Terraria and Don’t Starve Crossover Arrives on Nov 18

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The crossover between horror games Terraria and Don’t Starve Together is finally happening as Klei, the developer of the Don’t Starve games announces the arrival of its latest patch on November 18. The latest update of the game, which they aptly call “An Eye for An Eye,” includes in the poster Terraria bosses like Eye of Cthulhu, Demon Eye, Wandering Eye, and Plantera.

It was in late October when both Terraria and Don’t Starve teased their players about the exciting crossover between their worlds. Terraria, back then, tweeted a GIF showing Don’t Starve’s Wilson coming across the Eye of Cthulhu, in which Klei replied using a clip of the Deerclops.

“Oops, I think we mixed something up somewhere,” Klei said in the caption. “I’m sure it will all sort itself out by next month,” it added. And we are seeing it unfold right now.

Terraria is yet to announce when its part for the crossover is coming, although we are expecting that their update will come out simultaneously with Don’t Starve.

At least one boss from each game is expected to make an appearance on the other. Basing it on the teaser, Eye of Cthulhu and Deerclops might be the ones to swap.

Terraria’s Eye of Cthulhu spawns early in the game. They are agile during fights that will put your reflexes to the test. On the other hand, players who may encounter Deerclops will find its enormous health and damage challenging. It becomes active during winter.

We can only second-guess how this crossover will affect each game and there is only one way to find out.