10 Best Food Delivery Apps to Download in 2021

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Sometimes, it’s just not practical to cook food at home. People have jobs to tend to, kids to look after, and so many other problems that plague life. It would make things much easier if you could cross food preparation off that list. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, and finding a good food delivery app is easy. There are numerous options with wide selections of all your favorite restaurants for times when you just can’t cook. Let’s take a look at the best food delivery apps for takeout food.


Food Delivery Apps: The 10 Best in 2021

What are the best food delivery apps you can download in 2021? The best thing about using a food delivery app is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can use more than one to mix and match, depending on which restaurants you prefer. With that said, here are the top 10 best food delivery service apps you can download right now.


1. ChowNow

© Photo by ChowNow on Play Store

Strictly speaking, ChowNow isn’t exactly a food delivery app. That’s because it’s more geared toward placing orders online for pickup. However, this doesn’t mean it’s out of the running. The reason ChowNow is one of our top picks is because of what it offers: a focus on local restaurants. Hence, if you want to support local businesses, it’s a great app to download. 

ChowNow also distinguishes itself from other food delivery apps services because of its business model. It not only acts as a separate app but also incorporates itself into individual restaurants’ websites. ChowNow, like other apps, allows you to search based on restaurant or cuisine, depending on your current cravings.

Furthermore, ChowNow has a good selection of local eateries that shouldn’t be too far from where you are. ChowNow also guarantees a commission-free service so you won’t find those kinds of additional charges on your bill. Speaking of charges, ChowNow’s fees aren’t fixed and depend on which restaurant you’re ordering from. 

Unfortunately, the app is slightly limited because it’s only available in 18 cities including New York, LA, Chicago, and others. However, it’s a great food delivery app in case you happen to live in one of those select cities.

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2. Delivery.com

© Photo by Delivery.com on Play Store

If you’re looking for a multi-functional, all-in-one food delivery app, look no further than Delivery.com. That’s because Delivery.com allows for more than just food delivery from various restaurants. It also lets users drop off and pick up laundry, shop for groceries, or even buy some alcohol. These various services certainly make users more loyal to the app because so many things are all in one place. Moreover, Delivery.com also has a reward points system that rewards users for continued use.

Thankfully, Delivery.com is available in over 100 cities in the US so it’s likely available in your area. They also have 12,000 partner merchants so you’ll have a wide variety of options at your disposal. Furthermore, Delivery.com has other useful features like splitting orders with roommates or neighbors to cut down on delivery costs. However, fees (food and delivery) will vary by merchant and some require minimum order quantities. 

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3. DoorDash

DoorDash food delivery app
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There’s a reason why DoorDash is a mainstay in the food delivery app industry and that is the reach. DoorDash is available in 4,000 cities in not only the US but also in Canada and Australia. In that case, it’s hard to beat. However, that’s not the only advantage DoorDash has.

DoorDash gives you everything you should expect from a quality food delivery app. The app offers a wide variety of cuisines, partners with both chains and local restaurants, and has great food delivery. They let you track deliveries or choose to pick up the food if you want to skip delivery fees. Sounds pretty good so far. 

What sets DoorDash apart is the icing it adds to the cake with smaller—but no less handy—features. For example, on the app, you can find a “Yum Score” for every merchant. This lets users know which restaurants have the best food and delivery time, perfect for eating food hot and fresh.

Moreover, if you use DoorDash a lot and want to save a bit of money, DoorDash offers a subscription service. Now, this may seem like it’s not going to help you save a lot. However, for just $9.99 a month, you can reduce the total amount of service fees you pay. It’s a great option for people who most often eat delivery and take out.

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4. GoPuff

GoPuff food delivery app
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There’s a reason why convenience stores are so popular and never go out of trend despite the presence of groceries. That’s because they offer everything you might need all in one small, conveniently placed area. With that in mind, GoPuff takes it a step further to bring convenience right to your doorstep.

GoPuff, like many convenience stores, offers things like snacks, alcohol, ice cream, medicine, cleaning supplies, and more. It’s not your average food delivery app considering it mostly delivers snacks.

However, it’s still a convenient app to have—especially during the coronavirus outbreak because GoPuff also offers no-contact delivery. You can select anything from over 2,000 available products and pay a flat delivery fee of $2. It’s simple and easy. For $5.95 a month, you can skip the delivery fee entirely if you use the service often.

Unfortunately, GoPuff isn’t as widely available as something like DoorDash or Grubhub. However, it still has a decent reach being available in over 170 US cities. They’re also expanding which is great so that more people can get daily needs conveniently delivered.

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5. Grubhub

GrubHub food delivery app
© Photo by GrubHub on Play Store

Grubhub is undoubtedly one of the giants of the food delivery app industry. It has a slight advantage over DoorDash in terms of reach with 4,000+ cities in the US and UK. That’s an overwhelming number so the chances are high that it’s available in your area.

However, Grubhub isn’t only popular because of its extensive reach. That’s only one part of the equation. Grubhub is an excellent food delivery app because of its top-tier food delivery features and service. They have a wide selection of restaurants, everything from local diners to nationwide chains.

Grubhub also has smaller, in-app features that make food delivery more convenient. For example, you can filter by area or cuisine, track your deliveries, opt for takeout, and find Grubhub-specific promos. Moreover, with the onset of the coronavirus, the in-app instruction box allows users to instruct drivers for contactless deliveries.

Unfortunately, Grubhub doesn’t offer a flat delivery fee, and they’ll vary per restaurant, so you should carefully check your bill. You also cannot get rid of minimum orders imposed by certain restaurants, but that’s no fault of Grubhub. If you want to save money, you can sign up for GrubHub+ for $9.99 monthly. This subscription will get rid of delivery fees entirely and is great if you use Grubhub regularly.

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6. Instacart

Instacart food delivery app
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Instacart may be a food delivery app, but it’s not like most others out there. Instead of delivering freshly cooked meals, Instacart is great for delivering groceries. Sometimes, people just don’t have the time to go grocery shopping on their own but still want home-cooked meals. Others just don’t want to go out, especially during the pandemic. If that sounds like you, then you might want to try Instacart.

With Instacart, you get access to over 25,000 groceries in over 5,500 cities in the US and Canada. Not only can you get groceries with Instacart, but you can also purchase household items and alcohol (in certain stores). You can finally cook at home with fresh ingredients without having to shop for them yourself. 

The only caveat might be the price and availability. Some retailers price their goods like that of in-store items, while others charge extra to cover for the service. There’s also a minimum order requirement of $10 with delivery fees starting at $3.99. The cost of fees will vary depending on your cart size and delivery time. If you want faster deliveries, you can also opt to pay $9.99 monthly for Instacart Express. This will also allow for free deliveries for orders over $35.

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7. Postmates

Postmates food delivery app
© Photo by Postmates on Play Store

Having a standard food delivery app just doesn’t cut it, these days. People need to have more than just food and groceries delivered to them, especially during the pandemic. Thankfully, some apps like Postmates have diversified product deliveries that can get you food and more. 

With Postmates, you can have almost anything delivered to you without having to move an inch. You can get everything from restaurant food, groceries, or even clothes and everyday household items like chargers. Moreover, the app provides round-the-clock service so you can get deliveries even during awkward hours. Best of all, they have provisions for contactless delivery so you can avoid all the risks of shopping outside.

Postmates has an extensive reach of 4,200 cities in the US and is available in all 50 states. They do include delivery charges like most apps do, though. Moreover, they also charge surge prices during peak hours, so you might want to strategize around that.

These fees vary by merchant or store, and minimum orders vary, too. If you’re trying to save up, Postmates offers Postmates Unlimited for $9.99 monthly. This eliminates surge prices and delivery fees if you order over $15 worth of goods. 

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8. Seamless

© Photo by Seamless on Play Store

Seamless is another food delivery app that’s as impressive as giants like Grubhub. With coverage of over 4,000 cities in the US and UK, Seamless is easy to recommend to anyone. However, the reach isn’t the only factor that makes Seamless worth a try. They also offer a wide selection of food sourced from restaurants and nationwide chains, regardless of cuisine. 

With Seamless, you can order food without extra charges and have access to contactless delivery. Moreover, you can also opt to have your food ready for pickup if it’s on the way. It’s also pretty flexible in terms of payment methods whether it’s through cash or others. Above all, Seamless is great at customer service and updates its app based on customer feedback. If you want an app that listens to your demands, Seamless is a great pick.

Seamless’ fees are similar to most food delivery apps. Their fees and minimum orders vary per merchant, and they also have a subscription service called Seamless Plus. For just $9.99 a month, you can save money on deliveries.

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9. Uber Eats

Uber Eats
© Photo by Uber Eats on Play Store

If you live in North America, chances are you’ve already heard about Uber. It’s a ride-sharing business and has boomed ever since its launch. However, rides aren’t the only specialty Uber has. They’ve expanded to include food delivery with Uber Eats.

Uber Eats supports over 500 cities in 24 countries—not just in the US. Hence, it’s easier to recommend, even if you’re living overseas. With the app, you can find new restaurants in your area that you’ve never tried. If you’re too busy to go out, you can have food delivered over to you with the app. Alternatively, you can also schedule your delivery in case you want to have something for dinner later. Similar to Uber, Uber Eats allows you to track your deliveries in real time.

If you already use Uber, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pay for food using your Uber account. You can also pay through card if that’s more convenient, though. Moreover, you can also spread kindness by adding a tip right within the Uber Eats app. If you use Uber Eats often, you can sign up for Eats Pass which makes delivery free and gives you discounts. Using the pass, you can get 5% off on purchases over $15. 

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10. Zomato

© Photo by Zomato on Play Store

Zomato is a famous brand that you’ve probably already heard of. Most people know it as a search platform to browse restaurants and eateries—and their reviews. Zomato has since expanded its business model to include food delivery. That’s right, Zomato is officially a food delivery app that caters to all your cravings.

Zomato doesn’t only offer food delivery, though. It also uniquely offers something like a social networking site for food-lovers who use the app. You can search for restaurants, view reviews, and order food all in one place. With availability in over 25 countries, Zomato has a lot of markets covered. 

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Final Word on Food Delivery Apps

There are numerous food delivery apps available on both Android and iOS. Some of the apps listed might offer similar services, while others offer more quirky and unique features. These apps vary greatly in reach, service, and availability. However, the best part about using apps like these is that you’re not limited to using just one. You can explore as many apps as you like!

You can go ahead and download DoorDash, Grubhub, UberEats, Instacart, and everything else. But you’ll probably go with something more all-encompassing with wider reach if you choose to invest in subscriptions. Regardless, you can eat to your heart’s content with almost any of these apps. Bon appetit!