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Kids smart watch is now more than just a device. More often, it serves as a companion for busy parents in raising their kids. It does not only help them keep in touch with their children, but it also helps them have peace of mind. But the increasing demand for these so-called smartwatches makes the market crammed. Hence, choosing a device that best suits yours and your kid’s needs can be a bit challenging.

In this article, we cherry-picked the best kids smartwatches you can buy for your children as well as the factors to consider when choosing one. From a location-tracking smartwatch to a device that can make a call, we’ve got them all covered.



Top 10 Kids Smart Watch Worth Your Money

If you are looking for a smartwatch that will help your kids stay consistent with daily routines, then Octopus Watch V2 is for you. It is an icon-based smartwatch that teaches your kids good habits and the concept of time. Through an app, parents can set a reminder for their child’s activities using icons. If you want to schedule brushing their teeth, for instance, you can choose the toothbrush icon. It will appear on your kid’s watch once it’s time for them to do the task.

Octopus Watch V2 also features an activity tracker that has a digital accelerometer. It monitors your kids’ movement and encourages them to stay active once they become static. This way, parents can ensure the physical fitness of their children in an easy way. V2’s battery life can last from 3 to 5 days with motion-activated and 15 days under normal use.

Purchasing the Octopus Watch V2 on Amazon now is one step to securing your child’s safety.


  • Has an Electronic Daily Schedule that reminds kids of their tasks
  • Made of Hypoallergenic materials safe for kids
  • Good for keeping physical fitness


  • Does not have a GPS tracker
  • Unable to send messages or call

TickTalk 3 is another smartwatch brand parents can buy for their kids. It is not an ordinary GPS tracker kids smartwatch, it is also a smartphone alternative. The device can work as a standalone LTE smartphone that enables 2-way video-calling and text messaging.

Since it is 4G receptive, TickTalk 3 has a 50% faster and accurate GPS locator. It comes with an app that allows parents to know the exact location of their child in real-time.

Buy the TickTalk 3 on Amazon now to keep track of your child’s whereabouts.


  • Faster internet connection due to 4G technology
  • Enables 2-way video-calling
  • Comes with replaceable wristband


  • Needs separate monthly subscription from GSM carriers

GizmoPal 2 is another smartwatch brand for kids that has a calling feature. Manufactured by LG, the device includes an auto-answer feature to avoid missed calls.

GizmoPal 2 will also give parents peace of mind with the GPS tracker that comes along with it. Through a mobile app, parents would be able to locate their children from their phones. Not only GizmoPal 2 is filled with security, but it also has lots of cool features. It makes fun sounds and has a voice changer that mimics famous character voices.

You can purchase GizmoPal 2 on Amazon.


  • Has dedicated call button accessible for kids
  • Auto answer function
  • Lightweight in 1.60 oz


  • Compatibility is limited to Android 4.0 and iOS 7 or higher

What’s the good of a GPS smartwatch without a high capacity battery? Parents monitoring their kids wouldn’t want to go off-track due to dying batteries. Good thing Amazfit’s Bip Smartwatch comes to the rescue.

This kid’s smartwatch has a record-breaking battery life, lasting up to 30 days with a least 2.5 hours charge. Built-in GPS allows parents to track every step of their kids in real-time. It can also serve as your child’s nurse as it monitors the quality of sleep, heart rate and even calories burned.

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch comes in shades of white, black, grey, and red. Choose from all these colors available on Amazon


  • Come with health monitoring function
  • Amazing battery life that could last up to 30 days
  • Has real-time location tracker


  • Compatibility is limited to Android 4.4 and iOS 8 or higher

iGeeKid is a kids smartwatch built to create a closer child-parent relationship. It comes with a two-way calling and messaging tool that allows parents to contact their child and vice versa.

Tracking your child’s whereabouts won’t be a problem anymore. Using an app called “SeTracker2”, the device allows parents to track their child’s movements at any time. iGeeKid comes with a GPS tracker based on Augmented GPS, so the data is accurate and in real-time.

You can iGeek in Amazon now for an affordable price, but an extra $5 charge is needed for the call and messaging service.


  • Comes with a free 2G sim card
  • Includes an SOS and emergency call button
  • Has geofencing function to identify safe zones


  • Doesn’t have specific app to download for phone
  • Needs subscription to activate the communication function

Ojoy A1 is not an ordinary GPS tracker, it is also a cell phone alternative for kids. It is an LTE ready device that allows voice calling and instant messaging.

The device also gives children the freedom to explore while ensuring their safety. It interconnects with an app so parents can check their child’s location throughout the day. The device also helps your child to be more productive by managing their activities. It sets the alarm to ensure your child is not missing out on anything.

Get the Ojoy A1 on Amazon now and make your child’s safety a priority.


  • LTE ready
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Includes 2-way voice-calling function


  • Needs to separately purchase a sim card

While there is already TickTalk 3, TickTalk 2.0 remains a favorite. It is an all-in-one tracker, calendar, and cell phone that uses WiFi + GPS + LBS 3-way locators to provide parents with accurate information on their child’s physical movement.

Like Octopus Watch, TickTalk 2.0 allows parents to set activity reminders for their child. There are over 50 icons to choose from in this function, the icon pops up at the same time when the alarm rings.

Aside from a two-way calling feature, parents can listen in to what is going on from the watch’s end.

TickTalk 2.0 is available on Amazon for a reasonable cost. An additional $5 monthly charge is needed in availing the 250-minute-call and 120 MB data bundle.


  • Blocks calls from unauthorized numbers
  • Sends alerts to manage daily tasks
  • The App connects to multiple devices


  • Only works with 2G networks

Kurio Watch is something kids will love. It has the features of a smartphone that allows your kids to take photos and videos, as well as send messages. It also comes with tons of built-in motion detection games that kids will enjoy. What parents love the most about this device are the emergency functions that notify them in case of trouble. This feature works by providing important contact and medical information on the emergency app intended for the device.

Other features of Kurio Watch include media player, activity tracker, and interchangeable thermal color straps. Check out Kurio Watch’s latest offers on Amazon.


  • Allows sending photos apart from messages
  • Tons of fun features like music player and games
  • Has micro SDHC card slot to accommodate up to 32GB memory


  • Not compatible with iOS devices
  • The battery doesn’t last long when using multiple functions

GizmoWatch is a high-tech kids smartwatch that offers a smartphone alternative for your kids. This device is 4G LTE compatible that supports two-way voice calls and messaging. It also has a fitness tracking feature that provides kids with a fun way of achieving physical goals. 

Tracking your child’s location won’t be a problem for GizmoWatch. A mobile app accompanies the device so parents can check their child’s movement within their smartphone.

GizmoWatch has a 510 mAh battery that could last up to 7 days. Buy it now on Amazon and let your child enjoy the outdoors safe and sound.


  • Has geofencing ability that alerts parents when kids go out of safe zones
  • Includes fitness tracker that encourages goals
  • 4GB memory


  • Doesn’t work underwater
  • Additional monthly plan needed to avail of call and text function

Youngsters nowadays love to explore but parents want to keep them safe. This is where Vodafone V-Kids watch comes in. Using GPS and a mobile app, parents can check their kid’s location at any time of the day. It comes with an SOS button that children can press to alert their parents should they need help.

The device has a unique feature called “Safe Zones”, which allows parents to set specific areas as safe. They will receive a notification on their smartphone once their kids set foot outside those areas.

Short sweet messages are also possible with the device. It allows parents and kids to send voice recorded messages with each other of up to 30 seconds in length. To enable this feature, users would need a separate V-Sim subscription plan.

For more information, you can check the product details by clicking here.


  • Comes with TCLMOVE that checks real-time location
  • Has sim card to eliminate the need for WiFi connection
  • Includes SOS button


  • Voice messages are limited to 30 seconds
  • Limited games


Key Features to Consider When Buying Kids Smartwatch

There are already hundreds of smartwatches for kids in the market today. Some of them claim to have features that are too good to be true. That is why choosing a good device for your little one can be challenging. Let’s discuss the key features you should look for when choosing a smartwatch for your kids.


Location Tracker

The anxiety of not knowing where your child is can consume your whole day. Good thing most of the smartwatches for kids today are equipped with GPS trackers that notifies you about your child’s real-time location. Some of these smartwatches even allow you to set safe zones for your child. To unlock this feature you have to download an app that matches the brand of smartwatch your kid has and connect it with your smartphone.

Now, what is GPS? GPS stands for Global Positioning Service, a satellite-based navigation system made of satellites that orbit the Earth. Using the tracking device on your smartwatch, for example, each satellite gathers information including your movement and idle time. This information is then wirelessly transmitted to cloud servers using cellular networks. Cloud servers allow trusted devices to access this information, which includes location, through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.



A good kids smart watch should have a communication feature. Two-way voice and text messaging are ideal, but it would be better to choose a smartwatch that allows video-calling. There’s a pretty bunch of brands that have this feature but choosing one that works is what’s more challenging. For this, you need to consider the camera, network type, the screen dimension, and even the lifespan of the battery.

Most kids smart watches nowadays enable messaging, either text, call, or video. You will need internet access to use this feature, but Wifi connections are not always reliable. That’s why some smartwatches today are already using sim cards that rely on cellular networks. This way, you’re kids wouldn’t be disconnected once they go to places without a Wifi.


Productivity Features

There’s no better feeling than to see your child achieve a milestone. As parents, we want to teach our kids the value of being productive. But how could a smartwatch help with that, you ask? Some smartwatches allow you to set a schedule for your child activities. There will be no reason for undone homework as these smartwatches notify your child when it’s time to do them.


Built and Design

Children love breaking everything apart and you surely wouldn’t want them to do that on their smartwatches. If your child loves adventures then choose a smartwatch that can keep up with his/her activities. It would be better to pick a sturdy, water-proof one.

Also, consider what your child likes. Make sure to choose the device that matches their personalities.



Do not deprive your children of something they will enjoy. Choose a smartwatch that has fun games that will allow your child to learn while playing. Though this feature is not necessary, kids will be thrilled with this. Some smartwatches for kids feature monster-catching games, puzzles, and other adventure games.


Benefits of Smart Watch for Kids

Wearing a smartwatch teaches children lots of things aside from the value of time. From the functional purpose of telling time, the device nowadays plays a significant role in the day to day activities of people including kids. Here are some ways how a smartwatch can benefit your child:


Teaches Independence

Smartwatch can indeed teach your kids a sense of responsibility and independence. Since most smartwatches for kids have activity trackers, they are constantly reminded of their tasks and what remains to be done. In return, parents no longer have to proactively remind them of their daily business.


Connects Kids With Their Parents

Kids ages 5 to 8 years old are too young to own a smartphone, but a smartwatch is a good alternative. Like a smartphone, smartwatch’s messaging features help kids connect with their parents and develop a stronger bond with them.


Fun To Play

Kids smartwatches got some cool games that are fun to play. During free time, they can enjoy playing them with friends or even alone. Compared to chaotic video games, smartwatch games are child-friendly and are more educational.


Benefits of Kids Smart Watch for Parents

Kids smart watch is a great companion in raising a child. Although it has its disadvantages, that is down to your choice. Once you find a good one, the benefits can cross over from kids to parents. Here are some ways how kids smartwatch can benefit parents as well:


Allows You To Communicate With them From Afar

Smartwatches now works as a smartphone for the wrist. That being said, having one for your kid will allow you to contact them whenever you want may it be through text, call, or even video messages.


Ensures Your Child’s Safety

Smartwatches for kids are encrypted with a bunch of security features. They often have a location tracker to keep you posted of your kid’s whereabouts. In some smartwatches, you can identify safe zones for your kids that will create a virtual fence for them. Some also provide SOS alerts in case of emergency.


Peace of Mind

Knowing your kid’s location and having in contact with them through smartwatches will give you peace of mind. Gone are the days agonizing yourself during office hours, thinking what are your kids doing. With that, you can be more productive and focus more on yourself.


How To Set Up Kids Smart Watch?

Depending on the brand that you have, setting up a kids smart watch varies in different ways. Read carefully the manual that comes along the smartwatch package before using the device. Check carefully if it has everything that is included in your purchase like the charger, battery, and sim card. If something is missing, contact your dealer immediately.


How To Set Up Date and Time For Smartwatches?

Setting up the date and time for smartwatches is pretty simple and that goes for all brands. Generally, you should go to the settings and tap “Date & Time”. From there, you should be able to change the date and time based on your time zone. You can also refer to the product manual of the smartwatch that you have for a more precise guide.


How To Connect Kids Smart Watch To Your Phone?

This is the part where most people are getting confused. Even the manuals that come with smartwatch packages are sometimes hard to follow.

First Step: Download The App

Now make sure that you have the recommended app for the smartwatch on your target phone, may it be iOS or Android. Never ever try to connect your smartwatch on a different app.

Second Step: Turn On The Bluetooth On Your Phone

To proceed with the process of connecting, turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone. Make sure that it is in discoverable mode.

Third Step: Launch The App On Your Phone

After turning on your Bluetooth, launch the recommended app on your phone to prepare for connection. Find your smartwatch’s device name on the app to begin pairing.

Fourth Step: Pair Up Your Smartwatch To Your Phone

One a pairing message appears, make sure that the smartwatch and phone are showing the same passkey before ticking pair. If they match, the pairing must be successful.

This method is the simplest one though, so you still have to check on your manual. Getting assistance from where you bought your smartwatch is also ideal.


Does Kids Smartwatch Need Sim Card?

Common brands of smartwatches like Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch doesn’t need a sim card. But if your smartwatch includes a messaging feature and supports GPS, chances are you will need one. Some of these types of smartwatches come with a sim card already and all you need is to pay for a monthly subscription. However, some brands don’t provide a sim card and you have to buy them on your own.


What Type Of Sim Card Do I Need For Kids Smart Watches?

When choosing a kids smartwatch sim card, it is vital to consider the network coverage. Make sure to choose a network with a wide and strong coverage since most kids smartwatches today still rely on 2G connectivity and tend to get slow reception. Also, 2G networks are increasingly phasing out after AT&T shut down support for the network.


Can a Broken Kids Smartwatch Still Be Fixed?

Kid Smartwatches can still be fixed once they broke, but it is not always recommended. There are hundreds of repair shops for smartwatches, however, you wouldn’t want to pay as much as how a brand new smartwatch costs. If the damage is still covered with warranty, you should get a replacement instead.


Is Kids Smart Watch Worth It?

In a world where everything is getting digital, investing in a smartwatch for your kids is worth it. It has helpful functions that help kids go on with their daily activities, benefiting parents as well. However, counterfeit smartwatches also exist. In choosing a device for your kids, make sure you are buying from legitimate sources.