Best Apps for Watching Instagram Stories Anonymously

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Have you ever wanted to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Nearly everyone who’s on the internet already has Instagram, but it’s a little revealing to let someone else know you’re viewing their Instagram stories. Moreover, it’s especially awkward if you’re not on good terms with the person whose Instagram story you viewed. Thankfully, there are apps and websites to help you get around this problem. Here are some of the best we’ve found to help you watch Instagram stories anonymously on desktop and mobile.


How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously on Mobile

How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously On Mobile
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Firstly, throw the idea of using Instagram itself out the window if you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Instead, here’s how you can do it with various apps on Android and iOS.


1. BlindStory

BlindStory to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
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One of the best ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously is to use an app called BlindStory. This app is well known for its incredible capabilities, such as the ability to anonymously view and download others’ stories. Moreover, you can even do so in HD without sacrificing visual quality. 

It’s also fairly easy to use the app because it allows you to view content from people you follow. On the other hand, you can also just search for a particular user if you’re looking for someone specific. If you have favorite users whose stories you want to automatically download, the app provides a nifty “Story Magnet” feature just for that. 

However, the app does come with its caveats because the free version is quite limited. Hence, you’d have to purchase a premium subscription to utilize all its features without restriction. However, this paywall does allow the developers to keep the app well-maintained and keep things high quality. Moreover, it’s available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

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2. Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

Profile Plus+ Story Reposter
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You can also watch Instagram stories anonymously through an iOS app called Profile Plus+ Story Reposter. It’s fairly simple to use: all you need is to type in a username and you’re good to go. However, the app can only allow previews of public accounts. Hence, there’s no way to watch Instagram stories anonymously if someone sets their account in private.

Unfortunately, Profile Plus+ Story Reposter isn’t completely free. Sure, you can use the free version, but you’re limited to watching only one profile a day. So it’s not practical for people who want to stalk multiple accounts at a time. However, there is a premium version that removes this barrier. It also removes ads and provides additional features. 

Download Profile Plus+ Story Reposter on iOS


3. Storized

Photo from the App Store

Another way to watch Instagram stories anonymously on your iPhone is through the app called Storized – Story Viewer for IG. Like most other apps, Storized only allows you to view public profiles’ Instagram stories. Despite this drawback, it’s still one of the best for viewing stories in high resolution.

You can view HD profile photos and an account’s whole profile anonymously. The app’s developers are also fairly active, so you can expect lots of ongoing support and additional features. 

However, this ongoing engagement with the developers does come at a cost. A subscription comes in three tiers: weekly ($1.49/week), monthly ($3.99/month), and yearly ($19.99/year). The app does have a free version, but it’s littered with pesky ads and very limited in features. Nonetheless, it’s good to try out if you’re desperate to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

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4. Story Saver

Story Saver to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
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Fans of the Profile Plus+ app might feel disappointed that it’s an iOS-only app. However, that doesn’t mean Android fans are completely left in the dark. Story Saver is an app that allows users to watch Instagram stories anonymously in a similar way to Profile Plus+. 

It gets the job done — and done right — allowing users to download their favorite stories right on their device. Hence, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite content from your favorite artists and influencers after 24 hours. You can also download Instagram video posts.

Moreover, the app is fairly easy to navigate. All you need to do is enter the username you want after you open the app and tap “Story.” You can also view a person’s highlights and download them anonymously as you please. In a way, Story Saver can be an Instagram substitute since you can also view posts and IGTV content. Lastly, the app is free, but it does contain ads so be prepared for that.

Download Story Saver from the App Store


5. Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver For Instagram to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
Photo from Google Play Store

Yes, a lot of these apps have generic names, but they get the job done. This time, we’re talking about the app called Story Saver for Instagram. This app has all the works as an Instagram story viewer. In fact, it not only allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously but also allows you to save content.

The app lets you download everything: IGTV videos, stories, images, reels, and highlights. Hence, if you ever want to watch or view content offline, all you need to do is launch the app. Just copy the link of the Instagram files you want to save and open the app. Then, voila, you’re good to go! On the other hand, you can also simply go to the Instagram app and select “share to.” Then, open the Story Saver app to download the content you want.

Above all, Story Saver for Instagram is a free app, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. However, like most free apps on this list, the app’s littered with ads.

Download Story Saver For Instagram on Android


How to Secretly Watch Instagram Stories on a Browser

We can all agree that most people nowadays are on their mobile phones most of the time. However, some people prefer the good old-fashioned way to surf the internet: through a browser on a computer. If that’s you, then you might want to know how to watch Instagram stories anonymously through a browser. Lucky for you, some websites provide you with just that.


1. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
Screenshot from Anon IG Viewer

One of the best ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously is through Anon IG Viewer. With this website, all you would need is a device with a browser. You can even visit the website through a tablet or smart TV.

The great part about the website is it isn’t limited to letting you watch Instagram stories anonymously. It can also function as an easy way to view someone’s posts and download their content to your device. Once you get to the site, it’s fairly straightforward. Anon IG Viewer has a search bar right on its homepage where you can input someone’s username. Afterward, just look for the person’s profile among the list of profiles you see.

The website is completely free and easy to use. Unfortunately, the site does have its limitations because it doesn’t show an account’s highlights. Moreover, it only shows recent posts, which is terrible if you want to do a deep dive into an account. Nonetheless, if what you want was posted recently, you can easily access their posts.

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2. Dumpor

Dumpor to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
Photo from Dumpor

Another one of the best ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously is through Dumpor. The website is relatively simple and isn’t limited to previewing Instagram stories. It also provides anonymous browsing of posts, reels, tagged posts, highlights, and more. Moreover, the website doesn’t force you to log in or create an account — great for when you need something quick.

The website is also pretty versatile because it allows users to download the content they want. Whether you’re on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you can save a user’s content right where you are. You can even search through posts and content using hashtags so you’re not limited to people you know.

The website is pretty straightforward to navigate as well. All you need to do is input a location, tag, or username in the search bar. Afterward, just browse through the list of profiles until you find the one you want. Click on the person’s profile and you’ll be able to view their page, along with their posts and accompanying captions. On the other hand, you can also click various tabs to see reels, followers, tagged posts, following, and stories.

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3. Inflact

Inflact to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
Screenshot from Inflact

You might think that watching Instagram stories anonymously is a side hobby for curious individuals. Hence, most people wouldn’t expect pro-level features and services on these apps and websites. However, there is a website that’s arguably for pros called Inflact.

How is this a pro-level tool, you ask? Well, not only can you watch Instagram stories anonymously, but you can also use various other tools. For example, the site has a profile analyzer, hashtag generator, downloader, and even a font changer. 

With Inflact, you can monitor any account you want and even automatically save their story updates. Hence, you don’t have to worry about missing content from all your favorite influencers and artists. Moreover, the website also works with Facebook and Twitter.

However, there is a catch: the service isn’t free. Of course, there is a free version like most services within this category. However, to utilize the breadth of its capabilities, you’d have to subscribe to a premium plan. 

The cost depends on how many profiles you want to monitor. Three profiles will cost you $3 monthly, while 10 will cost $9 monthly. On the other hand, you can also monitor as many as 100 profiles for $49 monthly.

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4. Instasaved

Instasaved to watch Instagram Stories anonymously
Screenshot from Instasaved

Instasaved is not just suited for folks who want to watch Instagram stories anonymously. That’s because it’s a great website for viewing and downloading content from TikTok and YouTube as well. Hence, you can download all the best video content from your faves without even leaving one website.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t completely free — or even totally safe to use. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent choice if you need something quick and easy without requiring an account registration. It’s also pretty versatile, allowing users to view even highlights, posts, and other content. Of course, it’s only possible with public profiles.

The website is pretty simple to navigate. All you need to do is type in the username of the person whose account’s stories you want to view. Afterward, their profile should show up and you can easily view their stories if they have any. 

You can also click on the various buttons on the bottom to view their other content. This includes posts, IGTVs, highlights, and more. However, you might have to retype the username in the search bar to refresh the search. It’s a little finicky to use so it isn’t the most user-friendly, but it works in a pinch.

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5. InstaStories

Photo from InstaStories

Another website where you can anonymously watch Instagram stories is called InstaStories. The website does what you expect it to and previews the stories of any public profile you want. Moreover, it allows you to view highlights, live broadcasts, and more.

Like the others, you can watch Instagram stories anonymously without creating an account. You don’t even need your own Instagram profile for it to work. Hence, it’s perfect if you want to stay updated with your friends without biting the bullet and creating an account. What’s more, you can also download Instagram posts and stories on the website.

Above all, unlike most mobile apps, websites like InstaStories come completely free. All you need is to enter the account’s username in the search bar. Afterward, you can see their stories or posts right on the website. However, you won’t be able to see comments and older posts.

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6. Stories Down

Stories Down
Photo from Stories Down

Another way to watch Instagram stories anonymously is through Stories Down. Like most other websites, Stories Down doesn’t require you to log in whatsoever and keeps viewing completely anonymous. Moreover, it also has the handy feature of allowing its users to download and share content in high resolution. 

The website is even simpler than the previously mentioned ones on this list. That’s because, as soon as you go to the website, you’ll be met with a search bar. The only thing that’s below this is a short description of the website’s features and no more. All you need to do now is to enter the person’s username and you’re set. 

The website may take a bit of time to load the content you want. Moreover, it only shows currently available stories and posts with their captions. You can’t view a post’s comments or likes, either. However, unlike other websites, Stories Down allows you to load more posts should you want to view more.

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7. Stories IG

Stories IG
Screenshot from Stories IG

Stories IG is one other solution if you want to know how to view an Instagram story without logging in. It allows you to view content completely anonymously without needing an Instagram account.

Compared with others, Stories IG is slightly more versatile. It allows you to view not only stories but highlights and IGTVs as well. However, it doesn’t show you a person’s posts — for that, you can use the other websites or Instagram itself. Nonetheless, the website’s pretty decent overall. Moreover, it’s free to use and doesn’t force you to create an account to use the service. 

While the interface may seem barren, Stories IG does the job well enough to do what you need it to. Like the others, the website shows you a simple search bar where you can key in your target account’s username. Afterward, just hit the “next” button or hit enter to see the person’s stories and highlights. 

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Is Using Instagram Story Viewers Legal?

We have all the tools we need to watch Instagram stories anonymously — whether on a PC or mobile. However, it can be a little uncomfortable knowing you’re doing something borderline sketchy. Hence, you might be asking if using these kinds of services is legal.

Viewing a public profile’s account stories and posts is completely legal, whether on Instagram or through other means. Even downloading a person’s content could be legal as long as you don’t infringe on copyrights. Of course, it also means you shouldn’t break any other laws and repost others’ content without consent or credit. If you make sure to follow all the other rules, using these services is completely legal. 


Is Using Instagram Story Viewers Safe?

For the most part, using an Instagram story viewer is fairly safe. Most of these websites and apps restrict the user to only public Instagram accounts. However, do note that these websites and apps could track you and use your information. Moreover, it’s best not to click on any sketchy ads or links that they redirect you to. However, if you’re truly worried about safety, then try to view profiles through a different device.

On the other hand, if a service claims to (or even succeeds in) previewing private accounts, that’s a different story. Private Instagram users have the right to control who they want to allow to see their content. 

Moreover, Instagram viewers who claim to be able to access private profiles usually redirect users to some other link. While we can’t be too certain, there’s a fair chance that these links aren’t legitimate or trustworthy. 

They may also request private information, like your email or phone number. Whether you consent to provide private information is up to you (and your desperation to watch Instagram stories anonymously). However, be mindful and do a background check on a website before you do this.

Lastly, some private Instagram viewers could compromise your device. By that, we mean you could get a computer virus from using the service. These web applications may use unrecognized publishers, thus making you vulnerable to threats. Overall, we recommend not to trust private viewers, especially if they redirect you to a different location.