How Does DoorDash Work for Customers, Drivers, and Restaurants?

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Craving for a specific food occurs during the most inconvenient of instances. Most times, they happen when you’re incredibly stressed or busy, and you just can’t concentrate until you get to eat that particularly unavailable dish. Of course, there may be several restaurants that sell the specific food you want. However, the only major problem you have might be the fact that it’s already the middle of the night. So, you can’t just go out of your house and head into that specific food source. Nevertheless, DoorDash can help you with that.

How does DoorDash work for customers, dasher (drivers), and partner restaurants? Read on to find everything you need to know.


What Is DoorDash?

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DoorDash is a food delivery service that enables you to simply order food online and allow a DoorDash driver to bring it to your doorstep.

The company was first established in San Francisco. Now, however, its services are available in several key places all around the globe. It caters to customers in the United States, Canada, and Australia, covering at least 310,000 restaurants.

The good thing about DoorDash is that it reaches even the smaller cities in these countries, making it even more accessible to order hard-to-find dishes rather than using other food delivery services that do not necessarily have that wide coverage.

So how does DoorDash work, then? To access the remarkable capability of quickly ordering your favorite food online, you need to download the DoorDash app and create an account. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you do so.


How to Download the DoorDash App?

Before finding out how DoorDash works, you need to download the app.

To download the DoorDash app, go to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also use the links provided via the DoorDash website. This makes it even more convenient since you don’t have to access the DoorDash website merely from your computer. The delivery service company makes it much easier for you to quickly order food without having to search for their site each time you hanker for some particular dish.


DoorDash App for Customers

The DoorDash app is available for customers on both the iOS and Android operating systems.


DoorDash App for Drivers

DoorDash is also available for riders who might want to make extra cash. If you have your vehicle, you can do some of the orders on the Driver app. Drivers can download the same app on both the iOS and Android platforms, as well.

  • iOS phone users can download the app via the Apple App Store.
  • Android phone users can download the same app via the Google Play Store.


DoorDash App for Restaurants

Of course, DoorDash relies on the different restaurants that can do various food orders at any time of the day. If you are a restaurant owner, you can also make extra earnings by making your food available via the DoorDash Order Manager app.

  • Android phone users can download the same app via the Google Play Store.
  • The Order Manager app is currently unavailable for iOS users.


How to Create a DoorDash Account?

how to create an account
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After downloading the DoorDash app, you will need to create your account to access the different menus provided on the platform and to make your details available for both the restaurants and the drivers. Creating your account enables you to pay for your purchases and leave a tip for both the driver and your restaurant of choice, as well.


For Customers

To create a DoorDash customer account, enter your personal information, including the following:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Payment details


For Dashers (Drivers)


To make a DoorDash driver (Dasher) account, provide your details, including the following:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Physical address and intended coverage
  • Email address
  • Application for Dasher approval


Wait for DoorDash to review your application. Once your application gets approved, you can start receiving DoorDash orders and earn extra cash (plus tips).


For Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner and you want your menu to be included in DoorDash’s roster of available menus, provide the following details:

  • First and last name
  • Restaurant details (including permits, opening and closing hours, menu)
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Application for approval


Once you accomplish all these, wait for DoorDash’s approval so you can start earning extra by providing orders made using the DoorDash app.


What Are the DoorDash Features?

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DoorDash has a multitude of features. It allows convenient online food ordering so that customers can access various food sources without having to step into physical stores, wait for their orders, and make manual payments. The service is available 24/7, as well, which makes it even more convenient, especially during untimely cravings and last-minute food parties.


For Customers

For customers, here are several features that you can use:


Multiple Locations

Once you open the DoorDash app, your home address is your default location. Nonetheless, there can be instances when you aren’t home. You can also use the same app and account even when you’re at the office, at a friend’s house, or any of the areas covered by DoorDash. It also allows you to alternate between several locations.

You simply need to indicate your current location—the same address where your food gets delivered to by a Dasher (when you opt to have your food delivered, of course).


Food Search Capability

You can check out the different types of food available—fast food, Mexican, burgers, or breakfast are some of the choices. You can even check out the various restaurants in your specific area. If you do not find what you want, you can also use the search menu to discover other food options in your location.


Tracking Your Delivery

The DoorDash app allows you to track your orders, as well. A map is provided, permitting you to pinpoint your Dasher’s exact location while you wait for your order.


Tip for Your Dasher

Dashers either work full-time or part-time, using their vehicles to make deliveries. You can show your appreciation by adding a tip for them.


Customer Support

DoorDash’s app and website allow customers to use their services conveniently. Both their site and app are user-friendly, meaning they both have great user interfaces. However, you must know that DoorDash has dedicated customer service in all its different platforms, as well. If you get stuck while attempting to initiate a food order or you find it difficult to locate several other services, you can simply chat them up, call them, or even email them for your particular queries.


For Dashers

DoorDash provides potential Dashers an alternative source of income. If you have extra time, a vehicle, plus an interest in doing DoorDash food order deliveries, you can apply for approval via their website or app. Wait for DoorDash to process your application and start doing DoorDash deliveries.

Dashers can earn from a couple of sources:

  • DoorDash delivery service payments
  • Tips from DoorDash customers


For Restaurants

Of course, DoorDash cannot offer its services without the different restaurants’ help within its areas of coverage. Hence, restaurants within the multiple coverage areas of DoorDash can make their menus available via the DoorDash website and mobile app. This allows customers to see your menu and order food from you given your designated open hours. Apply for approval via DoorDash’s app or website.


How Does DoorDash Work for Customers?

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How does DoorDash work, then? Provided below is a systemized procedure of using the DoorDash app to order food.


Provide Location

Customers have the option to indicate multiple locations. Your default location is always your home address, but you can also add several other addresses like your office, a friend’s house, or even your favorite hangout area. Of course, this isn’t necessary when you intend to drop by your chosen restaurant to get your order after personally. However, providing your present location is essential when you opt for a Dasher’s delivery service since they bring your food order to the indicated address they read.


Search for a Food Type

You can search for various types of food using the DoorDash app. Basic choices include fast food, Mexican, burgers, and breakfast. Nonetheless, you can also zoom into the restaurant list in your area or even use the search bar to find the particular food you like.


Browse the Menu

After pinpointing a specific food type or restaurant, you can begin browsing the available menu. For each selected food, you can even opt to put add-ons, including flavor choice and toppings. You should also check out the estimated delivery time plus the indicated fee per food option. Click the red “Add to Order” button.


Check and View Your Cart

After making your orders, go to your cart. Check the different charges you placed to verify that everything is indicated correctly. You can also add or remove items into the given list.


Place Your Order

Once you can confirm that everything indicated is correct, you can now place your order. The cart gives you the subtotal amount, the estimated fees and taxes, and the delivery price. You can use promotional codes, as well. To do this, check out the different promo codes you can avail of.


Payment Options

Before completing the DoorDash checkout, indicate your chosen payment method. You can use any of the following:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Be sure to double-check your current delivery address, as well.


Track Your Food Delivery Location

While waiting for your food to arrive, you can check out your order’s progress, as well. From the time you make your order to its prompt arrival to your front door, its real-time location is indicated via your DoorDash app. Once your food is on its way, you get to check your Dasher’s real-time location and receive updates when modifications or delays occur. A notification appears on your screen when your Dasher reaches your vicinity.


Leave a Tip for Your Dasher

As soon as you receive your food order, you can show appreciation for your Dasher’s efforts by leaving a tip. Your tip can further boost their morale and add to their daily earnings.


How Does DoorDash Work for Dashers?


For Dashers, doing the food delivery service allows you to earn extra cash. This becomes even better when customers get to leave your tips, exceptionally when satisfied with your delivery. Here is how DoorDash works for Dashers/drivers.


How to Pick Up an Order?

To pick up an order, Dashers need to have their app on standby. Delivery opportunities appear on your dashboard. You can opt to accept or reject the delivery opportunities. Nonetheless, obtaining a delivery typically requires you to follow these steps:


Go to the Restaurant

Click on the Navigate button located in your DoorDash Driver app. This opens the third-party map that you previously selected via your Settings. Some restaurants indicate specific pick-up instructions. Click on these instructions before heading to the restaurant.


Collect the Order

Once you enter the establishment, swap right at the lower corner of your DoorDash app to indicate arrival. Some of the orders necessitate paying for them with your Red Card, which you receive along with your activation kit when you start working for DoorDash. Most of the orders, however, merely need you to receive them. Two choices will appear on your Dasher app—pay with your Red Card or pick up the ordered items without payment. After collecting the order, tick off the items from the DoorDash list and swipe right again to confirm receipt.


Proceed to Delivery

Again, click on the Navigate button to receive instructions regarding your customer’s present address. Once you arrive at your intended location, indicate arrival via your app. Some clients have specific delivery instructions. Follow the steps they provide.


Delivery Confirmation

After successfully delivering the order, swipe right again. Your DoorDash app will begin searching for other possible deliveries you can do.


How Does DoorDash Pay Dashers?

DoorDash uses a standard payment method for Dashers. The company aims to make Dasher payments transparent so that Dashers can check out their earnings now and then.


Base Pay

Base pay is DoorDash’s necessary payment. Depending on several estimations like distance, time, and order desirability, the base pay can range from $2 to $10. Base pay does not change despite whatever the customer’s tip amount is.



Promotions permit Dashers to earn more. They are the following:

  • Peak Pay
  • Challenges
  • Drive



Aside from your base pay and promotions payments, you can also get additional earnings from the tips provided by your customers. Since most tips are done virtually, the total amount of tips you receive are added to your overall profits.


DoorDash Tipping System

Tips are added to your total earnings (base pay plus promotions bonuses). Customers can opt to add tips during order checkout or after receiving orders. You are notified of post-delivery tips by the DoorDash app, permitting you to see post-delivery additions to your earnings per delivery accomplished.


How Does DoorDash Work for Restaurants?

If you are a restaurant owner and want to promote your services via the DoorDash app further, you need to apply for approval. Once your signup is approved, your restaurant gets included in the roster of restaurants available via DoorDash. You get to upload your menu and widen your coverage area as well. That is how DoorDash works for partner restaurants.


Pros and Cons of Using DoorDash

Of course, using DoorDash has both its pros and cons. Listed below is a breakdown of both its pros and cons.



  • Convenient
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Lets you check out different restaurant menus within your location
  • Lets you pay using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal
  • Eliminates the need to visit a physical food store
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Can check out payments via the DoorDash app before delivery placement



  • Can be expensive since you need to pay for the actual food price, imposed tax, and delivery fee
  • Does not allow cash payments
  • Requires internet connection


DoorDash vs. Competitors

There are several other food delivery service companies available online. DoorDash is just one of them. However, DoorDash has far broader coverage since it covers about 310,000 restaurants and food stores internationally. DoorDash is based in San Francisco, but it caters to customers in multiple cities, particularly in the United States, Canada, and Australia. This makes DoorDash the leading food delivery service company, chosen by most customers, restaurants, and Dashers all around the world.

DoorDash and Grubhub are the two companies often compared alongside each other. If you’re wondering about how DoorDash stacks up against others in food delivery service, check out our reviews of Grubhub, Blue Apron, and Uber Eats.


Use DoorDash Today to Order Food Or Earn Money

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In a world where convenience is increasingly essential, DoorDash allows customers to place food orders via their app and have their food orders delivered directly to their doorstep. DoorDash also helps promote various restaurants in different areas, permitting them to gather more customers by activating their menus via the DoorDash app. Dashers are given a chance to make additional earnings, as well.

By providing a dedicated food order app and website, DoorDash makes food orders more convenient for customers and restaurants alike. That is how DoorDash works for customers, drivers, restaurants.