15 Best Music Maker Apps You Can Download on Play Store

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If you have been on TikTok, you might have stumbled upon Charlie Puth’s videos wherein he is showing how he is making music out of scratch. Well, not out of scratch really but through music maker apps. For some who are not musicians, however, it could be a bit challenging. But thanks to devices like smartphones and tablets blurring the line between computer and mobile devices, it seems the next Grammy-award music could just be a few screen taps away.

In 2021, making music would no longer be that hard even for people who are not within the earshot. In this article, we’ll be giving a rundown of the best music maker apps for aspiring musicians. Who knows yours might be the next track banging the world’s best music players?


Choosing the Right Music Maker App

Photo of DJ it! a music maker app
Photo by Gismart OOO on Apple App Store

Whether you want to save the pop industry or go for the trend that Taylor Swift threw in on her album Evermore, there is a music maker app for you. But how do you determine what will work best to fire up your music flare? With the music industry expanding at a rapid pace, the way we can create music is also getting broad. The more we get to see these apps on the Play Store or App Store, the more we also want to know which one is the best.

The following considerations would be good starting points when choosing which application would work for you.

1. What phone are you using? The kind of device and operating system is the first factor to consider. The famous operating systems like iOS and Android are always putting in their own spins in applications, so determining what app would integrate better with your device and OS would give you a good experience.

2. What can an app do? You might be clear with what you want to do – to create music. But does the app you are considering able to deliver just what you want to achieve by the end of the day?

3. Are you willing to spend? Without sugar-coating anything, some apps are good as they are but others would require small spending on the side to get its full benefit as a music maker app. Getting those features unlocked can cost you a couple of dollars.


15 Best Music Maker Apps to Download

One can have different considerations to make when choosing the right app. We advise taking your time in thinking about it. But once you are clear with what you are really looking for to help you create your music, have a look at this catalog and you might just find the app to help you with the job.

1. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

Photo of Groovepad and its user interface
Photo by EASYBRAIN LTD on Apple App Store

Groovepad is an easy-to-use music maker app that has an extensive library of soundtracks where musicians can pick up and start music from. The genres one can make are endless, with some soundtracks spanning from Hip-hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, Electronic, and more. The app also offers tutorials for each sound pack it offers to freely use them in the music-making process. On top of these, the app comes with free-to-use loops and sound FX to create music with perfection.

Groovepad’s premium version allows subscribers to unlock all the features and sound packs that come along with it. A premium subscription also allows the removal of ads, which can pop along the way of making music when using the free version.

Download Groovepad for Android

Download Groovepad for iOS


2. Music Maker JAM – Song & Beatmaker app

Music Maker Jam is one of Google Play Store’s Editor’s Choice apps for this category. It is a simple beat maker, one that every musician should have when composing their music. It’s claim to popularity? It is the best app for creating loops and beats for various genres including Trap, EDM, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, and Rock. The app also comes with 300 Mix Packs with more than 500,000 loops to make music.

To top it all up, the app supports the sharing of finished materials directly on Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook, TikTok, and other social networks that can help expand your circle as a musician.

Download Music Maker Jam for Android

Download Music Maker Jam for iOS


3. Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker

This music maker app is perfect when practicing your disk jockeying skills. It allows the creation of beats, loops, and effects when mixing a track with another for seamless transitions. Users who are willing to go for the pro version of the app are opening a Pandora’s box of professionally recorded sound packs that they can use when creating their own music.

Download Drum Pad Machine for Android

Download Drum Pad Machine for iOS


4. Guitar Effects Pedals, Guitar Amp – Deplike

Photo of Guitar Effects Pedals, Guitar Amp
Photo by Deplike Audio R&D LTD, UK on Google Play Store

This app is not necessarily a music maker but it turns your mobile device into a guitar-effects processor and electric guitar amp modulator. Deplike features 13 Electric, 1 Bass, 1 Acoustic Guitar Amp,  and 15 great sounding Amp simulations that has low latency. The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Here’s the catch: effects pedals are usually expensive to buy from a physical store. But downloading this app and subscribing to its premium version would save you the time and money of purchasing a physical effects pedal. A physical effects pedal can cost a little over $100 while getting the all-in one-time payment for Deplike premium will only cost you $38.99.

Download Deplike, Guitar Effects Pedal for Android

Download Deplike, Guitar Effects Pedal for iOS


5. Pitched Tuner

Pitched Tuner, a music maker companion app
Photo by Stonekick Limited on Apple App Store

A musician is only as best as his instrument, and instruments need some tuning to perform at their finest. While most tuners on the App Store and Play Store are designed for specific musical instruments, Pitched Tuner caters to any instrument — making it the best music maker companion app. The app can cover instruments like a ukulele, violin, mandolin, flute, guitars, and even your voice. The pro version unlocks utility for other musical instruments.

The app is fairly easy to use if you have been using other tuner apps before. It will require you to a note from your instrument while it measures the right composition, indicating whether you are a pitch higher or lower until you hit just the right tone.

Download Pitched Tuner for Android

Download Pitched Tuner for iOS


6. Splash – Music & Beat Maker: Record Your Own Songs

Splash - music maker app
Photo from splash.popgun.ai

There is a scene in Pitch Perfect 2 where Anna Kendrick was mixing her flare to a classic Christmas song being recorded by Snoop Dogg. Kendrick was seen punching some device that produces beats that mixed seamlessly with the song. You must be wondering what the reference is all about. The answer is simple: Splash is a music maker app that produces the same beat and effects as the device that Kendrick used in the scene.

Splash is a 100% free app that allows anyone to produce studio-quality beats whenever, wherever. It also acts as a social media platform — with the feature that allows you to broadcast your music once it is done, allow friends to react while listening to it, and post your music anywhere, royalty-free.

Download Splash – Music & Beat Maker for Android

Download Splash – Music & Beat Maker for iOS


7. BandLab – Music Recording Studio & Social Network

For budding musicians and DJs, BandLab would be a perfect music maker app to practice the craft of music production. BandLab allows musicians and producers to collaborate and create personalized music streaming playlists. The app offers unlimited cloud storage for anyone who uses the app, which means producers can create as many music, beats, remixes, and playlist as they want.

The app comes complete with a 16-track mix editor, 100+ vocal, bass, and guitar presets, as well as 100+ Virtual MIDI Instruments that will surely come in handy for whatever project one is working on.

Download BandLab Music Maker for Android

Download BandLab Music Maker for iOS


8. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a keyboard simulator designed for phones and tablets and is one of the best piano apps for any music lover. You can do many things with this app including learning how to play the piano, record the music you played, play the piano with other users in real-time, and make friends. The app comes with genuine piano timbre, making it a perfect music maker app in the absence of a physical keyboard. Users are also in for an added surprise as this app can play other instruments like flute, guitar, and much more.

Download Perfect Piano for Android

Download Perfect Piano for iOS


9. FL Studio Mobile

Here is a music maker app specially designed for electronic style music and comes with quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits, and sliced-loop beats for recording such genre. You can create, mix, master, and even record live music if need be. To top everything up, aside from its plugin supported feature, the app is also virtual piano-keyboard and Drum Pads configurable. However, this app is not really recommended for simple recording projects as it does not come free. For those who are looking for an app that would just give them a studio-like recording experience, this app might just be the one for you.

Download FL Studio Mobile for Android

Download FL Studio Mobile for iOS


10. Walk Band

Walk Band is not the typical audio recording app but it is one of the best music maker apps there is. Musicians looking for an app that is solely dedicated to instrumentation will find this app loaded with simulated instruments for recording purposes. The app also supports MIDI controllers for music recording. With these features mentioned, it might seem this is intended for even the simplest of projects. But similar to FL Studio Mobile, this music maker app is also not recommended for simple projects, not with its complicated recording interface and in-app purchases.

Download Walk Band for Android


11. RD4 Groovebox 

RD4 Groovebox provides an experience that turns an Android and iOS device into a simulated music maker with drum machines and synthesizers. The app has an easy-to-navigate interface that allows any users access to record vocals, notes, or other effects. The app is perfect for loop and sound effects creation due to its multitouch support feature. To top that, it also boasts an ability to provide automatic MIDI input focusing, USB MIDI support, and live session recording capabilities.

Download RD4 Groovebox for Android

Download RD4 Groovebox for iOS


12. SongSpace

SongSpace, a music maker app
Photo by SONGSPACE, INC on Google Play Store

SongSpace is one of the well-reviewed music maker apps by producers and musicians from around the world. Anyone using SongSpace would be able to work with this app both online and offline modes, making it ideal when on leisure breaks and vacations. Among its many features is the compact system interface, ideal for quick note-taking and recording vocals. But what makes the app top-notch is its security feature that protects voice recordings and other data saved in the app. It also offers advanced sharing options for any work saved in the platform and making it available for collaborations with other producers elsewhere.

Download SongSpace for Android

Download SongSpace for iOS


13. Add Music to Voice

User interface of Add Music to Voice on Google Play Store
Photo by inglesdivino on Google Play Store

A good singer is only as good as the song he/she is singing. This is important in order to better convey the message and emotion of the song. And it can only be done with instrumentation playing in the background. Add Music to Voice is a music maker app that adds instrumentation behind your excellent vocals. The app comes with the ability for a singer to either choose a piece of music from the app’s library or create his/her own music. That aside, the app seamlessly syncs the music to the vocal for a studio-like finish product. The only downside of this offer is it’s only available for Android devices.

Download Add Music to Voice for Android


14. uFXloops Music Studio

While it is impossible for an app to offer you the quality of music created in a real studio, it can give you a result close to that. uFXloops Music Studio is a music maker app that seeks to offer a musician or producer’s primary studio needs. This would be one of the best apps to use when composing remix and song music through the help of its library that has over 3000 instrumental sounds. Pitch shifting, volume controls, and a system soundboard are just some of the features anyone could use with this app. This app is only available for Android devices.

Download uFXloops Music Studio for Android


15. n-Track Studio DAW Beat Maker, Record Audio, Drums

Wrapping up our list is n-Track Studio, a music maker app that turns an Android and iOS device into a studio-like simulated application. It provides any user with the essential studio peripherals to create music. The app 100% free, meaning all features are at any user’s disposal when needed. Record any audio and add effects as you need, from Guitar Amps to VocalTune and Reverb.

Without really getting technical on the items this app provides, here is a rundown of some features:

  • Users can use an unlimited number of audio tracks
  • Comes with 64 beat audio system
  • The app supports multichannel USB
  • It has an on-screen MIDI keyboard

Download n-Track Studio for Android

Download n-Track Studio for iOS


A Final Note

Whether it’s a simple do-re-mi or a complicated rhythm of one-two-three, creating music is a lot easier said than done. Notable musicians like Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff are notable for their creativity, genius, and passion for music-making; their thought processes are above average and award-winning.

But no one in the world was born a genius – not even Puth, Dessner, and Antonoff. Using these simulated music maker apps can be a good practice ground for any music enthusiast and producer. These apps enable anyone to create music that is just as good as any music created by studio materials and tools. A word of advice though: don’t fret and get frustrated when you can’t create music right away, as creativity is not something we all wake up with anyway. It does strike at moments when we least expect it. That’s where these music maker apps come in handy. They make beats and synths when on a commute, on a walk in a park, or getting lost in the moment sessions with friends. Who knows, maybe the next Grammy-award winning track might just be yours?

Which among these apps inspired you to make your own music? Let us know!