Disney Mirrorverse Eyes June ’22 Release; Here’s What to Know

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When can I play Disney Mirrorverse? — a relentless question finally answered. In March, Disney and game developer Kabam revealed that the anticipated game will hit the stores on June 23, 2022, just in time for summer. Leading up to its release date, more exciting details about the would-be best mobile RPG have started coming out including its characters, magical maps, and combat system.

Disney Mirrorverse is the upside-down of  Disney World, a departure from its usually colorful backdrops. Instead of fancy dresses, your favorite Disney princesses are clad in armored battle suits. Playful characters are also seemingly battle-ready this time.

If you are a fan of everything Disney, here’s a preview of what you’ll get once Disney Mirrorverse is here.


Disney Mirrorverse Teaser Trailer

Disney Mirrorverse is an upcoming role-playing game from the media and entertainment titan. This is not their first foray into the mobile gaming industry. In the past, they released Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, a mobile fighter that combines elements of adventure and gacha tactics. They have also recently released Disney Melee Mania, a 3v3 multiplayer online battle arena, as an Apple Arcade exclusive. Disney Mirrorverse is their attempt to woo mobile RPG fans.

In a one-minute teaser trailer, Disney has encapsulated everything players may get from the game. It shows Sulley as he opens his locker and uses a mirror. When the camera panned to the other side, it showed another Sulley preparing for a battle inside of what seemed a divergent Disney Universe. The same thing happened when Belle leaned toward a mirror stand — a battle-ready Belle holding a magical staff appeared on the other side. Shortly after, the two are seen fighting the so-called Fractured forces — an unrelenting, dark threat in the alternate Disney world— and seem to be protecting a portal.

Just when the two are about to lose, Maleficent oddly appeared to their rescue and banished all the enemies. End of the trailer.


Disney Mirrorverse Gameplay and Mechanics

Based on the trailer, Disney Mirrorverse players will have to assemble a party of three Disney characters, or Mirrorverse Guardians, to put in team-based action combat. Each battle is expected to happen in real-time as players take control of individual actions, team strategy, and special attacks. You can choose a character to actively control at the start of combat, but you can switch to other Guardians at any time.

Aside from thrilling combat, a completely original storyline is also among the things to look forward to in Disney Mirrorverse. On a rare occasion, the good and the evils of Disney will join forces to take down common foes, fitting its alternate reality theme. Players can uncover their character’s backstories and discover special abilities as they move on with the game. There will also be monthly side quests in the game. Here, you have to battle Fractured enemies to obtain rewards and restore Mirrorverse maps that were controlled by the dark forces.

For those who love co-op play, Disney Mirrorverse’s in-game Alliance system will allow you to team up with your friends. The game includes in-game missions that you can jointly solve to earn rewards.


Disney Mirrorverse Playable Characters

Disney Mirrorverse Guardians
Photo by Kabam on Play Store

Disney Mirrorverse is where classic Disney and Pixar characters meet. The developers have slowly been teasing players with the characters that will appear in the game. So far, there 41 playable Disney Mirrorverse characters are confirmed. They are grouped into classes depending on their combat type.

  • Melee. Character class that uses close-range attacks.
  • Tank. Character class with high defense talent and endurance. They absorb damage and prevent others from being attacked.
  • Ranged. Squishy character class but has high offense talent. It uses abilities that allow characters to attack away from the action.
  • Support. Character class that encourages teamwork. Enhances teammates to take down enemies by providing healing, speed, buff, and more.

Here are the confirmed Disney Mirrorverse characters:

Melee Tank Ranged Support
Mulan Ursula Maleficent Mickey Mouse
Rapunzel Maui Judy Hopps Frank Wolff
Aladdin Baloo Hades Tiana
Snow White Mr. Incredible Elsa Jack Sparrow
Ariel Sulley Buzz Lightyear Scrooge McDuck
Hercules Genie Eve Ian Lightfoot
Minnie Mouse Baymax Gaston Jack Skellington
Scar Goofy Hiro Hamada
Captain Hook Merida Evil Queen
Stitch Tinker Bell Donald Duck
Anger Oogie Boogie
Mike Wazowski


How to Obtain and Level Up Characters in Disney Mirrorverse

Gacha system comes to play when obtaining a guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Players will initially be given a character to play during the tutorial and eventually be given a Crystal to summon a random character. You can then accomplish missions to earn orbs, buy Crystals, and summon more Mirrorverse guardians.

Alternatively, you can acquire them using Stardust, a special currency you’ll earn when you receive a Guardian from a Crystal. There are four types of Stardust according to color, each corresponding to a specific guardian class. Red Stardust summons Melee, Green Stardust summons Support, Blue Stardust summons Tank, and Yellow Stardust summons Ranged.

But if you are aiming to level up your guardian, Motes is what you need. Like Stardust, they correspond to a specific class. But, there is a universal Mote that you can use for everyone.


Disney Mirrorverse Beta Test and Pre-Registration

Disney Mirrorverse Pre-registration
Photo by Disney Mirrorverse on Twitter

As we have mentioned, Disney Mirrorverse will launch globally on June 23. But as early as now, fans from select regions can already experience the game by joining its closed beta test.

Disney Mirrorverse beta test is available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, and India.

On the other hand, those fans who reside in other regions can also pre-register on the Disney Mirrorverse website. In return, you can get rewards like avatars, crystals, orbs, and more.


Compatible Devices

According to their Reddit page, Disney Mirrorverse will be available on Apple devices running on iOS 13.0 and iPadOS 13.0 or later. Android users, on the other hand, need at least Android 9 or later to run the game. Although the developers did not specifically mention it, mobile phones or tablets that have at least 4GB of RAM will run the game more smoothly. The game is graphic-heavy, so phones with low specs might experience trouble running the game.


Is Disney Mirrorverse Free?

Yes — Disney Mirrorverse is a free-to-play game. However, it includes in-app purchases if you want to get more guardians and level them up quickly. If you registered for Disney Mirrorverse’s beta launch, your progress and purchases made at that time will carry over into the game after the worldwide launch as long as you keep your account.