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Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus

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The present time has progressed past the need for pen and paper. We are in the age of modern technology where people rely on touch screen devices. The occurrence of these capacitive touch screen platforms changed people’s writing habits. Among the most famous of them all are iPads. It is used for different purposes but can provide a stronger proposition if you use it with a stylus. Sure, it exclusively offers the Apple Pencil. But there are other styluses for iPad that will best fit people’s unique preferences at a much affordable price.

You may think you have your fingertips to do all the clicking, zooming, and navigation. But when using drawing apps, a stylus for iPad makes these easier and more precise. In this article, you will learn how a stylus can pull various technologies. You will also know how to make your iPad or other devices more flexible and functional. There are great alternatives for Apple Pencil that offer equally remarkable features.


What Is a Stylus Pen?

A stylus is a pen-shaped writing instrument specifically designed for digital use. People use this to swipe, sign, write, sketch, and draw on electronic and touch screen devices. Basically, you use a stylus to navigate through your gadget. It is an input device that sends a digital signal to a compatible touch screen. Now, this interprets the pressure as a drawing or any writing on a certain screen. A basic stylus is manufactured with conductive rubber tips and capacitive hard plastic.

Styluses are a good and precise substitute for your fingertips. It provides a smudge-free clicking and swiping experience on your gadget.  Using a stylus will prevent you from scratching your iPad. It has a finer touch than your fingertip and provides better precision. Styluses are not just for larger screens like tablets and iPads. There are also other stylus pens for your phone.


Best Stylus Pen for iPad


Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus

This is an innovative and capacitive stylus that has a range of different functions. It includes an exclusive brush tip, micro-knit fiber tip, a ballpoint, and a precision disc.  The brush tip acts like a real paintbrush that is perfect if you love painting on your iPad. It does not guarantee a fine-line drawing, but you can switch to using the disc or its other functionalities. The micro-knit tip and ballpoint pen are useful for regular stylus use. The stylus is made up of a solid aluminum finish. All its different functions and uses are convertible and replaceable. Meaning, you can move the caps and use the longer or shorter end.

Besides these amazing features, Friendly Swede offers a lifetime warranty on the stylus. All you have to do is visit their website and register. Practically, this stylus is a good alternative for an Apple Pencil.  It is perfect and fitting for either your typical needs or trying out artistic skills.


  • It offers a lifetime warranty on the pen.
  • Tips are replaceable.
  • It is cheap for a stylus with many uses.


  • There is a weak level of pressure sensitivity.
  • There are no batteries of Bluetooth connection used.



Logitech Crayon

Logitech Crayon is designed for kids as an educational tool. It has great tilt support and a smart tip that adjusts depending on the angle. It is cheap, functions easily, and has palm rejection. This versatile digital pencil uses the same technology that supports the Apple Pencil.  With this, it can seamlessly connect with your iPad. Moreover, it offers solid battery life for seven hours of writing time. The only downside is that Crayon is pressure-sensitive like the Apple Pencil. Despite this, it offers precision and great writing experience.

Exclusively produced for school purposes, the built is best fit the students’ hands. It has a flatter and wider body compared to other styluses in the market. This style prevents your stylus from rolling off your desk. The cap is also attached to its stylus so you will not misplace or lose it. Before investing in Logitech Crayon, check its iPad compatibility.


  • It has palm-rejection technology.
  • It charges using a standard Lightning cable.
  • Its design prevents it from rolling off any flat surface.


  • There is no support for pressure sensitivity.
  • It is only compatible with iPads that are released in 2018 or later.



Wacom Bamboo Fineline

Bamboo is a stylus for iPad you can use for general handwriting purposes. It is beautiful in a modern, yet lightly conventional way. It has a triangular tip design that lets you sketch and draw. Not to mention it provides great precision and a soft-touch surface. The skid-proof soft-touch surface provides the most natural writing experience.

It is highlighted to be “the best stylus that you can buy for your iPad.” Bamboo connects via Bluetooth in a range of compatible apps. But its key advantage is the superior palm rejection. This Walcom stylus is a convenient tool for sketches and recording ideas digitally.  It has this button at the side of the pencil that increases efficiency and productivity. This function can also be customized following the user’s personal demands.


  • It enables pressure-sensitivity.
  • It works well with older iPad generations and iPhone 6 and later.
  • The tip is removable and has a pocket clip.


  • It’s not as easy to set up as Apple Pencil.
  • The price is a bit expensive.



Adonit Mark

Adonit is one of the best and most famous manufacturers of styluses in the market. They have different styles, and one of them is the Adonit Mark. It provides precision with writing, drawing, and sketching on your touch screen. With the mesh-based round tip, you get a smudge-free experience with your activities. It is durable and provides enough resistance to write without irregularity.

The body is made of anodized aluminum.  It is designed with a triangular shape and anti-roll feature. Also, Adonit Mark does not require a battery charging. It is ready for use as soon as you take it out of the box. With all these features, Adonit Mark lets you write, draw, and navigate with ease.


  • It’s priced reasonably at $9
  • It has replaceable batteries


  • The mesh tip can break easily from normal or intense use.
  • In some instances, it loses connection with your iPad.



Adonit Jot Pro

Jot Pro is an industrial tool crafted for architectural and graphic designing purposes. It is made out of steel and aluminum. Both of the tips have different uses.  The one end has a plastic disc at the tip that allows the recognition of touch input even without Bluetooth. Its cushioned tip has a transparent plastic circle on the nib. The tool on the tip lets you see exactly where you are drawing.  It also has this ball-and-socket joint, something that makes you enjoy the freedom of drawing angles and writing. The other end covers the stylus’s fragile tip with a screw-off cap. This protects your stylus when you are not sketching or writing.

The body of Jot Pro has a nice textured grip that makes it solid and comfortable to grip. Hold it upright for a flawless work effect. If you hold it at a canted angle, it effectively contacts the screen.  You are still able to follow your own handwriting even without Bluetooth. The latest version has improved for a more convenient and quieter writing experience.


  • Jot Pro is usable on most iPads and even on iPhone 4s and later.
  • The transparent tip is replaceable.
  • It has an accurate writing capacity due to the see-through disc tip.


  • It’s not Bluetooth-capable.
  • It easily skews to the direction the stylus is leaning on.



Ten One Design’s Pogo Stylus

Pogo is a classic and simple yet strong stylus. It is useful for creating, signing, and writing on your iPad or another touchscreen device. With a well-designed and crafted body, this is an indispensable tool that you would love to use.

The sleek aluminum design comes with a high-gloss curved pocket clip. This aesthetic keeps the stylus handy. It has a soft tip that easily glides unto the surface. Using a Pogo stylus makes it easier for you to control your writing experience. It has this agile tip that boosts the ability to create controlled strokes and fine lines.


  • It is compatible with other touch screen devices.
  • The pen clip is tweakable and easily removed by unscrewing the end cap.
  • The magnetic tips are replaceable.


  • There is a fair amount of bad reviews about the stylus’s unsatisfactory performance.



Hahakee iPad Stylus

Hahakee is the right choice for you if you want a rechargeable iPad stylus. With precision and smooth performance, it lasts up to 40 hours. It is suitable for whichever purpose you need it for, such as drawing, signing, and writing notes by professional artists or office workers. Its built is made up of aluminum and a pointed tip. This alloy body is easy to hold and gives users a comfortable grip feeling. It also has a portable clip design that will make it easier for you to bring the digital stylus anywhere.

This stylus is specially made and designed for the iPad series. It does not need downloaded apps and a Bluetooth connection to work. You just have to turn on the power button and you can use it directly. Hahakee is a no-offset, no-lag stylus. It provides a precise drawing result and smo0th writing experience.


  • It boasts long battery life and supports up to 40 hours of continuous work.
  • It comes with four replaceable rubber tips.
  • It charges through a micro-USB port.


  • It is exclusive for iPad series and not compatible with other touch screen devices.
  • It is not recommended for iPhone use.



Meko Universal Stylus

Made of aluminum and stainless steel, Meko is known to be an all-purpose stylus. It is suitable for writing notes, drawing, navigation, and most basic activities. It supports and is compatible with a wide range of devices other than your iPad. This includes iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Kindle, and several others. It has a clear disc that lets you accurately see where you put your drawing marks with precision. The fiber tip is 6mm, while the disc diameter is 6.8mm with a 2mm rubber point. Not to mention that the tips are made of fiber. It makes up a good experience of drawing, browsing, and overall navigation.

The Meko Universal Stylus is the best precision stylus in the market. It  has god compatibility, multiple tip functionality, and fair price.


  • It is cheap for its precision functionality.
  • It includes replaceable tip ends.
  • There are no plastic parts.


  • Its disc is not a fine point stylus.



Studio Neat Cosmonaut

Cosmonaut is the ultimate stylus for marker and whiteboard artists. Its built may not be enticing to the majority as it is huge and bulky, but it gives out a nice and solid line. It is perfectly round, not delicate, and made with a heavy-duty wide grip wrapped in rubber.

Aside from this appearance, the rigid tip is one of its most remarkable features. It is not as mushy as all the other rubberized stylus tips in the market.  When you use it, you have to press down harder as it inks out very straight lines and smooth curves. The capacitive rubber tip glides on your iPad screen with ease.

It works on any app and is compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices. Cosmonaut is the right stylus for those who like to doodle, take notes, and diagram lectures on a visual style.


  • It has a great design and a nice rubber coating.
  • It is compatible with touch screen tablets other than iPad.
  • Its embedded rubber tip does not easily smush.


  • The tip is a bit thick.



Julitech Active Stylus Digital Pen

Julitech lets you write the most precise notes, draw, or edit in any writing angles. It has a 1.5mm fine point tip that assures accurate control of the pen. You can have a better note-taking experience as it has superior command and traction against touch screens. Julitech is compatible with several devices ranging from iPads and iPhones to Samsung and others.

It does not need a driver installation or Bluetooth pairing.  You can use it by pressing the power switch and wait until the LED indicator lights in blue. And, it detects whenever you are not using it. For power saving, it will sleep 30 minutes after an inactivity mode.


  • It has a built-in battery that lasts up to eight hours.
  • No Bluetooth pairing is needed.
  • It is compatible with other touch screen devices.


  • It is rechargeable but not applicable to a fast charger.
  • Its features are typical and easily found in another stylus.


What Are the Different Types of Stylus?

a person using stylus pen with a tablet
Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash


An active stylus allows more natural handwriting. It comes with internal electronic components and different features like electronic erasers, and pressure sensitivity.  The shade of the lines depends on how much pressure you apply while writing. It also normally has palm rejection that allows you to rest your palm on the screen without worrying that you might cause interference.


Passive / Capacitive

A passive or capacitive stylus is like an extension of your finger. It conducts static energy from your tips to the screen. The stylus makes screen contact through electrostatic field disruption. Like an active stylus, you can still write and tap on the screen with this kind. However, it does not have electronic components or touch sensitivity. Because of this, there is no communication between your device and the stylus.


Bluetooth Stylus

The Bluetooth stylus is at the forefront of the market today. The connection is fully dependent on wireless information register transmission. Generally, a Bluetooth stylus has the same functions as the capacitive stylus. It just has more features that make it more enticing to the creative user. A  Bluetooth stylus has shortcut buttons and supports pressure sensitivity detection. It also enables palm rejection. It only supports certain apps but is compatible with different touch screen devices.


How Does a Stylus Work on an iPad?

White stylus pen on top of a tablet
Photo by Jye B on Unsplash

How a stylus works depends if the function of a touch screen is capacitive or resistive. Capacitive screens are like two electrical conductors separated by an insulator. Meaning, they easily detect electric currents from the physical human body to operate. Resistive touch screens need two conducting layers to produce a successful contact. These resistive screens register through pressure while capacitive connects through electricity.

The iPad’s touch screen is capacitive. It looks for a kind of electric signals in your body to be able to register a touch. For this to happen, the stylus must be made out of a conductive material. Styluses with a soft material like a conductive foam at the tip are more preferred. They make the writings smoother. There is also a lesser chance for you to scratch the screen’s surface.

Aside from the capacitive function, an iPad also requires a certain size of stylus nibs. They have to be big enough to register as a fingerprint. Different manufacturers have come up with many unique styluses. Their creations are categorized depending on what type of nibs will be effective on an iPad.



It includes pressure sensitivity, customized buttons, palm rejection, and greater precision. These features only work with certain apps. App developers are responsible to add model-specific support. It is important to note that Apple does not provide access to third-party styluses. A Bluetooth stylus works in its own way and is usually the most expensive kind.



A stylus with a disc nib promises a very precise drawing on your iPad. The transparent plastic disc tip allows you to see clearly where you’re drawing or writing. It smoothly glides across your iPad or any touchscreen device at any angle.  



This type is a fabric-based nib that provides better resistance on the screen. Mesh nibs are bulky and could easily tear up. In some instances, you can also experience slow touches with excess resistance.



Rubber is the original design and approach for a capacitive stylus. It is made to imitate the size of a finger and is measuring 5 to 6mm. This provides more resistance than disc or plastic nibs when pressed against the screen. The downside, though, is the bigger the rubber nib, the poorer the accuracy. This is because bigger nibs tend to obscure the starting writing point. Also, because of the rubber, it has a greater chance of tearing. Manufacturers often offer replacements for this.


What Makes a Good Stylus?

an iPhone, iPad, and iPen
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Functional Features

One of the most important factors to consider in looking for a good stylus is the functional features. The pressure sensitivity, which is essential for artists, can mimic pen and brushstrokes. The palm rejection technology is responsible for recognizing unnecessary contact. This helps in overall responsiveness and precision. Other minimal factors are the protective cap, convenience strap, and a built-in eraser. Also, make sure to check if the stylus supports certain apps that you frequently use.



It is important to check the compatibility function of your stylus. Not all styluses are engineered to work universally. It is important to check if your stylus works well with your iPad or any touchscreen device that you use. It is also equally important to make sure that your stylus works with the apps on your gadget. If you are the type that loves drawing on your iPad, check out the best drawing apps and see if they are compatible with your stylus.  


Form Factor

Styluses are generally small in size and are prone to bending and breaking. That’s why, before purchasing one, you should do a background check about it. Your stylus should be well-manufactured with long-lasting materials. Some of the strongest and sturdiest are made of metals and robust plastics.


Aesthetic and Comfort

A stylus’s functional features are the top priority in looking for a good stylus. But its appearance and the comfort it brings are also essential factors that must be looked upon. Users have different preferences when it comes to choosing a stylus. Some want a thicker body while others prefer angled or rubberized grips. Other people also consider the color and texture of their stylus. It is different for everyone.  Make sure that you choose a stylus with a good aesthetic and is functional both at the same time.

Benefits of Using a Stylus Pen

It is versatile and efficient.

A stylus pen is useful for everyone in a different profession. You can be a student who needs it for educational purposes or a businessman who uses it for meetings. It is also fitting for artists, designers, or even just for personal use. Different types of styluses are specifically made for certain functions. They are constructed out of unique materials and come in different shapes and sizes.  It is a great alternative to your fingertip for you to achieve more precise linework.


It is easy to use.

Using a stylus pen is not complicated as you only need to hold and grip it. It only needs enough pressure when being pressed against the screen of your iPad or any gadget. The parts of a stylus are just basic and not difficult to analyze. Some styluses have tweaks, caps, straps, clips, and buttons. If you haven’t touched or used a stylus ever, familiarizing yourself with the tool is so easy. It has basic functionalities and operates similarly with a traditional pen.


It offers precise contact.

It is difficult to create a perfect line using your fingertip, whether you are using an iPad or any device smaller. With a stylus, you can write or draw with more accuracy and precision. It is able to deliver more pristine linework. It is beneficial to use a stylus as it offers fine-point exactness. This helps you create a seamless finished product.


It is weather-resistant.

You get to prevent chilly fingers if you live in a place with cold temperatures. It is difficult for your iPad or any gadget to register contact when your fingertips are frigid. A stylus is made of conductive materials that it adjusts well no matter the state of your finger. It is equally functional for all weather conditions: snow, shine, sleet, or rain. If you are wearing gloves or just finished drying your hands, a stylus is still able to register contact. All you need is to tap on your iPad or any gadget and everything works fine.


It is more sanitary than bare fingers.

When you touch a portion of food or something greasy then proceed with using your iPad, the dirt and smudges come with it. With a stylus pen, you do not need to sacrifice your gadget’s smooth and supposedly-tidy screen. Also, you can always wipe your stylus with cotton to clean it.


Get in Style With the Right iPad Stylus

In a technology-advanced environment, convenience and work efficiency is a  top priority. A stylus has functional features that are helpful for people with different professions. There are many types for certain purposes.  You can use it for your career, hobby, or even personal interests. They provide a faster means of taking notes, drawing, sketching, and other pen and paper-oriented activities. The benefits it brings will surely make a world of difference in your work.

There are several options in the market and it is hard to choose the right stylus.  It is important to choose a stylus for your iPad depending on your needs and personal preference.