Starz App Review: Costs, Shows, and Benefits

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In a fast-paced world of technology, people have different sorts of virtual entertainment. Most teens are fond of their phones and are busy handling their multiple accounts on different social media apps. The youngsters enjoy their game consoles and other gadgets. Parents, on the other hand, usually spend their time on television to watch the news. While all these are true, everybody shares a common love and interest and that is, watching movies.

You can watch your favorite films through different platforms. It can through your phones, Smart TVs, tablets, and PCs. There are various streaming channels and applications that permit you to do so. One of which is the Starz App. It provides unique features, perks, and services that characterize today’s age of streaming technology. You get to watch your all-time favorite films in one destination with whatever gadget you have. You can choose from old and classic movies or the newest and most popular releases.

There are other existing streaming services like Starz. But, it remains as one of the most distinct networks because of their original releases. It shines most for the films available at a time, and for the different movie themes it offers. It is a mixture of phenomenal office box titles and less familiar classics.

Set up your own Starz app account and know its features through this article.


What is the Starz App

Starz Banner
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Starz is an American premium channel and satellite television. It shows movies, TC shows, documentaries, and original series. From the latest statistics in 2016, around 31 million US households use Starz.



Initially launched in 1994, Starz serves as the flagship service of Starz Inc. This is an entertainment company owned by Lionsgate. It serves as the broadcast station counterpart of a bigger television network. Starz has a streaming service called Starz Play. It lets the viewers stream on their mobile phones or through the internet. They can do this without the need for cable or satellite subscription. It allows viewers from different regions to experience better streaming services.

You can access a catalog of films and a library of popular movies and original TV shows and series. These contents are divided accordingly from genre to sub-genre. As of March 2020, Starz has an available of 433 movies, 361 comedies, 181 action movies, and 167 western films. There are also about 112 horror movies, 92 documentaries, and 88 kids movies.



When you go to the Starz main website, you will see a normal movie streaming network interface. The movies and series are separated in different tabs. When you click on a particular movie or TV show, there is a one to two sentence preview provided with it. Found below the movie poster are some descriptions like the no. of minutes, movie genre, parental control, and year of release. The names and images of the cast and crew are also visible.


Content Schedule

Content Schedule
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One of the distinct features of the Starz app is its “Content Schedule” screen. This is something that is not easily found in other streaming networks. Here, you can keep track of the shows you are currently binge-watching. It is like a calendar that shows you the release schedule from the month, day, up to the particular time it will air. There different Starz channels are also indicated. These are Starz Live TV, Starz Edge, Starz in Black, and Starz Comedy.


My List

My List
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There is also the “My List” tab, where you can add the movies or TV series in one destination. You can add to your list the films that you’d love to watch but can’t at the moment. It will help you keep it for future reference. On this same screen, you can also locate your pending downloads and “favorites”.


Parental Control

Starz also provides its users with information on “Parental Control”. The content range of movies on this app is across the rating spectrum. You can use this guide to know the appropriate movies fit for the viewers’ age. This feature is most helpful to parents as it serves as content restrictions for them. It helps them be informed and guide their kids accordingly.


Offering Premium Entertainment

The Starz App offers premium entertainment anywhere, anytime. It is not only a premium cable but also a satellite TV network that is available to millions of US households. It lets users download movies and TV shows and watch them offline. You can enjoy it on your tiny phone screens when you are on the go. If you are going somewhere or off to a schedule and there’s no wifi, you can watch your movies conveniently. Or, on a household setup, you can download on your laptop, Smart TVs, and other devices. Enjoy them even when you do not have an internet connection.

Starz is known for catering the most in-demand blockbuster movies and original series. What’s more engaging is that the movies change momentarily as you have lots of different options. It has an expansive content library where there are choices of genres for every mood or occasion. Some are basic themes like action, adventure, comedy, drama, and romance. Others are more aggressive colors such as thriller, suspense, war, horror, and fantasy. You name it, type it, and Starz app has it for you.


Creating an Account and Costs

Before creating an account, you must know how much the Starz App costs. Upon subscription, you are automatically entitled to a 7-day free trial. These free trials are only available for new customers. Once the trial ends and you still want to continue subscribing, the Starz App costs only $8.99 per month. This range is only applicable if you are directly subscribed to the Starz App. If you add Starz to DirectTV or other similar cable companies, it will cost you $13.99 per month.

To create an account, download the Starz app on your mobile device. Sign Up with your Apple, Google Play, or Roku ID. Start streaming movies and other media content you desire. You can also create an account by visiting the Starz website and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Start your free trial” at the upper right of the screen.
  2. Type your details such as the email address and password. Select “Continue”.
  3. There are two payment options. You can go for monthly that costs $8.99/mo, or annual for $74.99/mo.
  4. Fill up the screen with your payment details. Once done, click “Continue”.
  5. Create your account’s password and click “Get Started”.


Note that Starz is only accessible in selected regions as it was newly launched in 5 countries in 2019.


Compatibility with Devices

Mobile Device
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A single subscription can support streaming up to 4 devices at a time. It allows you to pause from one device and resume it on the other. If you try to register for a 5th device, you will then receive an error message. Starz lets you use the app on several different devices. Some of the most used are Apple, Android, and other TV devices. However, some of them come with minimum requirements.

Amazon devices: Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Kindle Fire Phone, Kindle Fire Tablet

Android devices: phones and tablets with version Android 4.1; Android TV: Razer Forge, Nexus Player, and NVIDIA Shield

Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS 8 or newer; Apple TV with tvOS 9 and up.

Computer System: Apple OSX ver 10.5.7 or newer and Microsoft Windows 7 and up

Current versions of these Internet browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

Play Station: Play Station 4

Roku: Roku 2nd generation or newer, Roku Stick (Know more about the Roku app by reading this article.)

Smart TVs: LG TVs, with WebOS 3 and later, Samsung Smart TVs, and Sony TVs with Android 5 or newer

Xbox: Xbox One, OneX, and OneS


How to Download & Install Starz App

The Starz app is also compatible with other platforms and consumer electronic devices. These include Android-powered gadgets, PCs, Smart TVs, iOS devices, and other game consoles.



Starz for Android
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  1. Navigate the Google Play Store and install the Starz app on your device.
  2. Open the app and sign in using your Starz account details.
  3. Type the activation code.
  4. To completely register the device, select “Submit”.



Starz for iOS
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  1. Navigate the App Store and install the Starz app.
  2. Sign in using your Starz account details.
  3. Enter the activation code.
  4. Tap on “Submit” to register your device.



Starz for PC
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To install the Starz App on your PC, you need an android emulator. One of the best there is, is the Memu Emulator, that is used by around 50 million people.

  1. Download the Memu emulator on your PC and finish setting it up.
  2. Open Google Play on your desktop. Start “Memu”.
  3. Click on the search bar and type “STARZ”.
  4. Download and Install Starz.
  5. Once the installation is completed, click the STARZ icon to start.
  6. Start searching and downloading movies.


Smart TVs

Starz for Smart TV
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To access the Starz App on your Smart TV, make sure that you have added this app on your device.

  1. Turn on your Smart TV. Go to the application store settings.
  2. Find the “Starz Play” app, then install it.
  3. Sign in using your Starz account details.
  4. Activate your device by typing the code on the TV screen.
  5. Click “Submit” to register the device.
  6. Start searching for movies and TV shows.


Video Game Consoles

Starz for Xbox 360
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Starz Play launched its first TV Everywhere app for a gaming console through Xbox 360. The players should first subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold service. They must get a service from a TV operator that has secured the distribution of TV Everywhere. STARZ Play is free to avail from the app store and is compatible with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

  1. Launch your Xbox, then sign in.
  2. Go to the apps and find STARZ, then install.
  3. Confirm the installation after it has prompted.
  4. Click on “Starz Play” and sign in using your account details.
  5. Type the activation code on the screen.
  6. After registering, the Xbox will load the list of all movies and TV shows.


Benefits of Using Starz App

The Starz App is one of the best offline streaming apps up to date. It provides excellent watching services with a wide selection of shows. You can benefit from watching Starz in several ways. It has a free trial. Starz gives a 7-day advantage to its new subscribers. In that span, you can easily download shows and movies that you can watch offline. The Starz app is enjoyable on multiple devices. You can enjoy streaming with 4 devices at a time. It also has media options. There are different genres for blockbuster movies and original series. A good amount of award-winning and trending shows are available.


Review of Starz App Catalog of Movies & TV Shows

Starz is popular for getting first dibs on the latest movie releases. You can search for movies by specific genres. Some of the most popular are: Star Wars, Risen, Inside Out, Monsters Inc., and more. You can also search for TV shows and series by these genre options: popular, kids, original, and classic. Aside from these collections, they also produce original TV series and classic movies. We give you at least 3 of each with previews explained.


Best Movies


Lyle Marrow is a successful artist and is passionate about painting and sculpture. He has been on a life-long battle with Tourette Syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. With his career, he hasn’t had time to find a partner who will love and accept him. He only has his best friend, Mike. Mike goes on a medical mission in Burundi. The conflict arises when Lyle later falls in love with his best friend’s pregnant girlfriend.



Rudy Yellowshirt is a police department investigator. In the movie, he witnesses the painful legacy of Indian existence. Rudy is on a quest to seek freedom for himself and avenge his family and culture. This was an effect of his brother’s self-destruction and the liquor store burst into flames. This was after he was found with a body covered in blood.


Tortilla Soup

Martin is a chef who is experiencing a loss of his sense of taste. He has 3 daughters Maribel, Leticia, and Carmen. He requests his daughters a mandatory and non-negotiable attendance check. They should always be home every Sunday dinner. A conflict arises when a woman develops feelings for Martin. And, the daughters are having their relationships.


Best TV Shows

American Gods

Shadow Moon, a three-year serving ex-convict, was given an early release from prison to manage his wife’s funeral after she died in a car accident. On his way home, Mr. Wednesday hires him as his new bodyguard. During his service, he discovers a hidden underworld where there is a feud between the Old and New Gods. This series is ongoing with 2 seasons. It is based on a fantasy novel authored by Neil Gaiman.



The Outlander focuses on themes of historical fiction, romance, fantasy, and drama. Claire Rendall is a newly-married British combat nurse. During her honeymoon in 1946, she travels back in time and is thrown into an unknown world. Claire is then forced to marry a young, romantic, and chivalrous Scottish warrior. A passionate affair between them is ignited. This leads to Claire’s confusion about her feelings towards two different men in her life.


The White Queen

The White Queen is a British historical drama and television miniseries. It exhibits the most dramatic time in English history. The White Queen is a portrayal of seduction and deception, love and lust, betrayal, and murder. This show is a conflict between three different yet driven women who are dreaming of the throne. This series follows the life of The White Queen herself, Elizabeth Woodville. This was after her husband died.


Comparing Starz to Other Streaming Apps

While the Starz app has its unique features, other streaming services serve a similar purpose. Starz app has the same benefits and characteristics that are easily found in other apps. Probably the biggest comparable factor is the fact that Starz is only accessible in limited regions.



Netflix Logo
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Starz and Netflix have almost the same website interface. The different movie covers are set as the background. In Starz, there is the “log in” bar, while in Netflix, it says “Sign in”. Both of these two are available as mobile apps. You can download a movie or an episode and watch them offline.

They may differ when it comes to free trial subscription as Starz is only offering it for 7 days. Netflix offers 30 days which is equally one whole month. These two are both ranging by $8.99/month after the free trial expires. Moreover, Netflix produces more original movies and TV series than Starz. But, in late 2018, Netflix started streaming almost 1,000 Starz movies.


Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video
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This streaming service houses a catalog of thousands of TV shows, movies, and original series. All these may be downloaded for free. Its subscription is the same with Starz, costing $8.99/month but it offers a longer free trial term up to 30 days. When it comes to compatibility, Amazon is also accessible in other devices like Starz. However, Amazon Prime Video offers greater benefits as it is known for an online marketing scheme. It offers a same-day discount on items from their shopping site. This is effective when you have an Amazon membership. Unfortunately, something that Starz cannot compete with.



Hulu Logo
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Hulu is another streaming network that caters to on-demand movies and TV shows. Available in both iOS and Android, its subscription rate is considerably cheaper than Starz. Hulu costs only $5.99/month. It is more engaging to viewers because Hulu offers separate plans for a subscription with ads and no ads. You can adjust the streaming quality while watching. Another comparable factor is that unlike in Starz, Hulu releases TV show updates in the same or next day. Viewers do not need to wait longer. Relatively, you can stream movies from Starz on Hulu.

Aside from all these video-streaming apps, you can check out how to stream games using Smashcast. If you are interested, you may also want to check out our guide on what are the types of social media apps.