How to Pair AirPods: Your Ultimate Guide [Updated]

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This year, Apple released two new models of AirPods: a second-generation AirPods was released in March, and AirPods Pro was released last October. What’s cool about these models are the new features they offera 5-hour battery life, Hey Siri recognition, and a wireless charging case.

Below are just some of the cool tricks AirPods has on its sleeves.

How To Pair AirPods
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How To Pair AirPods: Tips & Tricks In 2020


Pairing is Easy Peasy

Normally, in pairing wireless devices, you need to search for an available device, pair with it, then you’ll be able to connect. But in the case of how to pair Airpods with IOS devices, you don’t need to go through those painful process. The pairing process will only seconds to do!


Long Battery Life

Once you’re paired, you have the choice to use only one AirPod in making phone calls and listening to audio. This saves you from draining both of your AirPods battery. You can keep the other one in the wireless charger case, and then swap the buds as needed.


Hey, Siri Can Read My Messages

Siri In Sync With AirPods
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After the setup on how to pair AirPods with your iPhone or iPad, you can now use Siri for AirPods Pro and AirPods 2nd gen. In AirPods Pro, you can do this by holding the force sensor. In AirPods, you have to double-tap to use Siri. If IOS 13.2 is installed in your device, Siri can automatically read incoming messages through your AirPods while you could immediately reply to the message using a voice command.


AirPods Serve as Hearing Aid

What’s promising about the new AirPods is you can use them as a hearing aid. With IOS 12 installed and after you finish on how to pair AirPods to your IOS devices, you can now use the app, Live Listen, which can turn your AirPods into a real hearing aid.

To do this, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > tap on the “+” icon beside the Hearing option. When you need to use this feature, just open the Control Center > Hearing icon > Live Listen.


Wireless Charging

The Apple Airpods come in a case that serves as a wireless charging box so you don’t have to buy a separate charger.

AirPods Wireless Charging
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Noise Cancellation features

After the setup on how to pair AirPods Pro, you can now control how much you hear in your surroundings. Just press and hold the force sensor to switch to Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. To switch between modes, press and hold the force sensor until you hear a chime.


How to Pair AirPods with iOS Devices


How to Pair AirPods with iPhone

The first thing that you need to do on how to pair AirPods with iPhone is to open the charging case, wait for the prompt on your phone (a setup animation will appear), tap Connect, and it’s done! Just make sure that you are in your Home Screen before you proceed on how to pair AirPods. Easy peasy, right?

Don’t worry about setting up with the rest of your Apple devices. As long as you are signed in and using the same iCloud account, there will be no problem on how to pair AirPods. That means your AirPods will automatically connect with your Mac, iPad, and even your Apple TV.


How to Pair AirPods with iPad

Once you have paired your AirPods to your iPhone and you are signed in to your iCloud account, then your AirPods will sync automatically into your iPad using your iCloud with the same Apple ID. There is no need to repeat the same steps on how to pair AirPods.

AirPods Pair With iPad
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How to Pair AirPods with Apple Watch

You can pair your AirPods to your Apple Watch once you have paired them with your iPhone. It will automatically pair provided that your Apple Watch runs in WatchOS 3 or with a later version. Again no further steps needed on how to pair AirPods.


How to Pair AirPods Using Your Mac

AirPods Pair With Macbook
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Steps on how to pair AirPods (at least the 2nd gen) to your Mac requires that you have macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or the latest version installed. For AirPods Pro, your Mac should have at least macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later. Note that you have to be signed in to your iCloud account with the same Apple ID to proceed on how to pair AirPods with your Mac. If you already set up with your iPhone, then your AirPods are ready for use.

You need to proceed on how to pair AirPods by going to the Bluetooth menu or volume control found in the menu bar of your Mac. Then choose your AirPods on the provided list.

In case you don’t see your AirPods, you have to do the steps on how to pair your AirPods with your Mac manually. To proceed, choose System Preferences from the Apple menu then click on Bluetooth (Make sure that your Bluetooth is on.). Then, put both your AirPods in the charging case and open the lid. Press and hold the setup button located at the back of your case until a flash white appears. Select your AirPods on the Device list, then click on Connect.


How to Pair AirPods with Non-Apple Devices

Yes, you read it right. You can use your AirPods as a Bluetooth headset for non-Apple devices such as android phones! You can’t use Siri but you can definitely use AirPods to listen to music and make phone calls.

The steps on how to pair AirPods as a Bluetooth headset begins with opening the Bluetooth on your non-Apple device such as Android phone. Just go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth> and then turn it on. Once you’re done, open the lid of your case with your AirPods inside, and then press and hold the small button at the back of the charging case until you see the status light flash white. Select the name of your AirPods on your non-Apple device, then you’re already set.

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