Terraria Fishing Guide: How to Catch Fish Like a Pro

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In Terraria, fishing is fun because the activity gives you a sense of achievement when you reel in rare fish. It also lets you obtain special gear, just like fighting Terraria bosses. Fishing in the 2D sandbox game could be difficult, though, if you do not know what you need for it, where to do it, and how to get the best catch.

If you are having trouble or want to improve your skills in Terraria fishing, read this article in full. We will teach you everything about the activity for you to become like a pro angler in no time.


Prepare Terraria Fishing Requirements

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The first step to becoming an expert in Terraria fishing is knowing and preparing what you need beforehand. If you already know these, feel free to skip to the succeeding sections.

Body of Water

The depths of the lakes, seas, and oceans are home to fish and sunken treasures. That said, you must head to the biomes with bodies of water or create one to reel in the critters and items. In Terraria, you can also fish in lava or honey.

Note that the fishing spot should be 1,000, 50, and 75 tiles deep if you are required to go to the ocean, a pool of honey, and other bodies of water, respectively.


Fishing Pole

The fishing pole is the primary equipment for Terraria anglers. You can craft the said rod with your supplies or get it from non-playable characters (NPCs), defeated enemies, chests, and crates.

Furthermore, Terraria fishing poles vary in terms of effectiveness. That means if you have many, you still have to pick the best one. To make the decision easy for you, we present an overview of the rods you can get in the game via the table below. The equipment is ranked according to fishing power, the weakest to the strongest from top to bottom.

Fishing Pole Fishing Power Recipe/Source
Wood Fishing Pole 5% 8 Wood
Reinforced Fishing Pole 15% 8 Iron Bars
Fisher of Souls 20% 8 Demonite Bars
Fleshcatcher 22% 8 Crimtane Bars
Chum Caster 25% Defeated Wandering Eye Fish or Zombie Merman
Scarab Fishing Rod 25% Mirage or Oasis Crates
Fiberglass Fishing Pole 27% Jungle or Bramble Crates, Ivy Chests
Mechanic’s Rod 30% Mechanic (Purchase for 20 gold coins)
Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole 40% Traveling Merchant (Purchase for 35 gold coins)
Hotline Fishing Hook 45% Angler (after 25 hard-mode quests, not guaranteed)
Golden Fishing Rod 50% Angler (after 30 hard-mode quests)


Bug Net

If you are surprised that there is a Bug Net in the bucket list of requirements, it is for catching bait such as worms, snails, and insects. It is easy to obtain. You can buy the basic net from the Merchant for 25 silver coins.

The Bug Net can be upgraded to the Lavaproof Bug Net when combined with 15 Hellstone Bars at a Hellforge. The resulting equipment is great to use for fishing in lava or the Underworld. Alternatively, you can have a go at fishing quests from the Angler to get the best net in the game, the Golden Bug Net. The premium net can work in the Overworld and Underworld, and it makes bait-type critters spawn quicker from the grass and flowers it hits.



In Terraria fishing, bait is what lures the fish or treasures. It is not hard to get. You can receive some by breaking crates open, completing quests, or catching them yourself.

Like the fishing poles, bait comes in various forms. Refer to the table below to see all the kinds of bait you can acquire and where to find them. The entries are sorted by fishing power level.

Bait Fishing Power Source/Spawn Conditions
Monarch Butterfly 5% Forest (day)
Sulphur Butterfly 10% Forest (day)
Grasshopper 10% Grass
Snail 10% Cavern
Glowing Snail 15% Glowing Mushroom
Black Scorpion 15% Desert
Grubby 15% Jungle
Hell Butterfly 15% Underworld (day)
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly 15% Forest (day)
Apprentice Bait 15% Angler, crates
Ladybug 17% Forest (Windy Day event)
Water Strider 17% Water surface
Ulysses Butterfly 20% Forest (day)
Dragonfly (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Black) 20% Near water (sunny day)
Jellyfish (Green, Blue, Pink) 20% Underwater (fishing)
Firefly 20% Overworld (night)
Maggot 22% Graveyard, Maggot Zombies
Julia Butterfly 25% Forest (day)
Lavafly 25% Underworld (night)
Sluggy 25% Jungle
Worm 25% Overworld (raining)
Red Admiral Butterfly 30% Forest (day)
Journeyman Bait 30% Angler, crates
Purple Emperor Butterfly 35% Forest (day)
Enchanted Nightcrawler 35% Ground (meteor shower)
Lightning Bug 35% Hallowed Grass (night)
Magma Snail 35% Underworld
Buggy 40% Jungle
Tree Nymph Butterfly 50% Forest (day)
Gold Insects or Critters (Butterfly, Dragonfly, Grasshopper, Ladybug, Water Strider, Worm) 50% Same location as regular variants
Master Bait 50% Angler, crates

The Truffle Worm from the Glowing Mushroom biome was excluded because it is an item used to summon Terraria boss Duke Fishron. It cannot attract underwater critters.


Learn the Terraria Fishing Mechanics

Terraria fishing is easy to learn
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You now have your equipment ready, so the next step is to learn or get a refresher on how to fish in the game. This should be easy for Terraria’s mechanics are less complicated compared to that of other pixel-style games, such as Stardew Valley fishing. You do not need to time your clicks or taps to follow a fishing meter, unlike in the latter game.

Here is how to reel in fish or items in Terraria:
1. Talk to the Angler to take on a fishing quest or skip to the next step.
2. Head to the fishing spot where the underwater critter you are tasked to look for or want to catch is.
3. Walk to the edge of the body of water and not directly on it.
4. Equip your fishing pole.
5. Add at least one bait to your inventory.
6. Cast the fishing pole afterward.
7. Wait for the submerged lure to move up and down.
8. Pull the fishing pole out of the water once you hear a plop sound.



The Angler is an NPC sleeping on the sand near the ocean or in the Underworld. If already encountered, he can be found inside one of your empty homes. The Angler will only give you one fishing quest per day and you cannot change it. A new quest will be available every 4:30 am in the game.


Level Up Terraria Fishing Skills

Aspiring pro anglers should know how to boost their fishing power and luck
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You are good to go if you already know the basics and have a lot of patience. That is because you will eventually get rare fish and items the more you try. What sets pro anglers apart from beginners, though, is the know-how in making Terraria fishing more efficient. You do not need to go elsewhere for that because the best tips for leveling up your fishing skills are here.

Boost Your Fishing Power

The higher your fishing power is, the faster you can catch fish and the better the species caught will be. Fishing power primarily comes from the poles and bait you use, but do you know that you can increase the total percentage further?

That is possible by fishing when it is overcast or raining. The said conditions boost fishing power by 10 and 20 percent, respectively.

The other two ways to add more fishing power are Terraria potions and gear. In terms of potions, players typically use the Fishing Potion that boosts power by 15 percent temporarily. As regards gear, the top picks are the Angler Tackle Bag or Earring and Angler Armor that add 10 and 15 percent to the rating as long as they are equipped. The best item to use, though, is the Chum Bucket that drops from the slain Wandering Eye Fish, Hemoglobin Shark, Blood Eel, Dreadnautilus, or Zombie Merman. It gives an 11 to 20 percent boost, depending on how many are thrown in the water.


Improve Your Luck

Luck affects your chances of reeling in rare fish or items. Although you cannot see your specific rating for it, there are methods to improve luck in the game.

Like Terraria fishing power, luck can be improved by consuming potions. The concoctions you need to boost luck for three to 10 minutes are the Lesser Luck, Luck, and Greater Luck Potions.

Alternatively, you can equip torches to raise your luck level. The torch has to match the biome you are at for it to work. For instance, you need to carry a Hallowed Torch in a Hallowed biome or a Crimson Torch in the Crimson biome.


Critters to Catch Via Terraria Fishing

There is a plethora of fish you can catch in the game
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Terraria is teeming with underwater critters, from the endemic to the rare species. The creatures are found in different biomes and caught at different heights: Sky, Surface, Cavern, and Underground. Sky means more than half of the world’s height from the ground, while Surface is ground level to half of the world’s height above it. Cavern and Underground, meanwhile, are 300ft above and below the bottom of the Terraria world, respectively.

If you want to know more about all the critters you can catch via Terraria fishing, read on.

Quest-independent Critters

Underwater critters you can catch without an active quest include common to rare fishes and arthropods. The table below lists the creatures according to rarity, with common species on the upper-half part and the rare types on the lower-half portion. It also lists where you can catch each one and at what level from the ground that can be done.

Critter Biome Height
Bass Any biome (except Desert Oasis) All levels
Flounder Desert All levels
Salmon Any biome (1,000 tiles-deep water) Sky, Surface
Rock Lobster Desert Oasis All levels
Trout Ocean biome Sky, Surface
Atlantic Cod Snow All levels
Crimson Tigerfish Crimson All levels
Neon Tetra Jungle All levels
Red Snapper Ocean Sky, Surface
Specular Fish Underworld, caverns Underground, Cavern
Tuna Ocean Sky, Surface
Armored Cavefish Any biome (except Desert Oasis) Underground, Cavern
Damselfish Any biome (except Snow, Jungle, Hallow, Corruption, Crimson) Sky
Double Cod Jungle Sky, Surface
Ebonkoi Corruption All levels
Frost Minnow Snow All levels
Hemopiranha Crimson All levels
Princess Fish Hallow All levels
Shrimp Ocean Sky, Surface
Variegated Lardfish Jungle Underground, Cavern
Obsidifish Any biome (in lava) All levels
Prismite Hallow All levels
Stinkfish Any biome (except Corruption, Hallow, Desert Oasis) Underground, Cavern
Chaos Fish Hallow Underground, Cavern
Flarefin Koi Any biome (in lava) All levels
Golden Carp Underworld, caverns Underground, Cavern


Quest-based Critters

Quest critters are all fishes that the angler will request for you to catch. You will learn where every critter is located and at what height each one should be caught below.

Critter Biome Height
Amanita Fungifin Glowing Mushroom All levels
Bloody Manowar Crimson All levels
Eater of Plankton Corruption All levels
Infected Scabbardfish Corruption All levels
Mudfish Jungle All levels
Unicorn Fish Hallow All levels
Bumblebee Tuna Any biome (in Honey) All levels
Bunnyfish Forest Surface
Catfish Jungle Surface
Dynamite Fish Forest Surface
Scarab Fish Desert Oasis Surface
Scorpio Fish Desert Oasis Surface
Slimefish Forest Surface
Zombie Fish Forest Surface
Tropical Barracuda Jungle Surface
Tundra Trout Snow Surface
Clownfish Ocean Surface, Sky
Fallen Starfish Forest Surface, Sky
The Fish of Cthulhu Forest Surface, Sky
Harpy Fish Forest Surface, Sky
Pengfish Snow Surface, Sky
Angelfish Forest Sky
Cloudfish Forest Sky
Batfish Forest Underground, Cavern
Bonefish Forest Underground, Cavern
Demonic Hellfish Forest Underground, Cavern
Dirtfish Forest Underground, Surface
Fishotron Forest Underground, Cavern
Guide Voodoo Fish Forest Underground, Cavern
Jewelfish Forest Underground, Cavern
Mutant Flinxfin Snow Underground, Cavern
Spiderfish Forest Underground, Cavern
Cursedfish Corruption (only in hard mode) All levels
Ichor Fish Crimson (only in hard mode) All levels
Derpfish Jungle (only in hard mode) Surface
Cap’n Tunabeard Ocean (only in hard mode) Surface, Sky
Pixiefish Hallow (only in hard mode) Surface, Sky
Wyverntail Any biome (only in hard mode) Sky
Fishron Snow (only in hard mode) Underground, Cavern
Hunger Fish Forest (only in hard mode) Underground, Cavern
Miragefish Hallow (only in hard mode) Underground, Cavern


Best Items to Get via Terraria Fishing

There are also rare items that can be obtained by fishing
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As previously mentioned, Terraria fishing can give you cool items you can use in your sandbox adventure. Although the tools, weapons, and miscellaneous things you get are random, it is good to know the best items that can be reeled in. That is so that you would not just discard or have those unused in your inventory. To help you out with that, we are sharing some of the top-tier items you can obtain via Terraria fishing.

In water, the best things you can get are the Toxicarp, Blade Tongue, and Crystal Serpent. The Toxicarp is a Corruption weapon that fires bubbles and poisons enemies. The Blade Tongue is a Crimson swinging sword that strikes and lowers the defense of multiple enemies. The Crytal Serpent, meanwhile, is a magic Hallow weapon that shoots ricocheting projectiles.

In lava, the must-catch items are the Obsidian Swordfish, Bottomless Lava Bucket, and Demon Conch. The Obsidian Swordfish is the second strongest spear in the game, and the Bottomless Lava Bucket lets you add lava anywhere for world customization. The Demon Conch transports you to the Underworld, making it a better teleportation item than those that bring you to random places.

In honey, the best object to reel in is the Honeyfin that resembles a golden fish. It works like the most effective Recovery Potions because it can restore 120 Health Points (HP).


Reel in Fish Like an Expert Now

It’s a wrap. With basic to advanced guidelines and tips laid out in this comprehensive guide, you can now fish like a pro. You’ll become an expert fisherman no matter what biome you are in and how long you have been playing Terraria. If this article helped you, share this and let us know what was your rarest catch!

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