Best Razer Controllers Every Mobile Gamer Should Own

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Razer controllers are small portable game controllers that players can plug their phones in and play their mobile games with ease and comfort. It’s a mechanism that will turn a smartphone into a console, similar to a Nintendo Switch or PS4. Some controllers are for Android phones while there are others are made for iPhones. And for anyone who enjoys playing mobile games on their smartphones, having this accessory will elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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But how do you go about sorting and choosing the best mobile accessory like a Razer controller? Which one works and which one doesn’t? And how do you even connect one to your device? Hold your horses because we will go over some of these devices, answer your questions, and hopefully help you choose the right Razer controller for an elevated mobile gaming experience.


What Is Razer?

In a nutshell, Razer is a company that specializes in producing lifestyle brands for gamers. Since 2005, the company continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping. With headquarters in California and Singapore, its only way to go is up. It is represented by a logo featuring a three-headed snake; a logo that is widely visible in the video game world. Its track record speaks for itself; over the years, it has become a powerhouse in producing a gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software, and services.

Basically, any gamer who wishes to elevate his experience and get the best peripherals would have to get a Razer accessory, hardware, or services to achieve it. On its website, Razer boasts accolades which include producing high-performance gaming peripherals and Blade gaming laptops. Its software platforms include Razer Synapse (an Internet of Things platform), Razer Chroma™ (a proprietary RGB lighting technology system), and Razer Cortex (a game optimizer and launcher).

And finally, in 2020, Razer has won two official Best of CES Awards for the Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller.


Best Razer Controllers A Gamer Should Own

You have now reached the fun part of this article: a mini list showing you some of the best Razer controllers in the market, specifications, and where to buy them.


There is a Razer Kishi designed for Android but this accessory has a lightning dock, making it perfectly designed for iPhones. For a price tag of $96.40, this accessory for iPhones comes with Clickable Analog Thumbsticks that responds to feedback with great accuracy. It seems small when undocked with an iPhone but the adjustable belt at the rear makes any iPhone fit perfectly.

Unlike Bluetooth connection devices, the Razer Kishi controller produces a lag-free gaming experience. You also can enjoy this accessory without the need to remove it and charge your phone because you can play and charge on the go. And finally, it does not just fit phone-to-accessory, it should also feel snug on the hands when hand-held because it is designed for long gaming sessions.


Similar to its iOS counterpart, the Razer Kishi controller for Android makes for seamless integration between an Android smartphone and an accessory. This controller gives you comfort when playing your mobile game and executes with a familiar console controller experience.

For a price tag of just $79.27, its ergonomic design is specifically thought of for longer gaming sessions. It fits with any Android device, thanks to the adjustable belt mechanism on the rear of the accessory. But what separates the Razer Kishi controller for Android from its iOS counterpart is the Cloud Gaming Compatibility for Next-Gen Gaming feature. This means having your Android smartphone connected to the accessory makes it portable enough for a top-tier gaming experience anytime, anywhere.


Unlike the previous two picks, Razer Junglecat is a Bluetooth controller that connects to both Android and iPhone devices via Bluetooth connection. Another stark difference between Razer Kishi and Junglecat is, on the latter, you’d be able to see two individual joysticks.

The Razer Junglecat controller is comparatively light to the hands. Additionally, it works with any smartphone device; meaning, even without the docking case, this Razer controller will work fine on any smartphone or tablet because it will easily be connected to the device via Bluetooth. Junglecat has an edge over Kishi; it has a mapping feature that can map controls on the smartphone. This is perfect when playing games like Call of Duty Mobile.


Razer Raiju Mobile is considered a premium mobile game controller. It boasts a low traveling distance in between button presses, has smooth joysticks, and adjustable distance for triggers. It has a USB type C to type C connection, resulting in less latency when it comes to gameplay. So, in this list, this is the first Razer controller that is not directly docked by a type C, a lightning dock, or Bluetooth connection but a USB cord. It also has a type A to type C cord, perfect if you want to hook the controller to your Windows PC. This is also the first in this list where your phone is completely detached from the controllers; it will not give you a Nintendo Switch feels. Nonetheless, it still is a good option for a game controller.


How to Set Up Your Razer Controller

Considering the list of Razer Controllers we listed above, it can be inferred that there are two basic ways to set up your smartphone and accessory.


A. Set Up for Razer Kishi Controller

Both Razer Kishi for iPhone and Android are similar when mounting a device and an accessory. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unlatch the controllers by pulling the locks at the rear of the accessory.
  2. Connect your iPhone or Android smartphone with the bottom end sticking towards the lightning dock or the type C dock.
  3. Launch the Razer Kishi app and set up the controls.

That’s basically it. You can start playing your mobile games once the controls have been configured.

Download Razer Kishi App for Android

Download Razer Kishi App for iOS


B. Set Up for Razer Raiju Controller

Unlike the Razer Kishi and Junglecat, it is fairly easy to set up Razer Raiju controllers.

  1. Mount your smartphone on the platform allotted for the device.
  2. Connect the USB type C cord on the smartphone and the controller.

That’s about it. No need to download an app. You can configure the controls in the game interface itself.



Mobile games of today are pretty exciting, compared to how they were before. The graphics and sound effects do take us away and our experience to a whole new level. But it doesn’t stop there in as much as our wants and needs don’t stop as a basic human nature. This is the reason why there are developers and manufacturers that capitalize on our quest to make our mobile gaming experiences even better.

Razer is one of those companies; they offer some of the best lifestyle brands for gamers. Each Razer controller in this article was designed and made to answer our need to elevate our gaming experience. And sure enough, we can expect more from Razer as new generations of smartphones and mobile games emerge.

Now, let us know what your experiences were using these Razer game controllers!