17 Best Running Apps To Elevate Your Everyday Runs [Android & iOS]

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In today’s world, we’re increasingly seeing the importance of health and exercise. Healthy diets and eating habits have become all the rage, especially among millennials and the younger generation. We’ve also seen the rise of the importance of exercise. People have become intentional in adding exercise to their weekly—and even daily—routines. By far, the most common form of exercise is running. However, running isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t know where to start. “How far did I run? What route should I take? How many miles should I run to accomplish certain goals?” Answering these questions can be tough. That is if you don’t have the right tools like running apps to help you. 

Here, we’ll list down the best running apps to help you navigate, perform better, and in general to help you get motivated. Try it now to see a difference! You won’t regret it. 


1. Adidas by Runtastic

Adidas by Runtastic
© Photo of Runtastic on Google Play

Many runners run casually for just a bit of exercise. However, more dedicated runners tend to plan ahead in more comprehensive ways. If that sounds like you, Adidas by Runtastic (formerly just Runtastic) is a great running app to fulfill your wishes. 

Whether it’s creating marathon plans or races, Adidas by Runtastic will help you reach those goals. It has a mile tracker, calorie tracker, speed tracker, and more. The app will even motivate you with voice coaching during runs. For added motivation, you can engage in the app’s community functions, challenges, and goals. 

The app is free for iOS and Android. However, behind its premium subscription, you can unlock more powerful features. These include personalized training plans, interval training plans, route mapping, and others. Though you need to spend a little to unlock premium features, this app isn’t rated as one of the best fitness apps without a valid reason.

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2. Aaptiv

Apptiv running apps
© Photo by Aaptiv on Google Play

If you want to train like an athlete, then what better way than to employ the help of a trainer? Although most running apps won’t suffice, Aaptiv just might. With Aaptiv, you don’t even need to hire a professional face-to-face trainer to help you. The app lets you browse and use numerous audio workouts led by real trainers.

Apart from audio workouts, they also have different programs on board. They have running and training programs for 5K runs and even full marathons. Additionally, Aaptiv also has virtual classes for strength and treadmill training. With the app, you can be on your way to becoming a full-fledged runner.

Unsurprisingly, Aaptiv is a paid service on Android and iOS. For a $14.99/month subscription, you can get access to their virtual trainers and regimens whenever you want.

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3. C25K 5K Trainer (Couch to 5K)

C25K 5K Trainer (Couch to 5K)
© Photo by C25K on Google Play

Many people resort to living life as couch potatoes. However, most people wouldn’t be satisfied with living that kind of lifestyle. If you’re a couch potato who wants to turn over a new leaf, check out the Couch to 5K app. You can go from being a lowly couch potato to running a 5K run within just nine weeks.

The way the app achieves this is through training regimens. All it takes is three workouts a week with progress and route tracking. It’s the perfect way to go from beginner to a full-fledged runner in a short period. The app starts you off with simpler stamina-building exercises like running and walking mixes. You’ll also be guided and motivated verbally as you go about your runs. After you develop a running habit, the training starts to ramp up. 

C25K 5K Trainer is available on both iOS and Android, but it’s not free. It costs about $2.99 on the App Store or Play Store, whichever OS you’re on.

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4. Charity Miles

Charity Miles
© Photo by Charity Miles on Google Play

Running apps are great to help keep you fit and in shape. However, what if we told you that you could also run for a cause? With Charity Miles, you can run to your heart’s content knowing that all your hard work will genuinely pay off. 

The way Charity Miles works is that it helps you donate money for every 25 miles you run. You can donate to whatever charity you choose and help the less fortunate. The app even makes the experience more fun and engaging when you run with friends. You can pool your funds together to make bigger donations and fundraise larger amounts. To keep you motivated to keep running, they also give you alerts and reminders. What’s more, Charity Miles is completely free on iOS and Android. Running has never been this purposeful and fulfilling. 

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5. Endomondo

Endomondo running apps
© Photo by Endomondo on Google Play

“I want to track my run, but also track walks and cycling activities. Are there running apps for that?” If you find yourself wanting to vary these exercises, Endomondo can help you track all of them.

With Endomondo you can track speed, distance, time, and calories burned on all of those exercises. It doesn’t matter if it’s running, walking, cycling, or even hiking. You can also track all trails you’ve taken if you want to know where you’ve been. It displays your trail on a map to help you visualize your run. 

Apart from tracking, Endomondo can schedule your workouts and add goals to help you plan your progress. It also has an audio coach to give you feedback on all your runs. All of your data will be stored in-app for you to later analyze your progress. 

Endomondo is a combo of running and hiking apps that’s absolutely free to download on iOS and Android. However, behind its premium subscription, you can unlock powerful features like personalized plans and in-depth statistics. Plus, the subscription’s ad-free!

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6. Footpath Route Planner

Footpath Route Planner
© Photo by Footpath Route Planner on AppStore

If you want a route planner that’s simple and effective, check out the Footpath Route Planner. It sports an interactive map you can use to plan your routes with just your finger.

Planning routes has never been easier. With Footpath’s in-app map, you can roughly outline the route you want to take. The app’s programming will then snap to a route based on nearby paths. You can also press and hold on the map if you want to find routes between two points. Plus, there’s a feature to gauge difficulty in terms of the path’s elevation.

Footpath Route Planner is free on iOS. However, if you opt for the very affordable in-app purchase of $0.99, you unlock additional features. These include exporting routes in GPX or KML, multi-device syncing, unlimited saved paths, and topographic maps.

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7. Human

© Photo by Human on Google Play

Humans can do almost anything they put their minds to. However, putting your mind to something can be quite challenging. Motivation doesn’t always come. If you struggle with motivation, try out the Human app.

Running apps are great when they have trackers and training regimens. However, they rarely excel in motivating you to get up and do the work. You can always just turn apps off. With the Human app, it might nudge you in the right direction. 

The Human app gives you daily reminders to hit your daily requirements of 30 minutes of exercise. Moreover, it lets you compare your data with other users nearby. To keep you motivated, it adds a leaderboard and ranks you to tap into your competitive spirit. If you need some motivation, the app is free on both iOS and Android.

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8. iSmoothRun

© Photo by iSmoothRun on Google Play

Many running apps are geared toward different people with different purposes. For those who want an app that’s a bit more feature-rich and powerful, iSmoothRun is a top pick.

iSmoothRun shines not only as an iPhone app but also as a wearable app. You can go out without your phone and run freely as you would like. Additionally, the app can also integrate with different fitness services and apps to give you maximum efficiency.

With iSmoothRun, you get accurate tracking with the app’s GPS and iPhone motion sensor tracking capability. It tracks many different statistics like distance, pace, cadence, heart rate, and more. The app tracks virtually all of the statistics you need to be aware of. You can also export data in different formats or to different fitness services. However, this app is only available on iOS, and it will cost some money ($4.99 to be exact).

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9. MapMyRun

MapMyRun running apps
© Photo by MapMyRun on Google Play

If you want a feature-rich and reliable running app, check out MapMyRun. It’s one of the running apps that has lasted a long time since its release.

While the app was originally meant to measure routes, it has added more and more features since its debut. With the app, you can track statistics on your runs and running routes. Whether you’re running in local routes or different places, the app can help you track it all. Additionally, the app has added statistic feedback features to help you move forward and progress.

A cool feature the app has is tracking your gear. Well, shoes are probably the only real gear runners have but, hey, it’s a good feature. You can add your shoes to the app, and it will alert you when it’s time to buy new ones.

Apart from all these, MapMyRun allows you to connect with the running community to stay motivated together. It’s free on iOS and Android plus a host of wearable devices.

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10. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club running apps
© Photo by Nike+ Run Club on Google Play

Many people want hyper-focused running apps, while some prefer all-in-ones. If you want an app that does everything—tracking, music syncing, audio-guided workouts, training plans—check out Nike+ Run Club.

With this app, you get all of the abovementioned features. GPS tracking, fitness tracking, and all of those good things are available. There are also distance challenges to help you stay motivated to go Nike running. When it comes to listening to music as you run, the app syncs with both Apple Music and Spotify. All the functions you want exist right within the app.

If you’re someone who loves running with friends, the app’s also pretty social. You can cheer each other on or compete against each other with the app. To top it off, it’s also available on wearables like the Apple Watch. Plus, it’s free on both iOS and Android so you can go on a Nike free run anytime.

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11. Pacer

Pacer running apps
© Photo by Pace on Google Play

If you want running apps that are full-featured but also simple and easy to use, check out Pacer. It has all the basics you need and can run right in the background.

Pacer uses your phone’s sensors to track your progress. It can track steps, time, calories, and distance. You can also track your progress over time by viewing your tracking history. With that, you can notice trends in your habits or even view your previous routes. Additionally, the app integrates with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Apple Health, and others for well-rounded data gathering.

Pacer’s not only past-oriented but future-oriented, too. Create goals, engage in challenges, or even join groups to motivate you to achieve those fitness goals. To top it all off, the app is free on iOS and Android. However, it does have added features like weight loss plans and guided workout sessions with a premium subscription.

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12. Runcoach

Runcoach running apps
© Photo by Runcoach in Google Play

Most running apps track your statistics but not all of them can help you plan your runs. With Runcoach, you can do just that without even having to plan the training yourself.

On the app, you can create a running schedule that you can commit to. It will use this information to help you plan your training regimen. Once you set a goal, the app will automatically create a training regimen to help you achieve it. 

The app’s great for people who don’t want to think or plan for their runs and their training. Plus, it’s free on both iOS and Android. Although, if you want to get more serious, you can even opt for personalized guided coaching for $19.95/month. They have certified coaches to help you out not only with runs but also with nutrition, injuries, and other things. 

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13. Runkeeper

Runkeeper running apps
© Photo by Runkeeper on Google Play

If you want running apps that are reliable and have all the basics down, check out Runkeeper. It’s tried-and-tested, accurate, easy to use, and feature-rich.

Runkeeper tracks pace, distance, location, time, and more. Apart from these, it can give you pre-made routes to vary your running routines. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you want to track runs, walks, or bike rides. Runkeeper can track all of them.

Runkeeper also helps you plan for the future by letting you set goals. It will help you track your progress in these goals so you know how you’re doing. The app can even offer curated training regimens if you’re training for races. 

Runkeeper is free on iOS and Android and is compatible with different wearables. 

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14. Running by Daily Burn

Running by Daily Burn running apps
© Photo Running by Daily Burn on Google Play

If you want beginner-friendly running apps that will guide you verbally, check out Running by Daily Burn. With its guided coaching, you’ll be sure to reach all of your fitness goals even if you’re a beginner.

With the app, you can choose different levels before you’re offered any coaching. Choose different levels in tempo, distance, outdoor, treadmill, fun runs, beginner, or interval. You can also manually set up the distance and time. Afterward, choose your running goals and how many times a week you can commit to training. Once you’ve entered all of the information, the app will curate your guided plan. When you start your workouts, you’ll even get guides for proper stretching and warm up to prevent injuries.

Running by Daily Burn is available on iOS and Android for a monthly subscription. However, it does have a seven-day free trial for you to test the waters.

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15. Strava

Starva running apps
© Photo by Strava on Google Play

Strava is perfect if you want running apps that not only track your stats but also help you connect.

With Strava, you have all the basics of tracking apps. However, where Strava shines is in its community-oriented structure. The app lets you compare your times with members of the community or even your group of friends. It adds a competitive flare to your running to boost motivation. If you ever get in trouble, it has a safety feature called Beacon to tell three others where you are. These three others don’t even need the app or an account to be notified.

Additionally, Strava allows you to set a group challenge for added fun. It’s available on both iOS, Android, and compatible with smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung smartwatch, and so on.

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16. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run running apps
© Photo by Zombies, Run on Google Play

There aren’t many creative ways that running apps offer to keep you motivated to run. However, one running app might have figured out a creative—and scary—motivator: zombies. 

No, zombies won’t chase you for real (thankfully). While that may be kind of amazing, the app uses a different method to zombify your run. As a user, you are Runner 5 escaping from zombies who are after you and the people of Abel Township. It gives you missions via radio play and tells a story as you run for your dear life. 

The story isn’t all there is, though. You can also link the app to music apps and it’ll give you stories in between songs. The app is free on iOS and Android. Once you sign up, you’ll access episodes 1 through 4 and get new ones weekly. However, you can unlock new episodes with a monthly subscription.

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17. Zwift

Zwift running apps
© Photo by Zwift on Google Play

If you like to vary your surroundings but are too lazy to go outside, try out Zwift. 

With Zwift, you have an avatar you can sync to devices that will run different courses. You can run in a virtual world and make your treadmill experience more fun. It’s not all fun and games, though. There are Zwift training plans to help keep your experience more structured and productive.

Zwift if free for iOS and Android and works with supported treadmills and foot pods. 

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Ready, Set, Run!

With these running apps, there’s no running goal you can’t achieve or track. Whether it’s being a mile split runner or simply having a run route planner, these apps will help. With the help of these great apps, may my run and yours be both fulfilling and efficient.