Republic Wireless Review: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to mobile plans, we all want an affordable one. Republic Wireless is one of the many networks that will help you with that. With its affordable and flexible plans, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a plan that will best suit your lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of everything that you need to know about this network and what makes it different from others.


What Is Republic Wireless?

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Republic Wireless is a mobile carrier that offers plans at affordable prices. In addition, the network offers contract-less plans that won’t tie you down to them in case you decide to switch.

The network is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that runs on the same network as Sprint and T-Mobile which allows them to reach more people and provide them with a great network experience that is at par with bigger companies such as Verizon.

The mobile carrier boasts plans that start at $15/month and $150/year. The price can go cheaper depending on the type of services that you need. In all, Republic Wireless has plans for you whether you’re looking to save or if you’re looking for something on the flexible side.


What Network Does Republic Wireless Use?

Republic Wireless is a partner network of T-Mobile and Sprint. You might think that, as an MVNO, it has access to both networks, which means that it has a relatively larger scope than other MVNOs and networks. However, consumers will only be able to access one network when they choose to sign up with Republic Wireless. The network given to the customer will be based on their location.

While the carrier has access to two networks, it’s still safe to refer to Republic Wireless’ coverage map. You can also manually key in your zip code on their website to check if your area is covered by their network.

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How Much Is Republic Wireless?

Similar to other MVNOs like Mint Mobile, you can get plans from Republic Wireless for cheap. Depending on what you need, you can get plans  starting at $15/month. This is great if you’re looking for something flexible and will help you save more.

Republic Wireless’ base plan comes with unlimited calls and texts. From there, you can build your data plan with an additional $5 for every GB of data, which you can share via mobile hotspot. Additionally, all their plans also include Unlimited Extend Home — a service that allows you to share your number on your home phone or another cell phone. The purpose of this is logical: to allow you to still receive calls on an alternate device when your main phone is not available.

The network is great for those who are looking for something cheap yet flexible enough to be customized according to their needs. To know more about their data plans, you can refer to their website for more information.

Note that all of their plans also include a 14-day money-back guarantee as long as you are qualified for it.


Does Republic Wireless Have Unlimited Data?

Unfortunately, Republic Wireless does not have plans or offerings with unlimited data. At present, you can only opt to get higher data allocation with your plans. The highest data allocation that you can get is 15 GB/month.

Their plans only come with either 1 GB or 2 GB of 4G LTE data per month. However, you can opt to add more data by adding an additional $5 to your total monthly bill for each GB of additional data that you wish to avail of.

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If you are, however, in need of a plan with unlimited data, you can check out the offerings of T-Mobile as they share the same network.


How to Sign Up With Republic Wireless?

Signing up with Republic Wireless is easy and it doesn’t involve any contracts so you are free to unsubscribe from their services when your monthly plan is up.

To start, shop for a phone or a SIM kit from Republic Wireless’ website. You can get a phone of your choice from their offerings or you can simply purchase a SIM kit if you already have a phone that is compatible with the network.

Next, wait for your purchase to arrive. Take note that this may take a couple of days depending on the time that you purchased the items and your shipping method of choice.

Once your items have arrived, simply activate and set up your device as instructed. If you bought the phone from the network, it will come with the Republic app that you can use to set up your account and choose your plan. Otherwise, if you’re using your own phone, you can download the app from the Play Store.

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After setting up your device, you can now enjoy Republic Wireless and its services for as long as you are subscribed to the network.


What We Like About Republic Wireless

Apart from its affordable prices, there is much to like (or love) about Republic Wireless. Here are just some of the things that you might want to know about the network to help you see if this is the network for you.

Bring Your Own Phone

Like other networks, you have the option to bring your own device if you want to subscribe to Republic Wireless. This is great especially if you just recently bought your phone or if it’s a phone from a previous subscription. However, you ought to check their list of compatible phones first as they only cater to a couple of brands and models at the moment.

If your device isn’t on their list yet, fret not as they are actively adding more models to their list of compatible devices. It’s advised to frequently check their website for updates.


Easy Activation

Republic Wireless allows you to activate your subscription through their mobile app. Most of the phones bought directly from the mobile carrier will have the Republic app already pre-installed on them, which means that users will be able to access their accounts from their phones without having to leave the house.

If you opt to use your own phone, you can easily download the app from the Play Store and access it once you’ve placed your Republic Wireless SIM card inside your phone.


Ability to Transfer Your Old Number

While you can transfer your old phone number to Republic Wireless, there is quite a process to follow.

First, make sure to have an activated phone with Republic Wireless. Once you’re sure that you have an activated phone, you can send a request to transfer numbers through the Republic Wireless website. Transferring numbers usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks so make sure that you haven’t removed your subscription from your other network while the transfer is being processed.

For more information, you can refer to the carrier’s Help Center for a more detailed explanation on how to transfer numbers.


Wide Network Coverage

As the network is tied to T-Mobile and Sprint, you will have access to either network. Users of Republic Wireless will have access as long as you are within the coverage of either T-Mobile or Sprint. However, take note that you can only have access to one network as consumers will be assigned to a network that is best suited for their area.


What We Don’t Like About Republic Wireless

While there is a lot to rave about Republic Wireless but some things don’t make it an ideal network for others. Here are just a few of the things that you might miss if you decide to switch to the network.

No Unlimited Data Plan

If you’re looking for a network with unlimited data offerings, this mobile carrier is not for you. The network, unfortunately, doesn’t accommodate unlimited data plans at the moment. The most that you can get from Republic Wireless is up to 15GB of data a month.


No Discount for Multi-Line

Compared to other networks, Republic Wireless doesn’t have discounts or promotions for those who want to avail of multiple lines. You cannot also link accounts to one another. As such, there are no deals or discounts if you plan to get combined or multiple lines. Therefore, you will have to purchase individual phones or SIM kits to have multiple lines.


No Support for Apple Devices

iPhone users will sadly not be able to experience the services of this mobile carrier as the network does not support Apple devices just yet. Some of the brands supported by the mobile carrier include Google, Samsung, Alcatel, and LG among others. There is still no news as to when they will be adding Apple devices to their roster of compatible phones. However, they are actively working on adding more so it might not take long for Apple devices to be compatible with the network.


How Does Republic Wireless Compare?

Republic Wireless is quite competitive when it comes to its plans and offerings but how exactly does it fare against other MVNOs? Here’s a summary of how this network compares to others of its kind.

Google Fi Spectrum Mobile Republic Wireless Mint Mobile Total Wireless
Network U.S. Cellular, Sprint, T-Mobile Verizon  T-Mobile and Sprint T-Mobile Verizon
Starting Price $20/month + Data $14/month $15/month $15/month $25/month
Unlimited Data
Multiple Lines


Is Republic Wireless Any Good?

Is the network any good? In general, it is. Republic Wireless’ plans are simple and affordable enough that they can be enjoyed by most consumers. That said, they are perfect for those who just want to stay connected with their loved ones. It is not ideal for those looking to use the network for business purposes or if you’re looking for a network that has unlimited data as the network is better for personal use.

Despite having limited amounts of data offerings, you’ll still be getting the most of what you’re paying for as their plans include Unlimited Extend Home Service and mobile hotspot which is a great deal in itself.  In conclusion, it’s a great mobile network to consider if you’re looking for something cheap that will give you great connectivity.