Path of Exile Mobile Release Still a Blur, and Fans Are Impatient

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Grinding Gear Games (GGG) has hinted the dawn for a mobile version of Path of Exile is drawing near. Fans are speculating the mobile version for the RPG game Path of Exile is coming as early as 2022. However, the final Path of Exile Mobile release date is still a mystery, sending fans into a frenzy for more details.

Online forum says GGG is developing the game for mobile considering some elements of the game, like Path of Exile’s Atlas Map system, could naturally fit a small size action gameplay. Furthermore, it’s been said the game is being developed by GGG itself with its in-house developers in New Zealand.

Many see this as a big move for the game. GGG is believed to be developing a technology that will ensure the game will give zero compromises in terms of gameplay, game elements, and the overall mobile experience.

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Path of Exile Mobile Development

Path of Exile Mobile release date still unknown
Photo from Path of Exile Youtube Page

GGG initially announced the move to port the Diablo series-inspired game to mobile back in 2019. Back then, GGG says it’s working on an experimental version of the game on mobile. In 2020, the mood has changed from hopeful to clamor as GGG states it was hoping to have a playable beta version by the last quarter of 2020. Since then, details on its development and possible release date have been scarce. Fans could only speculate.

However, excitement has been building up recently. Fans are leading to believe the mobile version could be released in 2022 at the earliest. Of course, GGG remains mum on this detail so far.

From the developers’ standpoint, we can safely assume that developing the PC game to a mobile version will take time. For one, it’s a challenge to transition the gameplay into smaller and shorter game sessions as compared to longer ones on the PC. Second, there’s also the careful consideration of what PC version elements to retain in the mobile version and what to develop further.

With all these considerations, there are two possible outcomes. First, it could be or could not be released in 2022 or a mobile version will not be released at all.


Will Path of Exile Be Accessible Cross-Platform?

Path of Exile release date: screenshot of mobile gameplay
Photo from Path of Exile website

With Path of Exile Mobile’s release date still hovering in the unknown, we can’t safely assume whether the game is going to be available for cross-platform format. This is substantiated by the fact that GGG has neither confirmed nor negated the idea. It all depends on how the developers of the game decide which form to take in developing the game further.

Nonetheless, fans can expect that if Path of Exile Mobile is released, it will be a free-to-play RPG game — similar to the PC version. In a previous announcement, GGG maintains there will be no pay-to-win elements in Path of Exile Mobile.

For now, fans can only wait for announcements from GGG. The game is still available on the PC version.