11 Best Phone Stands for Your Daily Use [2021 GUIDE]

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Lamicall DP01 Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

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UGREEN Cell Phone Stand Holder

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Omoton C4

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While schools and offices have started integrating video conferencing apps into their daily routines, students and office workers have had to adapt. Some people use their phones to stream and attend their meetings and classes. Of course, holding up your phone for extended times with your hand isn’t practical, nor is propping it up on random items. For that, you’ll have to buy dedicated phone stands.

You can DIY phone stands nowadays, but it would be a bit tedious. Lucky enough, we’re here to help you with our list of the best phone stand for your daily needs!

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Why Do You Need Phone Stands?

According to the Pew Research Center, a whopping 97% of American adults use cellphones, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that you or someone you know has had some wrist strain because of it. Phone stands are both comfortable and essential mobile accessories in helping to prevent some health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, bad eyesight, or just general fatigue from staying in one position for too long.

Whether it is texting, video calls, and watching YouTube videos, there are many reasons why you’ll need your phone in a permanent position for long periods at a time. In other situations, you may need a phone stand to use phones hands-free to drive safely or multi-tasking with notes during online classes.


Our Top 11 Phone Stands

Adjustable, foldable, compact, and, most importantly, stable, the Lamicall DP01 cell phone stand is your best choice for a phone stand. With dual-hinges tested to work even after 6,000 rotations and folds, you can be sure that you’re going to get a lot of use out of this small device.

Although this stand is made mainly of ABS plastic and silicone, it has enough rigidity to hold phones securely, measuring four to eight inches. Its technical specifications list as 4.52” by 1.08” when folded and weighs a light 5.96 oz. When placed on the stand, phones would raise only an inch or two from the table or countertop, making it perfect for most smartphone use. For those buying this product, it has a short user manual available on the manufacturer’s page.


The UGREEN Cell Phone Stand Holder is one of the most solid choices on this list. In terms of price and quality, this product gives you a simple yet dependable phone stand.

Due to its size, you can easily carry and store this stand anywhere you could fit it in. Made out of ABS plastic and silicone with some rubber padding, it can handle phones from 4 to 7.9-inch tall or wide. Although it doesn’t lift the phone from the ground too far, the 3.74” by 3.35” stand can swing up to 100 degrees to give you a better view of the phone screen when in use.


Although it has a similar design to its sister products in the Omoton C-series, the Omoton C4 is a cut above the rest because of its second hinge. This allows you to have control of both height and viewing angle for your device. Combined, the two hinges allow you to tilt and angle your phone up to 270 degrees for a comfortable viewing angle.

Aside from those features, the “premium” aspect of this selection comes from its full aluminum alloy construction. Made from several cut aluminum blocks, this phone stand can more than withstand a few drops and knocks. Specifications-wise, the C4 can handle phones from 4 to 11-inch tall or wide and has silicone pads that serve as anti-scratch and anti-slip guards. You can get this phone stand in five colors: black, grey, red, rose gold, and silver.


Another Lamicall product, this time a “gooseneck-type,” the Lamicall LS05 is one of the more versatile entries on this phone stand list. This versatility is due to its “clamp-type” base that allows you to secure and clamp it onto any bedpost or corner up to 2.36 inches thick. The clamp combined with its 33.4-inch long neck gives you the freedom to push and pull your smartphone to just the right spot for wherever you’ll need it to be.

Whether you’re planning to clamp it to your bed for long-running Netflix sessions or use it for virtual meetings, you’ll find the 360-degree phone clip compatible with 4 to 7-inch tall phones. Similar to the Omoton C4, you can also get this phone stand in several colors: black, rose gold, and white.


A “telescopic-type” phone stand, the Nulaxy T1 has a stable and durable design. Similar to the Omoton C4, the T1 is also made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a weighted base that gives it added stability. Compatible with 4 to 8-inch tall devices, the T1 has two spaced hooks that carry your phone when on the stand. The hooks allow you to connect your charger or headphone to the bottom side of your phone without hindrances.

The Nulaxy T1 is best used on surfaces that are slightly lower than your eye level since it would raise the height of your phone from 6.3 inches to 9 inches. You can also adjust the holder itself from 10 degrees to up to 45 degrees, depending on your viewing angle. If you’re looking for stable and long-lasting phone stands, the Nulaxy T1 may just be what you’re looking for!


An odd entry to this list of phone stands, the B-Land Cell Phone Holder doesn’t exactly have a holder base. Instead, this holder is designed to secure itself around your neck or to use its gooseneck as a base for itself. Due to this weird feature, you can practically use this holder on any surface. From hanging it from a hook in the wall to placing it on your neck as you walk around, you can use this holder everywhere.

This gooseneck rope is made out of 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy that gives it both flexibility and strength. Aside from its appendage, the phone holder is your usual plastic grip with an extendable bottom grip that allows phones from 2.2 to 3.3 inches wide.


A slightly fancier phone stand specifically made for Apple products, the Twelve South HiRise Wireless is actually a Qi-rated wireless charger. Featuring a weighted metal phone stand with a sleek black chrome finish and a 10 Watt power disk, the HiRise can support most Apple phones. This includes the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR, and even Qi-rated phones like the Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 9.

Although the base stand is a little bulky for portable use or travel, you could slot out the power disk from the silicone ring and use it independently to charge your iPhones and AirPods. The HiRise’s dimensions are 5.59 by 4.13 by 4.13 inches, big enough to handle most phones that need a vertical phone stand.


An offering with a fully magnetic phone grip, the SUPERONE Magnetic Cell Phone Stand uses four strong magnets in an array to keep your phone secure. Aside from its sleek rounded appearance, this phone stand is compatible with 4 to 8-inch tall phones.

Although the stand holder does have a fully protective silicone pad, you are required to place a magnetic disk inside your phone case to allow the magnets to connect to it. The stand holder also rotates a full 180 degrees that allow you unparalleled viewing flexibility. If you’re looking for small yet flexible phone stands, this one from SUPERONE might be the one for you!


Coming in at just 3.6 by 1.45 by 1.38 inches, the Perilogics Universal Mount is both compact and light. Although made mostly with ABS plastic, don’t discount this tiny little wonder. With its capability of full 360 rotations using a simple yet ingenious double locking system, you can find the best viewing angle on almost any location.

This phone mount has a clamping base that can hold onto edges up to 1.5 inches wide and provides a strong and stable foundation for most smartphone use. The phone holder, meanwhile, can handle phones up to 3.75-inch wide which fits most phones like an iPhone 12 Max with ease.


Another Apple specialized offering, the Omoton Phone & Watch Holder CW03 is specially made to hold an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and an AirPods case on just one phone stand. Similar to its other premium offerings, the CW03 is also made out of aluminum blocks that give it both stability and durability.

Aside from having 220 degrees of rotation for its phone holder, the specially made AirPod bay, phone holder, and watch holder are designed to allow easy charging for all three devices. You can find holes and notches that are perfectly placed for proper cable management. The CW03 also features the same silicone anti-slip and anti-scratch panels to prevent damage to your gadgets.


A phone stand with an odd combination, the APPS2Car Magnetic Phone Car Mount combines both a magnetic phone holder and a suction cup base. Able to be placed on any clean and flat surface, this phone stand features an industrial-strength rubber suction cup. Its other feature is its magnetic phone holder powered by six powerful magnets that can hold your phone in place securely.

Similar to the SUPERONE Magnetic Phone Stand, you’ll also need to place metal plates between your phone and phone case to allow this magnet holder to work. Thankfully, this device has three metal plates to work with, an oval one, a rectangular one, and one that lets it work with Qi-rated wireless chargers. Aside from the quirkiness, the phone stand has full 360 degrees of rotation and a telescopic arm that goes from 4.6 to 6.29 inches when extended.


Tips to Get the Best Phone Stands for You!

Although this list has the best phone stands we could find for sale, their use and suitability would still depend on your phone, where you’re going to use it, and how you use the stands. To get the best bang for your buck, here’s a small checklist to remember when picking out a phone stand.


Phone Compatibility

Not all phone stands are created equal, this includes how they “hold” your phone and how big they are. You should keep in mind how big your phone is compared to how large the “holding” area of your chosen phone stand would be. If it is too big, grip-type stands may cause your phone to fall because of its looseness. On the other hand, “lock or hook” type phone holders, rely on gravity to keep the phone in place. Having too small a backboard can cause your phone to fall back if the phone stand base isn’t properly secure.



This criterion depends on how big or small phone holders are for the space you want to use them on. Some phone stands only work on solid flat surfaces, while others are locked into place by clipping them on table edges and sides. Make sure your phone stands are secure, or it, and the phone, may fall and get damaged.


Material and Build Quality

Probably the most important criteria and the hardest to discern, knowing the material and build quality of your chosen phone stand could be the key to a long-lived item or a cheap broken one. Although most phone stands are made out of plastic, there are differences in plastic hardness and suitability. Hard ABS plastics are usually good for normal wear and tear but crack easily when hit. Other phone stands have sheets of aluminum or other metals to reinforce their structure.


With that done, we hope you found at least one of these offerings compatible with your phone and lifestyle. Since you’re interested in phone stands, you may also want to go fully hands-free from your phone. To help with that, we have two lists available for you, one for the best Bluetooth keyboards and another for the best true wireless earbuds!