ThredUP Review: Is It the Best Cloth Shopping App Today?

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With people becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, it comes as no surprise that pre-loved clothing has become more acceptable, maybe even more popular. Shopping has become more comfortable with online shops sprouting up and making things more convenient for just about everyone worldwide. The trick now is to find the best shops through research, and one way is to read this thredUp review.

This thredUP review will talk about what the company is, how to sign up, and how to use the platform.


What is thredUP?

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When it comes to buying pre-loved clothing, we always expect a quality level even if we are trying to be thrifty. Nobody wants ratty looking clothes unless that is the fashion statement of the year. Finding the online shop that best fits your style and taste means learning what thredUP is.

The Internet is peppered with online stores that offer many products and advantages that we know make lives more comfortable. is an online store that aims to help you sell used clothes and buy ones without breaking your budget. Not only does it sell pre-loved clothing, but it also accepts consignments. This means you can opt to sell your clothing instead of buying. Why not earn some cash from clothes you feel you have no need for and still look fabulous? claims to be the largest thrift store online and offers a wide variety of thrift items, from clothing to accessories. It accepts consignments and sells pre-loved products from mall brands to designer ones who want to look fabulous at half the price.

Thredup features a lot of categories that even include one for kids and even for maternity. Talk about practicality, especially when kids are continually growing.

If you’re looking for other options, check our review of the Rent the Runway app or our list of the best fashion apps today.


Why Buy at thredUP?

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The fashion industry is a major contributor to the world’s pollution. It may seem like a stretch, but when you think about all the wardrobe changes and fashion trends that change from season to season, you will understand why.

If you would like to be more environmentally-friendly, buying pre-loved clothing is one way to contribute to having greener earth. thredUP offers you this option without compromising your standards. is known for only accepting pre-loved items that are up to their standards and have been known for taking even less than 40% of consignments, according to some thredUP reviews. With that in mind, you can rest assured knowing that what you are looking at has been carefully picked and displayed for selling.


Why Sell at thredUP?

Having so many existing reviews, this thredUP review can tell you one thing for sure—selling at thredUP is a lot easier than doing your selling on other websites. All you have to do is order what the online store calls its “Clean Out Kit” that you put your items in and send back. Now, you have to wait for processing, choose to consign or get paid upfront, and then monitor your items online. This is best done with the thredUp app.


How To Get the thredUP App on Your Device?

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Now that you know what is thredUP and are trusting this online store with your thrift shopping, you can start by downloading the app on your phone. It will be more convenient to shop while on the go when you have the app ready to use anywhere and anytime—no need to rush home to your laptop to access the store.

If you decided to take the consignment route to make some extra cash, having the app will allow you to check on your products’ status anytime.


How to Download the thredUP App

Downloading the thredUP app does not take a lot of time nor technical know-how. You can search, and you can find where to download it based on your phone brand. You will probably come across other thredUP reviews that you can read and help you decide if the store fits you and will give you what you need.

The thredUP app is available for Android and iOS devices as well.

Once the download process is complete, it’s time to explore the app itself. The app is your best bet if you want to make some cash after decluttering your space. Why give away the clothes you took such good care of when you can make some money out of them instead? Nobody ever found a few extra dollars a problem.

For Android users

For iOS users


Pricing & Payment Methods

Once your items have been processed, you will be given a choice of getting an upfront payout or consigning. An upfront payout means you will receive payment for your items based on’s sales estimate, and you have to choose how you will get paid.

As part of this thredUP review, we’ll tell you that you can earn potentially more when you consign your items instead. You can check out the “payout table” and see how much you can make from the items they accept.


ThredUP App Features and How To Use Them

For this thredUP review, you will learn about the selling process and the buying process. The app comes with many features and if you are the frugal type and want to buy clothes, read on.


How To Order Clothes?

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Now that you have a good idea about the selling process, you may want to use the thredUP app for shopping. You could be that pregnant mom who wants to make smart choices and pick out a dress at the maternity section or want to keep spending on clothes at a minimum when shopping for kids that grow fast. What is excellent about thredUP is that it has expanded its offerings to include these sections and accessories too.

Selling can be a divisive topic but the buying has mostly rave reviews. Many buyers are more than pleased to find perfect pre-loved items at a steal. even sells clothes that may be pre-owned but still have the tags on them.

The clothes are even-laundered (by the seller) and arrive well-packaged and looking almost brand new.

Downloading the thredUp app can also help users to buy clothes any time they want. Although you can log into the website, the app makes it easier because you can easily fish your phone out of your pocket or purse when you suddenly decide you need something now.

If you want to shop through your laptop to have a bigger view of the selection, you need to create an account. An app makes life a lot easier still.

Buying at is just like buying at any online store. To get the most out of the experience is to know how to buy at this online store with a vast selection. This thredUP review will give you some tips on how to get the most out of your thredUP shopping experience.


Notes Before Buying

First is to know your size and what brand of clothes fit you well. You have shopped for brand new clothing before at a brick-and-mortar shop and by this time, see how some brands fit your body type or shape. With this knowledge, narrowing down your options is now a breeze. It is a known fact that shopping online can be tricky, and if you risk buying something you guessed would fit, be ready for a little disappointment.

What is often mentioned with a thredUP review is how the sale items are at a fraction of the cost. The store claims that items can reach almost 90% off the original price, but they are often about 70%-80% of the brand new price, which is still a significant amount.


Selling Used Clothes


The steps are relatively easy to follow and start with you accessing the thredUP homepage. Once you are there, click on the Clean Out tab to begin. Then, click on the bag icon. You will find two options, and these are the standard bag and the expedited bag. The standard bag will not cost you anything while the expedited bag comes with a fee and some advantages.

If you decide you want to give away your items, you can choose the donation bag, and thredUP will give five dollars to the charity of your choice.

At this point, make sure to know exactly what items you plan on having sold because this is essential information that thredUP needs and will also make answering the questionnaire easier. ThredUP will help you determine estimates.

Since thredUP is pretty picky with the items it accepts, you can first check out their selling guide to find out what they prefer for seasonal items.

The store states that it accepts 40% or less of the items they receive in clean out bags. What thredUP does to reject items is to recycle or sell out of the shop. This helps with their expenses, and you do not have to worry about getting them back and cluttering your space. However, there is the option of getting them back but for a fee.


Sending Out Your Items

What makes selling at thredUP easy is that you do not have to step out of your home. The cleanout bag can be picked up for free. You can also drop it off at the nearest post office or FedEx store if you decide to go out.

Once your cleanout bag has been sent off, wait for an email that includes another tracking number. At this point, you can change your mind if you want to.

When thredUP gets your bag, you have to wait to estimate when your items will be processed. This usually takes time when the store receives an influx of items.


Other Features of the thredUP App and How to Use Them


On thredUP’s app, it has been mentioned before that you, as a seller, can access more information regarding your clothes. One of those features is the payout estimates that lists brands, prices, and clothing examples that have been accepted under the same category. This helps sellers who would like to carefully pick out what they want to be sold at

As mentioned before, thredUP also prefers seasonal clothes, and you may be able to find which ones they like by using the selling guide feature of the thredUP app.


Monitoring Consigned Items

You can monitor consigned items in the account section under selling. If you think that thredUP did not give a fair price to the accepted consigned item, you can edit the price. However, not all items will be accepted for consignment.

You can also view the Payout Table to know the percentage that you can get a payout based on the selling price. It is a good list that you can study efficiently.

What is excellent about the thredUP app is its easy use because the choices are briefly explained. What you read is enough information to make the right choice.

You quickly access everything you need when it comes to selling by merely using the thredUP App. You can also shop anywhere and anytime with the app.

Have we mentioned the thredUP Goody Box? So how does this work?


Goody Box

Once you place your order for the goody box, you will be guided through the process of personalizing it. You choose the category like shirts, dresses or handbags. Then, select the size and indicate how much you would like to buy the items.

To be safe, you can check the higher prices so you can get better quality items. Even more exciting is choosing the style you want. That can range from professional to punk. Once you get your goody box, you can pick out the ones you like and send back the ones you do not quite easily.


Pros and Cons of Using thredUP App


Like any online shopping app, you will need a good Internet connection to access the information you need. The ease of using an app makes the process faster and easier for busy people and they do not have a lot of time to spend shopping. With the app, you can use all the features and have an easy time.

Downloading the thredUP app will be highly favorable for you if you like to shop at

The real talk is not about the thredUP app but how it compares to all other online stores in the world. In this thredUP review, it can be stated that selling may not be the most favorable for you due to mixed opinions with what people have experienced. There have been very happy consignees who knew how to be practical with their choices in consigning.

You can be sure that buying at thredUP is pretty worth it and leave you a happy customer at the end of the day. The platform allows you to save, and you can look stylish at a fraction of the cost of changing your entire wardrobe. You can even say you helped mother earth out a bit!


Try Out thredUP Today!

To conclude our thredUP review, we highly recommend shopping at thredUP for affordable branded items. ThredUP is known to have a huge stock of used items. Plus, it has already been established that it is meticulous in selecting what it sells. You can rest assured that what you buy at thredUP may be pre-owned, but it was loved.

Selling at may not bring you large profits. However, it does help you declutter without doing all the shipping and moving around. You can reduce your home’s mess and get some money out of it.

Read more about thredUP to learn more hacks and get the most out of your online thrifting experience today. Shop cheap and save the environment!