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Black AirPods are the ultimate dream for audiophiles who like the dark aesthetic. Unfortunately, Apple only ever makes their AirPods in a single color-white. That being said, alternatives in the market offer a very similar form factor to the iconic AirPods. These options come in various colors, including black, and are sourced from reputable brands. You may also buy custom-made black AirPods and get the same quality and performance as the original.

Let’s take a look at how you can get a pair of Apple AirPods in color black.


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  1. Is There a Black Version of AirPods?
  2. Best Black AirPods You Can Get
    1. Earfun AirPro 2
    2. Anker SoundCore Life P3
    3. Palm Buds Pro
    4. JBL Tune 230NC TWS Wireless Earbuds
    5. SoundPeats T3 Wireless Earbuds
    6. TCL S600 True Wireless Earbuds
    7. 1More ComfoBuds Pro
  3. Are Black AirPods Real AirPods?
  4. How Do I Color My AirPods Black?
    1. ColorWare
    2. Swag
    3. Switch
  5. Why Does Apple Not Make Black AirPods?


a pair of Black AirPods with a black charging case
Photo by Colorware

Is There a Black Version of AirPods?

The AirPods are wireless earbuds originally released by Apple in 2017. The earbuds are designed to work alongside Apple’s iPhone lineup and other Apple devices. As wireless earbuds, the Apple Airpods allow you to listen to music, take phone calls, access a voice assistant, and more.

When it comes to variety, there are currently three offerings under the AirPods line, covering three different price points. The cheapest pair would be the entry-level AirPods (2nd Generation), followed by the mid-priced AirPods (3rd Generation). At the forefront of the higher-end range is the AirPods Pro (2nd Generation). If you want to delve deeper into the specs of each product, take a look at this guide comparing the AirPods and the AirPods Pro.

While the AirPods may be considered one of the best in the market in terms of quality, it is not without limitations. One of those limitations is that Apple only makes the AirPods in a single color-white. In other words, if you are the type of person who loves to customize the aesthetics of your phone accessories, this can become a huge problem. Not to worry, since plenty of options offer similar aesthetics and are in black.


Best Black AirPods You Can Get

Apple pretty much set the trend for anything, including wireless earbuds. AirPods have a great design and are comfortable to use. By no surprise, many audio companies have copied this form factor, but they did what Apple did not — provide users with a pair of black AirPods. Although they are technically knock-off AirPods, some of them are surprisingly good that can compete with the original. We list down the best black AirPods look-alikes below.


The EarFun AirPro 2 is a rising star in the wireless earbuds category, and for very good reason. The lightweight earbuds come with drop-down stems and ergonomically-shaped earbuds bases. Also included in the package are a pair of wingtips that attach to the earbuds and attach to the ears for that extra secure fit. Appearance-wise, the earbuds resemble the original AirPods quite a bit, especially with the black variant.

While the EarFun AirPro 2 may look average design-wise, it does perform quite well for its price tag. For starters, it can play music with a great level of crispness and quality, which is something audiophiles will love. These earbuds also offer active noise cancellation for blocking out external noises. Alternatively, the earbuds also feature an ambient mode that lets external sounds in so you can remain safe while walking around.

Not to mention, it features tap-based controls that let you pause and play, switch between sound modes, and even adjust the volume. The ability to adjust volume through the earbuds is an ability that not even the original AirPods have until recently.


The SoundCore Life P3 by Anker is a moderately priced pair of wireless earbuds offering superb premium-quality features. The earphones have a similar design to the original AirPods, with drop-down stems and a glossy plastic finish. The earbuds come in five different eye-catching colors, one of which is black. 

Performance-wise, the earphones feature noise-canceling capabilities. These capabilities are split across three modes with varying levels of filtration for external noises. The earphones also feature a bass-heavy sound profile, thanks to the composite drivers embedded in each earbud. You can control the graphic EQ and presets using a dedicated app to customize the sound profile.


Nearly three years after the disastrous reviews received by the Palm phone, tech company TCL is taking itself in an entirely different direction. That direction involves diving into the field of wireless earbuds with the release of their very first pair, the Palm Buds Pro.

The mid-range pair of earbuds come with a premium build quality and a make that physically resembles the AirPods. The main difference perhaps is the fact that the earbuds are coated in a black matte-type material with a glossy, protective film at the end of each stem.

At the top of each stem, close to the earpiece, is a tiny, circular light indicator that lets you know the status of the earbud. Depending on the color, it may tell you when the earbuds are active, currently charging, or out of battery. Performance-wise, the earbuds can squeeze out up to six hours of continuous playback and 24 hours of continuous battery life. It also comes in three color options, one of which is black.

Performance-wise, the earbuds feature excellent speakers for listening to music and a great pair of microphones for making and taking calls. Other notable specs include active sound cancellation as well as an ambient mode for listening to your surroundings. As an added bonus, the earphones also feature hands-free commands via Google Assistant or Siri.


The JBL Tune 230NC TWS wireless earbuds are another great alternative for the AirPods, both aesthetically and performance-wise. It comes in a similarly lightweight and portable stick factor with an ear-stem design. The one key difference is that this pair comes with a rubber-matte exterior instead of the glossy plastic finish sported by the AirPods. There are six distinctive colors to choose from, including black.

Each earbud is embedded with two microphones (four microphones in total) that allow you to switch between ambient and noise-canceling modes. Another feature called TalkThru lets you take calls without having to take out your earphones. Special drivers focus on boosting bass notes for that extra thump, rumble, and boom.

The 230NC TWS is also highly competitive battery-wise. It comes with approximately eight hours of continuous battery life (on a full charge). It also comes with three charges in the carrying case that should last through long days on the road without much of an issue.


The SoundPeats T3 is an entry-level pair of wireless earbuds with some noise-canceling features. The earbuds come with a similar robust design and lollipop-type form factor as the original AirPods. However, unlike the original AirPods, this pair comes with larger, oval-shaped bases instead of rounded bases. The stems are also shorter than that of the AirPods, cut diagonally across the bottom.

The earbuds come with touch panels on the exterior surface that allows playback controls, volume, and noise cancellation functions. The tap-based controls are quite impressive by way of accuracy as well as the number of control options. But of course, these tap-based functions may still pale in comparison to the pressure-based controls on the AirPods.

The earbuds also deliver excellent audio performance, with extra clear and crisp sounds. Come time to make or receive phone calls, it does a pretty excellent job of ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear. It also features an average battery life of four hours with active noise cancellation and around six hours without it.


One of the more expensive options on this list, the TCL S600 wireless earbuds are probably the closest to the AirPods in terms of both function and form. The earbuds come in a lollipop-shaped form factor with spherical bases and elongated stems at the bottom.

However, unlike the AirPods, these earbuds come with small nubs at the bases onto which silicone ear tips are connected. The earbuds are also coated in a gloss-type coating that resembles the coating on the AirPods. Color-wise, the earbuds come in three color options, including black.

Audio quality is another key component, and this pair delivers a solid frequency response. That is, it comes with the standard emphasis on bass and trebles, with less emphasis on mids. The mics on the earbuds are highly directional, which means your voice may sound different depending on where you’re standing.


The ComfoBuds Pro is a mid-priced pair of wireless earbuds that closely resembles the AirPods in design and function. Like the AirPods, the ComfoBuds come with a lollipop-like form factor with circular bases and elongated stems. Like the AirPods, they are very lightweight, which makes it easy to forget that you are wearing them.

The earbuds do have silicone ear tips strapped to the tip, which is the main indicator that this isn’t actually a pair of AirPods. The silicone ear tips have a purpose, though, and that is to secure the buds and make them comfortable to wear. The stems are shaped a little differently, with increasingly narrowing tips compared to the AirPods.

As can be expected from a pair of wireless earbuds of this price level, the ComfoBuds also feature the capability to block out ambient noises. Using a dedicated app, you can select from a variety of noise cancellation modes (mild to strong). In addition to noise-canceling modes, there’s also a passthrough mode that lets external sounds through the earbuds. There’s also an ANC mode for wind resistance, which reduces annoying low-frequency rumbling.


Are Black AirPods Real AirPods?

If a pair of wireless headphones were made to look like AirPods, does that make them into the real thing? Clearly not, but if you are after the aesthetic value of a pair of earbuds that look like the original AirPods, then it should fit easily into your aesthetic requirement.

Wireless earphones come in all shapes and sizes, but some earphones look closer to the AirPods in shape and form. The AirPods have a sleek, sophisticated design with a characteristic drop-down stem. Some earbuds possess the same shape and form as the AirPods, which makes them great alternatives to the real thing. The similarities in design may have come accidentally or in a deliberate effort to mimic some aspects of Apple’s design.


How Do I Color My AirPods Black?

While the fact that Apple only ever makes AirPods in the color white and block is highly unfortunate, there is very little that we can do about it. Nevertheless, you should know that there is a way around getting AirPods in the color black, and that way is to have a third-party paint them in the said color.

Yes, you read that right. Some companies specialize in painting gadgets and offer original AirPods in various colors. Just be careful where you get the AirPods from since fakes are all over the internet nowadays. Consider shopping only from well-reputable sources, and pay attention to telltale signs of a fake product. If you’re shopping for an AirPods Pro, for example, consider this guide on how to spot a fake AirPods Pro.

Here are some trusted companies that offer original custom-painted black AirPods.


1. ColorWare

painting airpods pro black
Screencap from Colorware Website

ColorWare is an aftermarket product painter that offers AirPods in a wide selection of colors. The company is well-known for customizing tech products, from phones to laptops and headphones. There’s a catch to this, though: the company doesn’t accept AirPods you already own for repainting. In other words, you have to purchase a brand-new pair directly from ColorWare.

Price-wise, painted AirPods from ColorWare don’t come cheap. A customized pair of AirPods costs USD 299, which is significantly more than the USD 159 that Apple charges for the original AirPods. Meanwhile, a customized pair of AirPods Pro costs USD 389, which is more than a hundred dollars more than the original AirPods Pro (USD 249). You also have the option to customize the case along with your AirPods, but this route will cost you an extra USD 40.

Order Black AirPods on Colorware


2. Swag

painted airpods by swag
Screencap from

Swag is an American-based company offering customized AirPods for individual and corporate purposes. You can choose among three types of AirPods: the classic AirPods, AirPods with a wireless case, or the AirPods Pro. Similar to ColorWare, the company only offers AirPods in stock and doesn’t accept AirPods you already own.

The company offers AirPods in unicolor form and ready to ship to customers. They also offer fully custom-painted AirPods for companies who want to gift their employees with company-branded AirPods. These are also great for companies who want to resell the AirPods.

Swag seems to be targeting the corporate crowd (minimum order of 10 pairs) with highly detailed options for customization. That being said, a single custom-painted pair of AirPods Pro with casing costs anywhere between USD 516 to USD 566.

Get Painted AirPods from Swag


3. Switch

Switch black painted AirPods
Screencap from

Switch is a Saudi-Arabian company specializing in customized gadgets, including AirPods. The company offers AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods (with case) in various unicolor and multi-color patterns. You also get to choose between gloss and matte finishes. The AirPods are individually airbrushed by so-called “Switch artisans” for maximum control of quality and finish.

Their products are quite reasonably-priced with a jet-black pair of AirPods with a case costing around AED 899 (equivalent to USD 245). Yet again, you can only purchase AirPods from the store and not have AirPods you already own customized in-store.

Get Black AirPods from Switch


Why Does Apple Not Make Black AirPods?

Apple never provided an official explanation as to why they only produce AirPods in color white (nor do they need to). Nonetheless, many people have speculated that the monochrome design is a labor and money-saving move. That’s because, in most cases, increasing the number of color options leads to an increase in the cost of production as well as inventory management.

Of course, there’s also the fact Apple is immensely popular and a market leader in the mobile phone industry. The company has a well-established reputation for putting out the best quality and innovative products. Not to mention, the brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, with one of the largest market shares in the smartphone industry.

The brand has an exclusive status, which means it doesn’t need to follow traditional strategies in order to capture the market’s attention. Most companies need to put out eye-catching designs and a myriad of options to get by. On the other hand, Apple can stick to the basics and still expect people to flock to their product. It is the ultimate demonstration of their status as a brand.


Grab Your Black AirPods Now!

There are many different types of products that would have been cool if they existed, and yet they only exist in our imagination. One of those products is the black AirPods, though Apple doesn’t appear to have any plans to make these anytime soon. That being said, various alternatives offer a similar look and feel to the AirPods. The options are essentially endless for this category alone, but we have narrowed down your options. As for the loyalist fans of the Apple brand who prefer not to compromise on quality, there is the option to purchase customized black AirPods from legitimate sources. This route will definitely cost a lot more, but it may be worth the investment.

After you have purchased a great pair of earbuds, the next step would be to maintain them so they last for as long for much longer. On this note, take note of this guide on how to clean earbuds and sanitize them properly.