Top 20 Text-Based Games For Mobile You Should Be Playing

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With the rise of powerful smartphones and its advanced graphics, text-based games are becoming out of date. But even though mobile games are being dominated by 3D graphics, text-based games can still be far more interesting and still is making its name on the mobile platform. Although, some people will find these types of games less engaging since it’s entirely focused on the story and does not use a lot of visual representations.

Text-based games gained popularity on the web but since we are on the age of smartphones, it has now become widely available on mobile. You also get to have the convenience of playing it anytime and anywhere you want. There are a bunch of different text-based games available on mobile, we have rounded up the top 20 games in no particular order.

Best Text-Based Games For Mobile
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Top 20 Text-Based Games For Mobile


1. Blackbar

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Blackbar is a sci-fi story of a dystopian future where the game is focused on the concept of censorship. There are parts that are censored and it is up to you to uncover all using clues given in order to progress in the game. It has an interesting take on text-based games and is surely a unique experience. Although, this game might not be for everyone.

Price: $0.99 on Android and $2.99 on iOS


2. Horror in the darkness

If you are looking for an investigative type of text-based game, Horror in the darkness is for you. It is a story about a former soldier of World War II who becomes a private investigator. The story revolves around him helping his widowed friend.

What happens after helping his friend is something that will surely excite you. Its story is bizarre, waiting to unfold in front of your eyes. Your goal in this game is to investigate, put clues together and solve puzzles uncovering some deep, dark secrets.

Price: Free with in-app purchases on Android and iOS


3. A Dark Room

A Dark Room
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One of the oldest and probably the most played text-based game, A Dark Room is a game of exploration. Although quite strange compared to most games, this game has great storytelling. Its entire map is a series of characters and you will explore different areas to reveal resources and important locations. Its interface might look bare but the game will surely grow on you.

Price: $1.99 on Android and iOS


4. Lifeline

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Lifeline is a story about a science intern named Taylor who is probably the only survivor on the lifeless moon after a spaceship crashes. In this text-based game, you are tasked to guide Taylor to safety.

Your decisions will lead his fate, whether he survives the strange world or die alone in the lifeless moon. You will be asked to choose one from two dialogues and whatever choice you make decides what entails Taylor’s life. Sci-fi fans will truly enjoy this game.

Price: $1.99 on Android and iOS


5. Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be

Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be
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Are you a fan of classic literature? Shakespeare, perhaps? This text-based game is for you. Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be is a lighthearted take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In this game, you get to play as various characters and decide what will happen in the story. You can play as Hamlet and avenge his father’s death or play as Ophelia.

Price: $6.99 on Android and iOS


6. BitLife

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Imagine a text-based game that gives you a glimpse of how it’s like to grow up as a different person. Well, no need to imagine because InstLife is exactly this. It’s a unique take on an RPG game that lets you live a whole life from the very beginning.

The game starts by giving you a life that starts at birth. What you will do is decide to do good or bad in school, which career path to take and if you are going to take your relationship to the next level or not. Not a bad take for a life simulation game.

Price: Free on Android and iOS


7. Sorcery!

The first game of the four-part series, Sorcery! might have heavier graphical elements compared to other text-based games, but it’s perfectly fine. In this game, you will navigate the world and engage with it through narrative and decision making. The story then forms around your decisions. The game changes itself depending on what you do and how you play. Definitely worth to play!

Price: $4.99 on Android and iOS


8. Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots
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Choice of Robots is one of the games from the series ‘Choice Of’ that offers different interactive text-based games where the story is controlled by choices. This 3,000-word interactive sci-fi novel lets you play through 30 years of the life of a robot maker.

Your decisions will decide whether robots will turn in to human or they will co-exist peacefully. If you’re looking for a game that has good visuals or sound effects, this might not be for you as this is purely text-driven. But even though, you will surely enjoy reading and participating in this game.

Price: $5.99 on Android and iOS


9. Reigns – Text-Based Games

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Reigns Game is a text-based game incorporated with card and strategy elements. This is the first game of the three series. In this game, you sit on the throne as the king of the medieval monarch modern age and rule the kingdom.

You will be presented with different scenarios and it’s in your hands to decide and survive the never-ending gauntlet requests of your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while making sure that there is order in your kingdom.

Price: $2.99 on Android and iOS


10. Sorcery! 2 – Text-Based Games

Sorcery! 2
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Get ready for an awesome adventure through a city of thieves, monsters, magic, and traps. This may be the second game on the Sorcery! Series, but you don’t have to play the first one to enjoy this game.

This text-based game is fully interactive and is written around all your actions and choices. You can also pick whether you want to be a female or a male hero. You can either start your adventure or load your characters from part 1.

Price: $4.99 on Android and iOS


11. Simulacra – Text-Based Games

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Simulacra is one of the newer text-based games. Similar to other types, this game revolves around you finding a lost phone and you must find its owner. A step up from similar types, Simulacra added some horror and thriller element.

This game is close to real and will surely give you the chills whenever you play this game. Uncover the mystery of what happened to Anna. It has five endings, various puzzles to solve and a voice-over cast that will spice up your gaming experience.

Price: $4.99 on Android and iOS


12. Magium – Text-Based Games

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Fulfill your dream of becoming a mage with Magium, a simple text-based game with some RPG elements. You will be Barry, a normal guy who has dreams of becoming a mage. As Barry, you will enter different tournaments to improve his stats and try to make his dream come true.

The game is in active development and there are two whole books to play through and the third one that is being made. If you think that you have what it takes to help Barry become a mage, this is for you. It’s perfect for those who are looking to commit to a game that is going to take a while.

Price: Free with in-app purchases on Android and iOS


13. Simulacra: Pipe of Dreams

Simulacra: Pipe of Dreams is a spin-off from the main game, Simulacra. With the same horror and thriller elements, this text-based game is not that far from the original version. Also, you don’t have to play the main game to understand this story.

You play as Teddy and you find messages that you didn’t send. Your adventure starts here. Teddy finds messages he sent which he has no recollection of sending. He also finds himself blacking out with huge gaps of time missing. You will help him unfold this mystery.

Price: Free on Android and iOS


14. Out There Chronicles – Ep 1 and 2

Out There Chronicles – Ep 1 and 2
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A unique concept of a text-based game, Out There Chronicles – Ep. 1 is an interactive graphic novel based on the science fiction universe of Out There. The game starts when you wake up on America, a planet colonized by humans who fled Earth.

Your quest to find your people will set you off on a galactic adventure where you will meet different colorful characters and visit unimaginable locations. But keep in mind, that every decision you make will have consequences.

Price: Ep 1: $1.99 on Android and iOS; Ep 2: $1.99 on Android and iOS


15. Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty
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The second installment to the reigns series, Reigns: Her Majesty revolves around the story of the queen in this cultural renaissance that has bestowed the world with the new era of knowledge and enlightenment.

People around the queen have been consumed by jealousy and greed and you must protect the throne from those who are trying to depose the queen, which will be you. Carefully navigate the foolish politics and emotional pleas of the kingdom’s subject while maintaining balance.

Price: $2.99 on Android and iOS


16. Out There: Ω Edition

Out There: Ω Edition
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Out There: Ω Edition is an update to the original Out There games. This is one of the most popular text-based games. It’s a sci-fi adventure game that lets you play as an astronaut lost in space. Your aim is to do whatever it takes to survive and gather resources.

Compared to other games of the same type, Out There: Ω Edition, has that comic book style graphics that add an interesting entertainment. You will encounter mysterious objects, aliens, and other spaceships and a ‘safe path’ which you will have to discover.

Price: $3.99 on Android and iOS


17. Sorcery! 3 – Text-Based Games

Sorcery! 3
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Begin your journey in this epic adventure through the cursed wilderness of monsters, trap, and magic. Explore this world and create your unique story, as it unfolds real-time built around your choices and action.

Compared to the first two games of the series, this third part offers more choices, enemies, and spells. You don’t need to play the first two parts to understand the series but if you have played them before, you can load your characters and start from there.

Price: $4.99 on Android and iOS


18. Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones
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Hail Game of Thrones fans! There’s a text-based game made for you. Play as one of your beloved characters from this TV series and rule the Iron Throne by imposing your will. The fate of the seven kingdoms is in your hands.

Will you listen to the people of Westeros or will you decide on your own. Find out what your fate will be in this exciting game. There are also mini-games included in this installment so you won’t have to only focus on the story you are building.

Price: $3.99 on Android and iOS


19. Sorcery! 4 – Text-Based Games

Sorcery! 4
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The fourth installment on the Sorcery! Series, this game lets you play on the open-world narrative adventure of the cursed Citadel of monsters, magic, and traps. In this game, you will fight weird creatures, cast spells that will shape your story and explore everywhere.

Just like the other games, the story revolves around all your choices. It might not be the text-based game you are expecting but it is surely worth a try. You can either start from here or load your characters from previous installments.

Price: $4.99 on Android and iOS


20. King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass
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King of Dragon Pass is a text-based strategy game with a fantasy theme and RPG elements. This game uses more graphical elements than most games of this type. Even though it is graphical, you will still get to feel of texting games.

You will need to gather goods, trade for stuff, go on adventures and slay mighty beasts. Comparing the story to other games, this one is a lot deeper and longer. This is a fun game to play but it comes with a price as this game costs a lot more.

Price: $5.99 on Android and iOS


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