How To Use Training Transfer Points In FIFA Mobile

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In the world of mobile gaming, FIFA Mobile stands as one of the most popular and engaging sports games. With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and dynamic features, FIFA Mobile offers an unparalleled soccer experience right at your fingertips. However, mastering the game and reaching the pinnacle of success requires more than just basic skills. One crucial aspect that players need to understand is the concept of Training Transfer Points. These points play a vital role in enhancing player attributes and unlocking their full potential. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile, exploring how they work and offering valuable tips on how to effectively utilize them. So, get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level as we dive into the fascinating world of Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile.

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  2. Importance of Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile
  3. How to Earn Training Transfer Points
  4. Utilizing Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile
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Understanding Training Transfer Points

In FIFA Mobile, Training Transfer Points play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of your players. These points allow you to level up your players’ skills and attributes, making them more effective on the field. By understanding how Training Transfer Points work, you can optimize your training strategies and unlock the full potential of your team.

When you train a player in FIFA Mobile, you will earn Training Transfer Points based on the amount of experience gained. These points can then be used to upgrade the skills and attributes of your players. Each player has a maximum number of Training Transfer Points that they can accumulate, so it’s important to use them wisely.

It’s worth noting that certain skills and attributes have a greater impact on a player’s performance than others. For example, improving a player’s shooting or passing ability can significantly increase their goal-scoring or playmaking capabilities. On the other hand, attributes like stamina or acceleration can enhance a player’s overall endurance and speed, making them more effective in fast-paced matches.

When deciding which skills and attributes to focus on during training, consider the role of the player and your team’s playing style. For instance, if you have a striker who specializes in finishing, it makes sense to invest in upgrading their shooting skills. Likewise, if your team relies on counter-attacks, improving the speed and acceleration of your midfielders can give you a competitive edge.

To maximize the effectiveness of your Training Transfer Points, it’s important to plan your training sessions strategically. Instead of randomly allocating points to different skills and attributes, focus on areas where your players have the most potential for improvement. This approach will allow you to see significant growth in their overall performance.

Additionally, keep an eye on the market to identify players with high potential and low transfer values. By signing these players and utilizing Training Transfer Points efficiently, you can mold them into star players that will greatly impact your team’s success. Remember, every Training Transfer Point counts, so make the most out of each training opportunity.

Importance of Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile

Training Transfer Points play a crucial role in FIFA Mobile as they allow players to level up their skills and attributes. These points are acquired through various gameplay activities and can be used to enhance your players’ performance on the field. Understanding the importance of Training Transfer Points is essential for maximizing your team’s potential and achieving success in the game.

One of the primary benefits of Training Transfer Points is that they enable you to improve your players’ skills and attributes beyond their natural limits. In FIFA Mobile, each player has a maximum level that they can reach through regular training. However, using Training Transfer Points allows you to surpass this limit and push your players to new heights.

By investing Training Transfer Points in your players, you can enhance their abilities in key areas such as shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, and physical attributes. This provides you with a competitive advantage on the field, allowing you to outperform your opponents and secure victories in matches and tournaments.

Additionally, Training Transfer Points give you the flexibility to customize your players’ development according to your playstyle and strategy. Whether you prefer a fast-paced counter-attacking style or a possession-based approach, the ability to allocate Training Transfer Points to specific attributes gives you control over how your players perform on the pitch.

Furthermore, Training Transfer Points offer a sense of progression and achievement within the game. As you accumulate and use these points, you can see your players evolve and improve, reflecting the effort and dedication you have put into their development. This sense of growth adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the overall FIFA Mobile experience.

It is important to note that Training Transfer Points are a valuable resource and should be managed wisely. Prioritize investing these points in your key players or those who align with your preferred playstyle. This strategy ensures that you get the most out of your Training Transfer Points and optimize your team’s performance.

How to Earn Training Transfer Points

In FIFA Mobile, Training Transfer Points are essential for improving the skills and attributes of your players. These points allow you to transfer the experience gained from one player to another. By using Training Transfer Points wisely, you can enhance the performance of your team on the pitch. Here are some effective ways to earn Training Transfer Points:

1. Completing Daily Activities: One of the easiest ways to earn Training Transfer Points is by completing daily activities. These activities can range from playing matches to participating in events. Make sure to check the daily tasks and objectives to maximize your Training Transfer Points earnings.

2. Completing Campaign Mode: Campaign Mode offers a series of challenging matches against different opponents. By completing these campaigns, you not only earn rewards but also Training Transfer Points. Keep progressing through the campaigns to earn more points and strengthen your team.

3. Participating in Events: FIFA Mobile regularly hosts events that provide players with opportunities to earn rewards, including Training Transfer Points. Whether it’s a live event or a special event, make sure to participate in them and complete the objectives to earn additional points.

4. Completing League Achievement Tasks: Joining a league in FIFA Mobile opens up more avenues for earning Training Transfer Points. By successfully completing league achievement tasks, you can earn significant amounts of points. Coordinate with your league members and focus on completing these tasks to boost your points tally.

5. Opening Packs: In FIFA Mobile, you have the chance to open packs that contain valuable player items. Some of these packs may also include Training Transfer Points as rewards. Keep an eye out for such packs and open them to get extra points to enhance your team’s performance.

6. Season Rewards: At the end of a season in FIFA Mobile, you will receive rewards based on your performance. These rewards may include Training Transfer Points as well. Make sure to push your team to perform well in the season to earn additional points.

By utilizing these methods, you can consistently earn Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile. Remember, these points are crucial for improving your team’s skills and attributes, so make the most of every opportunity to earn them. Invest your points wisely to create a strong and formidable team on the virtual pitch!

Utilizing Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile, the popular mobile football game, offers players the ability to improve their team and players through various training options. One such option is the use of Training Transfer Points, which can significantly enhance a player’s skills and attributes. In this article, we will explore how to effectively utilize Training Transfer Points in FIFA Mobile to maximize player development and overall team performance.

Skills and attributes play a crucial role in a player’s performance on the field. In FIFA Mobile, Training Transfer Points allow you to boost these skills and attributes, essentially training specific players to become even better. The key is to strategically allocate these points to the right players at the right time to optimize their growth.

Increasing Training Efficiency

When it comes to utilizing Training Transfer Points efficiently, it’s important to consider two factors: player potential and specific skill requirements. Focus first on players with high potential, as they have the greatest room for improvement. This ensures that you are investing your training resources wisely.

Next, analyze the skill requirements of each position in your team. Take into account the attributes that are most essential for each position, such as speed for strikers or passing for midfielders. By identifying these key attributes, you can prioritize allocating Training Transfer Points to improve them for the respective players.

Using Transfer Points Strategically

Strategic allocation of Transfer Points involves considering the current and potential attributes of your players. Start by identifying the areas in which each player needs improvement. For example, if a defender lacks strength, you can assign Training Transfer Points to boost their strength attribute.

Additionally, it’s vital to distribute Training Transfer Points evenly across your team. Focusing solely on one or two players might create an unbalanced team, leaving weaker players vulnerable against opponents with a more well-rounded team. Therefore, ensure that all positions receive adequate attention to maintain overall team harmony.

Furthermore, keep an eye on the market to scout for new players with high potential and attributes that align with your team’s needs. By acquiring such players, you can make the most of your Training Transfer Points and further strengthen your team’s performance.


In conclusion, understanding and utilizing training transfer points are fundamental for success in FIFA Mobile. By strategically allocating them to improve the attributes of your players, you can significantly enhance their performance on the field. Remember to prioritize training points based on the player’s position and playing style, always aiming to maximize their potential.

Whether you’re focusing on building a strong defense, a potent attack, or a balanced team, investing in training transfer points is essential. Take the time to evaluate your squad, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and allocate training points accordingly. Additionally, stay updated with the latest player releases and events to ensure your team is always equipped with the best attributes and abilities.

By implementing these training transfer strategies, you’ll be able to elevate your gameplay and achieve great success in FIFA Mobile. So, get out on the virtual pitch, train your players, and dominate the competition with your superior team!


Q: Can I transfer points from one FIFA Mobile account to another?
A: No, FIFA Mobile does not allow the transfer of points between accounts. Each account is separate and has its own points balance.

Q: How can I earn training transfer points in FIFA Mobile?
A: Training transfer points can be earned through various in-game activities, such as completing skill games, participating in events, and winning matches. Additionally, you can obtain training transfer points by opening packs or purchasing them directly from the in-game store.

Q: What are training transfer points used for in FIFA Mobile?
A: Training transfer points are a valuable resource used to train and upgrade your players in FIFA Mobile. They allow you to increase the skill levels of your players, improving their attributes and overall performance on the field.

Q: How do I use training transfer points to train my players?
A: To use training transfer points, go to the Squad screen in FIFA Mobile and select the player you wish to train. Then, choose the training option and select the training transfer points as the resource. Follow the prompts to allocate the points and train your player.

Q: Can I buy training transfer points with real money in FIFA Mobile?
A: Yes, FIFA Mobile offers the option to purchase training transfer points directly with real money through in-app purchases. This allows players to acquire additional points to speed up the training process and improve their team faster.