Decidueye Joins Pokemon Unite as Ranged Hero

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Fans are pumped up following the news that Decidueye has joined the Pokémon UNITE ranks. Pokémon UNITE has included this Ranged Attacker Pokémon in the ranks on 19 November 2021 and fans simply can’t get enough.

Decidueye as a Ranged Attacker has the ability to attack opponents from, afar making this Pokémon Tier A in the ranks. Decidueye begins as the adorable owl, Rowlet, and eventually evolves into Dartrix at Level Five. It then takes on as full-on Decidueye at Level Seven.


Decidueye’s Evolution and Skills

Photo showing Decidueye's Skills
Photo from Pokemon Unite YouTube Page

In a press release, Pokémon UNITE developers said Decidueye is characterized by its speed ability increasing every after shot. This effect will stack and by activating it every third time, Pokémon Unite says “basic attacks become boosted attacks for a short time.” Moreover, Decidueye’s Ability, Long Reach, increases damage to distant opposing Pokémon.

Decidueye starts as Rowlet from Level One to Level Three where it acquires Leafage and Astonish. Rowlet’s Attack and speed increase over time by using Leafage. Meanwhile, Astonish decreases an opposing Pokémon’s movement speed. When Rowlet evolves to Datrix at Level Five, a player can upgrade these skills further. Once a player is able to evolve Datrix into Decidueye at Level Seven, Leafage is upgradeable into either Razor Leaf or Spirit Shackle. Additionally, Astonish is upgradeable to either Leaf Storm or Shadow Sneak starting at Level Eight.

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Decidueye’s UNITE Move

Banner Photo of Decidueye on Pokémon UNITE
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As a Ranged Attacker, Decidueye’s main move allows it to sneak attack an opposing Pokémon leaving it defenseless. This Pokémon acquires its main UNITE attack, Nock Nock, starting at Level Nine. Pokémon UNITE says, “Nock Nock fires quills in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon.” The attack culminates by releasing a large quill which causes damage to any opposing Pokémon it hits. However, while Decidueye becomes invincible against any hindrances, the Pokémon is unable to move when using this skill.


Pokémon UNITE Patch 11/10

Prior to adding Decidueye to the game, Pokémon UNITE released patch notes of its recent update on November 12. Essentially, patch 11/10 contains bug fixes, text fixes, and shop updates players need to progress in the game.

Furthermore, Pokémon UNITE says the update introduces changes to stats and moves of Pokémons to balance out UNITE Battles.

Below is the full details of patch 11/10 as released by Pokémon UNITE on a press release:

Greedent: Cheek Pouch

  • Decreased the amount of HP restored from Berries that Greedent drops.

Greedent: Covet

  • Fixed a bug where Belch was able to be used more often than anticipated during Covet.

Greedent: Belch

  • Cooldown lengthened.
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased.

Greedent: Stuff Cheeks

  • Shield effect weakened.

Greedent: Bullet Seed

  • Increase in damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Greedent: Unite Move: Berry Belly Flop

  • Fixed an issue which relates to the use the Unite Move while using the jump pad.

Alolan Ninetales

  • The following stats have been increased:
  • Sp. Atk

Alolan Ninetales: Blizzard

  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Increase to damage dealt to opposing Pokémon.

Gardevoir: Psychic

  • Move Upgrade

Sylveon: Unite Move: Fairy Frolic

  • Fixed an issue where HP wasn’t being recovered when using Move 1 after using the Unite Move.

Pikachu: Thunder

  • Fixed a bug where Thunder wouldn’t activate if you used Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Basic Attack in quick succession.

Garchomp: Rough Skin

  • Fixed a bug where Rough Skin would deflect more damage than expected when hit with Zeraora’s Wild Charge.


  • Increased healing amount.

X Speed

  • Increased the speed boost.

Full Heal

  • Fixed a bug where posion wasn’t healed when Full Heal was used.