9 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts Riders Should Buy in 2022

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Riding a motorcycle can be exciting, especially if you love the carefree feeling the breeze gives you as you course through your destination. The last thing you will want during that satisfying trip is an unexpected hassle or accident. For example, your smartphone dropping from your pocket or causing you to lose control over the vehicle. So, for that not to happen, get yourself the best motorcycle phone mount you can find from this list!

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Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Picks for Riders

Best motorcycle phone mounts

A phone mount for your motorcycle does not only keep your smartphone in place during a trip. It lets you use your device as a navigation or communication tool hassle-free and safely.

Imagine holding your phone to check Waze or Google Maps while driving. It is distracting and dangerous, right? So that you do not run into accidents, buy and use any of these best motorcycle phone mount options:

1. Joyroom 6. iMESTOU
2. BRCOVAN 7. RAM Mounts X-Grip
3. Freakmount 8. MOOZO
4. Lamicall 9. Roam


Smart and secure best describe this motorcycle phone mount from Joyroom. The Amazon’s Choice accessory automatically locks into a 4.7 to 7-inch cased phone with one button press. It is adjustable up to 360 degrees and less prone to getting stuck, unlike other accessories.

What about its performance when you are going fast, then? The Joyroom motorcycle phone mount can survive 100mph, thanks to its military-grade anti-shake ball joint. It would not snap or break while your vehicle is speeding up on the road.

The phone holder is ideal for 0.7 to 1.5-inch handlebars, be those of a motorcycle, bicycle, ATV, or scooter. Among the devices it supports are iPhones (except for an iPhone 13 Pro Max with case), Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, One Plus, and LG phones.


With the BRCOVAN Motorcycle Phone Mount, you get Qi 15W wireless and 20W fast charging for up to two devices. It is great if your smartphones often run out of juice while traveling.

Where does this motorcycle phone holder draw power? The answer is from a power bank or socket. The former is more convenient when traveling, though.

BRCOVAN’s accessory mounts on a 0.5, 0.87, 1, or 1.26 inches-thick motorcycle handlebar or rearview mirror frame. It is compatible with 4 to 8-inch phones. While propped, it can stay stable due to its durable aluminum alloy base and shock-resistant silicone body. It even withstands moisture well due to its IP66 water-resistance rating.


Many motorcycle phone mount options are among the best, thanks to their clamps alone. This accessory from Freakmount dares to go different.

This phone mount for motorcycles also integrates a magnet. Surprisingly, the magnet sticks to the gadget tightly, whether your vehicle is going fast or not. Apart from that, it is rubber-coated to resist vibration from the vehicle or road. If you did not know yet, there are instances where prolonged vibration from a motorcycle engine breaks a gadget’s camera. The product’s magnet reinforcement and billet aluminum clamp may help your phone not suffer the same fate.

Freakmount’s phone holder can secure any handset 2.5 to 4.3 inches wide.


This motorcycle or bike phone mount from Lamicall can be set up in seconds. Its clip can be adjusted to handlebars 0.59 to 1.57 inches in diameter. That makes the accessory as quick and easy to install as a clip-on phone case.

More than how easy it is to attach it, you might be curious about whether the motorcycle phone mount can withstand a rough ride or not. Thankfully, it can. That is because the clip has a back lock. It also secures your phone via nonslip silicone pads that grip tightly. Furthermore, the Lamicall phone holder can be adjusted to any angle you think is best during travel.

As for device compatibility, the accessory supports 4.7 to 6.8-inch gadgets such as the latest iPhone and Samsung models.


Do you dislike the usual motorcycle phone mount designs? If yes, try this accessory from LOVKO. The LOVKO Phone Mount for motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters comes in an X shape. It is designed to secure your phone from its four corners and interferes less with your gadget’s side buttons. What’s more, the phone holder resists vibrations caused by a bumpy ride.

If you love everything about the accessory, you can buy it now and install it on your motorcycle’s handlebar. Just make sure your handlebar is 0.7 to 1.4 inches in diameter so the phone mount can fit. As for compatible phones, the product works with almost all handsets. Supported devices include the Samsung Galaxy S22, iPhone 13, and phones with up to 0.5 inches-thick cases.


Your phone could already be water-resistant, so most options in the market do not provide extra protection against rain. But what if it isn’t? Thankfully, there are accessories like the iMESTOU Anti-theft Waterproof Phone Holder.

This motorcycle phone mount integrates a cover. The said cover does not hinder your device’s touchscreen functions. You can swipe on the screen as smoothly as usual. Moreover, the accessory working like a full phone case means your gadget is safe from heavy rain or mud splashes. As a result, you can bring your phone during your outdoor adventures.

The phone mount, suitable for a motorcycle, bike, or ATV, is IP67 water-resistant. Also, it is rotatable at every angle, thanks to its double socket arm.

The iMESTOU phone holder does not only protect your gadget against rain. It helps avoid theft through its lock that has a compatible key. The accessory attaches to 1, 1.25, 7, and 8-inch handlebars or rearview mirror poles and holds most 5.5 to 7-inch phones.


This accessory from RAM Mounts can hold smartphones via its spring-loaded X-shaped grip. The grip is 1.75 to 4.5 inches wide. But what is more impressive is that it is said to fit irregularly shaped .625 to 1.5-inch rails or bars.

As for its build, the phone holder adopts stainless steel. That means it won’t get rusty in moist weather conditions.


If you want something that is a bit different yet multifunctional, go for this bike or motorcycle bag that doubles as a phone mount.

The MOOZO phone mount bag attaches to a handlebar. You simply open it and then place your phone in the front compartment with a transparent side. The main slot of the pouch is for storing keys, cards, and other small items you want to bring during your trip.

Outside the multifunction bag is a sun visor that maintains touchscreen visibility under bright light or rain. On the side is a headphone cable slot for your wired audio accessory.

The mount is water-resistant and adjustable up to 360 degrees. It can store phones that are up to 6 inches tall.


Last on our list is the Roam Phone Mount. It is a simple phone holder that does its job well.

The plastic-and-silicone accessory is said to not get worn out easily in harsh environmental conditions. That is good because motorcycle phone mounts are often left under the heat or rain while attached to the vehicle. The said weather conditions could make them crack over time.

As with many options, the accessory is compatible with various phones. It fits handsets that are 3.5 inches wide. The required handlebar diameter is 7/8 or 1 1/4 inches. You can use the Roam Phone Mount even for bicycles.


Top Features to Prioritize

When looking for the best motorcycle phone mount, first check its compatibility. After all, you will only be wasting your purchase if your phone does not fit.

Next is how secure the accessory is. Remember, there is always a high risk your phone could get damaged during a motorcycle ride. No enclosure or carpeted surface would cushion the phone’s fall, and the gadget is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, unlike in a car ride. Choose accessories that have mechanisms to ensure a tight grip. Shock or vibration resistance is also a plus.

Charging and anti-theft features are often optional. You will only need these if you are on the road longer than usual or tend to leave your phone on your motorcycle.


Ideal Placement

Where you put your phone mount on your motorcycle is your choice. Your accessory’s positioning is not bad as long as your view of the road is not obstructed. It is general advice to attach your phone holder where you can glance at it hassle-free. Say, near your motorcycle meters which you also frequently check.


Ride with the Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Now

A motorcycle phone mount is a must-have for riders and even cyclists. It can be that one thing that could help you stay away from a road accident — especially if you like or need to use your phone while traveling. With the best options, checking navigation apps, playing music, calling someone, or simply checking messages is now a breeze.

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