20 Best Android Camera Apps of All Time

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In today’s fast-paced society, years can feel like days. As such, it has become a priority to document life, capturing memorable moments every chance you get. Unlike the olden days, now, it’s hard to see anyone going out without a mobile on their hand. And the best part of it is most of these smartphones are equipped with cameras. But, let’s admit that not all cameras are of superior quality. Hence, many would seek third-party camera apps to give a slight edge on the image quality.

So, here are some of the best Android camera apps of all time.


1. A Better Camera

A better camera android apps
©Photo by A better Camera on Google Play Store

When it comes to the best Android camera apps, you don’t have to look farther than A Better Camera. Equipped with all sorts of neat functions, trust us, any photo enthusiast would love this free app. Some of its advanced camera features include an HD panorama shot, HDR setting, night camera mode, and multi-shot. Moreover, it has a “Best Shot” feature that automatically picks out the best shot after snapping a series of photos.

As if those aren’t enough, A Better Camera also boasts some functionalities in the video section. These include a focus lock, white balance lock, and time-lapse, among many others. The upshot, this camera app is best to remove any objects or passerby appears in your frame. You can remove any unwanted objects with the smart camera mode without hassle. The best part, it’s beginner-friendly and it won’t cost you much for superb photo quality.

While the app itself is free to download on the Google Play Store, a premium version with additional features will only set you back $0.99.


2. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera Apps for Android
©Photo by Bacon Camera on Google Play Store

Don’t judge an app by its name! Bacon Camera may sound funny to some, but it actually packs a punch. This Android camera app actually comes with a plethora of controls and functionality that you can even adjust manually to your likings. This includes white balance, ISO manual settings, exposure compensation, focus, and many more. Tinkering with GIFs, panoramas, and timed shots come easy here. If you happen to own a smartphone that doesn’t support Google’s Camera2 API, don’t worry. Bacon Camera got you covered too. In terms of file types, it even supports RAW and DNG, that’s something you don’t usually get from the usual JPEG.

Bacon Camera is available for free on Android. However, it does contain some ads. A pro version costs $1.99, which is an arguably reasonable price for such an impressive camera app.


3. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 Lite Free Camera Apps
©Photo by Camera FV-5 Lite on Google Play Store

If you’re looking for a DSLR camera app on Android, then Camera FV-5 the ideal choice. With this app, you’ll gain full control over the light-metering focus, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, and among other settings. In fact, almost all professional DSLR manual photography controls are present on this app. This camera app is especially useful when it comes to night photography. It boasts on a steady night shot with optimal clarity and image quality. That justified the reasons why this is one of the most famous camera apps used by professionals. Not to mention, the interface is completely intuitive and user-friendly too. This means it’s just about anyone that can benefit from this camera app.

There is a free version of Camera FV-5, but unfortunately, it produces lower quality images. At $3.95, the paid version is a bit more expensive compared to other camera apps. However, with all the controls and settings you can adjust, it’s well worth the money.


4. Camera MX

Camera MX - Photo & Video Camera on Android
©Photo by Camera MX on Google Play Store

Perhaps one of the oldest Android camera apps on this list, and Camera MX has a right to be here. Its popularity can be attributed to its many features, which are kept trendy and up-to-date. Apart from total control over the resolution, Camera MX gives you access to standard photo editing tools. This includes the effects, filters, and frames. You can even make use of the live shots and create GIFs of your own choosing. A particularly attractive function is its “Shoot the Past.” What this feature does is you can pick the best moment for the photo even after having already taken it.

You can download Camera MX on the Google Play Store for no charges. However, the app does contain ads and offers in-app purchases.


5. Camera Zoom FX

Camera ZOOM FX
©Photo by Camera ZOOM FX on Google Play Store

With Camera Zoom FX, you can take a variety of shots and that includes the stable shots and action shots. There are also photo filters you can tinker with, as well as complete manual DSLR controls. Let’s not forget that this app offers great flexibility where you can adjust the camera settings based on your likings. That includes adjustments of ISO, shutter speed, focus distance, and more. The best part, it even supports the RAW files.

Camera Zoom FX is especially popular among photographers, thanks in large part to its features. Some of its most appealing ones include killer speed burst mode, Spy camera, voice activation, HDR mode pro, and live effects.

Camera Zoom FX is free to download on Android, but a premium version is available for $3.99.


6. Camera360

©Photo by Camera 360 on Android

While not as intuitive as other camera apps on the market, Camera360 does have its merits. One thing for sure, it boasts a sundry of unique effects that every photo enthusiast would love. And these effects can be added later or during capture. Want some quirky effects? Camera 360 comes with a variety of motion stickers and filters. The interface isn’t as user-friendly as most people would like, but it does achieve professional-looking photos. If you’re looking for great selfie camera apps, this the app you need.

Camera360 can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, though additional features will require you to pay.


7. Cymera

Cymera Beauty editing tools
©Photo by Cymera on Google Play Store

Highly regarded as an equal to Apple’s Camera+, Cymera remains one of the most downloaded camera apps on the Google Play Store. Users of Cymera will immediately notice seven different camera lenses, as well as a timer and a camera stabilizer. In addition to that, this camera app comes equipped with standard photo editing tools like the body reshaping, filters, and a smart gallery. Worried you’re being too loud while snapping photos? Cymera also has a silent mode.

Much like other Android camera apps, Cymera is free to download but contains ads and in-app purchases.


8. Filmic Pro

FiLMiC Pro
©Photo by FiLMiC Pro on Google PlayStore

Although Filmic Pro is new in this market, you’ll be surprised by what it’s capable of. In fact, this camera app is one to admire. It boasts manual controls that are considered far sophisticated for a free camera app. For example, its dual slider exposure and focus controls are very impressive. It also has a white balance adjustment matrix, a gamma curve control, some added analytics, and more. Filmic Pro is definitely not a camera app for the inexperienced or casual photographer considering its steep learning curve.

Filmic Pro does not come for free, though. As a matter of fact, it has quite an expensive price tag at $14.99. There are also some in-app purchases.


9. Footej Camera

Footej Camera
©Photo by Footej Camera on Google Play Store

Amateur photographers won’t have a problem getting used to Footej Camera. It sports a minimalist interface that proves ease-of-use. You would think that it’s just another typical camera app, but they’re quite the opposite. Using Android’s Camera2 API, Footej Camera allows you to manually adjust a lot of settings. This includes its shutter speed and ISO. You can explore the app with its animated GIFs, slow-motion video recording, and a burst mode. As if those aren’t impressive enough, it also supports the RAW format.

You can download Footej Camera on the Google Play Store for free. A premium version gives you access to high-quality JPEG generation and additional seconds in time-lapse, but it will set you back at $2.99 per month.


10. Google Camera

Google Camera multi adjustments
©Photo by Google Camera on Android Apps Store

It’s hard to look at one of Google’s creation and not be impressed. It boasts an intuitive portrait mode, HDR+, a lens blur mode, slow motion, photospheres, video stabilization, and more. Some modded versions of this camera app give you access to the ‘Night sight’ as well.

Although Google Camera comes pre-installed in Google Pixel devices, you can still download it for free on the Play Store for your Android devices.


11. Manual Camera

Manual Camera DSLR Camera Professional
©Photo by Manual Camera on Google Play Store

While Manual Camera is quite established in this industry and it certainly deserves a spot on the list. Why? Simply because of its sheer amount of settings you can manually adjust; hence, the name. Using Camera2 API, Manual Camera gives you the control over focus distance, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. Additionally, the app also supports RAW format images. Let’s say if your mobile devices don’t come with a timer, this app is here to help. Though it might sound a little overwhelming, the app is incredibly easy to use.

A free version of Manual Camera is available on the Google Play Store. You can try that out before committing to a premium version, which costs $2.99.


12. Moment Pro Camera

Moment Pro Camera
©Photo by Moment Pro Camera on Android Google Play Store

If you want an enhanced camera that’s already proven its worth, Moment Pro Camera is the one for you. It was first made available on iOS, and Apple users loved it. It’s easy to see why. With complete control of manual settings like ISO and focus, as well as RAW support, Moment Pro Camera is truly impressive. It also boasts a live histogram feature.

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come for free. You can buy Moment Pro Camera for $3.99.


13. Motion Stills

Motion Stills augmented stickers on Android
©Photo by Motion Stills on Google Playstore

As its name suggests, Motion Stills’ star feature is excellent for recording short video clips. With this app, you’ve given with choice to keep the video as it is or to turn them into GIFs. If the boring clips aren’t enough for you, perhaps, the fast forward tool or the augmented stickers are here to spice things up. Do note that if you’re looking for an all-around camera app, this isn’t the right choice. As it’s mainly used for making short videos, which means photos aren’t its strong suit.

Motion Stills can be downloaded for free.


14. Open Camera

Open Camera
©Photo by Open Camera on Google Play Store

If you’re looking for a free Android camera app that comes with no strings attached, Open Camera is the answer to your prayers. We can promise you that you won’t run into any ads or in-app purchases. However, those aren’t the only advantages.

Open Camera is one of the best apps for Android photo enthusiasts. Distinctively different from the others, Open Camera features an auto-stabilizer and different scene modes that fit the lighting of your surroundings at its best. It also comes with different configurable volume keys and geotagging features.


15. Pixtica

Pixtica Camera Apps on Android
©Photo by Pixtica on Google Play

Some camera apps try to have it all, but none come close to having a wide range of functional features quite like Pixtica. This app comes with live filters, exposure controls, a slow-motion mode, manual controls, and a GIF recorder. If you’re not a fan of downloading an additional app just for the QR code, Pixtica comes with a built-in QR scanner too.

Pixtica can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Some of its features, though, are only for paid subscribers. Luckily, it only costs $3.99 per year.


16. Simple Camera

Simple Camera
©Photo by Simple Camera on Google Play Store

If you just want a good camera app with no unnecessary extras, then Simple Camera is what you’re looking for. It works just like a regular smartphone camera, which means you don’t need to understand a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo to get it to work. It’s perfect for those who just want to take photos without the hassle.

You can download Simple Camera for free.


17. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR
©Photo by Snap Camera HDR on Google Play

Snap Camera HDR is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. It boasts manual camera controls, RAW file support, HDR, file size options, and even 4K video recording. There are different shooting modes you can try, as well as effects, vignettes, and frames to use. While it’s not as impressive as other camera apps, it does what it advertises very well.

The Google Play Store offers Snap Camera HDR for free. However, some features are only available on the premium version, which costs $1.99.


18. VSCO

©Photo by VSCO

Most people have already heard of VSCO. Pronounced viz-co, this Android camera app has proven immensely popular with amateurs and professionals alike. While the camera itself isn’t as powerful as others on this list, VSCO thoroughly makes up for it with its photo editing tools. Highly lauded as the best photo editing app in today’s market, VSCO offers a plethora of features. It boasts a multitude of filters and effects, as well as an uncanny ability to mimic other cameras.

Though VSCO can be downloaded for free, this version offers quite a limited access. To unlock additional features and presets you would need to purchase separately or pay a subscription of $19.99 a year.


19. WardenCam

Warden Cam
©Photo by Warden Cam

WardenCam is not your typical camera app. However, in the realm of Android security camera apps, it’s rather impressive. The best part about this app is you don’t even have to buy a new camera. If you happen to have an old smartphone lying around, you can easily use that. It can work anywhere with 3G, 4G, and WiFi. It also boasts multi-camera setups, motion detection and alerts, and two-way audio support. You can even store files on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Unlike most Android security camera apps on the market, WardenCam adopts a one-time payment of $5.99 rather than a subscription. There’s a free version as well.


20. HR Camera by Android

HD Camera for Android
©Photo by HD Camera for Android

With almost 400K downloads on Android, this marks one of the best Android camera apps. HR camera by Android boasts on its intuitive usability, and especially for its unique functionalities. This camera app is a complete package wherein not only you can capture a photo with professional adjusting tools, but it also allows photo editing and collages. If you’re considering a widescreen photo, this app is a great alternative for fish-eye lenses add-on.

This app offers quick shutter speed with stabilization and the zooming feature is something that you need to capture a photo from far away distance. This app is free but the advertisements are there, hovering around the screen.


The Takeaway

When it comes to Android camera apps, it’s clear that there are plenty of them on the market today. Some have better features than others, and not all of them come for free. They’re not universally suited for every type of photographer, so it’s important to find the best phone camera that suits your needs.

Now that you’ve gotten the best Android camera apps, and if you’re still not satisfied with the images, click here for photo editing apps. With just a few clicks, it can transform those images into something magical.