Is The Rent The Runway App Worth A Download? (A Review)

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Getting the newest and most “in” pieces of clothing is something most fashionistas desire. However, getting these high-quality pieces can be hard due to circumstances. If you’ve ever wondered how you can rent fashionable pieces in an instant, all you need to do is to download the Rent The Runway app.

In this article, we’ll be covering what exactly is Rent the Runway app and its features.


What is Rent The Runway?

Rent the Runway App
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Rent the Runway was first conceived by partners Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss. The company began operations in 2009. During the last decade, it has grown into a fashionably competitive one with more than six million subscribers. They are also stocked with clothing products from more than 400 designer brands.

Rent the Runway is also known as a community where member subscribers have the chance to rent clothes and more every month and return the same in good condition. Now, you do not have to buy that gown to wear for that wedding weekend and never again. Why buy when you can rent it?

Rent The Runway has worked hard in making sure that its app has all the bells and whistles with fantastic features that include detailed user reviews and pictures, meticulous product details, and sharing. You can now rent an item and schedule its shipment and return without leaving your seat and pulling out your gadget from your pocket. You can even purchase items from the site at much less and feel you have saved more.

Rent the Runway also gives its customers the chance to purchase their rental if they fall in love with it.

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What Rent the Runway Offers Subscribers

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To best appreciate and maybe download the Rent the Runway app, you should get to know a few basics and specifics.

Rent The Runway offers a vast selection of clothing, jewelry, and other accessories for those who want to look great but on a budget. To gain access to this extensive collection of designer wear, you will need to pay a subscription fee every month. The rates are flexible, and you can rent as many as four to 16 items each month, depending on the plan you get.

Once you have browsed and made your pick, Rent The Runway dry cleans and ships the items you rented to you free of charge. The items come with a return back with the address on it, and when you are done using your items, you can drop them off at the nearest UPS, Rent The Runway’s only carrier of choice.

Not only are the rented clothes ready to wear but they are also insured — removing the need to have them sent to the dry cleaners before returning.

Even better is that you can keep them if you love them that much. More frugal shoppers love this because you can buy the clothes at a considerably lesser price than how it originally retails for. Rent The Runway gives you the option of purchasing designer brand clothing and not just renting. If at any point you fall in love with what you rented, you can buy it, and you get a discount too.

To gain access, you need to be a subscriber. Rent the Runway offers three packages that you can choose from. It has since let go of its Unlimited Plan because of the pandemic.


How to Get The Rent The Runway App on Your Device

You can start your rental experience by downloading the app for free onto your device. You will need a gadget that has iOS 11.0. The Rent The Runway app is also compatible with different Apple devices.


Step By Step

  1. You can sign in or register on the Rent The Runway website or do it on your phone once you have downloaded the app.
  2. Then, go directly to the Rent The Runway website and register there on your laptop or do a quick search online on your phone and type in Rent The Runway app.
  3. Next, you will be brought immediately to Rent The Runway’s mobile page, and you can have the option of downloading right there and then or have it sent to your phone.
  4. You will be required to sign up by registering your email and creating a password. If you are continuously signed in to your email, you can select which email to use (under Google) and continue browsing for Run the Runway dresses.

Check out and download the app today!


Pricing and Payment Methods

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Since the global pandemic hit all retail and fashion businesses, Rent The Runway was one of those greatly affected. To cope, the rental company has since removed the unlimited rental option.

Rent The Runway’s plan is now only for the rental of four, eight, or 16 items every month. If you wish to rent more items, you can do so by paying an additional fee.

The Rent The Runway’s four-item plan begins with a trial month offer with a $69 subscription. It increases to $89 for the next month. This plan includes one shipment in a month and access to its “basic closet,” which means casual or workplace outfits and style.

According to the Rent The Runway website, its most loved plan is the second, which offers eight items a month. The fee is $85 for the first two months and then $135 after. You are allowed two shipments a month and can gain access to their “full closet,” which has items for events with premium styles that the company says retail at $3500.

Those who genuinely put their fashionable feet forward every time are Rent The Runway’s best value plan. With the option of getting up to 16 items a month, a subscription entitles you to four shipments a month and full closet access. The plan starts at $149 for the first two months and goes up to $199 in the months after.


Rent The Runway App Features And How To Use It

How To Order Clothes on Rent The Runway


A fantastic thing about renting from Rent The Runway is that you can use the items for as long as you want. The company does not require a return time and date, so you can keep enjoying your fashion choices while you continue to pay for your subscription. However, a planned delivery and return calendar pops up when you make a particular item choice and click it.

Once you click on “Get Started,” you will be brought to a page that lets you choose what you plan to rent for. The choices are the following: work, daytime, wedding, night out, just for fun, and other events.

Once you have made a choice, you will still need to personalize your style with a few more options. For example, when you click on “wedding’ on the Rent The Runway page, you will be brought to a new page that lets you choose the dress code. The choices under this are the following: black tie, cocktail, casual/daytime, I’m the bride, and I’m the bridesmaid.


Checking Out and Delivery

After selecting the item that you desire, select your size, and enter your zip code. Take note that Rent the Runway’s services are only available to US-based customers.

Other choices that you will have to answer, and quickly too, are delivery dates. The tip here is to order days before your event to avoid any trouble in the process. Once you have chosen your delivery dates, you get to unlock your style.

You need to have a membership to browse through the selection of clothes available with Rent The Runway. If you want to get into this fashion foray, pick a plan that best fits your lifestyle and allows you to be more flexible with your choices.

The steps for ordering clothes are comfortable, and the Rent The Runway app is very comprehensive. Just click on the choices, and you will get extensive information. Then, you can select which day would you like to return the items.


Other Features and How To Use Them

Screenshot from Rent the Runway Mobile


Browsing Rent the Runway for clothing is about as much fun as browsing for movies or series on Netflix. Once narrowed down, the choices show clear front photographs of each item and include the original retail price and the discounted price. It also has a little banner at the side that tells you how many of that item are left.

Once you have clicked on an item like a dress, you are brought to that dress’ page where you can schedule its rent and even read up on reviews or view pictures of other clients who have rented it.

The mobile Rent the Runway comes with these reviews and ratings. You can read all the reviews and even access other features such as “Stylist Notes,” which briefly tells you how it can best highlight your shape and what you can pair it with.

The “Size & Fit” section will describe the dress in more detail to you, such as what bust size it works best for, its length, and even what underwear to wear with it.

“Product Details,” tell you what material the item is made of. There is even the “Share” icon where you can share the item choice on Facebook or Pin It.

You can play stylist by combining or using your Pin It board to develop fashion combinations that will show a bolder and more fabulous you.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using the Rent The Runway App


If you want to look fabulous or fashion-forward without the hefty price tag, you can benefit from all that Rent The Runway has to offer. You can explore styles and have fun by renting clothes that are already dry-cleaned and ready to wear. According to the company, you can even purchase clothes cheaply from their warehouse.

The concept is excellent for women who quickly get tired of their clothes and want to have a more versatile wardrobe. Rent The Runway has made it possible for women with different styles and tastes to have a diverse selection to choose from since it has partnered with designers and their companies.

Rent The Runway reviews are mixed, but there are mostly good ones for having fashion freedom in styling. The downside to the company is the fact that the penalty for losing a dress or returning them late is rather hefty.

Rent the Runway has a penalty of $50 for each day the clothing or item does not reach them after the due date. Expect to pay for more than the worth of the rented item when you lose it.

That is why it is important to note that Rent The Runway explicitly states that it uses UPS as its courier. Making the mistake of sending the item through FedEx or couriers can even cost you thousands of dollars. Customer service might struggle to help you if this problem occurs.


Rent The Runway Versus Other Apps


The Rent the Runway app is fun to use, especially if you do like shopping. As compared to other companies and other apps, it has a bigger selection that can somehow overwhelm you. That is why there are pre-choices to narrow down your search. However, even if you narrow down your search, you will still find it challenging to choose only one for a particular occasion because there are just so many choices, and they all look great!


Rent The Runway Has Bigger Penalties

The only downside is that Rent The Runway gives out harsher penalties for any offenses. The company has justified the fees stating that they need to fully refund the next renter if the clothing or item is not returned on time.



Shopping for clothes online or even renting can also be a problem when you do not know what fits you. Size charts are not always helpful and can even seem misleading. Many women have complained of choosing they are familiar with and then realizing it is one or two sizes smaller.


Community Reviews

The great thing about Rent the Runway is that its user reviews of the clothing are very detailed. Every woman knows that fit is everything and can ruin your day and outfit if not done right. Never wear anything that does not flatter your size or shape.

The sharing feature of the app makes it possible for other clients to talk about inspirations and ideas.


Dealing With Problems

Although renting clothes is a big save for you. You will have to deal with inevitable setbacks such as delays and even smells. Some clients have complained that some smells have stuck to the clothing even if they have cleaned it. Specifically, to avoid this, search for the latest pieces by typing in “newest”. Then, you may even find an item that has never been worn yet.

If you want to keep the items you got, you can use your membership and contact Rent The Runway. The company also has a clearance section. This contains more clothing options that you want to have for a steal.


Try the Rent The Runway App Today

The Rent The Runway company has had a brilliant concept and will not see closing down in its near future. As the crises and restrictions ease, it expects to see more clients returning.

Rent The Runway had done a great job by revamping its app which makes browsing on your mobile much easier and faster.