10 Best Moto G7 Play Case for Better Style and Protection

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Poetic Revolution — 360-Degree Protection

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Encased Scorpio — Sleek and Protective

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Otterbox Commuter Lite

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The Moto G7 Play has all the rights to be considered the best Motorola phone, although it is not necessarily premium. It has a decent network connectivity speed, a solid battery life, and a robust architecture. Launched as part of Motorola’s G series, Moto G7 Play is the one to get if you are looking for a phone under $200. Just because it is a budget phone, though, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care.

Phone cases are one of the most important mobile accessories because of the protection and style they add to your phone. However, some phone cases don’t perform as other phone cases would. So to get the most out of your money, we’ve listed down Moto G7 Play cases from the best phone case brands like OtterBox, Encased, and Poetic.


The Best Moto G7 Play Case

1. Poetic Revolution 6. Rebex Armor
2. Encased Scorpio 7. ShinyMax
3. Otterbox Commuter Lite 8. Zoeirc
4. Poetic Affinity 9. YmhxcY
5. Caka Starry Night Glitter Case 10. E-Began


The Poetic Revolution is one of, if not the best Moto G7 Play case you will ever find. It provides maximum protection to your mobile phone, thanks to its shock-absorbing polycarbonate and TPU lining and bumpers. It has a built-in kickstand on the back, which facilitates hands-free usage without the need for a separate phone stand. The slightly raised bezels on its back also help protect your rear cameras from scratches.

Not only is the Poetic Revolution a phone case, but it also doubles as a screen protector. It has a polycarbonate screen frame that comes with a screen protector. Like tempered glass, it adds a layer of protection to your screen while keeping it responsive.

Scorpio is Encased’s more protective phone case for Moto G7 Play. It falls under the category of sleek phone cases, but it still provides the overall protection you are looking for. It has a squared-off cut on each side that gives your device a good grip. The thick, reinforced corners of this phone case also add shock protection to your phone. Inside, Encased Scorpio has an impact dispersion system that evens out the impact on the occasion that your mobile device falls.

You also can’t complain about the fit of Encased Scorpio — it is a nice fitting case with an easy pop-in design. It doesn’t come off easily, though, thanks to the polycarbonate material that it is made of. You can buy this phone case with a belt clip holster case, a clip-on mount you can directly attach to your phone case.


Otterbox does an excellent job in providing protective phone cases for all brands, including Motorola. Its Commuter Lite phone case is the one you should get if you are looking to add protection to your Moto G7 Play.

Contrary to its name, the protection that it provides is heavy-duty, thanks to its dual-layer protection. Inside, it has a soft internal slipcover that will keep your phone shiny. Outside, it is made of a hard polycarbonate shell that absorbs and deflects impacts. This phone case doesn’t stretch easily, so you can guarantee that it will have a secure fit all the time.

The Poetic Affinity is a less rugged Moto G7 Play case with protection that is also more than impressive. Like the Poetic Revolution, this slim and lightweight phone case is also made of TPU, polycarbonate materials coupled with a shock-absorbing design. It has gone through military-grade drop tests and is proven to provide your phone with protection from all angles. It also has slightly raised edges in front and around the rear camera to avoid dents when falling or when lying on flat surfaces.


Rugged phone cases are ideal because of the protection they give, but they are too masculine. If you want to show off your sassy personality through your phone, Caka is the best Moto G7 Play case you can get.

This phone case is made of soft TPU materials, making it easy to install and remove from your phone. Its lips aren’t too obvious, but they are enough to protect your screen from scratches when it rests facing a flat surface. The real deal of this phone case, though, is its hardback shell with floating glitters inside. It is surely not the style for everyone, but the glitz that it can give your phone is the one that would turn plenty of heads.


Why buy a phone case, a phone ring holder, and a phone stand separately when you can have them in one? That is what Rebex brings to the table. This Moto G7 Play phone case has a built-in metal ring holder attached to its back that adds grip when you are carrying your phone. It also doubles as a rotating kickstand that allows your phone to stand horizontally or vertically whenever you want to use your phone hands-free.


The problem with rugged phone cases is that they tend to be monotone in terms of style — but not ShinyMax. This Moto G7 Play case allows style and durability to meet halfway, giving you a protective phone case that won’t hurt your eyes. It has plastic bumpers on the top and bottom edges that absorb impacts when your phone falls or thuds into hard objects. Its highlight is its printed detachable TPU back shell that adds personality to your device. Aside from the graffiti print, it also has other designs like floral prints.


Zoeirc sets the bar higher for phone cases by providing tri-layer protection to your mobile devices. This camo printed case comes with three detachable parts: the inner layer, the back cover, and the clip-on case.

The inner layer is the main part of the case. Made out of polycarbonate materials with a silicone inner-sleeve, it has a shock-resistant design that protects your phone from impacts. Its hardback shell, on the other hand, has a slide-in-slide-off kickstand that is useful for streaming content hands-free. Lastly, it also has a clip-on front case that is made of soft silicone gel and a hard shell with a holster attached to it. You can attach this to your phone to protect its screen from scratches when unused.


Some phone cases end up mushy in the long run, which tends to compromise the safety of your device. Thankfully, the YmhxcY phone case doesn’t wear off easily. Its dual-layer protection combines TPU and polycarbonate materials that give you a thin yet durable phone case. It also has accurate cutouts for easy access to ports, mic, speakers, and other features. It’s also a plus that this phone case has a rotating ring at the back, only it is made from plastic material.


Full body phone cases are becoming the new default for mobile protection, and E-Began’s 360 phone case for Moto G7 Play excels in this department. The main phone case itself is made of polycarbonate and TPU materials, reinforced with carbon fiber. Its thick TPU bumpers on each corner absorb pressures and impacts, keeping your phone away from damages. On each side is a textured design that gives you a no-slide, strong grip on your device. It also has deep cutouts on the camera and raised lips all around the screen to prevent scratches.

Protective screens tend to leave hollow spaces that can affect the responsiveness of your phone. Thankfully, E-Began’s built-in screen protector perfectly fits Moto G7 Play and adds an extra layer of protection to your screen while keeping it sensitive. It is also scratch-resistant, so your phone can maintain a sleek and shiny look.


Choose a Moto G7 Play Case

Moto G7 Play is not as grand as the more expensive phone models, but it still deserves your love and care. Using a phone case that has the right fit is the best way you can do that.

If you want a 360-protection, E-Began and Poetic Revolution should be in your options. They can be bulky but they provide the best protection. The Encased Scorpio and Otterbox Commuter Lite, on the other hand, are sleeker and meet style and durability halfway. But if you want a phone case that is stylish, or eccentric to a point, ShinyMax and Caka would be the better choice.