15 Best Moto G7 Cases to Keep Your Phone Shiny

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Many mobile phone users opt to dress up their phones with cases that either protect their devices or give them a brand new look. While Motorola has some of the best phone designs, users still opt to add some bling to their phones. The Moto G7 case just happens to be readily available in the market for users looking to buy a case for their phone. 

In this article, we’ll be giving you a rundown of the 15 best cases that you should buy for your Moto G7 and what you should look for before you buy your own case.


The Motorola Moto G7: An Overview

The Moto G7 was Motorola’s bet into the budget-phone game when it was first released in 2019. It’s easily one of the most impressive budget phones ever been released in the market today.  

For many users, there are many things to hate and to love about this budget phone. For starters, the phone has unrivaled battery life that presents an excellent day-to-day performance. It also features software that’s easy to use and a screen that’s big enough to watch your favorite shows on.

motorola moto g7
© Photo by Motorola

The phone is also a great compact smartphone that will easily fit in your hands and in your pockets without getting too bulky.

However, there are also a lot of things that users dislike about the phone. This includes insufficient RAM, lack of wireless charging, and a mediocre screen display among others. 

An aspect of the phone that many don’t like is that it’s built with plastic. While plastic phones are not foreign to the market, it’s what most people avoid. First, the look and the feel of the plastic is not as pleasing and as premium compared to phones made of other materials. Its heat dissipation also makes the inside of the phone heat up faster, which could damage the phone internally and tamper with battery longevity. 

Adding to that, plastic materials tend to show damage more than phones made of glass or aluminum alloy. It reflects cracks and dents more, which makes damages easier to spot. 

Fortunately, there are many cases available in the market that will not only protect your phone from damage but also give it a great look.


Moto G7 Cases: 15 of the Best

Arguably, there are a lot of brands in the market today but some of them strike as the best phone case brand. Considering that the Moto G7 is a great phone, it should also have a great case to go with.

Without further ado, here are 15 of the best Moto G7 cases that you can find in the market today.


The Spigen Rugged Armor Case for Moto G7 is great for those who are looking to add a protective layer to their phones. The case is fitted with a resilient air cushion technology of shock absorption. It is a flexible TPU case that also protects your screen.

Check out the Spigen Rugged Armor on Amazon and get your phone an added layer of protection.


This Rugged Clear Case from Poetic transforms your Moto G7 phone ready for outdoor activities. The case is fitted with a built-in screen protector and a clear anti-scratch polycarbonate back. The phone case also has shock-absorbing bumper protection that enhances the case’s grip to prevent the phone from sliding.

Check out the Poetic Moto G7 Rugged Clear Case today and take your phone with you for those extreme outdoor escapades.


This is a phone case that you don’t want to skip on. Aside from being functional and user-friendly, the case is also a drop test champion. This guarantees that your phone will have no dent or damage if you accidentally drop it. The case is also fitted with a built-in screen protector that prevents any type of scratch.

Check out the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Phone Case today for a phone that has the best drop protection.


The Spigen Liquid Crystal phone case is designed to keep your Moto G7 slim and lightweight. It features a durable TPU that is anti-slip and makes your phone easier to install. Further, it has reinforced buttons that won’t hinder your usage of the phone’s side buttons.

Check out the Spigen Liquid Crystal on Amazon today for a classic clear and lightweight design.


Who says cases can’t look good and function properly at the same time? The Rossy Hybrid TPU Case is a defender armor case that will protect your phone from any damage such as scratches, dents, and dirt. This case has a precise cut that will surely fit your phone and provide you with amazing grip control.

Check out the Rossy Heavy Duty Hybrid TPU Case for something that’s both stylish and protective.


This Moto G7 case from Ownest might be made of plastic but it’s made of an anti-scratch material that is encased in a silicone rubber. This sleek case absorbs shock and shields your phone from damage. It even lets you mount it on a magnetic car holder if you happen to have one.

Check out the Ownest Anti-Scratch Silicone Plastic Shell Case today for a pretty yet durable case.


This Moto G7 case from Korecase features military-grade protection that combines a layer of flexible TPU and a high-quality hard shell for maximum phone protection. The case is also fitted with a round-bubble design that facilitates heat dissipation and absorbs shock. It also features a built-in ring kickstand that will keep your phone on your hand at all times.

Check out the Korecase Extreme Protection Case today for a case that won’t let you down.


This case is ideal for those who are looking for a slim and form-fitting look that has the protective features of a defender case. The case also features a non-slip finish and durable corners for added shock absorption. Further, this durable case also features curved buttons for tactile feedback and better ergonomics.

Check out the Encased Heavy Duty Moto G7 Case today for full-body protection.


This classy case features a detailed Rose Gold Marble design that offers full body protection including the screen. That’s right! This case has a built-in screen protector that provides 360-degree protection. The phone also features a snap-in design that reduces scratch and has better drop resistance than the normal case.

Check out the Suritch Rose Gold Marble Case on Amazon for 360-degree protection with a classy design.


This case is perfect for Moto G7 users who are on the go. The ProCase Wallet Case provides full phone functionality while offering great protection from daily use. It wraps securely around the phone and has a built-in kickstand so you can easily watch on multiple angles. The case has three built-in card slots and a side pocket where you can store your cards and bills. The case also has a strap that makes the case easier to carry around.

Check out the Procase Wallet Case on Amazon for a functional and stylish case.


The CinoCase Power Case is built to protect and accentuate the look of the phone. The case is fitted with structure layers that provide 360-degree protection that shields the phone from scratches and cracks. It’s also fully functional and allows you full access to the ports and buttons of your phone. Further, the case also comes with a built-in screen protector for added security.

Check out the CinoCase Moto G7 Power Case for a no-frills protective case.


This case from SUSAA protects your phone from drops and keeps it functional. The case is designed to be form-fitting, sweatproof, and fingerprint resistant. The case also has a notable bearing capacity that makes it firm and not easy to fall from surfaces such as tables. It also gives you an extra grip as the case also has a built-in metal ring.

Check out the SUSAA Moto G7 Case on Amazon today for a powerful and functional phone case.


This power case offers a sleek and slim design with full-body protection. Despite not having the bulk that usual protective cases have, this case is fitted with resilient shock absorption that is skid-proof and anti-scratch. Further, the case also has a comfortable secure grip that will make it easier to fit in your hand.

Check out the ASMART Moto G7 Power Case for a sleek design.


Prevent scratches and dents with this hybrid power case. The case features a built-in screen protector and raized bezel edges to make sure that the screen and the corners are safe from damage. Further, the corners of the case are reinforced to ensure that even if you drop it, your phone won’t get damaged. The case does not compromise the device’s functionality and is great for those who are looking for a classic black design to go with their phone.

Check out the ANNSD Moto G7 Power Case for a classic black design that’s sleek and simple.


This versatile phone case is guaranteed to protect your phone with its military-grade compliancy. It comes in different color variants so that you can freely express yourself with the case that you want. The case also has a built-in kickstand for extra grip. It also comes with a full glass screen protector that promises 100% clarity, unlike other brands.

Check out the ZIZO Bolt Series Case on Amazon for a versatile phone case.


Features of an Excellent Moto G7 Phone Case

Arguably, many opt to choose a phone case for aesthetic purposes. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, there are a couple of features that you should look for when purchasing your cases. These features might sacrifice the aesthetics but they will surely help you keep your Moto G7 safe and shiny in the long run.

moto g7 phone
© Photo by Motorola from Amazon


1. Protection

First, a case should be able to provide an extra layer of protection to your phone. In case you drop the phone, the case should be able to lessen the damage. Not all cases will have a protective feature, but there are protective cases that are really made to protect your phone. 

Unfortunately, you will have to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of the case if you’re looking to buy something that will effectively protect your phone. Protective cases tend to be bulky and might not be an option for those who are looking to accessorize with their cases.


2. Durability

A mobile phone case should be able to keep your Moto G7 safe and in tune with your lifestyle. It should be able to endure any type of activity and weather condition. A durable phone case should also last you a couple of years without being replaced.


3. Ergonomics

One of the things that users overlook when buying a phone case is its ease of use and ergonomics. It’s recommended that you purchase a case that doesn’t block the phone’s charging port or makes the buttons hard to use. 

A case should fit your phone in a way that it won’t restrict you from using any part of it. 


4. Lifestyle

Ideally, it’s best if you choose a phone case that will suit the life that you live in. If you’re always on-the-go or someone who often does outdoor activities, consider getting a phone case that provides you with more protection. If you’re a city dweller or someone with a more relaxed lifestyle, you can opt to get one that has more design and less protection. 

Just like choosing any gadget, it’s always important to consider lifestyle choices to make sure that the items that you choose won’t be a problem as you go on with your life.


5. Form and Function

Lastly, look for a case that will not only suit your lifestyle but also serve its purpose to keep your phone protected. Often, cases that are aesthetically-pleasing will not be able to protect your phone; however, that isn’t to say that they aren’t good cases either. 

When shopping for a phone case, you’ll want one that will wrap around your phone perfectly. This means that it should cover all the phone’s edges and its critical areas including the screen and the camera. That said, you will have fewer options to choose from, but it will ultimately help protect your phone in the long run.


Final Word

In all, choosing the ideal phone case can take a bit of trial and error before you can settle with the ideal case for you. The search for the right case can get difficult but that’s why deliberating between types and brands can come in handy. Again, don’t forget that lifestyle is a big factor to consider when getting a phone case. Your lifestyle will allow you to choose a case that will not only protect your Moto G7 but also reflect the amazing life that you live. 

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