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One of the most popular subgenres of strategy video games is tower defense. Whether it’s protecting your kingdom from foreign invaders or defending your house against zombies, it’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s also a great way of keeping your brain sharp by creating strategies to make sure you defeat your opponents.

Fortunately, there are thousands of thousands of tower defense games available to install for your mobile phone. Majority of them are free and offer in-app purchases.

To help you pick the best games, here are the top 20 most popular tower defense games for mobile.

Best Tower Defense Mobile Games
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Top 20 Tower Defense Games For Mobile


1. Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies
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Free for Android and iOS

This ultra-popular game has taken the world by a storm when it was first launched in 2009 by Pop Cap. It was originally created for Windows and OS X but has become available for consoles and mobile devices as well. Players all over the globe absolutely loved the game wherein they play as homeowners trying to defend their home in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Its various game modes, crisp graphics, and exciting concept contributed to its massive success. Using 49 different plants with unique powers against 26 types of zombies will keep you entertained for hours on end.


2. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush
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Free for Android and iOS

Want to go back to the olden times and defend your kingdom from magical creatures? You can do so by playing Kingdom Rush. This is also one of the best tower defense games that you can play. Fight off evil trolls, orcs, witches, and other villains from invading your kingdom through an arsenal of spells and towers.

You can customize your defense strategy depending on where the fight will be: forests, mountains, or wastelands. There are 50 different types of enemies and it’s up to you to choose who will be your heroes. Command your soldiers, upgrade your towers, and duel in intense boss fights with this game.


3. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6
Photo by Pocket Gamer


$4.99 on Android and iOS

Monkey popping bloons? Yes, please! This popular game features its new version, the Bloons TD 6 with better graphics and gameplay. It still involves using monkey towers to pop Bloons, but it’s been upgraded to use 3D objects to block the monkey’s line of sight.

Some towers have also been renamed as well, to match The Engineer Monkey. These include Boomerang Monkey, Ice Monkey, and Mortar Monkey. Bomb Tower has also been renamed to Bomb Shooter. Bloons TD 6 doesn’t come for free, but it’s surely worth it once you get addicted to this game.


4. Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival
Photo by Isshax Online


Free for Android and iOS

If you want a game that is similar to The Walking Dead’s setting, then Last Shelter: Survival is perfect for you. In this game, you must develop the best strategy to survive in this zombie-ridden land. You must build your structures and strengthen your defenses, then expand your base in order to protect more people.

The great thing about this game is that it enables you to join alliances in real-time with other players around the world. Together, you can battle with other alliances, build your wasteland empire, and fight for the title of president. It also offers in-app purchases for weapons and structures.


5. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2
Photo by Anomaly 2 Game


$4.99 on Android and iOS

The sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly 2 features a tower defense vs. tower offense gameplay. This game takes place in a dystopian Earth during the year 2018. The planet is overrun by alien machines and humankind is on the brink of extinction. Your mission is to create your ultimate battle squad and fight off the alien invaders to save humankind and the world.

Anomaly 2 is a multi-player game with cool graphics and realistic sound effects. This is what the new version is currently sporting, thanks to its upgraded visual engine. Additionally, the gameplay has also been improved by the developer. You can now experience alternative endings as you approach your enemies during the campaign.


6. Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad
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$2.99 on iOS

Instead of being the hero defending the base, this reverse take on tower defense games lets you play the role of the despicable Dr. Lord Evilstein. You must defend your lair from the heroes who are trying to rescue the princess that you kidnapped. There are plenty of do-gooders lurking around your castle, so you have to set up traps, unleash evil minions, and ensure that evil still reigns.

Experience being the villain for a day … or two, or three, or more with this unique game. The setup is similar to Donkey Kong where you can view your castle on different levels and so you can navigate several floors with ease. It also allows you to set up traps simultaneously. This game is only available for iOS users (sorry Android hopefuls).


7. Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense
Photo by App Kiwi


$2.99 on Android and iOS

Cute monsters and adorable critters await you in this tower defense game that is out of this world. The Jelly nation needs your help in defending the Diploglobe against invaders trying to seize their world. To them, you are their liberator, true leader, and Jelly savior. Thus, you mustn’t let the Jelly nation down.

This app features quirky graphics in addition to the fun strategy gameplay it offers. It might look easy and mindless, but it requires intense memorization and tower-building skills. Who says games will rot your brain? This one will surely sharpen it instead.


8. Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2
Photo by Android Central


$2.99 on Android and iOS

The fieldrunners are invading the world, and your mission is to defend it by building epic mazes. Plus, using the arsenal of devastating weapons that the top scientists have created, you can fend off the fieldrunners more effectively.

Unlike digitally rendered 3D graphics like most apps out there, Fieldrunners 2 is unique. The 2D graphics are hand-painted by award-winning artists, giving you that gorgeous look. There are also new features that weren’t in the previous version, such as new levels and gameplay styles.


9. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2
Photo by Game Informer


Free for Android and iOS

“There’s a zombie in your lawn,” sings Sunflower. Like its popular predecessor, you will still be fighting off zombies using different plants with unique abilities. However, unlike the previous version, you’ll be using a time machine named Penny to travel to different pseudo-historical settings to find Crazy Dave’s taco. Your mission is to outrun Dr. Zomboss and his legion of brain-eating zombies.

There are new plants with new powers, as well as better features to the gameplay. As you reach new levels, you get to unlock new plants with cool abilities. There are also daily and mini games for you to enjoy as well.


10. Dino Bash

Dino Bash
Photo by Fresh Mobile Games on YouTube


Free for Android and iOS

Help the dinosaurs protect their eggs from hungry cavemen in this prehistorically themed tower defense game. Your mission is to lead the dinosaurs against primitive humans by building ground defenses, aerial attacks, and summoning dinosaurs. Their survival is in your hands.

If you ever feel what’s it like if the dinosaurs survived, then Dino Bash will help you imagine it. With this game, you can rewrite history and prevent them from going extinct. You get to strengthen your dinosaurs, upgrade your weapons, and keep of merciless cavemen in this enjoyable game.


11. Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer
Photo by DroidCheat


Free for Android and iOS

Craving for a fantasy-themed tower defense game? Fort Conquer is a free app that will entertain you for hours on end. Fight off the waves of monsters that are rushing to your territory and conquer their fort as well. It’s a classic tower defense gameplay with superb graphics and entertaining plot.

In this game, species evolve into mightier and more powerful creatures. You can create new ones or battle with them. The boss stages will also challenge your skills and keep you on your toes as you progress.


12. Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins
Photo by Tested


$2.99 on Android and iOS

The well-loved Kingdom Rush app has a prequel, and it’s just as good as the Kingdom Rush series. In this game, you’ll be taken back in time even before Vez’nan invaded the kingdom with the gem of power. Your mission is to defend the land against mystical villains using your army of elves.

This game is like playing the Lord of the Rings but with a twist. The developers have added new tower upgrades and new enemy types as well. It costs $2.99 on the App Store and Play Store, and it’s definitely worth the purchase.


13. Tiny Defense

Tiny Defense
Photo by AppSafari


$2.99 on Android and iOS

Mechanical creatures known as ‘minirobots’ live peacefully in their world called the Green Planet until they were attacked. These invaders are called ‘the machines’ and are trying to turn the Green Planet into a space resort, capturing minirobots in the process. However, the little creatures are fighting back, and it’s your job to finish the fight and save their planet.

The cartoon-like graphics of Tiny Defense will make you want to play it for several hours. It’s easy to learn, has a good depth, and contains several levels and mini games, too. Lastly, the boss fights are challenging and will surely test your strategy skills.


14. Fish vs Pirates

Fish vs Pirates
Photo by APKPure


Free for Android and iOS

Probably one of the most addicting games there is, Fish vs. Pirates is a challenging game that will surely test your skills. In this game, you will be using sea creatures to defend the mermaids from evil pirates. You’ll be placing different types of fishes to defend the sea and collect pearls from oysters to get more fishes.

The adorable graphics, fun gameplay, and great music will make Fish vs. Pirates a permanent addition to your mobile phone. When you’re done with the 40 challenging levels in 4 episodes, you’ll want to play it again and again.


15. Robo Defense

Robo Defense
Photo by Pocket Gamer


$2.99 on Android

Try your hand at robot combat with this epic tower defense game. You’ll be controlling the various robots under your command and defending your base from your opponents. Using various weapons at hand, you must win at every level to win against your enemies.

The full version is priced at $2.99, but there is also a free version of the game. You can download it for free to try it first before purchasing the full version. The free trial app is very addicting that you’ll undoubtedly buy the full version itself.


16. Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth
Photo by Gaming Nexus


$3.99 on Android and iOS

Loved the Anomaly 2 app? Try its predecessor first, the Anomaly Warzone Earth, and be even more entertained. Strategy gaming fans have loved this first Anomaly version which is what launched the second version. It features the player leading his troops against alien invaders, and you must plot invincible strategies to win against them.

In this game, you must choose the right squad, route, and special weapons to guarantee your victory. You can also gather resources to buy more weapons and play using different modes.


17. Bardbarian

Photo by Crunchyroll


$4.99 on Android and iOS

In this delightful tower defense game, you are playing Brad the Barbarian. His town is under siege and it’s supposedly up to him to defend his home. Brad has grown tired of fighting and has put down his Axe. He has chosen to pursue his dreams as a musician instead. However, Brad is not giving up his town and has decided to step up to save the day in bizarre ways.

You’ll be jamming Brad’s lute to generate notes and dodge incoming enemy attacks. The notes will also summon followers who will help you defend your town. There are over 8 enemy types and 4 epic boss battles that you have to overcome in order to win this game.


18. iBomber

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$2.99 on Android and iOS

An arcade-style bombing game that’s set in the Pacific Ocean, iBomber transports you back to the year 1943. Your role is an aerial bomber who is protecting the fleet while searching for enemy targets on land and sea. If you have ever liked wartime games and movies, iBomber is perfect for you.

iBomber features 26 missions for you to complete. The 3D spatial sound, detailed graphics, and smooth gameplay make it a unique tower defense game.


19. Lock’s Quest

Lock’s Quest
Photo on IGN


$6.99 on Android and iOS

One of the most-downloaded tower defense games is Lock’s Quest. In this game, your mission is to plot your defenses against the Clockwork horde. You’ll be playing as Lock, the young boy who triggers a war between the Kingdom Force and the Clockwork Army. The gripping storyline and the excellent gameplay make it a great app to download if you’re in need of an exciting game.

The app costs $6.99 without ads. Although it’s quite pricier than most of the apps featured here, the gameplay and the features more than make up for it.


20. Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack
Photo by Mobile Boom on YouTube


Free for Android and iOS

You’ve been living peacefully in your home on a swamp, when it suddenly becomes under attack. Get your gun and ward off zombies, crocodiles, aliens, and more in this fun tower defense game. You’ll have to come up with different strategies to defeat the monsters which will keep you entertained for hours.

Although it’s not as fast-paced as the other games, it’s still a fun game to play. It’s very chill and entertaining, plus it’s free, which is even better.


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