Plants vs Zombies 3 Pulls Out from Early Access, Again

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On April 5 this year, Plants vs Zombies 3 has resurrected yet again for another limited regional test in the Philippines and Australia. After an earlier soft launch and being pulled out, EA-subsidiary PopCap Games gave the garden-themed tower defense video game another shot. However, the developers abruptly pulled out the game from the beta test anew.

PvZ 3 connection error
Screencap PvZ 3

When you open the game, you will be greeted with a message saying “the game service is not available at the moment”. EA has yet to release a statement.

If anything, the series of soft launches prove that the PvZ developers are not ready to abandon their mainline series. This answers our question of whether or not Plants vs Zombies 3 is canceled. Could this mean we’ll be seeing Plants vs Zombies 3 official release date in 2022, though? More to that later.

Leaks about the third installment in Plants vs Zombies’ mainline started circulating a couple of years back. In 2020, players from the Philippines, Ireland, and Romania got the first dibs in the game. This was short-lived, however, after the developer pulled it out “to incorporate <player’s > thoughts and reimagine a few things.”


Plants vs Zombies 3 Goes Back to Its Roots With a Few Twists

Plants vs Zombies 3 Banner
Photo by EA

Plants vs Zombies 3 returns to the classic gameplay we have seen in Plants vs Zombies and Plants vs Zombies 2. “We took the time to start at the basics and brought back things that made the original game great”, EA said in a blog post.

The garden is set in a grid style where players have to put offensive and defensive plants to ward off the zombies that appear on the right side. It is based on progression and each level gets more difficult as players advance through the game. A sense of community is also present just like in the past. Players can connect with each other to share seeds and strategies and even compete for prizes.

EA and PopCap Games initially planned to remove the need for Sunflower to keep the plant army pumping. But in the latest soft launch, the Sunflower made a comeback. The lawnmower, which has also been initially reworked, is back to keep the garden safe.

Of course, there are a few exciting changes as well. Not to mention the revamped graphics and new look of Dave, the developers have brought in new elements that may change how you play. Each lawn is set up uniquely, making every level a different play.

There is also a reward system in PvZ 3 for accomplishing tasks Dave assigns to you.


Who Can Join the Early Access for Plants vs Zombies 3?

The most recent Plants vs Zombies 3 limited regional access has already ended. It previously went on a soft launch in the Philippines, Australia, The Netherlands, Romania, and Ireland. Tune in to the EA PvZ blog to get updated when new regional access launches.


When Will Plants vs Zombies 3 Officially Release?

EA did not set a date for the official global release of PvZ 3. They indicated the recent soft launch is “just the beginning ” for building a new and exciting future for Plants vs Zombies. Although we might not see PvZ 3 going out officially in 2022, there might be more opportunities to get early access to the game in the future through regional tests.


Where to Download Plants vs Zombies 3

PvZ 3 is available on Google Play Store and App Store for countries where a regional test is available. If PvZ 3 soft launch is ongoing in your location, head on to your device’s app marketplace to download the game.


Is PvZ 3 Online?

Plants vs Zombies 3 is not playable offline during its regional test. However, this may change in the future as the game is still under development.


Will Plants vs Zombies 2 Be Discontinued?

No – PvZ developers made it clear that they won’t stop making new content for PvZ 2. Even the original Plants vs Zombies is still getting updates. PvZ 2 was last updated in March 2022 while the original PvZ was updated in August 2021.