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Apple’s Airpods is one of the must-haves when purchasing any Apple devices. This pair of true wireless earbuds have revolutionized the way we listen to entertainment on our phones. At last, we can bid adieu to those self-tangling wired earphones and those cumbersome Bluetooth earphones that still got wires with them.  Of course, premium products come with a premium price. What if you lost your Airpods? We all know that Airpods cost a leg. The great news is, there are knock off Airpods out there that may somewhat imitate the Airpods’ aesthetics and bring a great sound experience for your entertainment.


The Best Knock Off Airpods

This list may be full of knock off or fake Airpods, but don’t underestimate their performance. They even get to outrun the real Airpods, from their sound register to their prices.

Here is a list of Airpods alternatives you should check out right now:


When it comes to third-party manufacturers, Anker is perhaps one of the best choices for every consumer. They just have the right earphones for all your listening experience. The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 is one of their finest choices on earbuds. You’ve got a 7-hour playtime on each earbud, responsive touch controls, and great Siri interaction. This is a great pair of earbuds for those who want to listen to music at work.

But if you want to get the genuine thing, just add $30 and you’ll get the real Airpods. Its $99 price might just set you back and instead earn more money for a true Airpods.


You may usually cast your doubts whenever you hear or see unfamiliar brands. But you should give these unknown brands a try, just like the Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds. Its long battery life should be riveting enough for you to purchase this pair of earbuds. This pair will last for about four to five hours, thus a great contender for its performance-to-price ratio. While it does have a long-lasting performance, you also got a great sound performance. Its highs, mids, and lows are all, shall we say, delicious. You’ll get a taste of all these sounds, thanks to its balanced sound performance. What’s more compelling is its price: only $18 for this pair of earbuds!

Just make sure you don’t immerse yourself wearing these earbuds in a swimming pool. It does not have any waterproofing certification with it, but that is expected with its cheap price. If you are hunting for a swimming companion, there are already waterproof headphones that you can use when swimming. This way, you wouldn’t waste $20 on your knock off Airpods.


Another third-party manufacturer you should know is AUKEY. The AUKEY EP-T21 True Wireless Earbuds is one of the cheaper choices out there for a knock off Airpods. For only $20.99, you’ll get IPX-4 certified water-resistant earphones with great sound quality. This pair might look flimsy, but it is pretty strong for its price. Its trebles, mids, and bass are all on-point and balanced. We can say that this is a great bang-for-the-buck TWS earbuds for you.

We just wish that its capacitive touch controls will be more responsive. Sometimes, the response is jittery that it is somehow frustrating to use. So, better learn where to touch your earbuds so you won’t frustrate yourself on using these great earbuds.


Want to buy an Airpods Pro without the “pro” price? The TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53 is the right Airpods Pro-like earbuds for you. It has got almost the same aesthetics as the Airpods Pro without the pricey heft of the legit thing. What makes this knock-off Airpods exceptional is its beefy battery. You’ve got six hours of juice on each earbud, with 50 hours on its charging case. That totals up to six charges before your battery drains out. You can now enjoy more time listening to your tunes for longer periods.

Just be mindful of the touch gestures with this pair of knock off Airpods. Its controls tend to be highly sensitive even to a little bit of touch. Sometimes, it does register some gestures as long presses, as if you are trying to ask Siri about something. Also, its silicon tips are a hit or miss to most people. Make sure the tips are truly fitted for your ears, or you might end up losing these earbuds due to it being too loose.


One of the rarest and best finds for your entertainment needs is perhaps the Huawei Freebuds 3. Huawei’s take on earbuds may well be purported as a true Airpods copycat. Just look at its appearance and someone will mistakenly call these earbuds Apple’s. This pair of earbuds has got all you need: four hours of music playback, a great touch interface, and lightweight earbuds. It also has active noise cancellation with it that effectively shuts out any unnecessary noise from your environment.

While it has an active noise cancelation with it, it does not completely cancel any environmental noise. You will still hear tiny bits of unwanted sound coming from the outside. iOS users may also have a little bit of a hard time harnessing the full potential of these earbuds. You cannot fully use its noise-canceling feature without setting it up with an Android phone first. Nevertheless, it still is a great Airpods alternative for all audiophiles out there.


Want to listen to music while cooking your dinner? You may use some phone speakers for your entertainment. But if you don’t want to disturb others with your tunes, then the Knpaimly True Wireless Earbuds is the right pair of earbuds for you. It promises a long-range playing capability of up to 33 feet. Now, you don’t’ have to leave your phone nearby you in danger of being scraped by knives or being burned by your stove. Its sound is also balanced throughout, so you would not be hearing thumps and dropping beats when you’re listening to music. What more can you ask from these earbuds?

The lack of an instant connection with your device is the only drawback we can see here. Some earbuds already connect with your chosen device when you open their charging case. That’s one tiny caveat, but hey, who cares about that when you got a superb-performing knock off Airpods?


A great pair of knock off Airpods should be user-friendly, not just with Siri, but with other virtual assistants as well. The Mobvoi Ticpods Free is a great companion not just for iPhones, but also for Android and Amazon devices, too. It’s all because of its special integration with Siri, Google, and Alexa. And this is not only a great companion for your friendly AI assistants but likewise a great entertainment companion. Its sound performance is superb, thanks to its impeccable sound accuracy with noise isolation. When you’re out to jog, you can feel assured with its IPX7 sweat-resistant certification.

Maybe Mobvoi should further improve its ho-hum battery life. It scores below the Airpods’ battery life, hence might veer you away from buying this pair. But if you have multiple smart devices and love using virtual assistants, this is a great partner for you.


A lightweight and compact pair of earbuds is essential especially when you are a traveler. The Rademax Wireless Earbuds passes these two standards easily. Bass lovers out there would dig this pair of earbuds for its superb bass performance. It can also carry calls or music from up to 45 feet, so you won’t worry about getting disconnected on your important call. It also has an IPX5 rating, thus giving you confidence that it’ll remain working despite some water splashing on it.

We think that Rademax should further improve the build quality of these earbuds, though. Its overall sound performance does not equate with the durability of this product. The earbuds and its case somewhat feel flimsy that they may break after just a few drops or playing times. This can be truly called as your stereotypical “knock off Airpods” due to its build.


Anker does not stop with its Soundcore Liberty Air 2, which perhaps is the best Airpods alternative out there. On the other hand, the Anker Soundcore Life P2 is another great choice for those who prefer Anker products. It is one of the best budget contenders available for those who want great sound quality for their listening experience. Its sound tends to go to the warmer side of things, but it does not compromise on its overall sound quality. It also has a fast-charging capability for your on-the-go listening immersion.

These knock off Airpods got physical buttons on them which are not that tactile and responsive. They should have opted to go for a touch response for these earbuds. Its microphone sounds muffled too, even with all its noise-reducing function. You might as well find other suitable earbuds if you are constantly on the line with everybody.


Well-balanced earbuds should not break everyone’s pocket and the RHA TrueConnect is the perfect definition of that standard. It provides great performance on all sound levels from the lows to the highs. It gives you just the right drop of that bass beat, thus the sound produced with this bad boy is clear enough for your listening pleasure. And it does not stop there: you also get fast charging with this pair of earbuds. Thanks to this capability, it enables you to charge up to 50% to your earbuds in just 15 minutes. Following this claim, you can fully it in just 30 minutes. Now that’s one feature you should never miss out on when buying your own version of Airpods.

You might not like the looks of these earbuds though at first glance. Its charging case looks like a thing of sci-fi, which may be great for some, but still looks alien-like from afar. Also, its earbuds are a true dirt and fingerprint magnet. You might end up cleaning these earbuds constantly if you’re that conscious of dirt. Luckily, there are ways on how to clean these earbuds properly, so check them out now.


Sometimes, earbuds from last year still sound good up until this day. The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air surely lives up to that standard. The first iteration of the Liberty series already made a mark on the earbuds market and is still making an impact until this day. It’s all because of its superb sound performance. This is more of a bass-driven earpiece so bass lovers out there would wholeheartedly love these earbuds. It also has a charging case that is perfect for portability. Surely you would not easily lose these earbuds, thanks to the pocketable design of its charging case.

This is catered to those who are still struggling to find the perfect affordable knock off Airpods for themselves. This pair still packs a punch even if it’s a little bit outdated because of its micro-USB charging. If you’re hunting for the latest audio gear, this is not the right earbuds for you. The good news is, it already has an updated version with more of the latest specs on the hood.


One of the greatest enemies of earbuds today is water. That’s why manufacturers tend to waterproof their earbuds. Enter Enacfire’s entry to the waterproof earphones: the Enacfire E60. This pair of earbuds may not look exactly like the Airpods, but it certainly packs great performance not just with its sounds, but also its durability. As already mentioned, Enacfire made sure that their E60 has got an IPX8 waterproof certification. This is a tad higher than its competitors, making it a more suitable choice especially for those who love burning their calories. It also performs really well in the sound department. The sounds are immersive, making it a great alternative to your traditional Airpods.

Maybe Enacfire can improve the bass of these earbuds. The sounds are all on point. However, the bass just needs a little more thump for that added energy whenever you work out.


Go on a trip to memory lane where Apple still uses pitch black colors on their devices. With the Mpow X3 True Wireless Earbuds, you get to own a premium black-colored knock off Airpods Pro with an active noise-canceling function. Now, that’s one affordable set of noise-canceling earphones! Aside from that, you also get IPX7-rated earphones. This makes it sweat-resistant earphones for your everyday jog or work out.

Just like other earbuds in this list, we want some improvement for the laggy touch interface of these earbuds. The controls are somewhat laggy and inconsistent with the touch. That is a letdown especially for this pair of great earbuds.


Some of you might say, “a true knock off Airpods should mirror everything from the looks to its functions.” The Conico Wireless Earbuds have that same DNA as Apple’s Airpods in its aesthetics. You might even mistake it to be the real thing because their resemblance is just uncanny. However, do not underestimate its likeness to the real Airpods. Its sound accuracy is all accentuated in this pair. You can hear every detail of the instruments and vocals being played in these earbuds. What makes it more attractive is its charging case. The earbuds can last you up to 4.5 hours. Pair it with a charging case that can charge up to 35 hours and you got a formidable competitor in its price point.

With all these amazing features are some slight hiccups. It has got physical buttons on it. These buttons feel flimsy and not responsive enough. You have to learn how to fidget with these buttons just to get the proper usage of these knock off Airpods. It also struggles to interact with Siri sometimes. So if you frequently ask Siri, there are better options out there.


Surely, Earfun is a brand that is unheard of when it comes to earbuds. But they are about to change that mindset with the entry of Earfun Air. This knock off Airpods surely packs a punch, especially on the bass department. Its bass is thumping enough as if you are feeling your heartbeat while exercising with this on. And speaking of exercise, this is also one great exercise companion due to its IPX7 waterproof certification. This means you can use this pair of earbuds while doing yoga or running on the treadmill. What makes this pair more compelling to buy is it is capable of Qi wireless charging. So if you need a little more juice on your earbuds, just chuck it in on any wireless charging pad and you’re good to go.

Basing on its sound performance, this pair of earbuds is more catered for bass lovers out there. If you’re a true audiophile, better look for other options out there. Its highs and mids need a little more tweaking in order to perform better in these departments.


How To Check Original and Knock Off Airpods?

Have a huge pocket for the real Airpods? Or maybe you are thinking to buy Airpods as a Christmas gift? Before you dive and scan the market for Airpods, you first must know how to distinguish between the cheap and fake Airpods from the real deal Airpods. It is because there are many Airpods available out there that it is quite tricky to tell them apart. You might not know that you bought a $100 Airpods with rainbow lights in it.

So here’s the list of the things you should know when comparing the real and fake Airpods:


Serial Number

apple serial number
Photo from Apple

The number one factor to check when buying Airpods is the serial number. This serial number can be checked under the Apple Airpods case. Jot down or snap a picture of this serial number and check it on Apple’s coverage checker. Enter the serial number and the verification code on their website. It should display the warranty terms and date of purchase of the Airpods.

However, still do inspect for other factors when checking the legitimacy of the serial number. Some users reported that they encounter problems when claiming a warranty for their Airpods, without them knowing that they have been duped into buying fake Airpods.



Just as we already mentioned, one of the factors to look for when buying real Airpods is the light. No individual Airpods from Apple have RGB or any LED lights in them. So when you see these Airpods have blinking Christmas lights in them, better ask for a lower price for it, or better yet, find authorized or trusted sellers of Apple’s Airpods.


Bottom Part of Airpods

i7s bottom part
Fake Airpods tend to have a charging hole in them.

You should also check the bottom of every individual Airpod you purchase. A legit Airpod should have a bottom stem that is shaped like an oval. A fake Airpod will have an oval-like shape too, but leaning more on a circular-shaped port. Also, check out the color of the grills. A legit Airpod has gray grills on it, while the fake ones usually have silver or chrome-like grills. Some don’t even have those grills and instead, you will be greeted by a seemingly empty hole on it.


Pairing Time

The Apple Airpods pairs with your iOS devices almost instantaneously, thanks to its H1 (W1 chip on older Airpods) chip. Count out the time when these Airpods connect to your device. If it seems to be sluggish or does not connect with your phone, that would probably be a fake Airpods.


Color of the Airpods and Its Charging Case

fake airpods with its charging case
Fake Airpods tend to have a variation of colors. This is an example of a fake Airpods.

Currently, Apple only released a white-clad Airpods and Airpods case. Unlike the iPhone, they have never released any color variations for the Airpods. So, if someone is trying to sell you a “limited edition, space grey edition” Airpods, check first if the charging case is clad in a dedicated Airpods case. If it is not, better find a more legit kind of Airpods, for obviously, you are about to buy a fake Airpods.


Charging Port

Most of the knock off Airpods have almost the same charging capabilities with them. Some of these can charge with a wireless charger. But take a closer look at the charging port and you will see a stark difference. The original AirPods case contains a Lightning port, while the knock off ones either have a USB-C or micro-USB port.


Final Word

Apple’s Airpods is a must-have accessory whenever you buy a new iOS device. It provides you the best listening experience without the hassle of self-tangling wires or wires that dangle while watching your favorite show. But we all know that the Airpods cost an arm and a leg. We just don’t want to shell out a large sum of money to buy a pair of Airpods. That is why there are knock off Airpods out there that provide almost the same experience as the true Airpods. Some of these fake Airpods even outperform the Airpods, with their outstanding battery life and cross-platform compatibility.

So go ahead and shop for knock off Airpods. These will surely give you the best entertainment experience with your iPhone.