Top 20 Best Offline Android Games [Paid & Free Download]

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Offline android games are getting on par with consoles and PC games in terms of fun factor and gameplay quality. Some come with a price tag while some are free with the option of microtransactions. The major gripes that some players are experiencing is that newly released games from the Android operating system are requiring constant internet connection.

Fortunately, there are some offline android games that offer a full experience without the need for an internet connection. Hence, here are some of the options you choose to enjoy unlimited access to offline android games. The best part of it is that these offline android games don’t just focus on one specific genre, but rather multiple genres that will target specific players and other gamers.

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1. Alto’s Odyssey

Slide around dunes and temples in this fun offline android game
©Photo by Alto’s Odyssey on Google Play Store

This offline android game is the latest update of the hit mobile game Alto’s Odyssey. It is a standalone sequel, thus players don’t need to play the predecessor to fully understand the latest game.

Gamers play as Alto where he and his friends are off to an endless sandboarding journey in a world full of mysteries and secrets. The gamer plays like an endless runner, but with breathtaking visuals of the canyons, temples, and dunes. One worthy note is you can easily learn the gameplay, but it’s hard to master. As player’s chain combos and complete over 180 goals in a one-touch trick system.

Lastly, you will unlock six other characters with unique abilities that give more replay value. Let us not forget the great soundtrack in the game, it recommends everyone to play it while wearing earphones. Also, more importantly, don’t forget that this game can be played even without any constant internet connection.


2. Monument Valley 2

A labyrinth puzzle offline Android game where you must help the mother and daughter escape
©Photo by NBA Jam on Google Play Store

An indie puzzle offline android games that break the typical stereotype puzzle offline Android games that you commonly see in the Play Store. Most importantly, it focuses on an isometric view. The goal of this game is to guide the characters Ro and her child by different mazes that fill with optical illusions and impossible objects. Unlike the first game, Monument Valley 2 focuses more on its story and add more depth to its narrative.

To sum up, this offline android game gives the inspiration to have better bonding between parent and child thanks to how the story unfolds. The game receives several awards for its incredible game design and direction. You can play this game offline and without the worry of game interruption.


3. Hitman Go

Help Agent 47 accomplish his missions in this puzzle offline android game
©Photo by Hitman Go on Google Play Store

Based on the hit stealth action game from Eidos, Hitman Go offers a portable game experience in a turn-based puzzle game of the fabled franchise. The mechanic of this offline Android game are the following:

First, the players will assume the role of Agent 47. Second, he must complete his mission of eliminating targets at every level with certain conditions. While a level is a design on a grid-based board with interconnected nodes and lines as the path of movement for characters.

Third, assassination missions will need players to move Agent 47 next to the target node to accomplish. Finally, each level starts to become more challenging as players progress further into the game. Due to its popularity, Square Enix releases Lara Croft Go from the popular Tomb Raider series as the successor to Hitman Go.




Go nostalgia in this hit arcade basketball offline android game
©Photo by NBA Jam Google Play

From the classic arcade basketball offline android game, for some players, NBA Jam was a trip down memory lane. Now on its mobile form, moreover it features 4 all-new game modes including the classic one that many are still familiar with. The game features updated roster and 3D graphics. The 2-on-2 arcade game offers more action and maintains the classic gameplay. The best part with NBA Jam is that you can play it with multiplayer without the need for an internet connection. Instead, it only needs is Bluetooth or local WiFi. Now go find someone to challenge head-to-head in your area.


5. Major Mayhem

offline android game lets you run and gun with Major Mayhem and play it offline
©Photo by Major Mayhem on Google Play Store

If you are into non-stop action and shoot fest, then you might want to try out this offline android game named Major Mayhem. Gamers play as Major Mayhem and let go of your trigger finger. Unleash havoc to your enemies as you rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the clutches of the Evil forces. Gameplay features an arcade-like third-person shooter with cover mechanics found in modern-day shooters. It has 45 levels of non-stop action and 4 game modes where you can complete up to 150 mini mission achievements. You can lay waste to your enemies with 20 unique weapons and 42 costumes to customize Major Mayhem.


6.Plague Inc.

create the most deadly plague and wipe out humanity
©Photo by Plague Inc on Google Play Store

In some offline android games, players build empires or massive cities. But for some mobile simulation games, it is more on cultivating viruses and eradicating humans on the planet. Plaque Inc. puts players into the role of scientists as they create and evolve pathogens. In their effort to destroy the world with a deadly virus. You make experiments on your developed pathogen to test subjects and make sure that it will be immune to different environmental conditions. You continue to infecting other humans and turn them into zombies. On other the hand, of course, you have to act quick and smart as the humans will try to develop a cure to stop the plague.


7. Downwell

uncover the secrets beneath the well
©Photo by Downwell on Google Play Store

Downwell is a complete mash-up of different popular genres today. A rogue-like game that plays as a vertical platform game with a mix of shooters and players that go down deeper instead of the usual ascending progression. Downwell puts everyone in the shoes of Walltaro, who was curious about exploring the depths of a nearby well at the local park. Unknown to him, there were monsters lurking beneath the depths that are waiting for him as he descends. The good thing about Welltaro is it brought his gumboots and proceeded in killing the monsters and collecting treasures. As you jump downwards where you can stomp down on enemies, you can also press jump again to shoot from your boots. This offline android game can be challenging as you progress deeper which can test anyone’s patience.


8. Stardew Valley

Farm your way to success and start a family with your significant other
©Photo by Stardew Valley on Google Play Store

If you are not into dangerous plagues that can wipe out a population, this would probably a good option for something relaxing. Stardew Valley is a homage to the classic farm/life simulation game. Popularize by games such as Harvest Moon, you became the owner of a farm after your deceased grandfather passed it down to you. It is your job to manage and produce more crops and animals. Then head to town and sell for profit, there is also the mine area for gathering minerals and fighting off monsters that lurk inside. You might even meet someone that could become your significant other and have a family and live happily ever after.


9. Wayward Souls

Enter the dungeon and wipe out the horde of monsters
©Photo by Wayward Souls Steam Product Page

We move on to more action pack hack and slash action dungeon crawler with Wayward Souls. Inspired from classic action RPG but pushing on the fast forward on the gameplay. This offline android game features random-generated levels where each dungeon will generate random pathways and enemy placements. You get to choose as one of the seven character classes and clash against hordes of demons and the undead. There are over a hundred different monster types to slay and equipment to loot as you dive deeper into the dungeons.


10. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

The War of the Lions – A classic Final Fantasy game with strategy element
©Photo by Final Fantasy Tactics on Google Play Store

Any fans of strategic roleplaying games will surely know Final Fantasy Tactics. It received a mobile platform treatment and one of the best offline android game RPGs in the market. Set in the world of magic and Chocobo. Tactics feature a deep and engaging turn-based strategy game that utilized different job classes. Encourages full experimentation and a combination of jobs to produce a whole new build. With the War of the Lions edition, new jobs and include characters for more varieties. If you are looking for a hardcore strategy RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics is the best choice when playing offline.


11. Asphalt Nitro

burn rubber and race to the finish line
©Photo by Asphalt Nitro on Google Play Store

There are few racing games that let you play without any internet connection, and Asphalt Nitro is one of them. The most popular mobile racing game that features improved visuals and adrenaline-pumping hi-speed action. Asphalt Nitro is a great choice for everyone who wants to have fast-paced action to kill some time during breaks. Featuring a ton of cars to choose from and with 8 different game modes to play with, ranging from the police chase, drift, knockdown and more. Be sure to download this on your Android phone and enjoy the intense race.


12. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Earn sun power and fend off the zombies off your lawn
©Photo by Plants vs Zombies 2 on Google Play Store

One of the hit tower defense games that revolutionize the sub-genre. Featuring cutesy characters that sometimes have pop culture references for that added sense of humor. Plants vs. Zombies 2 upgraded its gameplay mechanics with new units to produce and new zombies to repel. This may be half a decade old, but the game still receives updates to balance the gameplay and sometimes in-game events to keep the players hooked. You don’t need to be constantly online to play it, so better download this to your smartphone and start fighting those zombies.


13. Fallout Shelter

Make your Vault a sanctuary for survivors
©Photo by Fallout Shelter on Google Play Store

It is still the same familiar Fallout game but in a city-building simulation. Fallout Shelter still breathes like a Fallout game, but more catered towards casual mobile gamers. You hold the task of keeping your Vault well-stocked and secured at all times while you explore the radiation infested world for equipment and survivors. Upgrade your Vault to store and produce more food and electricity. Increase your population from the survivors, and be sure to repel and raiders and death claws wrecking your gates. The game is free to download and there is no need to be online all the time to enjoy the game.


14. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

A classic sandbox game now in your pocket
©Photo by Minecraft on Google Play Store

Minecraft is everywhere, from the PC to the consoles, and now available in Android phones that you can play with ease. The one that popularized the create-your-own sandbox game. Minecraft Pocket Edition still has the same Minecraft experience that you have known for so long. But streamlining the controls to make it playable in your smartphone. You build your world by scavenging for materials and use them to build your place and tools. Then, explore the world and expand, but watch out for the Creepers as they can explode upon contact. You can purchase DLC to add more cosmetics and unique skins that will give your avatar some nice appearance but they are all optional. You can still enjoy the game without it.


15. Bejeweled

A classic puzzle game that beloved by many
©Photo by Bejeweled ON Google Play Store

One of the oldest and still loved puzzle games in the mobile scene is Bejeweled. It does not seem to age as the game is still played by millions. Featuring a very familiar match-three puzzle mechanics. Players match three identical tiles to score points and continue matching other adjacent tiles. You can land combos to increase the score multipliers. The game has spawned different versions, but it still maintains the familiar gameplay system.


16. The Sims (Freeplay)

Create your own Sim in this free to play Android game
©Photo by Sims FreePlay on Google Play Store

The same Sims that you play on your PC, but now available in the palm of your hand. The Sims Freeplay offers a familiar life simulation but more streamlined for smartphone users. The Freeplay version still allows players to build and customize their homes. You can purchase premium items at the expense of real money, though these are all optional and does not heavily affect the overall quality of the game. The game continues to receive content updates and expansion packs to give players more options to customize their Sims. The Sims is also a free game on Android.


17. Dead Trigger 2

Create your own Sim in this free to play Android game
©Photo by Dead Trigger 2 on Google Pay Store

Dead Trigger 2 is the update of the highly popular Dead Trigger game. A zombie-themed first-person shooter with survival elements that puts you in a tight position as you must escape from the hordes of zombies. It plays like your modern-day first-person shooter, making it easy for gamers to hop in and play. At that time it was one of the visually defining moments in mobile gaming as Nvidia used the game for a tech demo for their Tegra 4 chip. Unlike some first-person shooters, Dead Trigger 2 allows you to play offline.


18. XCOM: Enemy Within

Battle the invading aliens and fight for humanity
©Photo by XCOM on Google Play Store

Based on the classic strategy games, XCOM pits you against invading aliens on Earth. Combining strategy gaming with city management, XCOM provides a refreshing take on the genre, making it one of the fan favorites. The mobile version still maintains the original content but making it portable for everyone to try out when they are on the go. There are also multiplayer maps that let you challenge other players to see who the best is, but you can enjoy the game offline.


19. Shadow Fight 2

Challenge every greatest martial artists for revenge
©Photo by Shadow Fight 2 on Google Play Store

Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D fighting offline android game that combines the elements of RPG as you can upgrade armor, weapons, and skills as you challenge and defeat computer-controlled opponents. You can earn gold by defeating opponents that you can use for upgrades and in each of the seven provinces, you will be able to face the level boss. Furthermore, the game is free to play but with microtransaction options, it is one of the good Android games out right now without the need for internet connection.


20. Crossy Road

Help the chicken cross the road
©Photo by Crossy Road

 Crossy Road is one of the popular platforms of offline Android games inspired by classic games like Frogger. You must help your character cross the road without getting squashed by vehicles. It takes timing and pattern recognition to overcome each stage, and the farther you go, the more impossible levels you will have to face. You will be able to earn coins that you can use for unlocking other characters.