Best Terraria Wings: How You Can Get and Use Each One

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With Terraria bosses giving you a hard time with their bullet hell-style attacks, your best bet to slay them and survive is to evade while attacking. However, dodging is easier said than done, unless your fingers are naturally agile in hitting the controls for running and jumping. If you are having a hard time doing that, there is still hope – fly with the best Terraria wings.

In this guide, you will learn more about Terraria wings and identify which of them are the best to use in the popular Metroidvania game.


How Many Wings Are in Terraria?

Terraria wings let you fly and hover in the game
Screenshot from official Terraria trailer

Terraria wings give you the ability to fly or hover for a limited time when set in your accessories slot. As of Version 1.4 or Journey’s End Update, there are 46 pairs of wings you can obtain in the game.

The wings are not the same as each other in many aspects. Variations can be the looks, effects, flight time, height, and speed. The wings are also different from flying mounts, which are critters players ride on and not equip to their backs.

Note that there are Terraria wings that can be mounted. Also, some do not come in the stereotypical appearance of wings. Those exceptions are the Celestial Starboard that resembles a star-shaped hoverboard, and the Hoverboard that looks like a thruster-propelled futuristic flying platform.


How to Get Wings in Terraria?

Terraria wings can be obtained from enemies, NPCs, and crafting
Screenshot from official Terraria trailer

Terraria wings, except the Fledgling Wings, are only available when the game enters hard mode or after you defeat the boss called the Wall of Flesh. There are many ways to obtain a pair, though, so every player has a chance to experience it.

Slay Terraria Bosses

Terraria wings can be dropped as loot or treasure bags by defeated bosses and mini-bosses. Examples are the Empress Wings from bullet hell-type boss Empress of Light, Fishron Wings from bat-fish-pig hybrid boss Duke Fishron, and Festive Wings from special event mini-boss Everscream.


Purchase or Receive from NPCs 

Some wings can be bought or obtained as a quest reward from Non-playable Characters (NPCs) in Terraria. Those NPCs are the Steampunker, Witch Doctor, and Angler. The first two are merchants while the last is a quest giver. You’ll encounter the Steampunker girl after you slay Skeletron Prime, The Twins, and The Destroyer — the hard-mode mechanical bosses in Terraria. The Witch Doctor will appear when there is an empty house and after you slay Queen Bee. The Angler, meanwhile, can be encountered sleeping near the ocean.


Craft the Accessories 

If you’re having trouble defeating bosses or finding NPCs for wings, you can still obtain many of the said accessories. That is because most wings can be crafted just like Terraria potions but via an anvil. Note that the best wings might require rare materials.


Best Terraria Wings to Use 

You’re now ready to pick Terraria wings to wear or ride. To make the choice easier for you, we’ve listed below the 15 best wings in the game. There is also information here on where you can get or how you can make them, as well as the uses and effects when equipped.

1. Celestial Starboard Celestial Starboard

Source: Defeated Moon Lord

The Celestial Starboard, although without the word “wings” in its name and a conventional appearance, is the best wing for many Terraria players. The star-shaped hoverboard has a very fast vertical and horizontal flight speed that reaches 175 and 86mph, respectively. The former rating is the fastest in the game. The rate at which you will descend while wearing it, meanwhile, is slow at 51mph. Additionally, the Celestial Starboard keeps you afloat up to 201 blocks high within three seconds.

In terms of the use, the Celestial Starboard is great for replaying any boss fight to farm the enemies for rare loot. Why? It moves in all directions swiftly and lets you stay in the air longer than other accessories, making it the perfect all-purpose Terraria wings.


2. Stardust Wings Stardust Wings

Recipe: 14x Stardust Fragments, 10x Luminite Bars 

The Stardust Wings are the next best Terraria wings. The silky-looking accessory lets you fly up to 167 blocks high and hover horizontally as fast as 46mph for up to three seconds. Moreover, you can ascend 50 percent faster than usual with it.

The Terraria Wings can be equipped when navigating unlit biomes aside from boss battles. That is because the accessory glows like the stars. It even emits a trail effect if you are wearing the full Stardust Armor.


3. Solar Wings Solar Wings

Recipe: 14x Solar Fragments, 10x Luminite Bars

The Solar Wings are like the Stardust Wings with regards to flight time, speed, and boosts. They also stand out in dark environments because of their glow. These are the reasons why many players rank the two next to each other.

That said, the differentiating factor between the wings will be the appearance. The Stardust Wings that feature a blue hue will most likely be your pick if you admire the beauty of the night sky. On the other hand, the Solar Wings that have a fiery hue will be your choice if you like the brightness of the sun.


4. Nebula Mantle Nebula Mantle

Recipe: 14x Nebula Fragments, 10x Luminite Bars

The Nebula Mantle is a wings-shaped cloak that shows a galaxy design when spread out and leaves a pulsating trail effect if with the Nebula Armor. Once equipped, you will be able to hover 300 percent faster than the usual 33mph rate for three seconds on Terraria PC or mobile and 2.67 seconds on a console. Duration is doubled when hovering. The accessory can also take you up to 143 or 106 blocks high 50 percent quicker than normal.

In terms of functions, the said Terraria wings are primarily used for dealing with bosses that attack from one side of the screen due to its speed boost for horizontal movement. Aside from that, they are also an in-game fashion item for magic specialists. You will appreciate the accessory the most if you are a fan of nebula designs and video game mages who wear galaxy-themed cloaks. An example of the latter is the White Witch in Ni No Kuni.


5. Vortex Booster Vortex Booster

Recipe: 14x Vortex Fragments, 10x Luminite Bars

The Vortex Booster is a set of Terraria wings that gives the same perks as the Nebula Mantle. That said, the only difference is the ingredients for making it and how it looks.

Appearance-wise, the Vortex Booster will be more attractive to you compared to the Nebula Mantle if you want a mechanical getup. The former looks like a metallic bug that diffuses blue sparks. It matches iron, lead, and platinum armor best.


6. Fishron Wings Fishron Wings

Source: Defeated Duke Fishron

The Fishron Wings might not support hovering, but they are the best Terraria wings to use underwater. If you are wearing them in the ocean or pool of honey, you will no longer move slowly. In the skies, you can also be almost as fast as someone using the Stardust Wings. That is because the Fishron Wings can fly at 41mph for up to three seconds. The set of wings can also take you as high as 143 blocks.

The Fishron Wings are ideal to use when you want to fight Queen Bee or Duke Fishron again to get all their loot or build an underwater fortress, city, or home.


7. Empress Wings Empress Wings

Source: Defeated Empress of Light

If beauty is your only criterion when choosing Terraria wings, Empress Wings will be the best for you. The accessory radiates light in rainbow colors and looks like the wings of a butterfly or fairy.

The Empress Wings will also let you soar 41mph fast and up to 143 blocks high. You’ll be in mid-air for up to two and a half seconds. Ascension can be made faster when you click the up button. That is useful if you are battling Terraria bosses such as The Destroyer that strikes from the ground.


8. Steampunk Wings Steampunk Wings

Source: Steampunker, after Golem is defeated

The Steampunk Wings are among the easiest Terraria wings to obtain after you defeat the bosses Plantera and Golem. You only need to buy the pair of wings from the Steampunker girl for three Platinum, which requires less effort to earn compared to gathering special fragments and Luminite bars.

The Steampunk Wings have decent flight ratings, making them effective against less challenging hard-mode bosses like the flying Lunatic Cultist. They propel you up to 107 blocks at 38mph on PC and mobile. On a console, the height is up to 91 blocks while the speed is 40mph. The flight time matches that of the Celestial Starboard.


9. Betsy’s Wings Betsys Wings

Source: Defeated Betsy (dragon), Old One’s Army event

Betsy’s Wings can take you as high as 119 blocks at speeds of 36mph on PC and mobile and 31mph on a console. The accessory also lets you hover 300 percent faster than normal for up to five seconds.

Given that the said Terraria wings highlight a long duration for hovering, they are best equipped when building the grandest structures in the game. You will be able to place more materials while hovering.


10. Spooky Wings Spooky Wings

Recipe: 20x Soul of Flight, 1x Spooky Twig

The Spooky Wings have flight ratings that are good when you have just triggered hard mode. The said Terraria wings’ speed is 38mph, while the flight duration is three seconds. The flying height is 107 blocks on PC and mobile or 91 blocks on a console.

You would want to use the Spooky Wings during Halloween because the accessory looks like the ravaged wings of a scary raven or vulture.


11. Festive Wings

Source: Defeated Everscream (Christmas tree monster), Frost Moon event

Like the Spooky Wings, the Festive Wings are a holiday-themed accessory. They resemble a Christmas tree with actual ball ornaments that light up. You’ll enjoy wearing the latter wings in December because you can make yourself the symbol of the festivity in the game.

As regards flight, the said Terraria wings let you soar as high as 107 blocks for three seconds on PC and mobile and 86 blocks for 2.83 seconds on a console. Speed is 38mph.


12. Hoverboard Hoverboard

Recipe: 20x Soul of Flight, 18x Shroomite Bars

The Hoverboard is classified as a wing-type accessory in Terraria because the function is like that of wings. It lets you fly at 33mph up to 94 blocks high on PC and mobile or 32mph up to 86 blocks high on a console. You stand on the hoverboard, though, instead of attaching it to your back.

What is great about the Hoverboard is its horizontal hovering speed boost that reaches 233 percent. Moreover, it is silent while you are flying. That said, you will be able to focus better on building or exploration.


13. Bone Wings Bone Wings

Recipe: 20x Soul of Flight, 1x Bone Feather

Bone Wings are Terraria wings that are also great to use during Halloween. Despite the skeletal look, they can still propel you up to 94 blocks high with a speed of 38mph on PC and mobile, or 72 blocks high as fast as 36mph on a console. Flight time ranges from 2.33 to 2.83 seconds.


14. Spectre Wings Spectre Wings

Recipe: 20x Soul of Flight, 10x Spectre Bars

The Spectre Wings are formerly known as the Ghost Wings in Terraria. The accessory got its name from its translucent appearance. You will most likely want the wings because of their semi-opaque design.

Other than that, the said Terraria wings have decent ratings when it comes to flight. They can make you soar up to 94 blocks high for 2.83 seconds on PC and mobile, and 81 blocks high for 2.67 seconds on a console. Speed is 38mph on all gaming platforms.


15. Beetle Wings Beetle Wings

Recipe: 20x Soul of Flight, 8x Beetle Husk

The Beetle Wings are similar to the Spectre Wings when you see its flight time, height, and speed on PC, mobile, and console. What is different between the two is that the former is silent, contrary to real-life beetle wings that can be noisy.


Soar to Greater Heights with Terraria Wings

Terraria wings make boss fights easier, in-game world customization faster, and character looks cooler than before. That is why players take on the challenges of obtaining one, no matter how hard those are. By knowing what the best wings are, you can experience all of the mentioned benefits. Take your pick from our list now and soar to greater heights in Terraria!