COD Mobile Season 10 “Shadows Return” Update Is Out Now

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Call of Duty Mobile drops its latest patch for the 10th season this year. The new season is called “Shadows Return” and brings a brand-new map, multiplayer mode, weapons, and themed events that will make the game all the more exciting.

Aside from new content, there will also be extensive changes on the ranking system as the ranked series five arrives. The update will also usher in a new battle pass for grinding nifty rewards.

With the update being fully live now, here’s everything you need to know about COD Mobile Season 10 patch.


Battle Pass

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Shadows Return banner
Photo by Call of Duty Mobile

As expected on every season, the COD Mobile Season 10 brings an entirely new Battle Pass with it as well, including free and premium items.

The free Battle Pass items you can earn this season include:

  • Scorestreak called Orbital Laser at Tier 14
  • SVD sniper rifle at Tier 21
  • Other items include the M16 (Paranoid), Charm (Gilded Marksman), Calling Card (Five Finger Fillet).

The Premium item on this season’s Battle Pass are:

  • Stansfield Operator and Epic Operator Skins like Templar (Unredeemed), Alice (Rime), and Yegor (Needleworked).
  • Weapon Blueprints like the LK24 (Vanquished), SVD (Black Ironwood), PP19 Bizon (Hidden Prowler), and the AS VAL (Tagger).


COD Mobile Season 10: New Weapons

Two new weapons are joining the mix of Call of Duty Mobile guns this season, namely the SVD Sniper Rifle (otherwise Dragunov) and the CBR4 SMG. Both guns are making a comeback from 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Aside from additional weapons, COD Mobile has also added balance changes to its existing weaponry. Some of the buffed weapons in the current meta are the usual favorites like the Man-O-War, DLQ33, and the Chopper.

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New COD Mobile Map: Vacant

Call of Duty Mobile Vacant Map
Photo by Call of Duty Mobile

Following the trend of adding Modern Warfare content to its handheld counterpart, the Vacant map also arrived in COD Mobile on Season 10. Taking after the latest Modern Warfare version of the map, COD Mobile’s Vacant features an abandoned office building around destroyed vehicles and containers. The new map will test the players’ both long-distance and close-quarter combat ability.


New Multiplayer Mode: Control

Alongside the new map, a new multiplayer mode also comes to COD Mobile. In the latest update, the game adopts the Control game mode that was first seen on Black Ops 4. The mechanics are simple — one team has to capture two points that spawn anywhere around a given map before the end of the time limit. The other team, on the other hand, has to defend them. Teams will switch roles between rounds, and whoever gets the round limit first wins the game. What makes the game even more challenging is that both teams will have limited respawns, so every life counts.

COD Mobile has also implemented a massive multiplayer optimization across the maps for this season. For instance, the Hovec Sawmill is back to daytime, lighting in Hackney Yard is improved, and certain wooden boards in Nuketown were modified for increased bullet penetration. Players can now also use the Orbital Laser, which will trigger a map for choosing where to deploy the weapon.


What’s Next for Call of Duty Mobile?

Even though COD Mobile Season 10 has only been released recently, many are already speculating what would be the next update as early as now. If Call of Duty would continue the trend, it is likely that we will see more content from the previous franchises coming to mobile in season 11. A leak from Call of Duty: Mobile News on Twitter suggests that the Icebreaker map from Black Ops 4 is what we will see next. While waiting for confirmation, you can indulge in what COD Mobile Season 10 has in store for you.

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