Diablo Immortal: What You Need to Know (Preview)

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The Diablo series is one of the most celebrated role-playing games ever created. Even today, the games are still revered by millions of players. However, all good things must come to an end. For years, there had been no news about a new Diablo game after Diablo 3. Then, the fans of the series started to doubt that any news of a sequel would even arrive.

However, Blizzard then announced Diablo Immortal, and contrary to what people expected, it is a mobile game and not a PC game. The backlash was incredibly bad, and the fallout of the announcement was incredible. Though the company did state that Diablo 4 is also in development, a lot of fans felt betrayed by this move. However, some still feel hopeful about this game and tempered their disappointment.

Now, for what seems to be years, Diablo Immortal is on Alpha release. In this article, we’ll talk about what we currently know about Diablo Immortal. This includes what classes you can play as and the game’s overall story and feel. Let’s begin.


What Is Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Characters
Photo Taken from Bizzard Website

Diablo Immortal is an upcoming mobile hack-and-slash massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. Its setting will be in between the Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 timelines. The game was announced in late 2018 to a divisive reception and has no set release date yet.

In terms of the gameplay, the game is expected to include the elements present in the computer game version such as the loots to collect, monsters to kill, and classes to play. However, Diablo Immortal also begs to deviate from the previous franchises, which adds excitement on how the game will look like when it becomes available. We will discuss more of the possible game mechanics of Diablo Immortal in the succeeding sections.

Despite the release date of Diablo Immortal being uncertain, expectant players can pre-register for the game as early as now via the official website of Diablo Immortal or mobile app marketplaces.

Diablo Immortal Pre-Registration


Diablo Immortal Release

When Will It Be?

Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released in 2020. However, the game’s incredibly negative reception on Blizzcon 2018 ensured that this release window wasn’t happening. There were some gameplay reveals on Blizzcon 2019, but other than that, there’s no news about the game.

That is until the game was released in pre-Alpha. And now, we’re going to have to talk about first impressions about the game in this state. Also, due to the game being released in a pre-Alpha, there’s a chance that it’ll be released this 2021. We can only hope that’s the case and that the game won’t be delayed any more than it already has.

We also need to talk about the future of the game and how Blizzard can make some improvements to it. But that’s a story for later in this article.


Where Will It Be Available?

As of right now, it’s been confirmed that Diablo Immortal will be released on Android and iOS smartphones, and hopefully for PadOS. However, as mentioned before, there’s still no information about the game’s release date. For now, we can content ourselves with the fact that the pre-Alpha build was released. That, and the fact that we can see said gameplay online and review how the game would be.


Diablo Immortal: Possible Gameplay

battle arena of a video game
Photo by Diablo Immortal on Google Play Store

In terms of gameplay, there’s a whole lot of similarities between Diablo Immortal and the old Diablo Games. The developers stated that they wish to turn Diablo Immortal into a multiplayer role-playing game. Overall though, there are some things that we need to talk about in this Alpha build of Diablo Immortal.

When the player’s in the game, it orients them through an isometric top-down view. This should be familiar to a lot of old-school RPG players and those that play mobile RPGs as well. This is mostly because it’s become standard practice already. Other than this, however, the game has a few secrets and additional content to find. This makes sure that players will have to keep a close eye on them if they wish to discover them.

Up next on the checklist is the game’s user interface.

The game’s user interface is similar enough to any mobile RPG that you can find out there. Players control their movement using their left hand and fight using their right. Simple enough, this allows the player to get into the game quickly. The game’s menu is also similar enough to the old Diablo games with a few added touches. All of these tweaks to the game are to make Diablo Immortal playable on mobile and accessible to mobile players.

Now, in terms of how the game will handle multiplayer aspects, there seems to be no consensus on how Diablo Immortal would be played in multiplayer. For now, though, there are not that many players on Diablo Immortal to accurately gauge how the multiplayer will go. For now, we’ll leave the multiplayer aspect alone. We’ll get back to it when the game’s released.


Game Setting

The game is set years after the events of Diablo 2. The players are sent back to the world of Sanctuary, where the destruction of the Worldstone set things in motion. The undead roam the world in increasing numbers, demons communicate with mortals, and the heavens are cut off.

Due to this, your character sets forth into a new adventure. This time, they have to find the various shards of the shattered Worldstone and destroy them. This is so that these items of great power will not be taken by the wrong hands. Especially by those that have ulterior motives for not only the shards but also the world of Sanctuary.


Weapons for Combat

In terms of combat, there are some things that you need to know about the game. It’s the fact that it’s similar to the combat you find on mobile role-playing action games like GrandChase and the Dungeon Hunter series. And to be fair, it translates well into the Diablo game formula. Though that’s not much of an endorsement as these games copy the original Diablo games anyway.

The thing that makes Diablo Immortal interesting is that the player can equip any weapon that they wish. That is, up to a certain point and as long as they have the stats for it. A wizard can equip swords and other melee weaponry if they want; barbarians can use some staves and even fist weapons. They can also use some armor pieces exclusive to other classes, also at a certain point.


Classes to Play

Diablo Immortal Classes
Photo by Diablo Immortal on Google Play Store

The player’s character classes determine what abilities and spells they can use in the game. This makes picking the character’s class an important thing as each of them plays differently. There are currently six known character classes that will be available. However, only four are initially available for the technical Alpha, namely: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard.

Spells and abilities-wise, the game gives the players full liberty on what they want to use. Each class seems to have, at minimum, four spells that come from the original Diablo games. However, not all of them are revealed in the game’s Alpha build.

So for now, let’s talk about the six character classes that you can get in the game on the release date:



Photo by Diablo on Fandom

Now if you’re like me, you probably want to Unga-Bunga your way to victory. If that’s your planned playstyle, it might be wise to go for the Barbarian class.

The Barbarian class is for those that value raw and unmitigated attack power above all else. They’re the class that uses brute force to victory, spins to win, and sends people to pound town. They are the very definition of a bruiser class and will bring pain to the enemies they encounter.

Other than that, though, the Barbarian also has some pretty unique abilities that they can use. Currently, there are only three abilities that were revealed on the Diablo Immortal website for the Barbarian. Here are these three abilities:

1. Hammer of the Ancients: The Barbarian summons a massive hammer that will then smash itself into the ground in front of the Barbarian. The skill is a straight-up burst damage skill and can send weaker foes flying. Also, the area of effect that the skill has is pretty massive, making it great for crowd control.

2. Chain Spear: The Barbarian throws three spears in front of him in an arc, dealing damage and dragging enemies towards him. This skill is great for interrupting enemies and to finish off weaker ones. Other than that, straight damage and interruption skills are nothing fancy but great utility.

3. Whirlwind: The Barbarian’s third available skill and one that should be a familiar sight. The Barbarian turns into a whirling dervish of steel and death, dealing damage to enemies surrounding him. All in all, the Whirlwind is a straightforward DPS skill.



Photo by Diablo

Next up on the list is the Wizard class and, overall, it seems that the Wizard class is a fun class to play as. This is because the Wizard has a lot of abilities that are revealed in the game’s Alpha build. From throwing bolts of lightning to hurling fireballs, you have all the flavors of damage-dealing abilities under the sun.

The Wizard’s style is great for those that wish to deal massive amounts of damage in a short time. Bursting enemies is their game, and they want to see massive numbers of damage that take out chunks of enemy health. They excel in crowd control and in destroying enemy HP, both in a single-target and multi-target capacity.

For now, similar to the Barbarian, we have no idea about most of the skills that the Wizard has. However, we do know three skills thanks to the Diablo Immortal website. Here are the three skills mentioned:

1. Meteor: Exactly as it says on the tin. The Wizard launches a meteor towards his enemies, burning them and dealing damage. Overall, this is once again a skill made to destroy the wizard’s enemies through superior firepower. And you can expect that there will be massive amounts of damage that will be dealt with them.

2. Lightning Nova: Meanwhile, Lightning Nova makes the Wizard throw out bolts of lightning all around him, dealing massive damage. Wizards use this when surrounded, as it makes use of the skill’s huge area of effect. It’s a good skill for crowd control and thinning out huge groups of mob fodder.

3. Teleport: Lastly, the teleport is a utility skill that transports the Wizard a short distance. This is pretty useful in dicey situations where you want to escape getting damaged.


Demon Hunter

Photo by Diablo on Fandom

Do you extremely hate demons? Well, you’re in luck. Because Demon Hunters are back from the original Diablo games and they’re here to stay. These individuals dedicate themselves to hunting down demons wherever they may be. And above all else, they’re incredibly cool-looking as well.

Demon Hunters are a ranged DPS class. However, just because they attack from range doesn’t mean that they’re afraid of fighting up close. They’re perfectly willing to get close to enemies to kill them, and kill them they shall.

Demon Hunters, like the other classes, have unique abilities and skills in their name. Some of these skills weren’t revealed yet though. However, three skills were shown on the Diablo Immortal webpage.

1. Daring Swing: The utility movement skill of the Demon Hunter. If you’ve read the teleport skill of the Wizard, this is it. However, there are a few differences.

The first of these differences is that you’re not going from one area to another instantly. The second is that any enemy that you go through will be damaged by your pathing. That, and they can’t attack you at all while you’re swinging there. This is both a damage and utility skill that takes advantage of the Demon Hunter’s agility.

2. Knockback Shot: The crowd control skill of the Demon Hunter and one that can only be used on small enemies. The Demon Hunter fires a high-powered shot in one direction, knocking back small mobs and dealing damage.

3. Rain of Vengeance: Lastly, the Rain of Vengeance is the Demon Hunter’s AoE skill. The Demon Hunter shoots multiple arrows in the air, which then fall back to the ground in a circular area.



Photo by Diablo on Fandom

For those that want to be bruisers with high damage but no weapons, the Monk class is their best bet. The Monk class is another staple of the Diablo series. And from their name, you might think they’re peace-loving folk. However, don’t let that fool you. They’re the class that uses their fists to do the talking, and their language is violent towards their enemies.

The monk then is one that wants to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. They wear light armor, sometimes even just cloth, and believe that the best defense is a blistering offense. They can, and will burst down enemies so that they and their party members stay safe. This means that crowd control, stuns, and high damage skills are the name of the game.

Here are three of the Monk skills that were shown on the Diablo Immortal website:

1. Cyclone Strike: Cyclone Strike makes the Monk pull in his enemies with a vortex of wind. This is a skill that gives great crowd control and enables Monks to stack said enemies in front of him. After that, they can then use other skills like the Seven-Sided Strike or Wave of Light to finish them off.

2. Seven-Sided Strike: Remember Vergil? Do you remember his Judgement Cut End? Well, this is the Monk’s version of that. And if you’ve seen what happens when Vergil does Judgement Cut End, then you can guess what this skill does to enemies.

3. Wave of Light: Last but not the least, the Wave of Light allows Monks to crush enemies in an area with light. We don’t know what the attack would look like yet, but from the description, it seems to be straight-up DPS.



Photo by Diablo on Fandom

The speakers of the dead and commander of the unliving, Necromancers are dangerous to face in battle. They might not be best when it comes to melee, but their summoning of undead minions level the playing field. In addition to that, they also have some pretty nasty offensive spells in their repertoire. Some of which we might even see on Diablo Immortal.

However, the class’s skillsets are still kept under wraps by Blizzard so we don’t have any idea on how the Necromancer will play in the game. We do know that the original game’s Necromancer has long-range spells in addition to summoning undead creatures.



Photo by Diablo on Fandom

Last on the list we have the Crusader, which was introduced on Diablo 3’s Reaper of Souls expansion. The Crusader class is a hybrid of casting and melee and has several things going for it that make it unique. Basing on the Paladin Class from Diablo 2, Crusaders use holy light to smite enemies and protect comrades.

All in all, the Crusader is a support DPS class that has an incredible potential for tank builds. Expect seeing them not die at all in the game if built correctly.

Like the Necromancer, though, the Crusader class’s skills are still kept under wraps by Blizzard. So we have no new information about them as of the current time.


Diablo Characters Arriving on Mobile

Several characters from both Diablo 2 and 3 make an appearance on Diablo Immortal. This makes sense since the game happens after 2 and before 3. Among the characters in question is Deckard Cain, who makes an appearance early on in the game. King Leoric the Skeleton King also makes an appearance as a boss in one of the dungeons.

Other than that, Baal, Lord of Destruction makes an appearance as well. And we can fully expect that numerous villains and notable characters will also make an appearance on Diablo Immortal.


Diablo Immortal vs Other Mobile MMORPGs

Other than Diablo Immortal, there are other Mobile MMORPGs that are out there for people to play. Here are some MMOs available on mobile. We’ll talk about them for a bit as well as how they compare to Diablo Immortal, visually and gameplay-wise.


World of Dragon Nest

Now for those familiar with Dragon Nest on PC, they might not be surprised to find it on mobiles. Dragon Nest was an incredibly popular MMO before and even today it holds out when compared to other mobile MMOs. However, the game does show its age when it comes to its visuals and other areas.

An example of this is the mobile version’s lack of more tangible character customization. The game indeed has cosmetic items for players to equip, but the sprites aren’t conducive to extensive customization. However, it seems the same could be said to Diablo Immortal, which also doesn’t have that much, customization-wise. Players can choose preset images for their characters and not much else.

Other than this, their gameplay is also incredibly similar. The only thing that Diablo Immortal doesn’t have is an auto mode, though some might see it as a good thing. Character-class-wise, World of Dragon Nest has six main classes with four specializations each. Meanwhile, Diablo Immortal has four classes at launch, with an additional two later, with more classes possible in later updates.

Download for Android

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Black Desert Mobile

Another of the 3D mobile MMORPGs in question is Black Desert Mobile. To be fair, the game’s graphics are incredibly good. It’s actually on par with its original version on PC. Thus, if we’re going to take into account the graphics of the two games, Black Desert Mobile will win. The bright colors and gorgeous visuals are incredibly eye-catching and very vibrant. The game also has great character models, from the player’s character to the various non-playable characters (NPCs).

Gameplay-wise, both games have a lot of similarities. They have the same format and interface, and if you’re looking closely, some skills even look a bit similar. However, like World of Dragon Nest, Black Desert Mobile has an auto mode, which might turn off some MMO purists.

In terms of character classes, both games have six classes to choose from. The difference is that Black Desert Mobile’s classes have fixed genders. Examples of this are the Warrior and Giant classes being males and the Valkyrie and Witch classes being female. In Diablo Immortal, players can choose which gender they want to have in their class, but that’s generally it and has no effect on gameplay. Other than that, Black Desert Mobile does have something called the Awakening, which gives increased stats and more skills.

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Just as we were about to lose hope, Diablo Immortal comes with its Alpha release, which gives a clearer picture of the game. Like the good old days, it has a lot of similarities with the previous franchises of the demon-slaying game we came to love. The tweaks that the developers are planning adds to our excitement as well. The touch of the MMORPG element to Diablo Immortal is something we should look forward to when it comes out. We may not be sure when will its release be or whether it will be available this year, but we are a step closer to hell. Let’s cut Blizzard and NetEase some more slack as they lay the groundwork for the game.

Meanwhile, here’s the rest of the new mobile games coming out this 2021!