apple Watch Faces

Watch faces are one of the best ways in personalizing your Apple Watch apart from getting new Apple Watch straps and bands. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to download Apple Watch faces on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Here’s how to install clock faces based on which device you’re on:


On The iPhone

Download Apple Watch Faces on iPhone
© Photo by Apple
  1. Open the Apple Watch app from either the App Store or your home screen.
  2. Navigate to the Face Gallery (you can find it at the bottom of the screen).
  3. Scroll up and down through the numerous categories of Apple Watch faces. To view various Apple Watch faces within a category, scroll left and right.
  4. Once you’ve settled on a watch face, tap on it.
  5. Tweak the watch face’s settings if you want to customize the design and other features.
  6. Tap on Add and you should find the watch face in your Apple Watch.


On The Apple Watch

Download Apple Watch Faces on Apple Watch
© Photo by Apple Insider
  1. Press and hold or force touch your Apple Watch screen.
  2. Navigate through the options by swiping left and find a New button. Tap on it.
  3. Use the crown or swipe up and down to view various Apple Watch faces.
  4. Select the Watch face you want by tapping it.


How to Change Apple Watch Face?

So, you’ve bought a new Apple Watch Series 6 and have already installed various Apple Watch faces. However, many people find it boring to use the same Apple Watch face all the time. Oftentimes, people like to spice things up by going for a fresher look.

Other times, people just want to use different Apple Watch faces depending on the activity they’re doing. Let’s say you’re focused on fitness today, so you want a watch face showing your heart rate. If so, then you can install new Apple Watch faces to suit that need. On the other hand, if you want the same watch face with different colors or complications, you can customize it. Here’s how:


On The iPhone

Switching to Apple Watch faces you’ve already installed is easy on the iPhone. Just launch your Apple Watch app and scroll through the My Faces section. Swipe horizontally and choose the one you prefer to use. Afterward, tap on the watch face and scroll down until you see “Set as current Watch Face”. Tap on it and your Apple Watch should now sync with your iPhone.

Now, let’s say you want to use the watch face but you want to customize it a little bit. If so, then once you tap on a watch face, don’t select Set as current Watch Face just yet. First, go through the various options for customizing that particular watch face. Apple Watch faces are all different and that also applies to how they’re customized. Some Apple Watch faces only allow for color customization, while others add more options like style changes and editing complications. Once you’ve customized the watch face according to your preference, then tap Set as current Watch Face.


On The Apple Watch

Switching to Apple Watch faces you’ve already installed is easy on the Apple Watch. Just swipe left or right and you’re good to go. However, personalizing and customizing your downloaded Apple Watch faces is a little trickier than on your phone. That’s because the Apple Watch is a bit more complex to navigate with its smaller screen. However, there is a way. 

To customize using your Apple Watch, you have to first force touch the Apple Watch screen. Your Apple Watch should vibrate and go into a Customization Mode. Afterward, you can swipe between the Apple Watch faces until you find the one you want to customize. Once you’ve landed on one, tap the Customize button to get started.

Most Apple Watch faces will have two to three categories that you can customize. The category that you’re currently in should have a category label and a green outline. You can move between categories by swiping left or right. The number of categories available for customization is indicated by the number of dots on the top of the screen. You can customize each area by tapping on it (provided the watch faces have multiple areas). Rotate the digital crown to navigate the different possible customizations. 

After customizing the different categories and areas, you need to press the crown once to save. You’ll find yourself back on the Customize mode screen. From there, just lower your wrist so your watch can refresh to use the watch face you just customized.


Best Apple Watch Faces

Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for: our top picks for the best Apple Watch faces. Here are 15 of the best Apple Watch faces you should certainly try out for a fresh, new look.


1. Artist

Artist Apple watch face
© Photo by Apple

If you want something more unique to stand out among other Apple Watch faces, check out the Artist watch face. It was released with watchOS 7 and features an artistic minimalist portrait. Apple commissioned the artist Geoff McFetridge to draw simple faces that show the time on facial features. You can still easily tell the time but they also serve as the eyes and nose of the portrait. If you have an always-on display, the portrait will show as an outline instead of a full-colored piece.


2. California

California Apple Watch Face
© Photo by Apple

If you want a classy look, California is a great choice for a watch face. It’s formal, elegant, and somewhat functional with available complications. The watch face features an analog design with roman numerals for your hour markers. It also houses two to four complications, depending on whether you go for the circular or full-screen design. Moreover, you can customize your dials while keeping the look classy and clean. 


3. Count Up

Count up Apple Watch Face
© Photo by Apple

If you’re a track runner, then Count Up is one of the best Apple Watch faces for you. That’s because it gives you a stopwatch right on your watch face. Just tap on the watch face to start the timer. However, it doesn’t have laps like most stopwatches do, which is disappointing. Nonetheless, it’s great if you need a stopwatch on-hand most of the time. Moreover, it’s also customizable with different colors and complication options available. 


4. GMT

GMT interface
© Photo by Apple

The GMT watch face is new and was only released along with watchOS 7. Through the GMT watch face, you can add another time zone you want to keep track of. Hence, it’s handy if you travel a lot or have loved ones living in a different time zone. It’s also pretty functional, showing your Apple Watch battery life and multiple other complications. Moreover, it’s customizable so you can change colors when you feel like it.


5. Infograph

GMT interface
© Photo by Apple

Not everyone wants Apple Watch faces to fit their aesthetic. Some people want Apple Watch faces that are purely functional with lots of complications and information on-hand. If that sounds like you, then look no further than Infograph. It supports a maximum of 8 complications you can view right on the screen. Four of them are shown on the corners of your Apple Watch screen with the rest in the middle. Of course, it’s not as pretty as other aesthetically-focused Apple Watch faces. However, it’s great for power users. 


6. Memoji

Memoji Apple Watch Face
© Photo by Apple

Memojis are Apple’s way of letting users express themselves in unique ways. If you use the function a lot, you might want to consider porting it to your Apple Watch. It’s certainly going to make your Apple Watch somewhat unique compared to other Apple Watch faces. Moreover, you can also use stock Memoji characters if you prefer them over yours. There’s also a slight customization option to edit the bottom information line. 


 7. Meridian

Meridian interface
© Photo by Apple

Not all Apple Watch faces can find a balance between beauty and functionality. That’s why the Meridian watch face is one of our top picks for folks who want function and fashion. At first glance, the design is simple yet bold — almost strikingly so. It’s an analog watch face that adds to the aesthetic and makes it pleasing to view. At the heart of the watch face lies four complications that make it more useful than most aesthetically-minded watch faces. It’s pretty and functional, perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on either.


8. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse interface
© Photo by Apple

If you’re a Mickey Mouse fan, then the Mickey Mouse watch face is a great choice. Mickey will tell the time for you by using his hands to tell the hour and minute of the day. If you want to hear the time, you can tap on him to speak the time for you instead. You can also change the character to Minnie Mouse for a girl version of the Apple Watch face. Moreover, you can even customize their clothes’ colors to make them look a little different than the default. While this is a more aesthetically focused watch face, it does feature some functionality with 3 complication spots.


9. Numerals

Numerals interface
© Photo by Apple

The Numerals watch face is also a top contender for the best minimalist Apple Watch faces. It’s classy and simple, showing you the time with just the hands and the hour number. You can also find the date on the top-right of the watch face. It’s perfect if all you want is the date, time, and a minimalist and elegant look.


10. Photos

Photos interface
© Photo by Apple

There are times when you feel like a professional photographer when you’ve just taken one of your best photos yet. However, it’s hard to revel in your photography skills when you can’t frequently appreciate your work. That’s why the Photos watch face is great because it allows you to view your most beloved photos. Just choose a photo from your photo album and you’ll get your best work right on your wrist!


11. Simple

Simple interface
© Photo by Apple

Simple keeps everything, well, as simple as can be in terms of Apple Watch faces. It’s certainly attractive to minimalists who don’t want any clutter on their Apple Watch faces. You can view only the watch dial on your screen with this Apple Watch face, making things neat. However, you can also choose to show the hour indicators if you fancy. If you want to keep it simplistic but functional, Simple also has complications available that only display minimalist icons. However, you can even forego these complications completely and keep everything ultra-minimal. 


12. Siri

Siri interface
© Photo by Apple

Power users don’t always need many complications on their Apple Watch faces. Sometimes, they just need an assistant to help them go about their day. That’s why the Siri watch face is a great tool and companion for those who need a virtual assistant. With the Siri watch face, you won’t need to carry your iPhone with you everywhere. Just ask your Apple Watch Siri to search or do the task for you. 


13. Solar Dial

Solar Dial interface
© Photo by Apple

If your keeping track of solar patterns for work or hobby, the Solar Dial is a hard-to-beat watch face. That’s because it not only tells the time but also the sunset time according to your location. The solar measurement is both useful and gorgeous — striking for anyone who enjoys tracking solar patterns. Moreover, the watch face is pretty functional because of four available complications on the four corners. If you’re an outdoor person who needs a multitude of functionality, this one is easy to recommend. 


14. Toy Story

Toy Story interface
© Photo by Apple

If you’re a fan of the animated flick Toy Story, then the Toy Story watch face is a great choice. It features multiple Toy Story characters who are animated to move around your Apple Watch. Watch Woody or Buzz play around while you go about your day. Of course, it only tells the time, date, and shows you Toy Story animations, so it’s not very functional. However, it’s great if you have kids who adore Toy Story and want to see them on their Apple Watch. 


15. Typograph

Typograph interface
© Photo by Apple

Are you looking for more classy Apple Watch faces? Then why don’t you try out the Typograph Watch Face? It’s an analog-style watch face that tells the time traditionally. However, what makes it unique is its design because it features a classy yet edgy font for the numbers. You can also change this font to one that suits you more. It’s a great way to have classy typography right on your watch to match your aesthetic. Moreover, you can change the color to add more personality to the design. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t have complications so you’re left with just the time. 



Apple Watch faces are fun to play with because they’re useful for many different things. You can use them to add to your aesthetic or to complement your outfit for the day. On the other hand, you can also use them functionally if you’re a power user who needs multiple apps. Regardless of what you need, there’s bound to be an Apple Watch face just for you. Moreover, if you get tired of one, you can easily swap it for another one anytime you like.

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