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If you’re always on the road, using your phone while driving can be more of a help than a distraction. To elaborate, your phone can aid in navigation but it can be dangerous to use when not mounted — it takes one hand away from your steering wheel. So, you’ll need a car phone holder for hands-free phone use. There are several variants of the said product, but a cup phone holder may be the best for you.

Why? A cup phone holder, having a round base in the same size as your vehicle’s drink holder, is more stable than flimsy and thin gadget mounts. It may also integrate rubberized grips, heavy-duty plastic, and powerful magnets to secure your phone and stay durable and attached to your car even when your vehicle is going through a bumpy road.

If you want to take advantage of the said accessory, read this guide. This will help you find the best cup phone holder that will cover all your needs.


Our Best Cup Phone Holder Picks

Quality: 4/5

Value for money: 3.5/5

Overall performance: 3.5/5

Easy adjustability is one of the selling points of this cup phone holder. Aside from that, the accessory also offers a secure hold even on rough roads. It has special neodymium magnets safe to use with your smartphones, GPS, or MP3 player. It also has an adjustable base and a neck that swivels.

The cup phone holder also boasts flexibility because of its 8-inch hooked arm that you can tilt. Merged with the magnetic clip, the accessory gets you better viewing angles no matter what vehicle you’re using. It supports hands-free operation of any device without covering your line of sight. Moreover, the cup-style holder’s magnets can work even if your phone is in its case and it also has two different plates if your device has a plastic body.

The Macally Magnetic Car Cup Holder has a one-year limited warranty so you don’t need to worry.

Quality: 3.5/5

Value for money: 3.5/5

Overall performance: 3.5/5

Looking for stability and flexibility in one? The Cellet Universal cup phone holder offers both. It has an adjustable base that is very easy to install and its cradle securely grips almost all kinds of smartphones or any similarly sized device. It can reach a maximum height of 13 inches but can also operate at a 10-inch height, making it suitable for both small and large vehicles.

Other cup phone holders for cars only have stationary arms, but this one has a 10-inch heavy-duty one with a 3 maneuverable extension that increases the chances of getting the right angle for easier use. It also has pivoting headrests at the end of the holder that allows for further adjustments and gives more options for the user.

Stability-wise, the cup phone holder has a sturdy base that keeps the stand from wiggling, making it compatible with both smart and flip phones.

Additionally, the manufacturer monitors and tests the quality of this product before shipping so that you will only get the best item. You can’t go wrong with this cell phone cup holder.

Quality: 4.5/5

Value for money: 4.5/5

Overall performance: 4.5/5

Ditch your regular cup phone holder and score a magnetic-mount accessory that doubles as a charging station. Yes, you read it right! A cup phone holder that can power up your gadget. That is what the SCOSCHE MagicMount is.

The product has a magnetic MagicPlate that safely secures your digital device, plus a flexible neck for better functionality. The item also adopts an adjustable base for flexibility and stability.

As for the cup phone holder’s charging station, it works with a 12V power adapter and integrates two 5W USB ports. It is great for 2 to 12V devices. Moreover, the said part has LED indicators that show if the device plugged in is charging or not. It also features powerful magnets that hold devices securely and can rotate for hands-free use.

Aside from the cup phone holder and user manual, each SCOSCHE MagicMount package includes a 12v car power adapter, small and large MagicPlates, a protective film, and an alcohol cleaning wipe. The product comes with lifetime tech support and a 3-year limited warranty.

Quality: 4/5

Value for money: 3/5

Overall performance: 3.5/5

If adjustability is the number one thing you’re looking for in a cup phone holder, the MediaBridge Smartphone Cradle is for you. The accessory’s flawless design makes it looks like a product that comes pre-installed with any vehicle.

The product features a rotating head for vertical and horizontal viewing. It will perfectly fit with standard cup holders between 2.5 and 3.75 inches. It can also accommodate devices that are up to 3.5 inches wide, with or without cases. Plus, its sturdy base ensures that your device is secure even during a wobbly ride.

Additionally, the cup phone holder has an adjustable height, so it’s perfect for both tall and short drivers. It can also be easily moved away from different car parts such as the air conditioner, radio, and GPS.


Quality: 3/5

Value for money: 3/5

Overall performance: 3/5

Another great option for you is the WeatherTech cup phone holder. WeatherTech takes pride in this product’s universal car mount design. To elaborate, the accessory has an interchangeable cup that can fit a variety of car cup holders. This product can also hold most of the smartphones out there, including those that have a case attached to it.

Furthermore, the base of this product allows for a 360-degree rotating field of view, making it easy to check your phone at any angle. Like other cup holder designs, the bottom part is open so you can charge your phone at the same time. However, if you’re worried about wires tangling, then we suggest looking into a wireless car charger as well.

The only difference between CupFone from other cup phone holders is that it features an extension accessory, which you can use to prop the phone up from the base itself. As a result, the gadget is easier to see and reach. You can just get the CupFone by itself, or with extension altogether. You can also put the extension separately.

Quality: 3/5

Value for money: 3/5

Overall performance: 3/5

If you have a big phone, the Leagway Phone Cradle Mount cup phone holder is the one for you. It has an adjustable base that can fit perfectly with any cup holder size. It also features a curved arm that you can rotate 360 degrees.

This product is not only great for phones; you can use it for GPS devices or MP3 players. If you’ve learned how to play music from phone to car, then this is a great way to spend road trips.

This cup phone holder has a powerful magnet attached to its soft cradle, which keeps your phone mounted without scratching it. The stable base and curved arm are also designed for that safety purpose. Meanwhile, the neck is flexible so you can adjust the accessory for maximum visibility of your device.

In case you want to unmount the cup-style holder when not in use, it can be removed in under a minute — as fast as how you’ve installed it.


What to Consider When Buying Cup Phone Holders?

When you’re buying a cup phone holder, you can get confused because you have many features to check. Add to that the many variations of the product in the current market. So, if you are having difficulties making the final choice, read on. Here’s what to consider when buying a cup phone holder:

Cradle or Magnetic

As you’ve read in this guide, some of the cup phone holders feature magnetic mounts while some use a cradle. Both of these can hold the device in place. Magnetic mounts are easy to use and can attach to your device quickly, but they may scratch the back of your phone. Also, these mounts may not grip your device enough when your vehicle is on rough roads. Special metal plates might be needed to ensure a strong bond with the magnet.

Cradle models, on the other hand, grip the sides of your phone with soft rubber but have a size limitation. Some of those have adjustable grips that are resizable after changing. Overall, you need to choose a mount depending on the type of your phone or device.


Line of Sight

Compared to other mounts, you can put a cup phone holder below the normal line of sight. If you intend to use a GPS app, you will need to place your phone somewhere you can see, though. That is highly discouraged, so you have to place the accessory lower than your line of sight. If you still want to push through with the said higher angle, you might want to consider other types of car phone holders.



The possible cup phone holder positions in a vehicle vary, so you need to consider the placement before buying the accessory. If not, the item might interfere with your gear shift, turn signal, CD player, or any other thing. Be sure to check the product measurements so you will know what type you should get.


Get Yourself a Cup Phone Holder Today


A cup phone holder is a simple accessory that impacts driving safety. To make sure it will be helpful to you, you should choose your product wisely. Don’t just settle for one that simply fits your budget. Your pick should also meet all your needs when you’re on the road. We hope this guide helped you find cup phone holders worthy of being added to your bucket list. If you already have a final pick in mind, go ahead and get it today. Feel free to let us know which product you’ve picked!