The Best Gun in COD Mobile You Should Use for All Seasons

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Call of Duty: Mobile shot a bullet straight to our hearts when it was released in the last quarter of 2019. It was a breath of fresh air to the past COD franchises we are all too familiar with, but one thing remains to secure a victory: know the best COD gun to use. This strategy is not exclusive to Call of Duty because you can also apply this when playing other first-person-shooting games like Fornite Mobile and PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds.

Photo from Call of Duty Mobile

There are six types of guns to choose from in COD Mobile’s primary weaponry. You have assault guns, snipers, light machine guns (LMG), submachine guns (SMG), shotguns, and the often disregarded marksman guns. Each gun also has individual stats that determine how well it will perform in certain scenarios. These stats are damage, fire rate, accuracy, mobility, range, and control. Add to that the attachments you can use and you have a killer weapon.

After hours of playing, we have identified the best gun in COD mobile that can increase the odds of you winning. Although Activision may add nerfs or buffs in every season, the desirability of Call of Duty Mobile guns is less likely to change drastically. That said, you can always rely on the best tier weapons that you find comfortable using.

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Inside This Article

  1. Overall Best Gun in COD Mobile
    1. Best Assault Rifle: ASM10
    2. Best Sniper Gun: Locus
    3. Best LMG: Chopper
    4. Best SMG: Chicom
    5. Best Shotgun: Echo
    6. Best Marksman: Kilo Bolt-Action
  2. Assault Rifle Runners-Up
  3. Sniper Runners-Up
  4. Light Machine Gun Runners-Up
  5. Submachine Gun Runners-Up
  6. Shotgun Runners-Up


Overall Best Gun in COD Mobile

In any game, every player has a unique playstyle and that also goes for Call of Duty Mobile. Some players are rather more aggressive and want to engage in crossfire upfront. But, some are stealthy and wait for a perfect time to fire a bullet. Both these tactics count in securing a victory, but it still boils down to whether your weapons match your playstyle. So, instead of choosing just one best gun in COD Mobile, we picked one for each type and determined when they are best to use.


Best Assault Rifle: ASM10

a rifle gun
Photo Taken from Call of Duty: Mobile

It took time before we were able to pick the best assault rifle in COD Mobile, and that’s for good reasons. First, there are many of them —17 as of the moment. And second, we are just biased with AR guns in general because of their versatility. But if there’s only one gun left of its kind, we want it to be the ASM10.

There is a lot to love about the ASM10 assault rifle. It combines moderate damage with high accuracy that significantly reduces recoil. In terms of fire rate, it is a mid-performer that can kill enemies in just two to three shots in short range. Its mobility is also impressive, making it easy to dodge bullets. Although it can be a good sniper alternative, ASM10 performs better in close ranges. Considering its high mobility, fire rate, and range, ASM10 is for players who are trigger happy and love taking enemies upfront.


Best Sniper Gun: Locus

a sniper gun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

You probably saw it coming, but this is more of just a validation that the Locus is, indeed, the best sniper in COD Mobile weaponry. With high damage and range, this gun is best to use on open space maps such as the Nuketown and Standoff. Understandably, Locus has low mobility and its low fire rate doesn’t help either. But that’s compensated with impressive accuracy and control. Each fire you make has a manageable recoil that makes aiming for a headshot much easier. To better utilize this gun, it would be tactical to find a hurdle and shoot your enemies from afar. Also, it will not be to your advantage if you engage in close-range crossfires alone with the Locus sniper in your hands.


Best LMG: Chopper

a Light Machine Gun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

The Chopper is not the most popular light machine gun in Call of Duty Mobile. But just because it’s not commonly used doesn’t mean that it’s not good. You may argue that M4 LMG has all the better stats and you are right. However, the Chopper can be more deadly than it actually is if used tactically. In terms of damage, it can’t compete in the flesh with the best tier AR or snipers — that’s why we recommend it for passive players. It may require patience for an itchy finger trigger, but taking an enemy within close range by surprise is the best way to use the Chopper. Its fire rate and reload time are impressive, which is a perfect formula for achieving a kill streak.


Best SMG: Chicom

an submachine gun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are a trigger-happy player and like being on the frontline, Chicom might be the right submachine gun to take with you. At first glance, this bad boy already looks aggressive and that also extends to its performance in a team fight. It doesn’t have the best damage and range stats in the SMG armory of COD Mobile but its fire rate and mobility put anyone on a favorable side. Its quick scope in and scope out will also allow you to fire accurately in the most crucial situations. When used correctly, Chicom can get you a kill streak without having to reload in a middle of a standoff.


Best Shotgun: Echo

a shotgun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

Shotguns in Call of Duty are notorious for their poor range and low fire rate. Echo, the best of its kind, is no exception to this. In terms of accuracy and control, one may also get a good taste of recoil when firing with it. However, these shortcomings are compensated with the firearm’s massive damage and crazy mobility. With the right timing, Echo is the only weapon you might need to get a one-shot kill. To increase the odds of winning, you can use this gun on maps where there are many hurdles and where you are likely to engage with enemies in close range.


Best Marksman: Kilo Bolt-Action

a Marksman gun
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

There are very few marksman guns in COD Mobile so far, and often, they are disregarded. It doesn’t mean that they perform badly, though. They are like a hybrid of shotguns but with better range.

The Kilo Bolt-Action is the best marksman gun you can use nowadays. But in case you don’t know yet, its performance still depends on how you use it. There is no room for impulsive shots in this firearm because of its poor fire rate. You also have to reload every after five shots, so every bullet really counts. To secure a kill streak, you should always aim for the enemy’s head.


That’s it for the overall best guns in COD Mobile according to type. However, you don’t necessarily have to stick to these all time. There are many other primary weapons in the game that may secure a victory for you, may it be in multiplayer, rank, or battle royale. In the succeeding sections, we provide the runners-up for each COD Mobile gun type. They are proven and tested to perform closely with the overall best guns we have listed here.


Other Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile

Assault rifles often have moderate stats that equate to versatility. They meet everything halfway; moderate-high damage, manageable recoil, good movement, and fairly decent fire rate. If you are new to COD or just a casual gamer, AR guns are good weapons to start with.


1. Man-O-War

a black assault rifle
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

Man-O-War has slowly gained its reputation when it was added in the Season 2 update of Call of Duty Mobile. In terms of damage, it doesn’t fall short of the ARM10 which could knock down enemies on average of three shots in close range. However, its moderately low fire rate in exchange for a little improvement in the range is its biggest downfall. Its slow scope in and out may put someone in a difficult situation when faced with enemies in a very close range.


2. DR-H

a black assault rifle
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

The DR-H can be the best gun in COD mobile because of its mobility. It makes running and dodging bullets easy for anyone. If you can do quick finger movements, this is the best weapon to bring with you, especially if you are good at aiming while on the move. But since it has low damage, it can’t compete with more powerful weapons in close ranges like the shotguns. When using this weapon, it’s prudent to keep a safe distance from enemies and get your shots right every time.


3. Peacekeeper MK2

a black assault rifle
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

The Peacekeeper MK2 combines a high fire rate with mobility, that’s why it is a good weapon for taking enemies upfront. In terms of accuracy and control, both lateral and vertical recoil are manageable. Too bad though that its damage ability suffers in exchange for the tiny improvement in range. While it performs impressively in up-close battles, it doesn’t do much when firing from afar. Regardless, we still do think that it’s worth grinding. If only Activision can buff it up in the future, the Peacekeeper MK2 has the potential to be the best gun in COD mobile under its category.


Other Best Sniper Gun in COD Mobile

When playing COD Mobile, it is better to always have at least one sniper in your team. Its importance is seen as crucial during objective-driven missions such as Domination and Search and Destroy. The Sniper should always stay in the background to cover allies or protect the bases while shooting enemies from a safe distance.


1. Outlaw

a black sniper
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

Outlaw is the best sniper gun in COD Mobile next to Locus. There is no huge difference between the two in terms of damage and range. Like the rest of the sniper guns, it has a crazy damage ability but its fire rate is terrible. When using this gun, assume that you only have a single shot, so always aim for the head. It can be a bit challenging to do it, given Outlaw’s strong vertical recoil but with practice, it should come naturally in time.


2. Arctic .50

a black sniper in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

Arctic .50 is another favorite sniper gun in Call of Duty Mobile. It has a range and damage rate that are at par with Locus and control that is far superior to Outlaw. Of course, it also comes with tradeoffs. It suffers a lot in terms of fire rate and its mobility is pretty heavy too. But it should not greatly affect your experience if you will assume the role of a true sniper. With Arctic .50, finding a good spot on the map and minimizing your movement should help increase your survival and kill rate.


3. DL Q33

a black sniper in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

DL Q33 might be the deadliest sniper gun in COD Mobile. It has damage and range that are even better than what Arctic .50 has. Its bullet penetration is so impressive that it can kill two enemies standing after the other with a single shot. However, its fire rate, mobility, and control are not very impressive. When confronted face-to-face, a player using DL Q33 will be of no help against players using SMGs or assault rifles. DL Q33 only does well in very specific situations. That’s why it always comes short in claiming the throne as the best gun in COD Mobile.


Other Best LMG in Call of Duty

We won’t wonder if you are a huge light machine gun user because we are biased about it as well. Normally with a large magazine and extended barrel, LMGs are a superior gun type that will give you a kill streak without having to reload. Their damage rates might not impress you, but attacking your enemies closely by surprise will give them no escape but death.


1. M4 LMG

a black LMG in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

M4 LMG is a good contender to be the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile. For an LMG, it has fairly decent damage and range but its real asset is its fire rate. When put against snipers closely, the latter will not have the chance to even attempt to fire. However, despite its huge magazine and fire rate, M4 LMG users should still be prudent when engaging face-to-face with enemies. When you use up all its bullets, reloading M4 LMG may take a while, so better find a cover.


2. UL736

a black light machine gun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

UL736 is a good weapon to take to multiplayer missions because of its overall good fire rate and mobility. You will also experience less lateral recoil when using this bad boy compared to the Chopper and M4 LMG. Its insufficient magazine is its biggest downfall but you can add ammunition attachments to it to address its shortcoming.


Other Best SMG in Call of Duty

Submachine guns are some of the most common weapons in COD Mobile, but many seem to confuse them with LMGs. Admittedly, there are similarities between the two, especially in terms of fire rate and damage. But in terms of mobility, SMGs are far superior to LMGs. To what expense, you may ask? Well, it’s a bummer that this type of gun suffers from sways and bullet spreads. That’s why SMGs are more useful on up close standoff where it is easier to aim at enemies.


1. Razorback

a black SMG in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

Razorback is easily the runner-up of Chicom as the best submachine gun in COD mobile. Razorback has better damage for a little tradeoff in mobility and is more versatile in terms of range. It also has an impressive quick scope that makes it easy to hit a bullseye on incoming enemies. As you would expect, it has a bullet spread here and there but that can be fixed by adding a barrel attachment.


2. GKS

a black SMG in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

GKS is also an equally impressive SMG you should try in COD. In comparison with other guns of its kind, GKS has better accuracy and control that significantly improves recoil and bullet spread. This improvement nerfs its damage in exchange, but you can supplement it with a wounding or disabling perk so you can inflict more harm on enemies.


3. QXR

a black sub machine gun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

QXR is not the best submachine gun in COD mobile in terms of damage but its dope-up fire rate brings adrenaline to the table. Its single shot can’t inflict much pain on your enemies but with the right aim and perfect distance, continuous fires would kill in seconds. It also has high mobility that makes roaming around maps so much easier. Surely, QXR is not the easiest weapon to use but if you can pull it off, it can make you the man of your team and victory should come naturally.


Other Best Shotguns in Call of Duty

Shotguns are your best pick when playing missions where your goal is to get a certain number of kills like in the case of Frontline and Deathmatch mode. This type of COD Mobile gun can run havoc, thanks to its unrealistic damage build. In up-close combats, shotguns can kill opponents instantly with a single blow. However, they have a terrible fire rate and range that makes it hard to knock down enemies in long distances. When using this weapon, aim to get as close as possible to your enemies and shoot them by surprise.


1. KRM 262

a black Shotgun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

KRM 262 looks very aggressive and, thankfully, its performance lives up to that. You can surely rely on this firearm during close encounters with enemies because of its high damage rate. It also has an impressive movement stat that makes roaming around easy. However, you should still always find a cover despite this gun’s massive destruction. You may not stand a chance when exposed to a sniper in long-range.


2. Striker

a rustic shotgun in COD Mobile
Photo from Call of Duty: Mobile

The striker has everything you love about KRM 262 and even Echo. It is a deadly weapon with an impeccable damage rate that can help you achieve a kill streak. It also has a quick scope ability that makes aiming at enemies so much easy. However, its slow reload time kind of undermines its good qualities. You may have to find a cover before you reload, but you might find yourself helpless when caught in the crossfire with multiple enemies.


Some Tips When Using the Best COD Mobile Guns

If there’s one thing playing Call of Duty proves, that is the best gun you can use is not limited to a single weapon. Thankfully, you don’t have to stick to a single primary weapon because you can make up to 10 loadouts, on which you can switch in between before starting or respawning in a battle. There are also numerous attachments you can add to your weapons to improve their skills.

Hopefully, this article helps you find the best gun in COD mobile or, even better, the best weapon that matches your playstyle. As they say, video games are the only way you can kill legally. So, start grinding and let us know which COD weapon gets you the most kills.