Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro: What Makes Each Better

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In July 2014, Apple acquired the leading audio brand Beats. It has been a business decision that helped both Apple and Beats expand their market and continue to develop excellent music experiences for the listening public. This also means that Apple is, in a sense, competing with itself. Nonetheless, both the Apple AirPods and Beats maintain their respective audiences. However, in the battle between Beats Studio buds vs AirPods Pro, which one does stand out?

We are returning with another product comparison and buying guide for you! This time, this article will explore areas to consider when deciding between Beats Studio buds and AirPods.

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Inside This Article

  1. Choose Between Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro
    1. Beats Studio Buds
    2. Apple AirPods Pro
  2. Beats Studio Buds vs Apple AirPods Pro: Product Comparison
    1. Sound Quality
    2. Noise Cancellation
    3. Battery Life
    4. Design and Comfort Level
    5. Call Quality
    6. Controls
    7. Price Difference
    8. Platform Support and Warranty
  3. Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro: What to Get


Choose Between Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro

Photo of Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds

A pair of quality Bluetooth audio devices that has a noise canceling feature. In addition, Beats is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

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Photo from Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Made for every Apple device, the Apple AirPods Pro has Active Noise Cancelling and Spatial Audio features among others.

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 When it comes to audio consumer products, there aren’t a lot of areas to check in making the right choice. Right off the bat, you might want to look into the following areas to be able to say a pair of audio speakers or headset is a good one:
  1. Sound quality
  2. Battery life
  3. Design
  4. Price

Of course, your choice shouldn’t be limited to these areas. Considering the advancements made on Bluetooth audio earpieces like Beats Studio buds and AirPods Pro, you might also want to look into their device compatibilities, connectivity issues, and controls.

In order to help you make an informed choice, we will go over these things in the following sections, so follow through!


Beats Studio Buds vs Apple AirPods Pro: Product Comparison

So, you have decided that it’s time to get a Bluetooth audio device, and you are torn between two excellent quality brands. Which one would you choose? We are here to help you out. Check out these comparisons between Beats Studio buds vs AirPods Pro.


1. Sound Quality

Both AirPods and Beats as brands and consumer products specialize in audio technology. It’s no wonder you wouldn’t feel ripped off when getting a pair. However, the minute details and features of these brands would reveal which one stands out.

Both still use different technology under their hood, affecting overall sound quality. There has been an issue before with AirPods not delivering in terms of sound quality, crisp audio, and giving unrefined frequencies affecting users’ listening experience. That was during the AirPods 2nd Gen era. Now, with Apple AirPods Pro, we get just a decent mix of bass and treble resulting in a generally balanced listening experience.

Fans of genres like hip-hop and EDMs might want to go for Beats Studio as it gives emphasis on the lower end of the range. True to its core as a Beats product, the Beats Studio buds don’t overemphasize the bass. On the other hand, the AirPods Pro gives a more controlled listening environment and cleaner vocal emphasis. It also lacks the kick one would get from the Beats Studio buds when the music gets to the low end of the range. As a result, people who love listening to podcasts or audiobooks would be perfect for AirPods Pro.

Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro
Screenshot from Apple Support

It is also really nice to see both Bluetooth audio devices feature Spatial Audio — a technology responsible for bringing in theater-like surround sound when watching movies and TV series in your living room.

We give the win for this category to the Apple AirPods Pro as it brings in new developments compared to the AirPods 2nd Gen and certainly compared to Beats Studio.


2. Noise Cancellation

Another aspect of sound quality is noise cancellation — an element these two products boast of. With this category, we want to look into the technology which allows for noise cancellation to happen. Active noise cancellation happens when the buds use the microphone to help block out the noise. Passive noise cancellation varies in terms of ear sizes. The buds make a seal inside your ear to help block out noises.

Noise Cancellation on Beats Studio Buds
Screenshot from Beats

Despite being engineered by two different sets of experts, both the Beats Studio and AirPods Pro are pretty excellent in active noise cancellation. Hence, we give this category a draw for Beats and AirPods Pro.


3. Battery Life

AirPods Pro Battery Beast Studio Buds Battery
Earbuds 4.5 hours of listening time 8 hours of listening time
Charging Case More than 24 hours of listening time Up to 24 hours of listening time

Both the Beats Studio Buds and AirPods Pro advertise 24 hours listening time and this applies to both the earbuds and the battery case combined. Pretty cool element to consider if you are an outdoorsy person who loves good music, podcast, or audiobook for a company when hiking, jogging, biking, or whatnot. This might seem like a draw again for both the Beats and AirPods but you would be surprised to know the Beats hold more charging in the earbuds than the AirPods can.

Here’s the nitty-gritty about the Beats’ and AirPods’ battery life: the Beats will allow you eight hours of listening time in one sitting. Whereas, the AirPods will only give you five hours maximum of listening time in one sitting.

Of course, you will be able to get the same amount of total listening time after the buds get to charge in their respective cases. But getting extra hours of listening time than what was advertised does break the deal. Hence, we give this category’s win to Beats Studio buds.


4. Design and Comfort Level

Some of us also tend to look at the aesthetic of the earbuds and their accompanying cases. Without going deeper into the technicalities involved, let’s look at the subjective side of both the Beats and AirPods Pro.

The AirPods Pro takes a glossy exterior look for both the case and earbuds themselves. One can safely assume Apple went for this to complement the glass and glossy finish of the iPhone. The glossy surface of the case and the earbuds result in the device not picking up fingerprints when using trying to put them on. The only downside we have for the AirPods Pro is it only comes in white color — a stark comparison to its competition in this article.

Studio Beats Buds vs AirPods Pro: Comfort and Design
Photos from Beats and Apple Support

On the other hand, the Beats Studio buds come in a matte finish, giving them a more true color exterior and sophisticated look. Despite the stockless design, the Beats Studio buds aren’t goofy and have cleaner look. In addition to these, Beats offer three color options: black, red, and white.

But what about comfort? Surprisingly, the Beats earbuds give more seals without irritating the ears due to friction. Not that the AirPods Pro has problems when it comes to comfortability.

One other advantage the AirPods Pro has over the Beats Studio buds is the smaller size of its case. Does it give it an advantage in terms of portability, though? We don’t think so. Hence, we give the win to Beats Studio Buds.


5. Call Quality

Call quality is primarily attributed to the mic technology under a pair of earbuds’ hood. Regardless of how well developed the noise cancellation techs are, if the mics do not come at par, the whole thing makes a device a moot consideration.

Upon putting on some tests, it became apparent the AirPods Pro delivers louder, clearer, and more natural mic sound quality compared to the Beats Studio buds. In addition, the AirPods Pro brought little to no background noise, unlike the Beats Studio buds. Hence, we give the win to the AirPods Pro for this category.


6. Controls

Other than delivering the best sound experience, modern Bluetooth audio devices also offer efficiency and accessibility to certain functions and controls.

Both Beats Studio and AirPods Pro have on-device controls that allow users to play, pause, skip, adjust volumes, and answer calls when the buds are connected to their smartphones. In essence, both Bluetooth audio devices offer the same control features, even voice controls through “Hey, Siri”. It’s also a plus to be able to have these controls customizable with a tap on each bud. Hence, we give this category a draw for Beats Studio and AirPods Pro.


7. Price Difference (As of This Writing)

One of the most important considerations in choosing between Beats Studio buds vs AirPods Pro is the price range. And for this, we will be looking into how much one costs on its official web store and on Amazon.

On Amazon, Beats Studio buds are priced at around $150 a pair while the Apple AirPods Pro is priced at around $180 a pair. One would assume Apple is positioning the Beats Studio as a quality mid-range option while the AirPods Pro is positioned as a premium choice. If so, the price on Amazon reflects this assumption quite clearly.

On the other hand, a pair of Beats Studio buds are around $150 on Apple Store while Apple AirPods Pro (1st gen) was already discontinued to give way for the 2nd generation.

We give this win to Beats Studio Buds for its affordability equals quality.


8. Platform Support and Warranty

Beats Studio Buds Platform Support
Screenshot from Mark Spurrell’s YouTube Page

Platform support is important, especially in giving more functions to a device. The Beats Studio buds offer a dedicated app for Android smartphones where users can make adjustments on controls and noise cancellation functions among others. On the other hand, the Apple AirPods Pro has none for both Android and Apple devices. However, you need to remember that both Beats and AirPods are owned by Apple so there really is no need for a dedicated app for Apple devices. Furthermore, both devices can connect easily on either platform.

In terms of warranty, the Beats Studio buds share support coverage under Apple Care Limited and Apple Care+, the same way any other Apple device would. That means a pair of Beats Studio buds would get support coverage within one year upon its purchase. Depending on the issue at hand, a Beats Studio buds user may also get coverage through Apple Care+. However, on its page, Apple states, “If your situation isn’t covered, you’ll pay a fee. If the issue with your Beats is ineligible for service, you might pay the full replacement value.”

The same terms and conditions apply to the AirPods Pro warranty. However, we give the win to Beats Studio buds for having a dedicated app for Android smartphones, making it easier to adjust the audio device’s functions and controls for non-Apple devices.


Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro: What to Get

If we are to follow the comparison we just made, we would recommend getting the Beats Studio buds for their affordability, support, battery life, design, and control features. However, we can’t deny the sheer premium quality of the Apple AirPods Pro — minute details that are otherwise not present in Beats such as sound and mic quality which affect overall performance.

However this article may sway you, it is important to know what kind of consumer you are. Putting into the mix of consideration the purpose for which you want to buy Beats Studio buds vs AirPods Pro gives the choice more depth and customization as you want to own a device that will suit your wants and needs.