9 Must-Have Apps For Every Student

Mobile Apps

Being a student is a grand experience in any person’s life. It’s an amazing journey for young adults that will end quicker than you realize. Many students report having low moods during their academic years, and it makes them focus more on the issues of their lives.

The pressure of getting great grades, managing your finances, and living alone can sometimes overshadow the joys of your student life. It’s important to take care of your mental and physical health and socialize to feel like you’re living your academic dream.

It can seem like a lot of work trying to make everything work, but there are some helpful tools that can help you stay on track. We’ve gathered a list of apps that can help you manage your routine and stay on top in every class. Read on to find out the must-have apps for every student.


There are many ways to earn money as a student, and Honeygain is one of the best side hustles you can have. It will pay you for sharing your internet connection. Honeygain is the effortless way to make money for coffee dates, lecture books, and even your Netflix subscription.

Take part in their weekly contests on social media to win bonuses for your earnings and refer your friends to maximize your income. If you spend your time on your laptop all the time anyway, set up a Honeygain account and start earning free money.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a must-have app for storing and sharing your documents. This app allows you to work on your writing assignment from any device that is connected to your Google Drive account. Also, it saves your documents automatically, so you never lose your assignments.

You can use Google Drive to create documents, sheets, and even presentation slides. Easily share your work with others and collaborate on the same document in real-time. Try using Google Drive to make your group projects more efficient and less stressful.


Sort out all of your notes in one app. Evernote allows you to create notes on the go and help you keep them organized. You can make your own categories and store your notes the way you like.

Also, it has an easy search feature that helps you locate your notes in seconds. Use keywords to describe your notes, and Evernote will pull them out immediately. Try using Evernote for your lecture notes and to-do lists, and always be prepared to ace a test.


Quizlet will help you achieve academic success as it’s one of the best apps for studying. Easily create flashcards to help you memorize lecture materials and find assistance for your essays. Quizlet has an AI tutor that will answer all your questions and help you prepare for your exams.

You can turn your notes into a questionnaire and take a practice test. Use Quizlet AI-powered tools to help you stay on track with learning the study materials and keep your grades up.


Use this app to keep track of all your assignments and tasks. MyHomeworkApp will help you meet your deadlines and stay on top of every project. You can add your assignments and exam dates to your profile and be ready when the time comes.

You can download the app for free and start using it immediately. Set up reminders on MyHomeworkApp to get notified about upcoming classes, assignment deadlines, and homework tasks.


Duolingo is great for students learning a new language. This free app is very easy to use and has a lot of fun exercises to help you learn a language of your choice. You can start learning from the basics or complete a test and start at your level.

Complete the daily tasks at your own pace and see how your score grows. You can choose from a variety of topics like food, city, animals, or careers to keep things interesting. Download Duolingo and take your next language tests with ease.


Forest is an app that will help you stay productive and focused on the present moment. It has a beautiful design, and it’s easy to use. Every time you want to silence your phone and stay productive – plant a virtual tree.

Your tree will grow as long as you stay away from your phone. You’ll be able to see the forest you’ve grown on your account and celebrate your effort. Use Forest to silence your phone while studying in the library or to stay in the present moment while hanging out with friends.


The Bunq app will help you stick to your budget. Saving and wisely managing your finances is essential for any student. Download Bunq to see where you spend the most money and how you can save more.

Once you set a budget for a month, Bunq will split it into categories like groceries, health, entertainment, and so on. When you spend your money, it will automatically recalculate your budget for that category. Download Bonq and always know where your money goes.


Libby is an ebook library app that is full of free ebooks, magazines, and articles you can read. You can download ebooks to read offline or listen to a variety of podcasts on your commute to college.

Sort out Libby’s library to find the books you’ll enjoy. Select the genre you want to read and browse through hundreds of books. Once you find the one you like, open it to read or transfer it to your Kindle. Check out the Libby app to find excellent reads and expand your knowledge in your free time.

Essential Apps for Students

It’s hard to stay on track with all your assignments and enjoy your student life at the same time. Thankfully, these great apps will help you stay in the present moment and love your academic journey.

Prioritize your tasks with apps like MyHomeworkApp, Quizlet, and Forest. Give yourself time to prepare for upcoming exams and feel ready when they come. You can download Duolingo and the Libby app to learn on the go and use your commute time wisely.

Also, you will feel at ease if you organize your projects and always have your notes on hand. Google Drive will help you manage your group assignments, and Evernote will hold all of your notes in one place.

You can get help with your finances by earning money with Honeygain and managing your expenses on Bunq. Use these apps to help you feel like your best self and enjoy your student years.