Google Pixel Buds 2 vs. Apple AirPods Pro: Which Is Better?

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After Google introduced its first wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds, many users were quick to point out its awkward design and software glitches as a major turnoff. That said, Pixel Buds 2 is definitely not the first attempt by Google in the competition of the best wireless earbuds. However, this time, the tech giant has really made an excellent job when it comes to revamping its original set of authentic wireless earbuds – for an all-new performance. Meanwhile, the AirPods Pro stands mightily on the other side of the ring, toting its upgraded noise-canceling and audio capabilities. If you’re like us, it sure is a tough choice between Pixel Buds vs AirPods.

That’s why we’ve done the donkey work and here, we’re laying down a comparison of Pixel Buds 2 vs AirPods Pro—from their design and specs to their price and unique features.


Pixel Buds 2 vs AirPods Pro: An Overview

Here’s a quick run-down of the Pixel Buds 2 vs AirPods Pro battle. If you want to find out an in-depth analysis of this result, scroll down below to read more.


Pixel Buds 2 AirPods Pro
Battery Life   👑**AirPods Pro
Comfort Level 👑**AirPods Pro
Design 👑**Pixel Buds 2
Call Quality 👑**AirPods Pro
Controls 👑**Pixel Buds 2
Sound Quality 👑**Pixel Buds 2
Price Difference 👑**Pixel Buds 2
Warranty 👑**AirPods Pro


Battery Life Comparison 

Sound Quality Pixel buds vs AirPods
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In terms of battery life, Pixel Buds 2 and AirPods Pro have equally the same battery consumption. Both smart earbuds approximately last up to five hours of battery life. With an enabled noise-canceling feature on the AirPods Pro, it’s pretty safe to assume that it consumes more battery power. It’s even more impressive that the AirPods Pro has the capacity to last for long hours despite all features being enabled.

Both brands can hold an additional 24 hours of battery charge in their respective charging cases. Pixel Buds 2 and AirPods Pro support wireless charging and are even compatible with Qi-enabled charging pads. Speaking of fast charging technologies, the Pixel Buds 2 supplies two-hour audio streaming out of a 10-minute charge while the AirPods Pro provides you with one hour of streaming in five minutes’ worth of charging time.


The Winner: AirPods Pro


Comfort Level 

Pixel buds vs AirPods Comfort Level 
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AirPods Pro and Pixel Buds 2 have significantly become more comfortable than their earlier versions. Finally, Apple has catered to peoples’ requests and developed ear tips on the latest AirPods. Aside from that, Apple has also integrated a fit test that plays a specific set of tunes in both ears. Through this integration, users are notified whether they have a tight fit on each ear or not. If not, AirPods Pro will recommend swapping one of the ear tips to the other ear until you achieve the perfect balance of fit.

As for the level of comfort in Pixel Buds 2, it also provides a different kind of comfort to its users. You can simply insert the Pixel Buds 2 by holding the earbuds to your ear with the ear wing facing up. From there, simply twist Pixels Bud 2 in a counterclockwise direction into your ear until its wing is positioned against the concha of your ears. While the Pixel Buds 2 has medium-sized ear tips and wings, it has a slightly bulging look that makes it a turnoff for some. Also, the attached wings are really rigid and poke up your ears which makes it even more uncomfortable after long usage.


The Winner: AirPods Pro



Design Pixel buds vs AirPods
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One of the best milestones Google has made is to ultimately cut the cord on its latest version of Pixel Buds; thus, it has adapted to wireless features. Pixel Buds 2 is available in Oh So Orange, Quint Mint, Almost Black, and of course Clearly White. It looks similar to a Mentos candy, engraved with the capital letter “G” in the middle of the ear cap. When used, Pixel Buds 2 sits tightly on both ears and is secured in place with its attached ear wing.

Despite the revamping of AirPods Pro, it has a somewhat overwhelming appeal. You can’t help but think of a pair of miniature hair dryers on your ears. Each head of the earbuds is bigger compared to the previous versions of AirPods, as well as shorter stems. It has a pair of divots integrated for force sensor panels. 

Both brands have undergone a rigorous process of becoming IPX4-certified. That said, they are considered water-resistant or sweat-resistant so it’s also a great companion when you’re in the gym or getting stuck in light rain.

In terms of size, Google’s Pixel Buds 2 is slightly smaller and lighter compared to the AirPods Pro. Each earbud weighs 5.3g and has a dimension of 20.5mm x 19.5mm x 18.2mm while Apple’s AirPods Pro weighs 5.4g per earbud and dimensions of 30.9mm x 21.88mm x 24mm.


The Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2


Call Quality

Pixel buds vs AirPods Call Quality
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Each brand of earbuds has delivered good audio call quality. Indoor calls have clear and crisp loud audio. However, AirPods Pro has an integrated active noise-canceling feature that makes it ahead of the competition. It performs an excellent performance in eliminating ambient noises such as water running in a faucet. If someone is walking, the AirPods Pro definitely blocks out unnecessary noise.

Although Google’s new earbuds did a fairly good performance in eliminating the majority of interruptions, some users have reported that they can still hear chickens in the background. Others also can still hear the ambulance passing by when they’re talking to someone over the line. As a result, the AirPods Pro has absolutely done a superior performance over Pixel Buds 2.


The Winner: AirPods Pro



Pixel buds vs AirPods Controls
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The latest version of Google Pixel Buds has one of the most excellent smart earbud touch controls to have been developed. There is a more spacious area on each earbud’s ear caps so that you can easily swipe forward and backward to lower and raise the volume. However, its tapping integration is the best feature. Instead of pushing the earbuds deeper into the ear canal, you can simply make a gentle tap to answer a call, or to play/pause a song. That said, Pixel Buds 2 generally stayed in place regardless of touch controls that were made.  

On the other hand, compared to the older versions of the AirPods, the force sensors built with the AirPods Pro performs way better instead of the usual stroke gestures on its little stems. It is easier to locate each stem’s little divots and more accessible to squeeze and tap. When you’re in the middle of a lively tune, it eliminates the minimal mishandling. Also, the company has integrated more advanced features in each stem of the AirPods Pro such as adjusting the active noise cancelation, skipping songs, ignoring/answering calls, and pausing/playing music.


The Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2


Sound Quality

Pixel buds vs AirPods Battery Life Comparison
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To manage your expectations, both products aren’t exclusively made for the audiophile users. However, the AirPods Pro still yields balanced and clean sound quality that is just about enjoyable and vivid-rich audio for every listener. It also applies to the Pixel Buds 2. In fact, Google’s earbuds are jam-packed with features on the low-end with a great performance of its bass reproduction. In audio tests, Google’s Pixel Buds 2 sound quality is a bit closed off compared with AirPods. Some songs streamed via Pixel Buds 2 have excessive noise compared with AirPods Pro. As a result, the AirPods Pro manages to provide a cleaner and sleek sound quality. It has a more balanced audio performance with a minor emphasis on the midrange.

In summary, Apple’s earbuds have more balanced audio while the Pixel Buds 2 has a livelier and overall energetic sound. Both earbuds aren’t integrated with an equalizer of some sort. As a workaround, you can download any third-party software for EQ features but the first-hand solution is always the more desirable option.


The Winner: AirPods Pro


Price Difference

Starting at $179, Google’s Pixel Buds 2 are fairly priced for a set of premium authentic wireless earbuds experience. On the contrary, the AirPods Pro is more expensive starting at $249. As expected, it shouldn’t be a surprise, after all, considering it’s made by Apple and you’re definitely getting what you paid for – performance, quality, and durability. Still, in terms of providing you with a fairly similar experience, less is always better. Below is the price comparison between Pixel Buds vs AirPods. 


View Price
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The Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2



Similar to other products, both the AirPods Pro and Google Pixel Buds come with a warranty. For Google Pixel Buds 2, a limited warranty applies if you bought your product in the United States or Canada. The limited warranty also applies when you’ve purchased the products from Google itself or authorized resellers. It has a one-year limited warranty where consumers are qualified if they meet certain conditions. In case of accidents, misuse, alterations, and neglect, Google’s Limited Warranty is forfeited. In general, like most authentic wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds 2 aren’t repairable which makes them completely disposable. Out of limited warranty replacements, cases and earbuds cost $82 each while ear tips are around $10 per set of three. 

With AirPods Pro’s warranty, users can purchase AppleCare+ for 24 months that costs around $29. With AppleCare+, you can have an extended warranty, including coverage of accidental damages. You can replace your AirPods Pro for only $29, instead of paying $89 if you’re not covered with AppleCare+. The same pricing goes for replacing the charging case. 

AppleCare+ forfeits its coverage for stolen or lost AirPods Pro. As such, you need to pay $89 for the replacement fee if you are missing an earbud. For a lost charging case, you need to pay $99.


The Winner: Apple AirPods Pro


Pixel Buds 2 vs AirPods Pro: Final Verdict

In a nutshell, both wireless earbuds are undeniably great. However, it all boils down to one’s preferences. Google’s Pixel Buds 2 is the company’s upgraded offer in the world of authentic wireless earbuds experience. In fact, Google has a lot to offer and stays relevant in the competition, especially considering that the price of Pixel Buds is more affordable price versus the AirPods Pro. The Pixel Buds 2 is perfect for users who are already familiar with the Google ecosystem. Also, it is ideal for people who require Google Assistant as part of their daily routine.

However, if you don’t really need the powers of Google Assistant and prefer a more sophisticated wireless earbuds experience, the AirPods Pro is the best option for you. Though, in terms of pricing, it’s more expensive compared to Pixel Buds 2.

AirPods Pro isn’t equipped with the majority of smart features. It doesn’t provide you with access to your digital assistant, the option to use one piece of earbud at a time, and automatic play and pause functionality. As ingrained in its culture, it doesn’t offer you the utmost customization compared with Android. The good news is that the AirPods Pro delivers a more comfortable wireless earbuds experience, and of course, a more stylish and sleek aesthetic. It features active noise cancellation, richer sound quality, and superior mic for audio and video calling.

Have you tried using any of these wireless earbuds? If yes, we would like to hear your authentic and firsthand experience with these two. You may contact us or comment down below for any insights, feedback, or suggestions for other readers to make a verdict!