18 Best Solitaire Apps for Android and iOS

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Back in the early days of technology, free time was enjoyed in simple ways. Do you remember seeing your parents’ childhood photos showing them playing classic board and card games? Do you recall the times when offline 3D computer games like Pinball, FreeCell, or Solitaire saved you from boredom when the internet was down? Solitaire, specifically, is the perfect game for when you want to have alone time. No wonder it is now available as a Solitaire app that present-day generations can enjoy on mobile.

Solitaire remains to be a popular game because it is not so difficult to play. It is calming and challenging to the brain, so it is among the best card games for Android and iOS. If you have grown tired of RPGs or simulation games and want something nostalgic or not tedious to play, we have the right thing for you.


Best Solitaire Apps to Download and Play



1. Solitaire App by MobilityWare 10. Fairway Solitaire Blast
2. Spider Solitaire App by MobilityWare 11. Full Deck Solitaire App
3. Simple Solitaire Collection 12. Solitaire Arena
4. FreeCell Solitaire Card Game 13. Solitaire Star: Cards Game Set
5. Solitaire Pets Adventure 14. Solitaire Deluxe® 2
6. Microsoft Solitaire Collection 15. Solitaire Plus
7. Tripeaks Solitaire App 16. Solitaire Bliss
8. Pyramid Solitaire Saga 17. Solitared
9. Avalon Legends Solitaire App 18. Play Solitaire

This article will explore some of the best Solitaire game apps for your Android or iOS gadgets. We thought it cool to give you this treat, considering Solitaire is a beloved game worldwide. Also, this is because we want you to discover and enjoy new iterations of the classic Solitaire game you love or are interested in. So, let’s not prolong the wait. Let’s now go over these Solitaire app releases you should download and play.


1. Solitaire App by MobilityWare

Solitaire by MobilityWare has maintained a reputation of being the most authentic and most downloaded version of Solitaire for mobile devices. Besides supporting the classic Solitaire, this mobile game has evolved to include fun daily challenges where you can earn points and trophies each time you win. On top of this, you can also play with a computer, your friends, or other Solitaire players to climb up the global ladder.

The game has ads, but MobilityWare lets you turn those off by making an in-app purchase. The ads aren’t serious distractions anyway. In fact, users have been commenting how those are nothing compared to the fun experienced while playing the game.

Download Free Solitaire for iOS

Download Free Solitaire for Android


2. Spider Solitaire App by MobilityWare

It is no joke when we say Spider Solitaire by MobilityWare is one of the best Solitaire game apps on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Spider Solitaire lets you stack the cards from King to Ace using the same suit, whereas classic Solitaire needs you to stack cards from King to Ace but of alternating suits – red to black and back again.

MobilityWare’s version of the Spider Solitaire game is one of the best mobile apps because of the fun challenges you can do. Try it now to earn points, climb the leaderboard, and come out as the Spider Solitaire master!

Download Spider Solitaire for iOS

Download Spider Solitaire for Android


3. Simple Solitaire Collection

Banner photo of Simple Solitaire Collection for Android
Photo by Tobias Bielefeld from Google Play Store

The Simple Solitaire Collection app is made for players who simply want to have fun without plenty of intrusions. It is 100 percent free to obtain on your Android device and will not disrupt your playthrough with ads.

Even the game’s mechanics are basic, taking you back to the old days of Solitaire. If you want some twists to your gameplay, maybe you will like AcesUp, Canfield, Forty&Eight, and FreeCell, which are also part of the game’s Solitaire collection.

What else can you get in the game? The other features that can keep you playing are deck customization, adjustable difficulty per game, and automatic saves that let you resume your playthrough anytime.

All in all, the game reflects what its name highlights. Whether it will be among your all-time favorite Solitaire games lineup or not will depend on your experience, so try the game now.

Download Simple Solitaire Collection for Android


4. FreeCell Solitaire Card Game

Here’s another MobilityWare card game you will surely not regret downloading into your device, FreeCell Solitaire Card Game.

FreeCell Solitaire is a brain-teaser mobile card game that many players worldwide can’t get enough of. The game gives you a sense of familiarity if you know how to play FreeCell because the mechanics stay true to the latter classic. The only difference is that, as is with other mobile card games developed by MobilityWare, this version of the FreeCell Solitaire app comes with daily challenges. Speaking of daily challenges, you will enjoy the different goals you have to complete when playing this game.

Download FreeCell Solitaire for iOS

Download FreeCell Solitaire for Android


5. Solitaire Pets Adventure

Now here’s a Solitaire app that even the youngsters can enjoy. It’s called Solitaire Pets Adventure and as you might have guessed already, there are cute and quirky animals to meet in it. The characters serve as guides for succeeding in the game.

What makes Solitaire Pets Adventure even more appealing for kids is its 3D user interface. Furthermore, there are fun effects, immersive sounds, and two easy game modes: classic Solitaire and Klondike. However, parents have to supervise kids when installing this game because of in-app purchases.

Download Solitaire Pets Adventure for Android


6. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Kids of the 90s would know that Microsoft has caused the digital obsession with Solitaire thanks to its Windows 97 desktop app. Given that, it is no surprise that the big corporation has produced an upgraded mobile app version of the desktop game many people loved.

Be ready for a wave of nostalgia with Microsoft’s Solitaire Collection. The game did retain the features of the classic desktop hit, so expect it to be addictive as its predecessor. Moreover, similar to other games, this version of Solitaire has daily challenges that can get you competitive.

Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS

Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Android


7. Tripeaks Solitaire App

Tripeaks Solitaire is another game that enhances classic Solitaire through fun graphics, characters, and sounds. The gameplay is simple: tap the cards to stack them in ascending or descending order until a deck is completed. It might look easy but the challenges will surely tease your brain, making you smarter or quicker in thinking critically than before.

Tripeaks Solitaire is also great for teaching kids about Solitaire in a fun and relaxing way.

Download Tripeaks Solitaire for iOS

Download Tripeaks Solitaire for Android


8. Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Banner photo of the game from King
Photo by King from App Store

Modern Solitaire game apps are more fun with colorful 3D characters and sounds. On top of that, some versions of the game have added a storyline that you can follow.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is one of those releases that will get you “hooked” into its story. In the game, you will have to join the heroes in completing plenty of adventure-filled levels. The main quest is to discover the treasures and magic of the Ancients.

Solve puzzles, meet the beetle’s scarabs, and unravel the mysteries behind the cards – all designed to give you a fresh way to play Solitaire.

Download Pyramid Solitaire Saga for iOS

Download Pyramid Solitaire Saga for Android


9. Avalon Legends Solitaire App

Sample gameplay for Avalon Legends mobile card game
Photo by Anawiki Games from Google Play Store

Here’s another Solitaire game that follows a storyline to add thrill to the gameplay – Avalon Legends Solitaire.

In the game, you should protect and save the Kingdom of Avalon from evil by collecting cards and placing them in the correct order. You can also travel to enchanted lands and unleash characters’ skills to come out victorious. Rewards await you throughout your quest and you can use those to conquer future challenges.

Avalon Legends Solitaire is a free Solitaire app for Android device users.

Download Avalon Legends Solitaire for Android


10. Fairway Solitaire Blast

Fairway Solitaire Blast is different from the other free Solitaire apps we have listed so far. If you are looking for a Solitaire game to break the mundane gameplay of the classic versions, this is a must-try.

In Fairway Solitaire, your challenge is to clear the field by stacking up cards. However, the gameplay is classic Solitaire and golf combined. As a result, you get to test your wits in a new way.

Download Fairway Solitaire Blast for iOS

Download Fairway Solitaire Blast for Android


11. Full Deck Solitaire App

The classic Solitaire might feel dull after playing it for a long time. Thankfully, Full Deck Solitaire is here to break the monotony.

Full Deck Solitaire now is a decent version of the classic Solitaire. It also has 63 unique versions of the game that can help you pass the time easily. Moreover, the app features a user interface that even Solitaire game newbies can understand fast. The tools you need are all found at the bottom of the screen and can be accessed anytime. Those controls are helpful, considering some versions of the game might get a little tricky.

Download Full Deck Solitaire for iOS

Download Full Deck Solitaire for Android


12. Solitaire Arena

Promo photo for Solitaire Arena Game
Photo by PopReach Incorporated from Google Play Store

Solitaire Arena is one of the best free Solitaire apps for competitive players on iOS and Android. It has an all-day tournament you can participate in and can include up to eight players per round. You can even play a tournament against a computer if you prefer versus-AI gaming.

The game adds a fun twist to the classic Klondike Solitaire game, according to players. So, if you are looking for something to spice up your Solitaire game, this might be the one for you.

Download Solitaire Arena for iOS

Download Solitaire Arena for Android


13. Solitaire Star: Cards Game Set

Promo photo for Solitaire Star Cards Game Set
Photo by PI Entertainment Limited from App Store

Here’s another version of Solitaire that injects various twists, challenges, and more crunches into your playthrough – Solitaire Star. The game contains 36 popular versions of Solitaire and you can access those for free using your iPhone or iPad.

Solitaire Star lets you beat your high score and share those on Twitter and Facebook to challenge your friends. It also has features for auto-saving your progress and keeping track of your stats.

Download Solitaire Star for iOS


14. Solitaire Deluxe® 2

Some players say you have not played and experienced the best Solitaire game of the 21st century if you haven’t tried Solitaire Deluxe® 2.

The app is highly rated when it comes to the overall user interface, animation, challenges, graphics, and the 20 different versions of Solitaire players can access anytime and anywhere. With all that being said, you may be overwhelmed during your first time playing it. Nonetheless, the game has excellent tutorials to help you navigate its interface and play without any hassle. Through those, even Solitaire experts who are more used to the old platforms will find it easy to use the app and adapt to the game.

Download Solitaire Deluxe 2 for iOS

Download Solitaire Deluxe 2 for Android


15. Solitaire Plus

Solitaire Plus is the best entry to cap our list of the best Solitaire apps. It is the most comprehensive Solitaire app for it offers 40 versions of the card game and more than 400 levels. On top of that, the deck and other aspects of the user interface are highly customizable. Also, there are daily challenges to add thrill to each playthrough.

The content offered might seem infinite but if time is all you have, you can never go wrong with this app that has rave reviews from App Store users.

Download Solitaire Plus for iOS

Download Solitaire Plus for Android


16. Solitaire Bliss

solitaire bliss screenshots
Photo by Mongoose Net Ltd. from App Store

SolitaireBliss is another Solitaire App that is featured on the Google Play Store. There are 30 solitaire games that you can play in the app. From Klondike to Spider Solitaire and Westcliff and Yukon, there are various Solitaire options to choose from. Simply download the app available on Android and iOS platforms to get started.

Download Solitaire Bliss for iOS

Download Solitaire Bliss for Android


17. Solitared

Solitaired.com offers over 500 free games on its platform. You can choose from classic Klondike Solitaire or opt for a variation like Pyramid Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, or FreeCell, among others. You can even compete against other players online and try to secure the top spots on the daily leaderboards.


18. Play Solitaire

This Online Solitaire game is a browser-based game and adapts automatically to your device, no matter if you want to play on a PC, tablet, or phone. You can choose from several cards and backgrounds in this free game. Furthermore, it supports full-screen play and records your play statistics.


Final Word

Solitaire, be it physical or digital, has many loyal fans still playing it. With the development of Solitaire mobile apps, more people can enjoy the card game anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, the apps spicing up the mechanics and competition ensure that the card game is here to stay. Whether you have been a long-time Solitaire player or not, try some of our Solitaire app picks and be a master of the game today!