Apple Confirms It Now Gives You One Year To Add AppleCare+ To Your Phone

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In exciting news for Apple users, the tech giant has recently confirmed that it now offers a one-year window to add AppleCare+ to your phone. This provides customers with an extended period to decide whether they want to purchase the additional protection plan for their device. AppleCare+ is a comprehensive warranty plan that covers not only manufacturing defects but also provides coverage for accidental damage. By extending the time frame to one year, Apple is giving users more flexibility and time to make an informed decision about protecting their valuable investment. Whether you’re prone to dropping your phone or want peace of mind knowing that you’re covered against unforeseen damages, AppleCare+ offers an added layer of security. Let’s explore more about AppleCare+ and its benefits in ensuring the longevity of your mobile device.

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Apple Confirms it Now Gives You One Year to Add AppleCare+ to Your Phone

Apple has recently announced a significant change to its AppleCare+ policy, much to the delight of iPhone users. Previously, customers had 60 days from the date of purchase to purchase AppleCare+ for their iPhones. However, Apple has now extended this time frame to a full year, giving users more flexibility and time to make this important decision.

So, what exactly is AppleCare+? It is an extended warranty program offered by Apple for its line of iPhones. With AppleCare+, you receive additional coverage for your device, including accidental damage protection and technical support.

The recent policy change by Apple offers several advantages to iPhone users. Firstly, it gives customers more time to evaluate their needs and decide if they want to invest in AppleCare+. In the past, many users felt rushed to make a decision within the 60-day window, often resulting in missed opportunities to protect their devices.

Another significant benefit is the added convenience of purchasing AppleCare+ at any time within the first year of owning an iPhone. Users no longer have to worry about forgetting to add AppleCare+ during their initial purchase. They can now take their time to assess the need for extended coverage, potentially saving them from unexpected repair costs down the line.

Adding AppleCare+ to your phone provides you with peace of mind and a sense of security. Accidents happen, and with AppleCare+, you have coverage for accidental damage, such as cracked screens or liquid damage. Moreover, AppleCare+ offers priority access to Apple’s technical support, ensuring that you receive prompt assistance whenever you encounter any issues with your iPhone.

So, how can you add AppleCare+ to your phone? The process is simple and can be done either at the time of purchase or within the first year of owning your iPhone. To add AppleCare+ during your purchase, simply choose the option to include it when you’re buying your new phone. If you didn’t opt for AppleCare+ initially, don’t worry! You can still add it by visiting an Apple Store or contacting Apple Support within the one-year timeframe.


In conclusion, the announcement from Apple that customers now have one year to add AppleCare+ to their phones is undoubtedly a welcome development. This extended timeframe allows users to fully assess their phone’s performance and durability before deciding to invest in additional protection. The ability to add AppleCare+ within the first year provides peace of mind, knowing that accidental damage and technical issues can be addressed without incurring exorbitant repair or replacement costs.

With AppleCare+, users can enjoy comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage protection and priority access to Apple’s technical support. This not only ensures a worry-free ownership experience but also prolongs the lifespan of the device. Whether it’s a cracked screen or a malfunctioning component, AppleCare+ offers a reliable solution.

So, if you’ve recently purchased an iPhone, make sure to take advantage of the one-year grace period and consider adding AppleCare+ to safeguard your investment. It’s a smart decision that provides added protection, peace of mind, and exceptional customer service from Apple.


1. Can I purchase AppleCare+ for my iPhone after the purchase date?

Absolutely! Apple now allows you to add AppleCare+ to your iPhone for up to one year after the original purchase date. This extended window gives you more flexibility and peace of mind.

2. What does AppleCare+ cover?

AppleCare+ provides additional coverage beyond the standard warranty for your iPhone. It covers up to two incidents of accidental damage, such as drops or liquid spills, over a two-year period. It also includes technical support for software and hardware issues.

3. How much does AppleCare+ cost?

The cost of AppleCare+ varies depending on the iPhone model you own. Generally, the price ranges from $149 to $199. It’s worth noting that repairs or replacements without AppleCare+ can be considerably more expensive, making the coverage a valuable investment.

4. Can I transfer AppleCare+ from one iPhone to another?

Yes, Apple allows you to transfer your AppleCare+ coverage from one iPhone to another. This is especially convenient if you upgrade or sell your current iPhone and want to transfer the remaining coverage to the new device. Simply contact Apple Support for assistance with the transfer.

5. What is the process for purchasing AppleCare+ after the initial purchase?

To add AppleCare+ to your iPhone after the initial purchase, you can visit an Apple Store, contact Apple over the phone, or even do it online. The process is quick and easy, and you will need to have your iPhone’s serial number, proof of purchase, and some other basic information handy.