FOXTEL Scraps NOW App, Replaced With FOXTEL GO


It’s official. Australian television company Foxtel is shutting down its Now App, pushing its users to Foxtel Go App. In a press release, the company said the move aims to provide a simplified mobile streaming experience for customers.

Foxtel made the announcement on September 16.

Foxtel Now official logo
Photo from Foxtel Website

Since September 17, Foxtel Now subscribers, including Foxtel Kids app users, are being redirected to download the GO app. In a statement, Alice Mascia, a Foxtel executive said that by focusing on one app, they will be able to provide customers with access to features and support that are not available on the Foxtel Now app.

Mascia added that they are “investing in the Foxtel GO app to provide all our customers with the best of TV and on-demand on their mobile device”.

With Foxtel Go, Foxtel customers can now stream their favorite sporting events and drama series away from the big screen. Similar to Netflix, Go users can also stream on multiple devices at the same time. It also features parental control options dedicated to kids using the streaming app.

Meanwhile, customers using Chrome or Safari browsers on their PC or laptop can watch Foxtel at Foxtel’s GO service is available for all Foxtel and Foxtel Now customers as part of their subscription, at no extra charge.

About Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now App was launched in June 2017 as an evolution to the Foxtel Play streaming service. Foxtel developed the service in an effort to counter Netflix’s growing popularity at that time.

It featured a low-priced and flexible bundles, giving greater freedom and access to sign up to Foxtel’s entertainment content. It also arrived with the addition of HD streaming on select devices and brand new user interface. These enable the ability to stream Foxtel Now to the big screen via Google Chromecast.

Foxtel Now offers 5 entry-level packs then, with prices ranging from $15 to $39.

Confused Foxtel Subscribers

After the shutting down of the Foxtel Now App was announced, questions from confused customers surged on the company’s website. Most of them worried that the Foxtel Now service itself has shut down.

Foxtel homepage from different devices
Photo from Foxtel Website

To set things clear, Foxtel Now is still live. The shut down is only applicable for Foxtel Now on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Thus, Foxtel Now will still be the streaming app for all other devices, including smart TVs and game consoles.

Moving forward, if Foxtel Now subscribers suddenly want to switch to mobile streaming, they would have to go to the Go app. But, if they want to stream using a PlayStation 4, for example, they will still have to use Foxtel Now.

Foxtel Now vs. Foxtel Go: What’s Their Difference

The difference between Foxtel’s Now and Go is very minimal. The two are almost the same service that makes everything more confusing.

Foxtel in a previous blog post has explained the key difference between the two.

Essentially, GO is a service that allows subscribers to stream live sporting events or TV shows. It also comes with a set-top box subscription that allows users to stream videos-on-demand.

On the other hand, Foxtel Now streams TV over the internet. It allows subscribers to watch live TV or stream shows from their package over compatible devices. Foxtel Now is a standalone product and is not part of a Foxtel set-top box subscription.