Pokemon Masters APK: Download & Installation Guide

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The Pokémon series has been around for almost 2 decades now. From the original Red and Blue, all the way to the latest incarnations Pokémon Sword and Shield. And it doesn’t look like Nintendo’s stopping anytime soon. In light of this, another Pokémon game released last year. Pokémon Masters intends to entice the content craving Pokémon fans with another game in the series. And this time, they’re going the gacha route. Here’s a guide on how you can download the Pokemon Masters APK and the official app.


What is Pokémon Masters?

Pokemon Masters Gameplay
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Pokemon Masters is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS released in August 2019. Gameplay-wise, it’s a gacha game tournament style of 3v3 battles held on Pasio Island called the Pokémon Masters League. With the main objective being winning and being the champion. There are gacha mechanics as well, as that’s how you earn new teammates and their corresponding partner Pokémon. So it is racketing up the Catch ‘em All aspect of the series. Only this time, with the corresponding trainer as well.


How to Download the Pokemon Masters APK

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For those who don’t want to use the App Store or the Google Play Store, there are many websites to visit that either have the APK and the relevant files. Or are another android game storefront. Softonic is a good choice in the first option. And QooApp is the next go-to for other players for Android Storefronts.

Not only can you do this on Android phones, but you can also play this on PC as well through the use of Emulators such as Bluestacks and Nox. As they also provide the relevant files needed for the game to automatically start without other downloads needed. As for how to download and install it, here’s a step by step guide to do so:


Go to the APK downloading website of your choice

There are many websites that you can download APKs from. AAPKsum, Softonic, and appmirror are some of the most reliable and trustworthy. If you want to download without getting the OBB, you can do so on QooApp for an easier time.


Search for Pokémon Masters

Like on Google Play Store, searching using the search bar is better. Way easier compared to manually finding the game itself. Just type Pokemon Masters APK and it’ll just give you a list of relevant games after the search is finished.


Click Download Pokemon Masters APK

You would then have to click the download APK button after the page is loaded. This would result in you being taken to another page. The loading page per se.


Click Start Download

The download would begin after clicking the start download button indicated. Usually, the APK doesn’t have that much in terms of memory. Do note that this would only download the APK and not the files necessary to play the game. You’ll have to download it in-game.


Downloading the APK installer for Pokémon Masters

The main reason as to why you would wish to download the APK installer is for convenience. It’s easier on your end if you have the APK ready just in case. Instead of waiting for a few minutes for the download on Play Store to finish. Not only that, but even if the APK’s version is outdated, the game will still have the ability to automatically update on startup. Which is a huge plus on downloading APK installers.

How to Download Pokémon Masters on Play Store and App Store

One can usually download Pokémon Masters on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. So you can play the entirety of the game without paying a single cent. But first, here’s how you can download Pokémon Masters on Play Store:

Pokemon Google Play Store
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Go to Google Play Store or App Store

The official way to download the game is to do so on Google Play Store. Simple enough to do.


Search Pokémon Masters

It’s easier to search for the game on the search bar instead of manually looking for the game itself. Click the Pokémon Masters link to send you to its page on Google Play.


Download Pokémon Masters

After searching for the game, click the download button. Simple as that.


Can you download and install mods for Pokémon Masters?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to install mods for Pokémon Masters by yourself. This is because it’s incredibly difficult to create mods for it as it’s a server-based gacha game. These games usually have their game data stored on outbound servers. So most of the usual modding techniques aren’t possible. CLEO for example, has no possible entryway to this.

For example, let’s look at one of the top gacha games today: Fate/Grand Order. The data for your account is not stored on your phone. It’s stored on their servers in Japan or the US. (Depends on which Server you’re playing, JP or US. There are also other servers like CN(China) and RN(Korea)). Now usually, the mods would tinker with the files inside the place you’re playing. This time your android smartphone. And they manipulate the numerical values inside. From currency, attack and defense values of characters, god mode, et cetera.

This kind of manipulation isn’t possible if the data’s on outbound servers. As it’s protected with different firewalls and protections compared to your smartphone. This is to prevent the modification of various player accounts to add unfair advantages. In FGO there isn’t that much of a problem as there’s no PvP aspect to the gameplay. But what this kind of thing happens to a game where there IS PvP?

An example of a game like this with PvP would be Fire Emblem Heroes. There are 2 kinds of PvP modes in-game. The Weekly Arenas and the Weekly Aether Raids. All characters that you have in your roster are usable on those game modes. Add the ability to artificially boost your unit’s stats through mods and cheats? Well, that’s not fair to the other player now, is it?


Anti-Mod Sanctions in Games

This is why those games have tough protections against these kinds of things. And if somehow, someway you manage to do it? Well, there’s only one option: Account Ban. In effect, you won’t be able to play the account anymore. Especially if you’re caught using 3rd party software to boost your account somehow. Azur Lane (another server-based gacha game by Yostar) is particularly infamous for posting a Wall of Shame of those who were caught hacking their game.

And it’s regularly updated every time there’s a new event being released. So if you’re playing that game while cheating and the devs caught you red-handed? Well, tough luck. Your account name shall be plastered for all to see.